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Funny / The Erased Chronicles

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  • This little exchange in Chapter 8.
    Gohan (after being asked by Master Roshi to take pictures of Erasa and bring them to him): You... you have no shame, do you?
    Master Roshi: Haven't had that for centuries! (breaks out laughing until Eighteen backhands him across the ocean like a skipping stone)
    Eighteen: He never learns...
    • Made funnier when Roshi comes swimming back, almost instantly after being bitch-slapped into the ocean by a cyborg!
  • During the reunion in Chapter 14, Yamcha loses control of his ride and nearly flattens everyone, though thankfully, Vegeta stops the out-of-control vehicle with a single hand. It's an honest mistake on Yamcha's part, sure, but Bulma ultimately loses her crap right there and proceeds to beat the poor man near to death with slaps and kicks to the face. Everyone, even Vegeta, is totally silent during this. Bulma is obviously someone you don't want to make angry, and poor Yamcha is on the receiving end.
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  • 90% of Babidi is made of this. It's very deliberate, as his characterization is based off of Yzma of all people.
  • There's something just funny about Piccolo dryly commenting on how the Earthling and Saiyan reproductive method is a bit "dramatic".
  • How casually Beerus handles his first battle with Gohan, while not rife with humour, is worth a chuckle or two.

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