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Ponies And Giants Arc

  • Jaunt 3.0: Amelia—the 100-foot tall Blood Knight Barbarian Hero of the Giant Six—is revealed to have crushed an evil human baron to accident...with her butt. The group was just going to leave the bastard at the mercy of the peasants he oppressed after raiding his castle, but Amelia slipped on a patch of ice and fell rump-first on the guy. Poor girl isn't gonna live that down for a while.
    • Subsequent jaunts reveal news of the baron's demise has already spread to neighboring kingdoms—so no, Amelia will literally Never Live It Down. The narration also uses the immortal phrase "rumors of the Baron's supposed derriere-induced demise".
      • She apparently landed on the bastard with such impact that it left a human-shaped dent in her armor over her rear. When Rox said the baron was left "flat as parchment", she might have meant it literally!
  • Jaunt 13.0: Pauline's stomach bounces a barrage of cannonballs, destroying the weapons with their own ammo. No spell, just her plump belly deflecting them, complete with an audible boing!.
    Pauline: "You don't see skinny giants doing THAT, do you?"
    • We then cut to Pip, having just arrived (too late) with a message that shooting Pauline in the belly or rear could just bounce off. After a pause, he says he still thinks the giantess is pretty. One of the surviving bandits cusses him out.

Lighting The Darkness Arc


Eye Of the Storm Arc

  • Amelia (in pony form) taunts a Yeti by throwing the poor sap into the air to fall into her open mouth...and catches him at the last second. Then she does it again.
    Amelia: "Don't worry; I'm not gonna eat you...or maybe I will!" ''
    • Rox asks if Amelia has sat on anyone yet, taunting her to take a joke—and then trips on a boulder and falls flank-first onto a Ram Necromancer and some Uber Troggles, crushing them all. Amelia, now vindicated, laughs her flank off.
    Rox: "Not a word..."

Night Without Stars


A Winter Wedding

  • Black Comedy: During the initial melee with the Neo-Hooviets, a bazooka-wielding Mook prepares to fire on the Tales Seven, not caring that she will kill civilians—and even her own comrades—with the blast. She's graphically cut down by a Hegemony Meltagun and is blown to bits at the last second...followed by Captain Onyx cheerfully greeting the Seven (who saw the Neo-Hooviet's horrific demise) like nothing happened. The Tales Seven are understandably shaken.
    This is the kind and compassionate trans-equine defenders of the helpless that Kimono told them about?
  • The Tales Seven's non-lethal approach earns them some new fans in the aftermath: namely, the very Neo-Hooviets they smacked around during the battle. The prisoners have been flooding the Seven with thank you notes for sparing them, and even sending gifts of candy from prison...which gave the champions horrific cavities.
    Patch: "Where'd they even get all that candy in prison, anyway...?"
  • We see the aftermath of Were!Fluttershy biting and infecting Kabuto. While he manages to escape the Alliance, he's now a Wereskunk and can only get work in the most obscure, backwater nations due to a combination of Even Evil Has Standards and Pragmatic Villainy from the ones who'd otherwise have need of a Mad Doctor like him. He ends up working for an overweight, bumbling Evil Prince with a dump as his lab...and transforms into a Wereskunk every night, frees his test subjects, and mauls and skunks his guards. It's gotten to the point of his guards using the night shift as a hazing ritual for new recruits, and just bringing him the same people in different costumes after each breakout.
    • According to the narration, Kabuto is now seen as an absolute joke by everyone in the kingdom, with only the idiot Prince not in on said joke. Quite the fall from being the dreaded Mad Scientist he was before.

Pony Rangers: Doomsday!

  • Applejack (having been grown giant by the reformed native Luna) chases down a group of Nightmare Moon's monsters, eventually cornering them. Before she can stomp them, one of the monsters calls in an ambush, and a new crowd of monsters comes out of hiding and charges at AJ. Applejack's response? Casually sit on her new attackers, instantly destroying much of the group. She then fires off a great Bond One-Liner before getting up to finish the survivors off.
    "Guess Ah'm just a pain in the rear fer y'all, huh?"
    • This is also the only lethal Ass Kicks You (so far) that was done intentionally. Maybe AJ figured she may as well try the "technique" herself?
  • During the aforementioned chase, Applejack fires off a corny rhyming taunt ("Fum, fay, fee, furs; Ah'm gonna squish some evil monsters!")...and then we learn it was so bad that, across the multiverse, multiple Zecoras feel a sudden urge to hunt down a terrible rhymer. Applejack's quip was so lame it transcended time and space!

Tower Beyond the Sky

  • Ace, Teddy, and Lancer end up having to defend Spike from a Neo Hooviet, and unlike the girls, don't have superpowers. Their method of doing so? "Home Alone" Antics.

Sovereign Guard

The Monstrous Five

  • As the visiting Humane Seven watch footage of the Five's initial breakout, we get this gem as Indigo Lizard corners a Scumlabs employee:
    Scumlabs Guy: (Video) "No, please! Don't eat me! I have a wife and three kids!"
    EG!Rarity: (Horrified) "No... he's a family man!"
    Scumlabs Guy: (Video) "THEY did this, not me! Eat THEM!"
    EG!Rarity: "Oh wait, never mind."
  • Sugarcoat/wolf was the first of the Monstrous Five to regain some capacity of sense and speech during their first rampage, and THIS is the first thing she was recorded to say in a skirmish against the local Rarity and Fluttershy:
    M5!Sugarwolf: (Video) "RAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!" [Clawing at EG!Rarity's magical shields] "KILL YOU! EAT YOU! RIP AND TEAR!!!"
  • Rhino Flare bulldozes entire city blocks, unaffected by the military assaulting her. She seems unstoppable—until she goes a little too fast:
    Unfortunately for them, that last charge wasn’t as graceful as Rhino Flare liked, and she failed to kill all of her momentum. She staggered, arms flailing as she try to retain balance - and failed miserably as she whirled around and collapsed backwards. The assembled armour couldn’t get out of the way fast enough; a shadow enveloped them, quickly followed by Rhino Flare’s behind, which crushed them with an impact so forceful the few vehicles and crew not caught in it were thrown upside down and away.
    • Even as animalistic and rage-blinded as she was, Rhino Flare is STILL embarrassed at her inadvertent rumpy wrath.


  • Jaunt 49.5: Pauline allows foals in Ponyville to use her as a snow hill for sledding, including her Pip and the CMC. She forgets they're there and moves in a way that sends them flying and becoming a Twinkle In The Sky. We then find out they flew all the way to Manehatten.
    • And in Manehatten, Rowena has just finished crafting a cool park out of ice, filled with half-pipes, loops, and obstacle courses to do stunts in. Guess where Pip and the CMC land?
      • Oh, and did we forget to mention that the kids sledded down Pauline's back and used her rump as a ramp to go flying, screaming all the while? Sorry.
    • And when Rowena finds out, she threatens to put Pauline on a diet if she's ever that careless again. Pauline is utterly horrified at the idea.
  • Jaunt 52.1: In the Ninja Six's world, a traitorous daimyo named Gladstone tries to sneak off after his forces have been roundly defeated with the help of Alliance forces. He hides in a barracks...but it's destroyed when Amelia sits on it; Gladstone barely escaping in time. Then, just as he's about to sneak away, one of his sycophantic minions recognizes him and blurts that out.
    Amelia: "Well. There you are."
    • After Gladstone is crushed, the humiliated minion asks Amelia to eat him, since it would distract him from the humiliation of getting his master killed. Even though he'd been pathetically begging her NOT to do that not two minutes before.
    • Amelia apparently pulled her "not gonna eat you" Fake Kill Scare on one of Gladstone's minions, to scare them all into surrendering...and for fun. The poor pony is understandably traumatized.
  • Jaunt 79.1: The Mane Six arrive in a world where fashion is Serious Business to the point that the more stylish you are the more powerful you are and poses are Ki Attacks. The fight between Princess Rarity and Tirek was just as anime level nuts as the main universe...but with them triggering their attacks with fashion poses and Calling Your Attacks.
  • Jaunt 93.3: At a victory party after Cozy Glow's defeat, Penumbra recounts how he stole a mercenary's shadow and used his form to pick off patrols one by one; prompting this exchange:
    Penumbra: "And then I hit him in the back of the head, exclaiming; 'Why are you hitting yourself?' as I possessed his shadow—even though it was me hitting him in his form. The inorganic alien being known as Peridot said that it was funny to do so...And it was."
    Sandbar: "Uh, right. Good point."
    • Later, Silverstream nervously asks if Penumbra gave the mercenary his shadow back after Cozy was captured.note  Penumbra assures her he did, because not even hired killers deserve that fate. Sandbar tries (and fails) to make a joke:
    Sandbar: "...I'll shut up now."
  • Jaunt 99.3: Pinkie Pie and Paprika team up as the Alliance clears out the last of Yomi's demons. They finish it off by homerunning it with Paprika's health bar.
  • Mainline Twilight ends up going to Sunset's Flash and asking him out before taking him to the Alliance's hub. She tells him that she won't be upset if he confuses her with her alternate selves. The first two he sees are clearly different species so he doesn't think that will be a problem, only to be Instantly Proven Wrong when three completely identical except for nametag Twilights walk by...Then Shining shows up and gets a Twerp Sweating look on his face, to Flash's dismay.
  • Jaunt 102.7: The Mainline Six arrived in a worldline where its native Ponies live and even interact with an unseen 'Audience' behind an extra-dimensional 'Fourth Wall'... through 'He-Man' and 'G.I.Joe' style PSAs. Best part is Mainline Pinkie Pie, who's just positively relieved to finally found a world that 'Understood her'.
    • How the Alliance reacted to this information is pure Black Comedy gold: if a Alliance Council report's addendum is any indication, upon realizing there may be 'mysterious Fourth-Wall Entities' out there who are watching or influencing world-lines, their first reaction is to calmly freak the buck out and immediately consider creating 'memetic agents' that could 'deal' with them if worse comes to worse. That's right, the Alliance knows we're out there, and are reacting like a woman having a bath realizing someone's peeking at them.

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