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For a fanfic, it's still a Dragon Ball story, so the Erased Chronicles is chock-full of moments like these:

  • Though they aren't in a relationship in this universe, Gohan nevertheless rushes to save Videl as early as Chapter 7, from being a rape victim. Once he saw what was happening, Gohan flew into a rage, and nearly killed the man, until he begged for mercy. Being Good Sucks, eh Gohan? (Even more so since Videl wasn't even grateful. Yet.)
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  • Muted as it might seem, Videl's battle against Spopovich. This is where she shows just how much talent she does have, mastering subtle ki manipulation techniques despite being vastly weaker than anything with a name that isn't her father, or Marron.
  • Complete related to Videl's fight with Spopovich, it isn't Gohan who intervenes, but Erasa. And she utterly lets Spopovich have it, even releasing her Kamehameha for the first time in the series. Despite technically interfering in a fight, and fighting outside the rules, Erasa was excluded from disqualifications due to her heroic actions.
  • Vegeta's battle with Majin Buu is a sight to behold. Even the name of the two chapters "Bow to the Prince" and "Bow to the Prince 2 — Saiyan Pride". He pulls out all the stops for the battle, even unleashing a new technique, the Quasar Cannon, on Majin Buu. Despite fighting very well for a short while, Buu just outlasts Vegeta, and he takes punishment the way only Vegeta can.
    • Then it all culminates when Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan 3, dubbing himself "Hyper Vegeta" along the way. The tide of battle completely turns, and Vegeta even brings out the Super Garlic Cannon/Super Galick Gun. Sadly, before he can finish Buu with a Super Final Flash, the form eventually gives out, but Vegeta sacrifices himself to protect the planet, telling Goten to take his unconscious son away from the battle, before he blows himself to pieces.
  • The final struggle between Gohan and Kid Buu. It starts with Kid Buu using his Planet Burst attack to try and destroy Earth, and Gohan counters with a Kamehameha. Gotenks joins in, as does Erasa to try and stop Buu from blowing up their planet, in an energy struggle similar to the climax of Broly: Second Coming. Despite their combined energy, Kid Buu's attack isn't stopping... but then Piccolo and Videl pull a Big Damn Heroes moment with their arrival and add their energy, giving Gohan, Erasa, and Gotenks enough power to force Kid Buu's attack back into him, vaporizing him as a result! That's right, people. This villain was defeated not by a single guy, but by a TEAM. Something that only took place in the non-canon movies.
    • Even better? This time, the Earth wasn't destroyed like it was in canon. Gohan really can protect Earth without his dad around!
  • Doubles as an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, Bulma managed to reverse engineer Dr. Gero's Infinite Energy Generator. She uses this generator to power the world, solving effectively any energy crisis Earth could have had through a practical application of what Gero created as military technology. Furthermore, this generator was the set-up for Earth to take its steps onto the galactic stage. Hey, who said all awesome moments had to be fighting?
    • Just Bulma in general. In addition to revolutionizing global energy consumption, Bulma funded the space programme, turning Earth's economy from global to galactic within the span of only a few years. By once again using ridiculous technology — in this case, Saiyan technology — she created spaceships that could cover vast distances. She also did the SENSIBLE THING and created a medicine with the same effects as a Senzu for public use.
  • Gohan vs. Beerus was one giant awesome moment, full-stop. To start with, Gohan's power up to Super Saiyan 2 was felt as far as the Afterlife, and unlike when Gokū became an SSJ3, to some people on Earth, it felt like Gohan was on the planet. They had to further sense the depth of his ki to realise he was somewhere else.
    • The fight itself continues to be this. Gohan has managed to improve drastically since he fought Majin Bū, even having an enhanced Super Saiyan 2 state. Beerus treats him like a child the entire time. Beerus himself appears to be stronger than he was in either the movie or Super, deflecting Gohan's Kamehameha not with physical effort, but a barrier of ki like Jiren.
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    • One hit from Beerus. One hit was all it took to knock Gohan out of his transformed state. But Gohan, in his stubborness, uses what remains of his Super Saiyan power to continue and fight, only to be handily defeated. Gohan tried his damndest, and Beerus was impressed by his tenacity if nothing else.
  • Goten vs. Rayo was an incredible battle from start to finish. Despite being only a mere human, Rayo puts up an INCREDIBLE battle against Goten, the half-Saiyan progeny of Son Gokū. They appear relatively equal at first, considering everything, but as the battle starts to wane, Rayo forces Goten to utilise the Super Saiyan form to keep an even ground. However, when it looks like they're even again, Rayo reveals something that isn't ripped directly from another source; pulling and rotating his ki primarily into his limbs to allow him to move faster and strike harder, all while adapting the stance of a beast. It was such a bold move that it forced Goten to transform into a Super Saiyan 2 — something which changes his demeanor from jovial but annoyed to completely ready to murder someone — to end the fight in a few well placed blows.
  • The introduction of Mifune, an alien with a wooden sword participating at the tournament. The stoic alien woman can draw ki from around her (even the residual ki of long dead people) to unleash a scary Super Form. With it, she bashes around Trunks for a good long while, showing an amazing amount of skill for a newcomer. She even stands up to Lord Beerus when he loses his temper. She still gets knocked into the dirt, but still. She attacked Lord Beerus. That takes a great amount of courage to simply strike out at the God of Destruction.
    • Trunks gets one, too, during his fight with Mifune.. He refuses to give up, despite the fact that he might actually get killed in this fight. Though Mifune probably wouldn't do that, she still could due to her immense power. Yet he keeps going. The battle results in him going Super Saiyan 2 for the first time! ...but then he faints. Still, an impressive display for the Saiyan Prince's son, the boy who believes he is now the Saiyan Prince!

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