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Events in Film that are not possible. only list examples that fit the description

  • This is expressly not the philosophy of the James Bond creators.
    "Wildly beyond the probable, but never beyond the impossible..."
    • Good example: Goldeneye has a Chase Scene with a tank. The director of the following movie thought topping it would be hard due to a bigger vehicle being impossible, and put a chase involving a smaller one (a motorcycle) instead.
  • Dream experts from Inception clearly state that two levels deep is the maximum stable level. Presumably, this means anything deeper would be just a mental mess and not a true walkable world. The Team breaks that rule twice. First by using Applied Phlebotinum to tweak the rules and reach a third and the second time they just decide to do it, reaching the fourth. Going to the fourth was not part of their plan and they had nothing to help them. Possibily justified as Cobb disagreed with the other dream experts and was a pioneer in the technology. There's so many levels in regards to the movie as whole, it's hard to tell what level they're on without Word of God. The page's Headscratchers has more speculation about how dreams are supposed to work.
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  • The A-Team flies a tank.
  • Solomon Kane. The hero uncrucifies himself, and then repairs the damage with some strange pagan magic. Not only is this medicially impossible, the film's metaphysics state that Christian ideas of God and demons and damnation etc are real, I.E., no pagan magical stuff.
  • In the first Hellboy film, the villain Rasputin offers Hellboy the choice of bringing about the Apocalypse to gain enough power to save his desouled girl Liz, or to save the world and lose her forever. Hellboy initially sees this as no choice at all, and begins the procedure of summoning the Ogdru Jahad and end the world, before Naïve Newcomer Myers throws Hellboy his father's cross. The cross burns into his flesh, reminding him that this is his choice. Save the world, or save Liz, and his father always did say that a man is made by his choices. He then chooses the world, tears off his newly regrown horns, and stabs Rasputin to death with one of them. Bitter Sweet Ending right? Nope. He manages to save the girl anyway by sheer badassery. A newly awoken and somewhat confused Liz asks him how he saved her. His answer?
    Hellboy: Hey, you on the other side. Let her go. Because for her I'll cross over, and then... you'll be sorry.
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  • Kill Bill. Discussed to make a point by Hattori Hanzo on his latest sword, "I can say with no ego that this is the finest sword I have ever built. Should you encounter God on your quest, God will be cut".
  • Played straight in Man of the House. A Texas Ranger guarding five or so cheerleaders who witnessed a murder. One cheerleader at one point asks "couldn't you just shoot the gun out of the bad guy's hand?" to which the man explains that it doesn't work. Near the end of the movie, it does. As he did not intend to do that, the Ranger was probably more impressed than anybody else who saw it.
  • Don Camillo. When the title character is reassigned to a small village in the mountains in the second movie, his former flock miss their Good Shepherd so much they refuse to die until he's returned to personally administer last rites.
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  • Sherlock, Jr. goes meta with this trope. Sherlock Jr. appears to jump through both his disguised assistant and the wall behind him, and Gillette spins around and walks away immediately afterward. This, like the quick change, is a stunt Keaton learned in vaudeville, but unlike the quick change this gag is not fully explained within the film.
  • Halloween Town II:
    • For this movie and the first the rule has been iron clad: The door between worlds is only open on Halloween. It will close at midnight and CANNOT be opened until the next year. Marti thinks otherwise and justifies it with this speech:
      "The portal wasn't always there; it was created by magic. And no-one's magic is stronger than ours!"
    • The Big Bad was kind enough to lampshade the impossibility of this feat and, in fact, it triggers his Villainous Breakdown.
  • The Bus Jump in Speed. A rather delightful behind-the-scenes featurette on the DVD goes into great detail about how the bus jump is completely impossible in real life. In a nutshell, the problem is that in reality the bus would crash into the other side below the pavement due to the fact that gravity would be affecting it during the time it was airborne and due to the fact that there wasn't a ramp at the edge of the gap there would be no vertical component of velocity to compensate for this.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • The trailers for Avengers: Age of Ultron include a shot of Captain America's "completely vibration absorbent", impenetrable, Unobtainium shield snapped in half. Note that this is the same shield that reflected a full-powered blow from a Norse God. However, in the film itself, this is merely in Tony's vision caused by Scarlet Witch's mental abilities.
    • Cap's shield would be broken for real during the climax of Avengers: Endgame when Thanos uses his sword to cut it half. Whatever metal Thanos's sword was made out of, it's one of the only things capable of slicing through vibranium.

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