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Nier: Automata (RE)Birth is a NieR: Automata fanfic by Akashic Records.

What happens when the world is empty, and your reason for living was a lie? Find a new reason. Or, perhaps if Fate is willing, an old reason, re-purposed. 2B, 9S, and A2 now have to discover their own truths in a world following the rise and fall of the Tower. And, they have a special companion at their side that might change their fates.


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Nier: Automata (RE)Birth provides examples of:

  • Accidental Proposal: 9S unintentionally proposed to 13R without knowing about human dating or mating rituals. 2B was NOT happy about this.
  • Action Mom: A2 is one of the strongest androids on Earth and has become the adoptive mother of Alexander, the last human alive.
  • Adult Fear:
    • Your kids committing suicide out of fear like Pascal's did. A2 feels even worse about it now that she's gone through the joys of motherhood and can't stand the idea that Alexander would do something like that.
    • A2 starts getting it much worse later, as Alexander gets ill to the point where he might die and his only hope requires revealing his existence to her most hated enemy, who may take him away from her forever.
  • After the End: Or more specifically, after the end of NieR: Automata.
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  • Almighty Mom: Literally no one wants to piss A2 off when it comes to her son.
  • Axe-Crazy:
    • The New Forest King. See The Caligula below for more details.
    • 13R is a complete yandere for 9S, and fully believes that killing anyone who gets in the way of those you love is normal.
  • Baby's First Words: Alexander's first word was "jackass". He was really saying the name of someone called Jackass, but A2 didn't like the idea of accidentally teaching her son a swear word.
  • Baby Talk: A2 starts doing this a lot after becoming Alexander's mother.
    A2 (to Alexander): You'll never be that incompetent with women, will you, Alexander? No you won't, you'll be a real gentleman! Yes you will! Yes you will! Not at all like silly, blind, can't-get-a-hint Uncle 9S!
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: 2B and 9S, more so on 2B's side.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: While YoRHa is willing to let A2 keep her son and raise him as her own, they also have the intention of monitoring their every move from now on, largely for Alexander's safety.
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  • The Caligula: The New Forest King is clearly out of his mind, demanding his own subjects kill each other for his own amusement. Whether he was always insane or if this was due to the logic virus is up in the air.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl:
    • 2B was not happy when she learned that 9S accidentally proposed to android 13R.
    • 13R is even worse than 2B and really wants her dead for "stealing" 9S from her.
  • The Comically Serious: PODs 042 and 153 attempts at baby talk are especially funny when you remember their Machine Monotone in the game.
    POD 153: Who is a cutie. Who is a cutie. It is you. It is you. Come to me now that praise has been delivered.
  • The Dreaded: Because Emil has possessed robot bodies over the centuries to accommodate for his lack of a body, the sentient machines have taken to referring to him as the “Great Robot Ghost”, Pascal’s village nearly rioting in panic when learning that he was coming to the treaty.
  • Doorstop Baby: The plot centers around A2 finding a human baby - the last human on Earth - in the remains of a cryogenics lab. Considering the themes behind NieR: Automata, it is more likely to be a case of Moses in the Bulrushes.
  • Doting Parent: While all of Alexander's family dotes on him, A2 takes it Up to 11 and borders on My Beloved Smother as the kid gets older.
  • Female Gaze: According to 2B, 13R was able to recognize 9S due to his "cute butt".
  • From the Mouths of Babes: Sebastian (the youngest android there) ended up spouting that Jackass/Jaquelin likes Hatchet after seeing their sexual tension.
  • Gender Flip: In the game, Pascal is referred to with male pronouns despite his feminine voice and female voice-actor. Here, Pascal is referred to with female pronouns.
  • Goo Goo Godlike: Alexander has a wide variety of magic abilities and may potentially be worshiped as an actual god if his existence is made known, hence why his new family goes out of their way to keep him hidden.
  • Inventional Wisdom: Parodied in the "WHY?! Why was I programmed to feel pain?" kind of way when A2 takes out her anger with Alex’s first word being "Jackass" on… well… Jackass via force-feeding her soap.
    Jackass: Why, God?! Why did you let your humans build us with taste receptors?!
  • Island of Misfit Everything: The Graveyard is a recycling center that takes old android tech and re-purposes them for future use. It is ran by androids that have worn down and made useless for field work (or “invalid”) while also not possessing intellectual skills like hacking and programming. It is considered something like a retirement home for misfit androids, something A2 quickly takes a liking too.
  • Last of His Kind: Alexander is the last human alive.
  • Lolicon and Shotacon: 2B internally refers to 9S as a “shota-droid” at one point.
  • Magitek: It was through a mix of cryogenics and magic that was able to keep the baby alive through the centuries.
    • It is implied that magic was used to create the general POD skill abilities.
  • Mama Bear: Being the one who found the child, it is clear that Action Girl Jerk with a Heart of Gold A2 has become particularly attached to him, the baby already having taken the habit of calling her "mama". She especially did not take it well when Alex’s first word was ”Jackass”.
  • Meaningful Name: A2 names the baby “Alexander Spero.” “Defender of the people” in Greek and “Hope” in Latin respectively. This signifies that he could potentially become a great hero and symbol of hope for Earth when he grows up.
  • Messianic Archetype: The small family that ends up forming over the course of the fic worry that other androids will see Alexander as this. Especially since he started developing magic and their records indicate that prophetic figures in human history have often displayed mythical abilities.
  • My Beloved Smother: Alexander starts feeling this way about A2 as he gets older, feeling that she needlessly coddles him. At one point she kept him locked up in his room when he got just a little sick and babied him for over a month. Granted, it can at times be justified by him being the Last of His Kind, but it still grates on his nerves.
  • Not a Date: 9S insists that his outing with 2B at the Meat Shack was not a date. Nobody buys it for a second.
  • Not Quite Human: It is brought up whether or not Emil technically counts as human - or even organic - anymore.
    • Subverted with Alexander. He's still completely human, he just has magic powers now.
  • Not So Extinct: Alexander's existence undoes the twist that humanity went extinct in the game.
  • Not Worth Killing: After seeing A2's concern for Alexander, White still hates her, but decides that she's not worth the effort.
  • Plot-Induced Illness: Alexander ends up suffering from a disease that required his family to make his existence known to White so they could use the Bunker's medical supplies. It turns out, what he had was a strain of tuberculosis that Jackass/Jaquelin could have very easily cured. She deliberately infected Alexander with it and tricked them so she could access the Bunker to reinstate "Project: Ascension" and try to resurrect humanity.
  • Power Floats: It is revealed that Alex absorbed some residual magic from the cryogenic lab when he floats out of his high-chair to be with Chompy.
  • Raised by Robots: The androids (or rather two synods and one android) A2, 2B and 9S (along with their PODs) are stuck taking care of a human baby. They all become as tight nit as a family in doing so.
  • Secret Keeper: With the discover of Alexander, a motley family of sorts was formed to help look after him, including A2, 2B, 9S, Jackass, Hatchet, Sebastian and Emil. Because of the implications Alexander’s existence brings to machine and androids everywhere, they have all sworn to keep him a secret until he is old enough to decide what to do with himself.
    • Alexander ends up hiding the secret of Project Ascension from the others alongside Jaquelin.
  • Selective Obliviousness: 13R pretty much ignores any and all evidence that 9S's proposal to her was completely accidental.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: On there "not date", 2B was stated to wear a very revealing and attractive dress. The rest of the gang tease 9S about it.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: 9S and 2B insist that there is NOTHING between them, but nobody buys it for a second and it's pretty clear to everyone that they really do love each other, despite being terrible at flat out saying it.
    • 9S makes it clear that his proposal to 13R was completely accidental and that there is nothing going on between them. Try telling 13R that.
  • Shout-Out: 9S mutters that he wished he had a cardboard box when they have to sneak into the Forest Kingdom.
  • Solar Punk: It is brought up that while destroying the Machines was a big priority, YoRHa made sure that the Earth was still habitable for humans. Because of this, emissions and toxic materials were kept at a minimum and old parts were recycled, including android parts and tech.
  • Someday This Will Come in Handy: Having spent enough time within the Machine Network, 9S has learned various (mostly inconsequential) information that it has accumulated, including child-rearing, the human life-cycle, cow-husbandry, the mating habits of over 49 different birds, the ability to speak the dead language of Chinese and over twenty terabytes of media related to cats doing cute things.
  • Spared by the Adaptation:
    • Despite the canon-ending of Pascal's village, with the villagers either going berserk or committing suicide, leaving Pascal's fate up to the player, here Pascal not only survives in-tact, but some the villagers are still around, helping rebuild the village after the tower fell.
    • While the Bunker is in ruins, some of the YoRHa androids (including Commander White and Commanders 6O and 21O) survived its destruction and managed to survive long enough for the tower to fall, purging the logic virus from their systems.
    • Devola and Popola are alive and well.
  • Straying Baby: While A2 and 2B tried making Emil’s home more habitable for a human baby, 9S and Emil were left to care for him. They look away for a few moments before the baby somehow wound up high-up on top of a terminal too high for 9S to reach.note  It is later revealed that this is because the cryogenic technology used to keep him alive incorporated magic, imbuing him with this magic as a side-effect.
  • Synchronous Episodes: Chapters 7 and 8 take place at the same time, named “Infancy Mission (Part A)” and “Infancy Mission (Part B)” respectively.
  • Team Pet: Chompy the Goat.
  • Uterine Replicator: It is revealed that YoRHa had proposed dozens of projects over the years to bring back humanity from extinction, but the lack of usable genetic material has prevented such things from happening. With Alexander's DNA however, they would be able to fulfill Project Ascension; a means of refitting the androids and gynoids to reproduce via artificial reproductive organs and genetic material harvested and redone from samples of Alex.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Jackass/Jaquelin is willing to infect Alexander with a disease and trick her friends into believing that they needed the Bunker's medical supplies to heal him to bring back "Project: Ascension" and resurrect humanity.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?:
    • Commander White doesn't believe that androids can feel love, as any emotion they have is a programmed response put in by humans, and is therefore fake. This was a major contributing factor to her break-up with Jackass/Jaquelin.
    • There are times when Alexander has a hard time believing that his mother actually loves him and accuses it of being her Android programming. Though this only happened when he was falling sick and was in a particularly bad mood about her coddling.
  • Woman Scorned: Lets just say that 13R REALLY hates 9S for "cheating" on her and leave it at that.
  • The Worf Effect: A2 gets defeated by Commander White. White states that while A2 may be the best fighter, she is the best, period.
  • World's Strongest Man: Commander White is the strongest android on Earth, having been designed to be superior to all other YoRHa androids.
  • Yandere: 13R is one for 9S. Her mindset on what love is involves killing anyone who gets in between you and your beloved.


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