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Nightmare Fuel / The Erased Chronicles

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Despite being a series that started out as a romance fic, the Erased Chronicles has its fair share of horrific moments:

  • Majin Bū, especially in earlier appearances, is often played more for the horrific aspect of his character and design than one would expect. His first appearance in and of itself is played for creepiness, and succeeds, despite being in text only. The Djinn is formed from the smoke of his egg, to the silent horror of the onlooking Tenshinhan, No. 18, and Shin...and then Majin Bū starts to hum.
    • Much like in canon, when someone senses Majin Bū's ki — in this case, Tenshinhan — it is described as an endless well of power, something no other enemy up to this point has ever been attributed with. Tenshinhan even equates the Djinn to a demon god.
  • Chapter 84 went somewhere completely unexpected. The revival of Cell, a bio-android menace that devoured a large portion of the population, and he is being revived by a completely unknown force who can content with Beerus.

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