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Heartwarming / Equestria: Across the Multiverse

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Ponies and Giants Arc

  • Rowena meeting Pip after Bandit Pass has been cleared out. Despite Pip charging her with a knife, she takes to liking the kid quickly, and their chitchat is adorable. Pip even has this gem, impressing Rowena with his smooth-talking:
    Pip: " Pauline as pretty as you, Lady Rowena?"
    Rowena: (chuckles)' "Well, not to be arrogant, but..."
    • Rowena also finds Pip adorable. She has to restrain the urge to cuddle him against her cheek like a kid with a new pet!

A Winter Wedding Arc

  • Patch and Melody saving a Neo-Hooviet soldier from falling into a pit, in the middle of a fight no less. Shows how seriously they take being compassionate heroes, even to their enemies.
    Patch: "Let the soldiers kill, we're heroes. We save people."
    • Doubles as Awesome given how they did it: Melody juggled the falling soldier away from the pit with the flat of her greatsword, allowing Patch to smack her down—flat on her back—with her club; saving the soldier from breaking her neck while still knocking her out. They saved the mare's life and took her out of the fight in one go!
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  • Hercules stopping his fight with Cerberus to make sure a civilian isn't caught in the crossfire, showing that just because he's one of Chrysalis's minions doesn't mean he's a bad person.

Tower Beyond the Sky

  • Teddy, Ace, and Lancer are tasked with protecting baby Tales!Spike, and bond with him throughout the adventure, even kneeling down to give him a 'low hoof' when he feels left out from their high hoof. Teddy's also very protective of the little guy.


Misc. Jaunts

  • Despite their seemingly-incompatible worlds and natures, Burning Heart (a Fire World stallion) and Frost Veil (a Ice World mare) fall in love, and thanks to a council of alternate Cadences are able to marry (the chapel being half-frozen and half-burning, natch).
  • On a world where all ponies are giants, Pinkie Pie takes to some baby Changelings; playing with the little bugs and letting them take a nap in her mane. Meanwhile, Rarity gushes over a tiny Yipper (a Diamond Dog pup); nuzzling the little guy and cuddling him in her hooves.
  • Sunset and crew visit a "Giant Ponies" world, and find that the native Ponies find "Tinies" adorable. We then cut to the native Dinky cuddling Human!Derpy and baby Dinky, curling around the tiny humans as all three settle in for a nap.
    • Doubling as a Funny Moment, we also see Human!Button Mash getting licked senseless by an over-affectionate giant Sweetie Belle.
    Button Mash: "No more giant horse kisses!"
    Sweetie Belle: "Oh, you humans are just sooooo cute when you complain!" (Lick, lick, lick...)

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