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Trivia / The Erased Chronicles

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  • Adored by the Network: In a sense; the author has a lot of stories besides the Erased Chronicles, but the Erased Chronicles is their biggest priority, based on their updating schedule. Some of their one-shot projects haven't been updated the way they probably should.
  • Black Sheep Hit: The Erased Chronicles is the author's first long-running romance-action fanfic, and it is, for some reason, the most popular work he's put onto the website.
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  • Contractual Immortality: The best part of writing a fanfic, in the Erased Chronicles, the author has no limit on who he can kill. Unlike in the anime, or manga, where things like character popularity and the status quo factor in.
  • Creator's Favorite: Gohan. There's a reason this story has Gohan as the leader, rather than Goku. Interestingly, she didn't start out this way, but Videl developed into this, which is why the author wound up giving her more screentime and focus than he initially intended.
  • Dear Negative Reader: The author will often use the Author's Notes to address reviews that speak negatively about the story, concepts, etc., when he isn't directly confronting them on's Personal Messages.
  • Extremely Lengthy Creation: The fanfic itself is four years old and counting, with no immediate end in sight.
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  • Exiled from Continuity: Dragon Ball GT. The author is notably not fond of it, and while he may borrow concepts, characters and other some-such from the series will never appear.
  • God Does Not Own This World: The Erased Chronicles is a fanfic, so that goes without saying.
  • It Was His Sled: The fact that Zamasu is Black is such common knowledge, both authors — JacobKingston10 and LastationLover5000 — are writing The Future Is Black with the full expectation that the only one who doesn't know is Trunks and his ilk.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: For just as much as the author has planned, he'll throw something in that he just thought of. A good example of this within the Erased Chronicles is Vegeta's Super Saiyan 3 transformation. It wasn't planned, never intended, but the author thought it would be a good way to send off the character, as he was drawing a blank on anything else.

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