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Events in Fan Fic that are not possible. Only list examples that fit the description.

  • Shinji and Warhammer 40k: In Neon Genesis Evangelion canon, AT-Fields are only a defensive shield. Repeatedly this is stated to be what they are and what they do. This fic uses them to do things that are literally impossible.
  • Brave New World: Leo himself said making a "Enhance Button" is impossible but "I figured out how to make one of my own in spite of that because I'm awesome." This disregard for physical laws makes Pikachu's eye twitch.
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  • Nobody Dies: Jet Alone Prime generates an AT-field despite not being an Evangelion and Mana uses it to collapse an Angel's AT-field.
  • RE-TAKE: Shinji swats Arael out of the sky with his AT Field. Yes, a purely defensive ability somehow turned into a weapon.
  • My Little Denarians: In The Dresden Files canon it is thought impossible to destroy a Denarian's coin. The most you can normally do is kill the host and seal away the coin. Harry is understandably shocked when Lash's defeat of Lasciel results in the coin being destroyed.
  • Ashes of the Past Most of what Ash's Squirtle does is classified as impossible
    • Squirtle has broken space.
    • To quote Dexter:
    Dexter: Also, battles will almost invariably end in some improbable manifestation of power.
    • He creates Squirtilite and mega evolves into Mega Squirtle.
  • In Elementals of Harmony, Spike's fire breath apparently burns faster than entropy. The story acknowledges that this shouldn't make sense, but dragonfire, like dragons, is magical enough to make it work regardless.
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  • Game Over: SC does do some things that circumvent other's expectations as to what is possible, although there's always the question of whether or not it always was possible and the other people just didn't think it was. SC's claim is that "anything is possible... except beating Kat."
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: Harry believes Humans Are Special and this somehow gives him the power to destroy dementors. In canon, the best one could do is make them go away.
    • Here's how Harry did this. When someone normally tries to summon a Patronus they think of a good memory from their childhood, and this normally results in creating a Patronus, always in the form of a specific animal. But Harry? Harry thinks of his utter rejection of death as a concept, which causes his Patronus to evolve into the form of a human and be as bright as the sun. Needless to say, this completely annihlates the dementor.
  • Harry performs supposedly impossible feats regularly in The Wizard in the Shadows. Ollivander lampshades it.
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  • "Gensoukyou Great Sports Day - 200 Yojana in a flash". At the start, Youmu's power just lets her run very fast but she later uses the same spellcard to exist outside space and time; the author even put in one of those stock A God Am I scenes.
  • Waking Nightmares: Harbinger qualifies becuase he's an earth pony and earth ponies do not have special powers like the unicorns and pegasi. Yet, he's faster than a train.
  • My Little Castlevania: Fluttershy’s animals turn on her in one scene. Which is where we really start to understand just how powerful Dracula’s influence is, since Fluttershy’s special talent is her connection with animals. Yet, Dracula is able to control the animals she raised herself!
  • The Interference: Hyperion stole Terra's Keyblade with alchemy. No one seems to recognize this impossible feat.
  • The Worst Bakers In Equestria: Those who compete in such a competition are so horrible their cooking breaks the laws of physics and creates malevolent bread golems.
  • The Life and Times of a Winning Pony: Invoked. Most of Rainbow Dash's plans boil down to "throw myself into the thick of things with no forethought, then make the impossible happen."
  • Echoes: Naruko can trick herself, her mindscape, a emotion reading monster and her own soul into thinking she is completely pure of heart.
  • Time Lords and Terror: There was a storm in the first chapter that was "outright contradictory to all known magical laws." Trying to quantify the impossible event that happened over her head makes Twilight shout “AAAAAARRRGH!!!!”
  • In Stardust, Twilight's abilities break all the laws of physics Vahlen knows and their usage doesn't register on any of XCOM's sensors.
  • A common theme in Glorious Shotgun Princess is that "this is impossible" means nothing to an Exalt.
  • A My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic titled 'Titanomachy' features Twilight hatching a plan that only the most desperate pony would try, using a formula that involved quantities of magic involving a constant she had computed but was certain wasn't done right, as it was 'in the range of the speed of light, in pony-lengths per second, times itself - a literal unbelievably large number.'. Luna later comments on this. Two stories later, so do the Fates, and they're not very happy about it. It involves basically jumpstarting her own corpse with the leftover corrupting essence of an evil god. So yes, she is in a way rather desperate at this point.
  • The Infinite Loops
    • This is hilariously common due to Loopers applying solutions from one universe to problems in an entirely different universe which bypass the given ruleset making something impossible. Special mention, however, goes to a non awake Dr. Wily bypassing the antitech barrier in The Conversion Bureau setting with his army of robots; not destroying it, just bypassing it.
    • Billy is an MLE because of this. Through nothing but his sheer, lethal stupidity, Billy has managed to accomplish what even loopers deem impossible, including crashing three safe-mode punishment loops. For those not in the know, punishment loops lock away a looper's subspace pocket, restricts their abilities to baseline, and railroads them to the plot of whatever universe they're in. They are among the most stable loops in Yggdrasil — crashing them is literally suppose to be impossible. The mere fact that Billy managed to crash three speaks volumes of what he is capable of in his idiocy, leading to him being classified as a danger to not only himself, but to other loopers and Yggdrasil as a whole.
    • He got 'GENDO IKARI to loop. Loopers are determined by how close they are to their respective loop's anchor. Shinji despises his father so much that it was a guarantee that he'd never loop, especially considering how much the rest of the multiverse despises him as well. Then, one day, Billy replaced Shinji for the loop, and suddenly Gendo Ikari finds himself stuck in a multiverse that hates his guts.
  • In many Naruto fics, like this one. Despite being sealed, Kurama can alter DNA and create new bloodlines.
  • Facing the Future Series: Danny's feral Super Mode gives him enough power to break free of Vlad's spectral energy neutralizer box that he normally couldn't escape on his own.
  • Thousand Shinji: According to the Magi, the data Ritsuko enters to determine how a massacre of black ops troops occurred is completely impossible. She has to write a patch for the software just to make the computers accept what they view as nonsensical data. (In reality, it just requires technology from 38,000 years in the future).
  • Hybrid Theory,
    • Beyond the natural reality of Chi and the common impossibilities of Magic, you have the Third Circle, where people in moments of desperation can push themselves beyond all normal limits. Its presence can set people outside the rules and allow them to force new Concepts to be and always have been at the expense of collapsing timelines and accruing Paradox.
    • Thanks to Ukyou's constant exposure to the Third Circle due to her bond with Aaron, when Sailor Pluto freezes time in order to kill her, the ninja isn't affected. It's not through an act of will, but simply because Ukyou wasn't paying attention.
  • In Monsters In Paradise, this is Tobias's rationale for stocking his team with Legendaries at the Sinnoh tournament, as he feels that it's the person who can achieve the impossible that deserves to be the Champion. Whether he was referring to himself or to Ash's efforts against Darkrai and Latios is left unsaid.
  • The Boy Who Fell from the Sky & The Girl Who Found Him: When Naruto tries to restore Bolin's Earthbending with his Six Paths Powers Naruto some how turns Bolin from an Earthbender to an Airbender.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: In Acts V and VI, Babylon's powers enable the souls of the dead to leave the afterlife, which the angels of Heaven insist shouldn't be possible.
    Gabriel: Whoever this monster is, he... defied the laws of life itself.
  • In Phone Call, a Doctor Who fanfic, the Doctor somehow manages to win the entire game of Grand Theft Auto without killing anyone.
  • In the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann-inspired Chrono Cross fanfic Heaven-Smiting Masked Magician, it has been stated repeatedly that it's impossible to destroy the incoming meteor in space for three reasons. First, whatever that tries to get past the atmosphere will get burnt up unless the object is extremely fast. Second, there's no oxygen in space, while there's no sign of spacesuit in-universe. Third, the meteor is over a mile in diameter. Guile, whose flight speed is just slightly faster than a hunting bird and armed with only his magic power and Boom Stick, doesn't care and brushes it off with a Badass Boast (complete with Kamina's pose) when the fortuneteller warns him about it. Through blasting the ground with Kamehame Hadoken, he gets past the atmosphere, and he later does the same trick on the Moon to get a speed boost in space, so that he can complete his mission before the oxygen supply in his body depletes. He succeeds, and his achievement terrifies people.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic Build Your Wings on the Way Down Roy believed that taking apart a chimera was impossible, only for Ed to prove him wrong and save Nina.
  • Fallout: Equestria - Empty Quiver brings to one of its settlements centered around aircraft construction a trio of stallions bearing some resemblance to a certain other trio of blokes that once worked for the BBC. Given how things usually went when they were tasked with piecing together their own vehicles, it should be no surprise this rings true for the three stallions in the fic as well.
    Sharpwing, while discussing the fireproof fabric used for the Stork's flight surfaces: "That, and, uh, this was all they had left of it. Heavy Strike said that Fast Track set most of what wasn't used in the airship's balloon on fire... somehow."
  • You Did What?! has Bob wanting Harry to tempt fate to see how much further Beyond the Impossible he can go after accidently bringing his dead parents and godfather back to life in the bodies of his uncle, aunt and cousin respectively, something already confirmed to be impossible in canon. Considering the kind of Troll Harry is in this story, the concept of Harry doing worse terrifies most people.
    Ollivander: I always figured there would be an Ollivander's until the end of time. I just didn't think that would happen in my lifetime.
  • Normally in Traveler Psychic Pokemon can't affect Dark types unless using Miracle Eye. Even being too close to one can disable their powers, as noted by Dazed being unable to feed on Ash's dreams when he's sleeping next to Sneasel. Mewtwo not only tosses Sneasel around with ease, but he even hurts Mew transformed into Darkrai.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell:
    • Killing a dragon with fire, which Blazen Sun did.
    • The Nightmare's spirit body - not the host, but the Nightmare's very self - bleeds when Night Blade nearly cuts off one of its wings.
    • Dragon glass steel is among the most unbreakable materials in the world. Vix-Lei was able to crack it with a squeaky rubber hammer.
  • As in canon, it is impossible to Apparate or Disapparate within Hogwarts in Child of the Storm. Stephen Strange, however, regularly teleports into, out of, and throughout the school with no trouble whatsoever. For him, laws of nature seem to be areas for targeted disobedience (see also his somehow managing to defeat a Humanoid Abomination in a Wizard Duel while simultaneously performing Astral Projection to the other side of the battlefield.) Most other characters eventually just brush it off as 'Strange being Strange in every sense of the phrase', while Hermione has mild hysterics.
  • The Lone Traveler has some examples.
    • In one particular version of the Buffyverse, some of the local deities have managed to hide the entire universe from the sight of God himself. Too bad for them they forgot to guard against entry by quantum mirror.
  • In To Protect Everything, Zoro somehow manages to get lost and end up on a different Yagura bull despite sitting down on the correct one and not moving.
  • Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness features Patchouli Knowledge, of all people, throwing Reimu at Megas's head. Patchouli is anemic, asthmatic, and lacking in both Vitamin A and physical strength, so she should not have been able to throw a grown person any sort of distance without outside help. No one told her that, and given how much stress she was under due to Coop and Marisa's shenanigans, it was likely she would not have cared about that or the fact that it was Gensokyo's protector she had thrown: she was angry, she was staying as far from Megas from possible, and that was final. Alice guessed after the deed was done that Patchouli was more like Coop than she realized.
  • In A Knight's Tale As Inquisitor , the deal that Arturia made with Alaya in order to gain another chance to save Camelot has been rendered null the minute Arturia obtained the Anchor when she arrived at Thedas. Why is this such a confounding situation? Because Alaya is also known the collective unconsciousness of mankind itself, meaning that the pact that Arturia made at her death bed was with the World of Nasuverse itself...and the Anchor has broken that very pact by simply being attached to Arturia.
  • Star Wars Lineage has Qui-Gon do a mind trick on a droid, while smugly reflecting that the Force, like he himself, has little use for naysayers who conventionally define what "is" and "isn't" possible.
  • * At the end of the Battle of Macragge in The Roboutian Heresy, the sheer rage inside Titus allows him to overcome the holds enforced by Guilliman’s genetic code and Khornate blessings.
  • The Flower Princess and the Alchemist: Because of her ability to ignore the Law of Equivalent Exchange, this is the reason Edward initially believes Orihime possesses a Philosopher's Stone. In the beginning, Ed's inability to comprehend her powers frustrates him, but he has gotten over it.

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