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Magenta Diamond

  • Villainous one: Lavan is finally complete and transforms into his powered up crystal form. He nigh instantly brings Equestria to the edge of disaster by existing.

Gods' War Arc

  • The native Twilight and Amicitia need time to get Gojira back up to defeat Bagan, so what do the visiting mane six do? Go Rainbow Power and proceed to hold off the extremely powerful, world threatening kaiju by themselves.

Ponies and Giants

  • The Giant Six and Mane Six vs the bandits. The fact they combine their abilities to both crush their foes and minimize casualties is an epic factor.
    • Highlights include Amelia casually stomping siege weapons to dust while chatting with Applejack, Rox and Rainbow clearing out the bandits' air cover, and Fluttershy calming a horde of near-rabid trolls. The girls really cleaned house!
    • Twilight even comes up with a spell to let Tanya step on bandits without killing them. Tanya is quite impressed, and makes very good use of it.
    • Rainbow baits a whole mob of Avian bandits to follow her, then after a brief chase flies circles around them to stir up a tornado. Rox toss a thunderbolt into the whirlwind, triggering an explosion of lightning that finishes them all off at once.
  • Pip deserves credit too. He kept himself hidden from the giants, AND managed to beat them back to the bandit hideout to try and warn the gang. That takes some serious stealth skill.
    • And when Bandit Pass has been all but conquered, and he's left alone in a shack; what does Pip do when Rowena comes stomping by? Charge at the giantess's ankle with a knife!

Deep Blue Sea:

  • Lunar Tides, during her final confrontation with Nightmare Everfrost, managing to realize her identity and motives, getting under her skin in the process.

Rainbow Factory


Gods and Guardians

  • Princess Amore being revealed to have had a contingency plan in place to stop King Ghidorah when he arrived: namely a guardian monster she originally intended to implant her own soul into to Hold the Line against him to prevent loss of life until Gojira could arrive. Due to Sombra's actions, that's impossible, so Shining chooses to do so himself.
    Princess Amore: Arise, Shining Armor. You are the shield and the First King is the sword...Together, light our darkest hour.
  • Shining Armor's first act as a kaiju: blocking the gravity beam attack that destroyed Canterlot Castle in the original universe with a barrier and then blindsiding Ghidorah before he even knows he's there by undermining the ground beneath him to send him falling into the nearby valley. Shining Armor then rises from the ground and tells Ghidorah You Shall Not Pass!.

Lighting the Darkness Arc

  • The heroes need some help dealing with Yomi's demon army so they can get in and defeat Yomi and his Four Kings to save the world. What do they do? Call over Mothra Lea to handle them while they deal with the big baddies. She does.
  • The defeats of the Four Kings each counts:
    • Orangejack and Pinkie Pie paint the tunnel they're fighting in white, allowing Orangejack to use some ninja skills to even the odds while Pinkie Pie exploits Breaking the Fourth Wall. Orangejack ends it by slicing Umi in half.
    • Applejack uses her rodeo skills to trick Jishin into collapsing a skyscraper on himself.
    • Rarity, Fluttershy, Antiquity, Maud, and Nightstalker defeat Nobu by forcing him into a pool of [holy water (blessed by Antiquity). They then pummel him until Antiquity then performs a holy seal to weaken him enough for Nightstalker too fill him full of explosive arrows and kill him.
    • Rainbow Dash just straight up demolishes Fubo due to the latter's being extremely Unskilled, but Strong, finishing him off by Sonic Rainboom slamming him straight through a skyscraper.
  • When it looks like Yomi is going to win, Sunny Days and Moonlight manage to ascend to godhood, becoming Celestia and Luna. The Mane Six then go Rainbow Power, and share them like they did with the Tales Cast with Moonlight, Sunny Days, Nightstalker, Maud, Antiquity, and Orangejack, allowing them to put Yomi down for good.

Invasion Arc

  • Just the sheer amount of preparation going into the whole thing on the defender's parts, given this is multiple universes all aligned against a common foe.
  • Operation Jolly Roger, which involves Captain Cerberus and her Space Legionnaires boarding a flagship and going on the warpath. The Ponylander's part is also epic: firing Anti-Magic warheads into the ship to disable it and leave it vulnerable. All of which was permitted by Batmare and Roebin boarding the ship and managing to disable most of its anti-missile defenses from within.
    • Cerberus and Company then slaughter the flagship's crew as they make their way to the bridge. It's as terrifying as it is awesome.
  • Many of the individual scenes of the defenders fighting are this, given it has such crazy combinations as the Beetleborg Cutie Mark Crusaders and Gamera fighting together or the Crystal Gems fighting alongside the fusion ponies. It's just one crazy battle.
  • Ember is faced with the Flim Flam Brothers' Dragon Killer Tanks, which are doing a pretty good job at what they were designed to do. She almost Hulks Out via Greed Growth, but realizes that would be a bad idea and instead uses her head. She lures them to the water and has several water dragons soak them with water right as their ice cannons are about to fire, turning them into ice sculptures.
    • Torch then picks up one of the frozen tanks and chucks it at the others, taking out a whole formation at once!
  • The Mane Six's battles with the Metals. While on the decided defensive (except Twilight at first), they manage to even the odds with the Paladin Armor.
    • Rainbow Dash has a high speed dual with hers, and manages to destroy Metal Rainbow Dash by realizing her double is her pre-Character Development. She then uses her Wonderbolts training to calm down and pick her spots rather than fight head on Leeroy Jenkins style, luring the robot into range for a crippling blow, then destroying her with a powered up Rainboom spear strike.
    • Applejack and Metal Applejack just brawl it out with each other...until Applejack realizes Metal Applejack is just as stubborn as she is. She counters by switching to a rope a dope strategy, instead leading her to a cliff through dodging and blocking while conserving her strength. She then lures Metal Applejack to a cliff, collapsing it so as to leave her double vulnerable to a midair strike before finishing her off with a powered up uppercut.
    • Pinkie Pie and Metal Pinkie Pie's fight is as nuts as one would expect. Pinkie finally wins by realizing she needs to do something unexpected by her own standards: weaponized rock farming. Using a pragmatic, logical method causes Metal Pinkie to Logic Bomb, leaving her open to being destroyed. Yes, Pinkie Pie managed to Logic Bomb a robot specifically meant to be insane by being sane.
    • Fluttershy manages to stalemate Metal Fluttershy with her Stone Wall defense in her armor. Realizing that won't beat her, she instead switches to being assertive and telling Metal Fluttershy she doesn't have time for this. Due to being created for a pre-Character Development Fluttershy, this causes Metal Fluttershy and her Attack Drones to Logic Bomb. When Metal Fluttershy tries to self destruct in a Taking You with Me, Angel throws her her shield and she uses its Finishing Move to protect herself and survive.
    • Rarity and Metal Rarity have an even dual of skill without either getting the advantage. That is until Rarity realizes there's something she's willing to do that the robot won't expect: put protecting her sister from being subjected to what will happen if the Flim Flam Brothers win above her hatred of getting dirty and dive into the muddy swamp near where they're fighting. Metal Rarity has no clue how to react to Rarity doing so due to being built to exploit that weakness, allowing Rarity to run her through from behind on her rapier and destroy her with her Finishing Move.
    • Twilight and Metal Twilight's fight is an absolute marathon. First Metal Twilight is at the disadvantage due to being built to trump a unicorn Twilight, not an Alicorn one, but upgrades by absorbing Metal Rainbow Dash and Metal Applejack's components. Twilight evens the odds by using her Paladin Armor, only to be put back on the defensive when Metal Twilight absorbs Metal Fluttershy and Metal Pinkie Pie's components. She ultimately manages to regain the upper-hand by exploiting the fact Metal Twilight has not absorbed Metal Rarity to overpower her in unicorn magic, only for her to complete herself with Metal Rarity's parts and retake the advantage. Twilight is on the ropes...until she manages to ask Metal Twilight an Armor-Piercing Question and cause her Villainous Breakdown by making her realize she ultimately is nothing more than a slave. Starlight then joins Twilight, managing to get the upper hand until Metal Twilight absorbs Metal Celestia and Metal Luna to become Hyper Metal Twilight at which point Trixie and Sunset Shimmer join in. The long battle finally ends with Old Starlight joining them and the five overpowering her Sphere of Destruction and forcing it back at her.
  • Connie manages to get one by stealing one of the Dragon Killers and turning it against the Flim Flam's army.
  • The battles with the 'Boss Mecha':
    • Ember and Alpha Applejack fight a serpent-like mecha. In the end, they destroy it by tricking it into drive its drill into its own weakpoint, at which point the two use their Finishing Move attacks to target its optic dome and the now exposed weakpoint to destroy it.
    • Shining Armor and Sincere Heart fight the knight-like robot, using teamwork to get past its shield. They then finish it by Shining driving her Finishing Move into its damaged head, leaving it vulnerable to Sincere launching a powerful rocket into another damaged section, destroying it.
    • Rainbow Dash and Princess Rainbow Dash fight a hawk-like VTOL mecha. Princess Rainbow Dash teaches Rainbow a Rolling Attack that increases the impact of her attacks, which the two use to cripple the machine's VTOLs and slow it down enough for them to destroy it with a Double Sonic Rainboom Rolling Attack to the head.
    • Gamera and the Beetleborg Crusaders fight a huge stag beetle-like mecha, using teamwork to get past its drones. In the end, Applebloom goes Mega Blue Beetleborg to fly the group in close, at which point Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle destroy its pincers and drones, leaving it open for Gamera and Apple Bloom to finish it off with a combination Plasma Fireball and Wave Motion Gun.
  • The Jaunting base is being overrun by robots let in by Metal Twilight's fight with her double...until the Flim Flam Brothers complete Seiryu. Virtual Minuette then pilots it to wipe out the robots, allowing mainline Equus's secret weapon to finally be launched.
    Virtual Minuette: "We are not trapped here in a facility full of robots! YOU are all trapped in here with US!"
  • Gamera's returned to his true form and begins laying waste to their army, with Seiryu now fully online and joining him.
  • The Baron of Battle unleashes an army of Humongous Mecha. In return, Gamera and Seiryu are joined by the Crystal Gems forming Alexandrite and the fusion ponies forming Harmony, both giants. The Beetleborg Crusaders then summon their A.V.s and join in in a huge brawl.
  • The Mane Six finally take on the Baron of Battle once he reveals himself, fighting him a High-Altitude Battle in their Rainbow Power forms. Despite not being able to just blast him with their rainbow, and him being strong enough to harm them, they figure out the mechanics of his game zone and petrify him...only for him to reveal his true form hiding inside the one they beat. Despite his increased power, they manage to find the chinks in his armor and even survive his ultimate attack. They manage to stun him and finally turn him to stone for real this time, causing him to fall from the sky and shatter to bits.
  • After the huge war, Twilight has little intentions of allowing a second war to happen on the Flim Flam Brothers' homeworld to happen. Instead she and the rest of the Mane Six sneak onto their flag ship and corner them, forcing them to surrender and submit to a life of house arrest after having Virtual Minuette hack their systems air all their dirty laundry over their own propaganda network. In the end, the Flim Flam Brothers are backed into such a corner they have no choice by to surrender.
  • The fight with Metal Nightmare, Metal Twilight's final form. Strong enough to overpower their Rainbow Power forms, the mane six get rescued by the entire counterattack fleet they'd brought in, who distract her long enough for Twilight to come up with a plan. She puts herself half way between the Flim Flams' world and Godzilla Jr.'s, putting her in a hybrid state and allowing her to nail Metal Nightmare with a fully charged Atomic Ray. This leaves her open for the Mane Six to use their Rainbow Powers to defeat her with one final blast, after which Twilight manages to redeem Metal Twilight.

Eye of the Storm Arc

  • Just before the start of the arc itself, it was revealed that the Storm King had been Level Grinding with the tech from the parallel Flim-Flam Brothers' invasion, to the point he and his forces actually shows up on the local Multiversal Villain Threat board - something which we later learnt even the parallel Flim-Flam Brothers hadn't managed. This Storm King would not go down as quickly as the Flim-Flam Brothers, from the looks of it.
  • Unlike in canon, Equestria managed to spot the Storm King early as well as learning of his intentions, and despite only been through another war in Equestria, the Multiverse Alliance rallied almost immediately to defeat him.
  • The opening fight: When the two massive aerial fleets met in the southern badlands near Kludgetown, the Storm King and the Equestrians opened diplomacy - which turned out to be an attempted ambush set up by the Storm King to have Tempest Shadow petrify the Alicorn Princesses. Unlike in canon, however, Mainline Rainbow Dash successfully defeats the attempt with a spin-dash attack she learnt from Speed World Equestria, deflecting the petrifying Obsidian Orbs and saving the Alicorn Princesses.
  • After all Tartarus breaks loose, Tempest Shadow fights against the Mane Five all at once, and not only held her own against Mane Five in spite of their upgrades and experience, she managed to gain the upper hoof. Partially justified since she had received upgrades herself, like a crude powered-armor to counter the Mane Five's Paladin armor. Had not for Bright Future Equestria's Princess Gilia intervening, she might actually had WON!
  • The entire conflict from start to finish is shown to be an aerial battle of epic proportions, with snippets and scenes implicitly showing hundreds upon hundreds of Equestrian and Storm King's warships dueling in mid-air whilst troops of the Multiverse Alliance fight against the Storm King's Yeti troops in boarding actions. It may not be the world-war that parallel Flim-Flam Brothers' invasion was in scale, but as fleets of airships are decimated and soldiers fought and died by the thousands, it is still clear that this would be a fight with Mainline Equestria's fate hanging in the balance.
  • The first phase of the Alicorn Princesses’ fight with the Storm King, who brought out a magi-tech mecha which, supercharged with magical artifacts he has plundered all over the world, allowed him to fight all four Alicorn Princesses AT ONCE and hold his own. For reference, that means he now possessed enough magic to rival all ponies in Equestria plus Discord COMBINED as Tirek had when he fought Princess Twilight with all the Alicorns' powers combined!
    • And the powers unleashed during the fight are worthy of legends: the Storm King's opening attack crippled a large portion of the Equestrians' aerial armada. Mountains were blown apart, lakes were vaporized, deserts were turned to glass. The forces on both sides battling it out were left in awe and feeling powerless at the sight.
    Sincere Heart: "When gods wage war, the world trembles..."
    • The Alicorn Princesses proved to be prepared for this fight: Knowing the Storm King's mecha trumps their own individually, they fought him as a cohesive whole, using strategy, skills and maneuvers to cover each other and strike back at him. Then they used skills and magic they learnt from other worlds to tilt the odds in their favour, the most prominent being the 'Gattai' ability from Fusion Equestria incorporated in Princess Celestia's and Luna's Paladin Armor, enabling them to transform into a powerful fusion pony called Queen Equinox - something which the Storm King didn't see coming!
  • The Space Legionnaires among the Hegemony forces present shows once again why they are considered the Empress' 'Angels of Death' - throughout the battle, three Legion Assault Squads, led by Captain Cerberus and her counterparts from two other legions, leapt from airship to airship using Jump-Packs and proceeded to massacre the Yeti forces with bolt pistols, chainswords and grenades, before planting charges to blow up the enemy airships. Such was the slaughter they were causing among the Yeti forces that many broke and fled, some even choosing to take their own lives or leaping overboard rather than face them in battle. It took the appearance of the Uber Troggles and their Ram Necromancer commanders for the Storm King's army to even the odds.
    • The Space Legionnaires were also the first to discover the Storm King forces' pyrophobic weakness, which was then exploited to maximum effect by them and the other Multiverse Alliance forces present.
  • When the fight turns against him, the Storm King reveals that the mecha he was piloting was not 'Project Zeus', as he had led the Alicorn Princesses to believe, merely a powerful mini-mecha named Poseidon. Zeus is actually a 100 meters tall kaiju-sized mecha built from salvaged remains of the alternate Flim-Flam Brothers fleet, which he proceeded to summon. Zeus' arrival was heralded by a giant Category-Five Hurricane which it created around itself that could be seen FROM ORBIT , and placed the entire battlefield in the titular 'Eye of the Storm' once the Storm King got in to pilot it, beginning the second phase of the battle. With Zeus, the Storm King has a good claim to be a god, for all intents and purposes...
    • Kudos to the Alicorn Princesses who had enough foresight to expect the Storm King had something like this up his sleeves, and had arranged to have reinforcements on standby just in case. These reinforcements later proved critical to the Multiverse Alliance decisively swinging the battle in their favor when they arrived. Bonus points for the Alicorn Princesses and present forces surviving long enough until then.
  • Knowing the Hegemony forces would present a major threat to his forces, the Storm King hired an outfit of Elite Mooks from a parallel dimension, with help from Ispita. Who are these mooks? None other than suped-up versions of the Troggles from G1, upgraded with his tech to the point that they become packs of 'Uber' Troggles who could fight SPACE LEGIONNAIRES to a draw and inflict actual casualties among them. And that's not even counting their arguably even more dangerous commanders...
  • Princess Gilia's entrance into the battlefield in assistance of beleaguered Alliance forces: Like during the First Multiversal War, Bright Future Equestria only sent one Alicorn to assist. And as in the previous war, this one was more than enough: acting as a sniper striking from the distance, she used precise lightning bolts to paralyze enemy soldiers, shutting down their motor functions and allowing the Allied forces to regain the upper hoof in battle.
    • And when Tempest Shadows managed to knock the Mane Five overboard and was about to finish them off, Princess Gilia intervened, using a precision beam strike to correct Rainbow Dash's fall and allow her to save the rest of the falling Mane Five in a controlled crash. Then Princess Gilia fought Tempest Shadow to a stand-still, matching blow for blow without breaking a sweat. She even manages to No-Sell an Obsidian Orb by blowing the petrifying gas away with her wings and counter Tempest Shadows' chaotic arcane energy attacks with her own. This makes sense because Princess Gilia is Tempest Shadow's alternate future counterpart. All the while, she never stopped trying to convince Tempest Shadow that it isn't too late to stop and make a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Captain Cerberus of the Space Legionnaires shows once again her credentials as a peerless warrior and commander among her battle-sisters. When the Uber Troggles attacked, she kept her cool and faced off against them with strength and skill, defeating and slaying several Uber Troggles by herself, including a hulking Pack Alpha. Then she figured out that there are others commanding these creatures and hunts the one on-board down through the interior of the airship they were on and corners him, before engaging in an epic duel.
  • The Ram Necromancers, the true masters of the Uber Troggles the Storm King recruited to counter the Hegemony troops, proved to be among some of the most dangerous foes the Multiverse Alliance had faced so far. Their command turned the Uber Troggles from simple brutes to blood-crazed killing machines capable of fighting Space Legionnaires to a stand-still. And when they have to engage in person, their magical shields are capable of blocking most attacks, while their dark magic beams and homing magic missiles powerful enough to kill even Space Legionnaires in one shot and blowing-up Ponylander helicopter gunships; they could raise the fallen back to life as undead minions and summon their own shadow familiars to bolster their numbers, and even transform in shadows and flames into deadly creatures like dragons to fight.
    • Credit to Gordak, the one Ram Necromancer faced by Captain Cerberus, who manages to have Captain Cerberus on the ropes despite being physically and martially weaker thanks to his dark magic and familiars, dominating the first half of their duel. Credit also goes to Captain Cerberus for managing to survive and eventually turn the tables on him by herself through clever tactics and sheer skills, whereas it took the combined efforts of many Alliance champions and soldiers working together to take even one or more of them down.
  • Among the reinforcements the Princesses called to their aid are some of the most skilled and powerful individuals and forces collected from across the multiverse: this includes Rodan, the Kaiju Guardian Beast of the Air from Terra; the 'Rebel Six' from the Anti-Yomi Resistance including Samurai Orangejack; the redeemed Metal Twilight from the Invasion Arc; Fire Ponies from an Equestria where EVERYTHING is on fire all the time; the Ultramare-verse Mane Six piloting Bolt Wings; the Ninja-Equestria Mane Six; the Giants from the Ponies and Giants Arc including Amelia, Rowena, Pauline and Rox; the heroic Pillars of Old Equestria band led by Starswirl the Bearded with a redeemed Stygian; Kimono from Empathy World, despite not being a combatant; and Mechagojira piloted by Mainline Shining Armour, Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer. Needless to say, much flank-kicking would and does ensue when they arrived at the battlefield.
    • Special mention should be made of the aerial warships that made up the Equestrian armada which transported them to the battle, including their flagship: the Great Harmony, a 1000 feet long, 70,000 tons Magitek aerial super-battleship which has as much armour as the Guardian 1 mech, and in addition to being armed with missile batteries and super maser cannons like the other Amaterasu-Class aerial battleships, it also has a fixed forward-facing Hyper Mana Cannon as its most powerful weapon and could deploy aerial fighters like the Boltwings and surface troops from its hangars. And who commands it? General Firefly from Alicorn Queen Majesty's Equestria, who is descended from none other than legendary G1 heroine Firefly herself!
    • While the rest of the reinforcement fleet made it over the storm's wall and descended into the eye from above, the Great Harmony is too slow and heavy to do the same, and lacked the armour and anchoring ability Seiryu has to simply traverse through the storm wall. So what did they do? Why, fire Great Harmony's Wave Motion Gun at the wall and use the beam to punch through it and act as a lightning rod, creating a brief, relatively safe channel to which they could go through it. And when even that wasn't enough and the ship is buffeted by the hurricane winds, Rodan has Samurai Orangejack channel magic into him to transform his true form and have Rox the cloud giantess throw him through the skylight of Great Harmony into the air, allowing Rodan to hold Great Harmony steady with its claws and wings as the Kaiju Guardian of Air long enough to get through the storm!
  • How Captain Cerberus finally defeated Gordak, one of the Ram Necromancers commanding the Uber Troggles outfit: using the arrival of the reinforcements as a distraction, she used a photon flash grenade to stun Gordak as well as weaken and destroy Gordak's shadow familiars. In the ensuring scuffle that followed, both are knocked off the airship, resulting in a epic FreeFallFight that saw them chasing and battering each other as they fall to earth, culminating in Cerberus finally overpowering Gordak's shield and cutting off one of his horns with her chainsword, winning the duel.
    • And to top it off, BOTH of them managed to survive the fall - Cerberus by having one of her battle-sisters teleporting in with her jump-pack and allowing them both to land safely, Gordak with an amulet that also allowed him to escape back to his dimension, swearing revenge on Cerberus.
  • The Pillars of Equestria, together with Stygian and Kimono, went to assist Hegemony and Royal Guard forces being assailed by enemy forces in style:
    • Despite being an Actual Pacifist, the Bard Armour's abilities allowed Kimono to support their allies by boosting their resolve and strength, while simultaneously weakening the dark magic of the Ram Necromancers and leaving them vulnerable to their attacks. She was of such help to their allies that when a Ram Necromancer nearly killed her with a super-charged dark magic beam, one of the Ebon Drakes Space Legionnaire performed a Heroic Sacrifice to block the shot for her, giving her life to repay Kimono's aid to their forces
    • Rockhoof and Flash Magnus, both warriors, fought furiously with strength and skill, the former sending Yetis, Ram Necromancers and Uber Troggles flying with Super Strength at close-range while Flash Magnus zapped and battered them at long-range with lightning and hails, blocking and tanking any attacks sent their way through Flash's Netitis shield and Rockhoof's sheer endurance.
    • Mistmane used Neighponese spells to trap and seal away the Ram Necromancers' shadowy familiars into fans, while zapping away Yeti warriors with radiant beams and constricting them with plant vines and an ethereal jade serpent she summoned to fight.

Giant Equestria (Revisited)

  • The native Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are terrorizing a train full of "tinies", and the native and visiting Sweetie Belles rush in to stop the bullies. Just when it looks like Diamond and Silver have the upper hoof, little Yipper swoops in on a paper airplane and flies circles around Native Diamond's legs, tripping the giant filly! He also nimbly dodges the bullies' attempts to swat him down, even taunting them all the while!
    • Yipper's comeback to the bully pair when the Sweetie Belles first confront them isn't too shabby, either:
    Yipper: “No, YOU too WEAK to pick on someone not smaller than you!”

Pillars Of Justice

  • The police force gets a major one for being extremely competent and cornering the Troublesome three to the point they have no choice but to use their powers when they were actively trying not to (to avoid calling a superhero down on their heads).
  • Golden Knight coming to aid the outmatched cops, quickly proving himself to be Strong and Skilled.
  • When the Troublesome Three manage to get the upperhoof by taking a hostage, Splendid Sorceress arrives and quickly defuses the situation.
  • Villainous one: despite being D-List supervillains, the Troublesome Three hold their own for far longer than even they expected and only lose when a third A-List supervillain shows up.
  • Mighty Mare's entrance: breaking through Glittershield's powered up shield and, despite being implied to a child in her civilian form, stopping her shovel an inch from her face with pure self control.
  • The Mane Six finishing off Telefrag when he attempts to escape, making a good first impression.

A Winter Wedding

  • The Tales Seven kick butt throughout the arc, putting serious hurt on the Neo-Hooviets. And it's all exclusively non-lethal, and while running like heck. For a bunch of teenagers, they aren't to be trifled with!
  • Hercules Beetle deserves mention for holding his own against Cerberus and her battle-sisters by himself for nearly the entire battle and even having the upper hand at points. While it's ultimately defeated in a daring move by Cerberus (one for her as well), his Ultimate Shield Mode is also imposing and impressive. Cerberus is impressed by him.
    • At the tail end of the fight, a young soldier Hercules saved from Cerberus earlier calls in back-up for Hercules, forcing Cerberus to send her battle-sisters to intercept. That one Mook probably bought Hercules a lot of time to finish the fight! Even more, he lives in the end.
  • Hercules' fellow Co Dragon Digger Wasp is also very impressive, being pretty much walking death for most of the arc and ultimately ending up in a very even assassin duel with one of the Hegemony's best assassins he barely loses due to help from a second assassin.
  • Pharanx's Big Damn Heroes moment, blasting a squad of Mooks with a grenade launcher before they can open fire on the Seven and their allies and sending the neo-Hooviets flying all about, allowing the Tales Seven to easily finish them off. When Thorax objects, Pharanx casually chides him for being too soft. The two also put out a broadcast of Chrysalis's true evil, prompting other Neo Hooviets who share their moral qualms to turn on Chrysalis.
  • A subtle, villainous one for the Hooviets: despite their armor being an Evil Knockoff of the RANGER armor, it can still tank serious damage. (As above, where despite the Hooviets having a grenade go off in their faces; the Tales Seven STILL had to knock them out before they could recover).
  • Once Chrysalis activates her armor's Super Mode, she overwhelms Shining and Sincere Heart and is on the verge of killing Sincere. Winter Song realizes this and, with help from Kimono and Sweetheart, channels the Power of Love via a heart song. This powers up Sincere enough to overpower Chrysalis's killing blow and, with some help from Cadence and Shining Armor's fusion, manages to overpower her and knock her out of transformation.
  • Chrysalis revealing her trump card: an Evil Knockoff of Seiryu resembling the Showa Mechagodzilla she had built after stealing the blueprints. It manages to fight Yonggary in his true form for two and a half hours straight (which also counts for Yonggary).
  • After communications off island are restored, Bright Glow manages to call her mother, the Pegasi Queen Starcatcher, and inform her of the situation. After some debate, the leaders of the 'Hidden Ones' decide they can't stand by and do nothing and deploy their armies to help. The Pegasi arrive in flying battle ships with cannons capable of taking down helicopters as well and with some fog introduced prove powerful warriors in close quarters, the unicorns are Ninjas who can Teleport Spam and exploit deception against the enemy, the Flutter Ponies have upgraded their bows and arrows with the same magic as their Utter Flutter to make them equal to an artillery strike, and the Sea Ponies throw the Neo-Hooviet fleet into chaos with underwater attacks and their 'Mantis Torpedo' (a Mantis Shrimp's punch Up to Eleven). Their arrival helps even things up and hold the Neo-Hooviets off until more back up can arrive.
    • Midnight assists some Royal Guards at the castle, then along with her group helps foil Chrysalis's attempt to gain control of the Seven Sleeping Armies. She also contacts President Pony and the other leaders via telepathy.
  • Captain Onyx and her battle sisters helping the Tales 7 get the Royal Family to safety also counts, especially given how outnumbered they are.
  • Captain Talon-Rip and company performing an orbital drop to help the defenders retake multiple locations from the Neo Hooviets, even more so when she meets and teams up with General Puck of the Flutterponies. They also manage to get Yonggary tankers of molten metal, allowing him to power up during his battle with Mechagodzilla.
  • King Skyline managing to rally his kingdom against their attackers. Even if he doesn't fight himself, he manages to provide a major contribution as a result.
  • The battle with Goliath Beetle is a big one:
    • Patch showing her Let's Get Dangerous! status by coming up with a logical plan to disable to the Hooviet laser weapon intended to pierce the Chamber of the Seven Sleeping Armies and take control of them and defeat Goliath and company at the same time. She and her group, being the louder and less stealthy, will attack from the front and draw attention while Midnight, her group, and the Hidden Unicorns sneak around in the shadows and destroy the weapon while the focus is on them. And it works.
    • Patch and Starlight managing to go head to head with Goliath Beetle, showing how far they've come as heroes.
    • Bright Eyes neutralizes Goliath Beetle's Hydra Cannon by jamming her rapier down one of the barrels just as it fires. The bullet cooks off inside the gun and blows it to smithereens!
    • Props to Starlight as well; she came up with the plan.
    • Patch and Starlight defeating Goliath with a double Magic Surge and then, along with one of the Ebon Drakes, getting him to surrender rather than be killed. Even better, they managed all this with minimal causalities on both sides.
    • Patch and Melody's Save the Villain moment in the Heartwarming page. That was some quick thinking on both their parts, and truly heroic of Patch to try and save an enemy in the middle of a tense fight.
  • The Hegemony and Admiral Silent Hunter managing to stop the nuclear missile Chrysalis's sub launched at Ponyland's capital, foiling her final gambit and saving the city in the knick of time.
  • The two combat capable Sleeping Armies awakened by the Tales Seven: the Shisa Pack and the Armor of Valiant Warriors. The former are a pack of living stone dog/lions that are pretty much living tanks and the latter are an army of incredibly skilled Nigh Invulnerable Animated Armor (one of which is possessed by the ghost of Squire, its former owner). Their advent on the battlefield decisively turns the tide against the Neo-Hooviets, and for good reason.
  • Villainous one: Chrysalis nearly wins, takes on the Alliance, and does a metric ton of damage...and is just a normal, but an extremely intelligent sociopath who did so through planning.

Tower Beyond the Sky

  • Giant Leap punching out a conspiracy theorist who pushed him too far. For that matter, managing to survive the whole mess unscathed.
  • Clover's power managing to alert her to the danger and letting her realize something's wrong in time for Bright Eyes to save President Pony from an assassination attempt.
  • When Assassin Bug and his men attack the opening, and the Hidden Realm Royals (minus King Leo, who unfortunately was only present by crystal ball) respond by armoring up and kicking flank. Special mention goes to Queen Sparkle, who curbstomps her would be captor without even standing up.
  • Sincere Heart isn't present (he was guarding the entrance to the elevator) for her to give the prototype RANGER V2 Armor to, so President Pony uses it herself to protect some civilians and fight back, ultimately using the last few moments her body can handle it to activate Riot Mode and curbstomp some of the remaining agents.
  • After Assassin Bug is defeated, the damage he inflicted on the station leaves it vulnerable to incoming meteors. The Tales Seven, Lost Realm Royals, and Virtual Moondancer's response is to take a space walk and destroy the meteors themselves, ending with Bright Eyes and Patch managing to fuse into Light Patch to destroy the final one.]]
  • While all of this was happening, Teddy, Lancer, and Ace are tasked with protecting Spike and end up being chased by Neo Hooviet trying to kidnap him. Despite not having superpowers like the girls, they manage to fend him off and ultimately defeat him.
  • Th grand opening of the space elevator is this, both in the scope of the event itself and what it represents for ponykind.
  • King Onyx gets a villainous one: he backed The Remnant of the Chrysalis Network in their attack on the station, and won no matter how it ended. The end result is him getting off as more of a Villain with Good Publicity than he already was and gets his country's scientific interests represented on the station.

The Monstrous Five

  • The native Humane Seven managed to beat the Monstrous Five, and negotiate the agreement that kept them within their turf.
  • While horrifying, the Roaring Rampage of Revenge by the five is epic. From what we know so far, cities around the world were wrecked, and it's made very clear Scumlabs was wiped out to the last employee.
  • The Humane Seven vs. The Monstrous Five...holy hell. The whole thing is a string of awesome moments:
    • Fluttershy manages to (temporarily) neutralize Sour Lobster by swarming her with controlled schools of fish, even forming them into giant fists to punch her!] As a finisher, she calls in thousands of mollusks to latch onto Sour and weigh her Sci-Twi can freeze the entire lake they were fighting in with a freeze ray!
    • Sour Lobster herself, using jets of water to break the ice and get back into the fight despite being frozen solid and weighed down to near-immobility.
    • Rainbow Dash baiting Indigo Lizard into chasing her near a cliff, then taking to the air at the last second as the reptilian beast lunges at her. A barrage of explosive gum by Pinkie sends Indigo screaming over a cliff, and into a vat of coal tar down below.
    • Sci-Twi holding up a building with her telekinesis. She then throws a bus at Sugar Wolf.

Digimon Tales

  • All the Digivolutions are made to be as epic as in the anime.
  • Despite being completely outmatched in terms of power, the Digidestined, Tales Seven, and Twilight manage to hold their own against two Mega level Digimon and two Ultimates for a considerable amount of time despite it being a Curb-Stomp Cushion.
  • After Catrinamon Mode Changes to Tyrant Mode, it looks like it's game over for the heroes...when a Ponyland jet fighter squadron arrives and distracts Catrinamon to save them. Despite being unable to actually harm her, they provide a pivotal distraction that buys time for the heroes to turn the tide and then continue to assist by distracting her to give the heroes important openings.
  • The last moment of the battle: Catrinamon with Samudramon's data vs all seven Digimon partners (three Megas and four Ultimates) in a Beam-O-War, which ends when the Digidestined and their partners add their Elements of Harmony to the fight followed by the Jaunters doing the same with their Rainbow Powers, overwhelming and ultimately defeating her.
  • Offscreen one: it's revealed that this universe's President Pony, Sparkle, Skyline, and Starcatcher are the original Digidestined who saved the Digital World long ago with their partners.


  • Bright Eyes ends up fighting a Dimensional Traveler version of Rough Diamond in a Traintop Battle for one of the pieces of the Key of Darkness. She's losing rather badly, but ultimately manages to win by planting her sword in such a way Rough Diamond can't duck...right as an overpass comes up. Rough Diamond is impressed.
    Rough Diamond: Clever girl...
  • 93.3: The Stellarian Students dealing with the Talon Company mercs hired by Cozy Glow:
    • Penumbra the Shadow Strider possessed a merc's shadow and picked off terrified squads slowly.
    • Ragna the Reptilian (a child Reptilian) beating the crap out of hardened Griffon merc on-one-one! She also gets some Cool Scars out of the fight, which she wears with pride.
    • Dwarf Star the Graviton Pony using her gravity powers to slam a merc around like a rag doll.
    • Doubles as Funny: The Cutie Mark Crusaders confront a merc...but he can't bring himself to shoot foals. So do they talk him down? Nope! They beat him with, to quote the narration, "liberal application of tree sap."
    • And finally, Electum the Ether Drake gets huge and finishes off all the stragglers at once with a breath of sparks!
  • The Mainline Mane 6 end up going to a Tyrant!Celestia universe to confront the Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist. After calling her out, they send their Celestia after her, who fights her to a standstill, knocks her out and traps her in a Tailor-Made Prison, gives her a full on "The Reason You Suck" Speech and then helps Twilight bring in the therapist world versions of Celestia and Twilight to try to help their counterparts in this broken world, likely sending other versions of characters from that world to help the locals.

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