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Funny: The Rap Critic
  • "Every Girl" by Young Money
    Lil Wayne: ♪And I don't think you're beautiful; I think you're beyond it [...] And I just wanna get behind it and watch you BACK IT UP AND DUMP IT! BACK-BACK IT UP AND DUMP IT!♪
    Rap Critic: Wow! So basically what you're trying to say to this girl is...
    Prince: ♪Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world?♪
    Rap Critic: But...
  • Anything regarding the sudden sexual content in his review of Drake's "Best I Ever Had".
    When did it go from this... (I'll be there...) to this... (I wanna fuck you like an animal...)
    • At the very end of each clip you can hear the "EEYUP" clip from earlier in the review.
    • After mocking the romantic lines in the song:
  • His review of Party Like a Rockstar by Shop Boyz - "Where'd you get your knowledge of rock music from, the Ninja Turtles?
    • Rapper: "We['re] about to change the game."
    Rap Critic: "Your naive expectations are adorable."
  • From his It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube review - "Wait, pimping's a crime; since when did Goodyear blimps become snitches?"
  • From his review of "My Chick Bad" by Ludacris
    Ludacris: ♪My chick bad♪
    Rap Critic: No, your chick evil!
  • Worst Lyrics of 2010 - "Thank you for reminding me that I don't have to rely on chemical dependency to look up!"
    • Figuring out the "Grocery Bag" lyric
    "Evel Knievel couldn't make that leap!"
  • Worst Lyrics of November 2010: being unable to say anything about "I Miss My Homies" due to intense Narm.
    • Also, comparing Mystikal's incoherent rapping to Yosemite Sam in full-on rant mode.
  • J Kwon's Tipsy - "Good luck using that fake I.D. now that you just admitted to the world that you have a fake I.D."
    • "Aw, man, that girl looks good. When she moves, her body has a nice shake to it. Shakes go good with fries. Fries are very good right now. I wonder if she works at a place where I can get fries supersized. I wanna eat some fries right now. Also I want to count some numbers."
  • Young Jeezy's "My President Is Black" review - "Black, blue, green, grey; what is this, the rapping rainbow?!"
  • "No Love" by Eminem featuring Lil' Wayne
    • His body threatening him with kicking him in the balls if he didn't go out and buy the album containing the song. This then happens again forcing him to see other good art of 2010, specifically Black Swan, which he had originally said wouldn't happen because it was about ballerinas.
  • From his Soulja Boy video: *TEETH*
  • From one of his crossovers with Todd in the Shadows
  • "Just Can't Get Enough" from The Black Eyed Peas begins with him deciding that instead of that song, he'll take the request of the most talked about song on the site. Cue "Pig Power in the House", causing Rap Critic to immediately go back to the Peas.
    • Any time the "cameraman's sister" (the Animetalchick) appears.
  • In "Odds and Ends", the disclaimer that opens the video ("If you can read this, you don't need glasses. If you can't, you're probably having a seizure").
  • Anything including Guy #1 and Guy #2.
  • From his "Moment 4 Life" review: "S-S-S-Stop it!"
    [After saying he likes the song]
    And I'm not just saying that because I find her attractive, I'm saying that because I like her body... of work, and I love it when she raps her beautiful lips... off, on this song. ... I wanna make out with Nicki Minaj — Crap!
    • "Queens have been very important in their day: there's Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, Queen Latifah, there's a lot of them!"
  • "Otis" from Jay-Z and Kayne West
  • Shaquille O'Neal's debut album Shaq Diesel
  • From the Worst Lyrics (of 2011):
  • In his Best Songs of 2011, not even bothering with the subtitles for Tech N9Ne.
    What? What do you want from me? My editing software doesn't let me copy and paste, and this would take a while to type! Look 'em up on your OWN time!
    • This part from #1: Hopsin's "Ill Mind of Hopsin 4"
    Hopsin: Hotter than UV ray/Hotter than the thought of Nicki Minaj naked, making her booty shake
    Rap Critic: You just made me think of that. I'm gonna need a moment...
    Caption: Rap Critic is going to need a moment to... uh... gather his thoughts... Quick! Cut to something!
    {*Cuts to Bad Meets Evil's "Fast Lane*}
    Eminem: And I hope that I don't sound too heinous when I say this/ Nicki Minaj, but I wanna stick my penis in your anus
  • In his review of the Soulja Boy movie with Mues, he switches the audio during a crowd chase scene to "A Hard Day's Night".
    • Earlier:
    Mues: Then Soulja Boy shows off useless crap, like having 92 thousand friends on Myspace. Because you know, Tila Tequila had 2 million friends on Myspace, and we all see how important she is.
    Rap Critic: Who?
    Mues: Exactly.
  • From "Top 7 Worst Lyrics I've Ever Heard...March 2012": BITCHES BE WORSHIPPIN' ME IN THE SYNAGOGUE, DOUBLE D!
    • Even funnier, the "Worst Lyrics I've Ever Heard... March 2012" was posted on blip... second of March.
    • Even more funner? The #6 and #1 worst lyrics are from the same song, and the #4 and #2 lyrics are also from the same song.
      • From the #5 worst lyric:
    Mariah Carey: I got ya all fired up with your Napoleon Complex, seeing right through you like you're bathing in Windex.
    Rap Critic: Is the person who's obsessed with you a window?
    • From the #2 worst lyric:
    Nicki Minaj: I got em scared, shook, panicking. Overseas, Church, Vatican
    Rap Critic: These are the ramblings of an insane homeless person!
    • Rap Critic's exasperated expression during the #1 Worst Lyric, in which Nicki Minaj sustains a particularly long note. He then concludes that Minaj (who pretty much dominated the list) wrote so many bad songs on purpose so he would talk about her on his show and promote her album.
    Rap Critic: ...And I gave you the satisfaction. I feel used.
  • From his April 2012 "Worst Lyrics" list: Rap Critic's deadpan expression during the #5 worst lyric ("Have a baby by me, baby: be a millionaire!").
  • In his review of "Beautiful" by Snoop Dogg, singing the song to "someone special" and reacting to a Product Placement lyric by showing the cover of his own record.
    • Snoop talks about his high school girlfriend's mom and sister not liking him.
    Okay, after talking about giving your girlfriend "pimp fluid", I think I understand why they're concerned.
    • Later:
    Snoop Dogg: Keep groovin', that's what we doin'/And we gon' be together until your Moms move in.
    The Rap Critic: That's quite the sentiment their, Snoop. "I'll love you forever and always, at least until your mom gets too old and has to move in with us. Screw that noise. Either she stays and I go, or we stick the old bag in a home. I didn't forget when she was cockblocking me in high school."
  • From his review of "Marvin and Chardonnay", after hearing the lyric "This was all inspired by a little Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay":
    (RC looks slowly to the left)
    Marvin Gaye: Givin' yourself to me could never be wrong/if the love is true...
    (RC looks slowly to the right)
    (RC looks slowly towards the camera)
    RC: Really?
    • Later...
    Peter Griffin: Lois, this is not my Batman glass.
    • From the same review, Kanye ducks and screams after the line "This the fucking anthem/Get it? The fucking anthem?". RC interprets this as sounding like Kanye bombing at a comedy club, so he then repeats the line and overdubs crowd booing and bottle breaking noises.
  • His take on the Condescending Wonka meme during Worst Lyrics I've Ever Heard... In June.
    "You sampled a song from a children's movie? You must be so hardcore."
    • From that same review: Rap Critic becomes distracted from making an analysis about "E.I." by Nelly because of a strange grunting noise in the song...which RC promptly compares to Scooby-Doo.
  • In his "Shawty" review, he responds to Plies showing off his girl to criminals with this gem:
    Rap Critic: "Wow, 100,000 dollars! Have you ever seen this much money at one time? I've never seen this much money at one time! I bet this could feed a family for...hey, where'd the money go? Hey, you can't take that, it's mine! *gun cock*"
  • After hearing a song from The Game where Dr. Dre drops a line to look out for the long-delayed Detox album, he points out that the song came out in 2005 and proceeds to go on a big rant about the album still not being out in 2012 and how Dre took a break rather than finish it.
    • Even better, when Rap Critic is just about to finish the video (The Top 5 Worst Lyrics of July 2012), his cell phone rings...revealing that his ringtone is the #2 song from the list. Rap Critic mutters a sheepish "Shut up" before answering the phone.
      • Some of the lyrics form said song are just priceless:
    The Dream: Part of me feel so bad but oooooh not that bad!
    The Dream: And I pray that y'all ain't serious, cause seriously she's on my dick!
    Rap Critic: There is no way that this song isn't a joke. It just has to be a—I really hope this song is a joke.
  • "O Let's Do It" by Waka Flocka Flame:
    Waka Flocka Flame: Call me Waka Flocka!
    • The numerous Talking to Himself scenes, such as his interpretation of the line "Now I'm back on deck / So, shawty, what the f*** you want?":
    Guy #1 (panicking): Man, I need a hit real bad, man! I need something, I need some drugs, I need some coke real bad, man! I need a fix!
    Guy #2: Hey, I'm selling drugs, what the [bleep] do you want?
    Guy #1: Well, I don't quite fancy your tone, sir. I'll take my business elsewhere!
    • And this one, in response to "Locked my CEO up / Now it's back to coca":
    Guy #1: Hey, Waka, our boss Gucci Man was just locked up!
    Waka Flocka Flame: Oh, man! Guess we have to go back to selling cocaine!
    Guy #1: Well, I was thinking we just continue touring, 'cause that's already kinda making money for us —
    Waka Flocka Flame: Nope! (Holds up a bucket of flour) Already got the cocaine!
    Waka Flocka Flame: N***s talkin' s***, bruh / Hang him by a Roeper (rope-a)!
    Rap Critic: Huh, I didn't know film critics could be used as hanging material.
    • What the Rap Critic thinks would happen if he ever meets one of the rappers he's reviewed:
    Guy #1: Hey, it's the guy who reviewed my song!
    Rap Critic: Uhh, yeah.
    Guy #1: (Laughs) That was funny, man, I sucked on that song. Hey, get this guy a bottle of Chirac on me!
    Rap Critic: Your... your music is degrading the quality of lyricism in the mainstream expect—
    Guy #1: Say what? I can't hear you over the sound of all this money I'm making!
    • "Yeah, the death of my closest friend just goes to show what leading this sort of life can do. Well, let's go back to leading this sort of life! Oh, and promoting it in my music!"
      • "Yeah, the death of my wait, didn't I just use this joke?"
  • "Birthday Song" by 2 Chainz and Kanye West:
    Rap Critic: Has anyone ever told you how clever you are? Because they'd be wrong.
    Rap Critic: You know that doesn't rhyme. You KNOW that doesn't rhyme! Forget all that hard rhyming nonsense, no, that is not a rhyme!
    • Rap Critic: Who's responsible for this complete vaccuum of artistic talent?
    Kanye West: (*caption read "this guy"*) Ahhhhh, Yeezy, Yeezy, how ya do it, hun?
    Rap Critic: God, please no...
    • The Rap Critic's explanation on what Kanye's verse so far is about how the guy is not getting any sex and cries himself to sleep, and what he says afterwards:
    Happy birthday to you...
    Rap Critic: I'm sorry, you're riding a bike that has a birthday cake attached to it with boobs on it. (beat) Nothing you say will ever be taken seriously again. Like, I don't care if you find the answer to world peace, you're still officially "Boob Cake Man".
    • His spot-on assertion that Kanye jacked his "huhhh"s from the Ying Yang Twins.
  • From "Top 5 Worst Lyrics I've Ever Heard... This Month (October 2012)
  • When the Rap Critic first hears Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pools (Drank)", he goes ahead and tries to head-start a new Internet meme out of the hook.
    Kendrick Lamar: DRANK
    • Also, his interpretation of what the drunk guy symbolized in Kendrick's chorus is like.
    Drunk Guy/Drunk Rap Critic: Hey man, what are you doin' with those lil' baby shot glasses?! What you need to do is get yoself a swimmin' pool full 'a licka and then ya dive right in it! *drinks remainder of cup and then falls down backwards*
  • The Rap Critic's impressions of Flo Rida during the review of "I Cry":
    • After the Rap Critic hears the upbeat, club-like beat in "I Cry", he talks about how Flo Rida basically imagines what Flo is like when thinking of this song.
    Rap Critic (as Flo Rida): I'm partying hard IN DA CLUB!!! I'm lookin' at this girl's fat booty IN DA CLUB!!! I'm sad and contemplating the darker moments of my life IN DA CLUB!!!
  • Opening the Top 9 Worst Lyrics of 2012 video, the Rap Critic muses on how much of an improvement for rap music 2012 was over the previous year. Among his reasons, he states that not one dance craze from a bad rap song went viral. Cue "Gangnam Style".
    Rap Critic: Hey, that one doesn't count. I actually liked that song.
    • On #6, a line by Kanye West referencing Kim Kardashian, he brings up the suggestion that Kim's first marriage may have been a publicity stunt, and then says...
    Rap Critic: Either you're in on the joke, or I eagerly await the release of 808's and Heartbreak Part 2.
    • His reaction to some of the lyrics in "Rack City"
    Rap Critic: ...What?
    • "Homoooo! The only three words you should say to a woman in bed after sex are 'where's,' 'my,' and 'sandwich'!"
    • His Stunned Silence in response to the #1 worst lyrics is just golden.
  • While reviewing David Banner's "Certified" album, he reaches "Take Your", and just as he becomes desensitized to the endless songs on the album about David Banner being able to take your girlfriend, his expression suddenly changes to a startled expression when the chorus goes, "AND YOU WON'T SAY SHIT!"
    • There's also this gem from earlier in the review:
    David Banner: I'm act like I'mma fight you, then I'm blowin' out yo brains!
    Rap Critic: You know, like a real man!
  • From his comparison review of Drake's "Started from the Bottom" and the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy"
  • The whole "WHOA" segment from "Top 5 Worst Lyrics, March 2013," extrapolating a homoerotic-sounding line to its tragic conclusion and demolishing several lines in the process.
    "Finger near a nigga's asshole like WHOA. Felt weird, but I kinda liked it like WHOA. Made me question my sexuality like WHOA. Experimenting with other men like WHOA. That's when my dad walked in like WHOA. Wait, Dad, I can explain like WHOA. Father says I Have No Son like WHOA. Now my life is filled with misery and WOE."
  • On's "#thatpower" and the fact that making the title a Twitter hashtag is a shameless attempt to get attention in that particular social media outlet:
    Rap Critic: I'm surprised your album's name isn't "#willpower: brought to you by the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola."
    • Also: After asking which blonde white chick brought in as a guest singer and seeing Justin Bieber, he adjusts his glasses and says "Oh, I'm sorry. She's not that blonde."
  • While reviewing "Bad" by Wale, he makes some observations about how both men and women seem to go for bad people just because it's more interesting.
    • There's also the intro of the song proper:
      Wale: Monogamy or whatever you call it I'm starting to think ain't for everybody
      Rap Critic: Especially now that fame has made more women want to have sex with me! *thumbs up*
    • His playing a rapper about to do a "hard rhyme", where they give up and don't bother rhyming a few lines together.
      Rap Critic: I need to find a rhyme for the word I just put at the end of this line, that will work in the context of the next line. But that sounds hard!
      • And then he brings it immediately back for the June 2013 edition of "Worst Lyrics" for "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke.
        Rap Critic: Yeah, I re-used that clip from the Wale episode. I refuse to dignify this guy's lazy writing with a new joke.
  • While he and Kyle Kallgren review Jay-Z's "Picasso Baby", they decide to make their own rap with art references. It's hysterical.
    • Especially because it's called 'Douchebags Baby', by 'The Trap Critic' and 'Brows Pushed Back aka Emerald Arms'.
    • Monet, Cash and Hoes ...e Orozco.
    • When Rap Critic and Kyle criticize Jay-Z's habit of collecting art pieces as status symbols rather than appreciating their beauty:
      Rap Critic: Yes, Blue Ivy, Jay-Z's daughter, lean on those paintings that he just paid a fortune for. Go ahead, nibble and drool on them as well! People now know that I have the millions of dollars that it makes for me to get these intricate inner-city models of angst and turmoil, so now they no longer serve a purpose!
      (Dribbling noise is heard off-screen)
      Rap Critic: Oh! Who's adding some more yellow to that Basquiat painting? Who's adding more yellow to that Basquiat painting?
      Kyle Kallgren: (chuckles) It - it's funny, because Andres Serrano is in the crowd. (beat) Someone's going to get that. Someone has to get that.
  • In his review of "Black Skinhead" by Kanye West, Rap Critic finds the "BLACK" beat funny and briefly imitates it. It's the look on his face that really sells it.
    "This is BLACK, it's so BLACK that even the beat says "BLACK"! It's BLACKITY-BLACK and it's BLACK, y'all!"
  • On "Gas Pedal" by Sage the Gemini feat. Iamsu:
    • His disdain for the short list of rappers whose stage names are complete sentences:
      "Isn't that right, Soulja Boy Tell'Em? Well, tell 'em!"
    • "My chick's white, real white: Adolf Hitler"
  • In the review of Berzerk, his parody of the Mundane Made Awesome chorus:
    Grow your beard out, watch paint dry. And Go Berserk. ALL NIGHT LONG
    Watch a movie, maybe masturbate. And Go Berserk. ALL NIGHT LONG
  • From Top 10 Worst Eminem Songs:
    • Mues' reaction to "My First Single"'s random first verse.
    Mues: "Did you catch ANY of that? He didn't say anything there besides string a bunch of haphazard irrelevant words together, with zero meaning behind any of them!"
    Rap Critic: Oh, and by the way, this is the song that has the quite realistic sounds of someone crapping in your ear. On the chorus.
  • "Top 10 Worst Lyrics I've Ever Heard...This Year (2013)"
    • On Migos's "Versace":
      Migos: Versace took over, it took out my soul!
      Rap Critic: Oh... wow... you sold your soul to Versace for a hit song, huh? I hope the eternal flames of hell was well worth peaking at... number 99 on Billboards Top 100.
    • On Migos's "Hannah Montana", in which the group says the titular character over and over again, in reference to doing cocaine.
      Rap Critic: "The Wiggles, The Wiggles, The Wiggles, The Wiggles! When this song comes on, it makes her ass do the wiggles!"
    • His interpretation of Jay-Z walking down the street when a homeless guy is trying to give out some lyrics to Jay-Z that would end up being used in Jay-Z's "Cake" song.
    • Mocking Drake for saying he has no new friends...despite the fact that DJ Khaled, whom Drake did not meet until after he became famous, screams his name in the opening.
      • Also, his linking to the Tumblr that shows all of the new friends Drake has made since becoming a successful rapper.
    • Rap Critic's thoughts on Kanye West
      Rap Critic: I mean, If you ask me, I think the problem is probably that he just has a bunch of yes men around him and no one to tell him when something's a bad idea, but you know what? What do I know? The man's given us some great music, he's a musical genius, so I'm sure he's fine. Let's ask the man himself. Kanye, are you alright?
      Kanye: I'M JESUS!!!
      Rap Critic: See, he's fine!
    • "Ladies and gentlemen, without insult or exaggeration, I would like to tell you that this next song by Future... is "Shit"!
      • His assumption that Future recorded said song with his hand held to a hot stove and he couldn't take it off until he finished recording the song — complete with miming said situation.
    • His parody of J. Cole's Digging Himself Deeper.
    Rap Critic: Yeah, I'm like Eminem because I be killing these f***ots! I mean, wait, no, I don't be like really killing these f***ots! 'Cause I'm cool with these f***ots! I mean, you just stop being so sensitive about the word "f***ot", you f***ot! I mean, That Came Out Wrong. I mean, no, wait, what I meant to say was that I love being with gay men! I mean, I don't love being with gay men, but, like, no, you're homophobic because you thought I was saying I was being with gay men, I mean, I mean, just because you're gay doesn't mean you have to have sex with men, I mean, no wait, what I meant to say was, oh, wait!! No, don't turn off the song, let me explain!
    • Paris Hilton's "Good Time", ft. Lil Wayne
      Paris: (But that's OK, because you're) with me...
      Wayne: ...I'm fucked up.
      Rap Critic: You don't say.
  • "Top 5 Worst Lyrics - February 2014":
    • Drake's "Miss Me", feat. Lil Wayne
      Rap Critic: Blah, blah, making— wait what?!
      Wayne: I walk light, so I don't piss the ground off...
      Rap Critic: Yeah... wouldn't wanna make the ground ang— why is that a concern for you?
    • Lil Wayne's "Yes"
      Wayne: Yes I do it big, call me little astronomical, Weezy F. Baby and the 'F' is for phenomenal.
      Rap Critic: Lil Wayne... slap yo'self.
      • The transition from #3 to #2 is hilarious.
        Rap Critic: Or has everyone just accepted the fact that Lil' Wayne is going to spout stupid stuff from now on. Have we just accepted that?
        (Screen showing #2 Worst Song): YES.
    • His critique of Young Thug's "Picacho" was just full of dry sarcasm.
      Rap Critic: "So let's see what this 'Young Thug' has to say."
      Young Thug: PIKACHU!
      Rap Critic: "Oh no, please, allow him to elaborate."
    • "My diamonds, they say Cookie Monster!... They say Cookie Monster!... They say Cookie-"
    • His utter disbelief at how both Jay-Z and Nas seem to agree that the world of hip-hop was forever altered by the break-up of portly gimmick rappers The Fat Boys.
    "I mean, rest in peace, Buffy [Love] the Human Beatbox, but... they were pretty much the overweight Run/DMC! Seriously, who the hell cares about The Fat Boys?"
  • In his review of "Show Me" by Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown:
    "Girl, you remind me of... something. I can't remember what it was... but how about you help me remember by having sex with you? (smug smile) Yeah."
  • From "What's Luv" by Fat Joe and Ashanti, Ja Rule's voice fading into the chorus out of nowhere, which the Rap Critic interprets as him being so ubiquituous in 2002 that he began haunting R&B recording sessions like some kind of raspy, incoherent ghost.
  • After he tries to look at "Loyal" by Chris Brown with fresh eyes, not comparing it to other songs: "Hit me, Chris Brown." [beat] "Oh, damn it."
    • The loooong montage of Lil' Wayne's poop jokes, where he calls himself "the shit" (meaning awesome) while referencing the act of defecation. The Rap Critic was actually surprised that calling himself "the shit" in this song didn't lead into a poop joke.

  • The idea of 'Rap-Libs' is that he raps existing songs with lyrics (usually the explicit parts, but often whatever's funniest) replaced by random words sent in by his fans. This has led to some absolutely hilarious lines.
  • From "Party Up (Up In Here)":
    • "VACUUMS remind me of a strip club"."
    • "There goes the FLESHLIGHT, 911 SPATULA, all over some dumb SPATULA, ain't that some SPATULA!" Combined with his completely serious expression as he holds up a spatula closer and closer to the camera.
    • "PROCTOLOGIST tellin' you the truth and it hurts!"
    • "And I don't know who the SNUGGIE you think you're talking to-"
    • "-SCROTUM a SPEEDO tried to diss you!"
  • From "Move B!tch":
    • "Oh nooo! The PENIS is out!" He then proceeds to look down at his fly.
    • "And you about to get run the GOAT over!" When it gets to 'goat', it cuts to him just shrugging, as if to say 'Hey, I don't know either.'
    • "Move, BANANA, get out the way, get out the way BANANA, get out the way! WEENIE!"
    • "Hear that DYSLEXIC crowd!" 'Og, og, og!'
    • "Is there a bumper on your BASAL GANGLIA...?" Combined with him holding up a laptop and looking confused.
    • "There's something wrong, we can't stay still!" He then holds still, before accidentally sneezing.
    • "No SPOON!" He then shakes a spoon at the camera.
    • At the line 'knock the curtains down', it cuts to him fighting with a curtain and falling over.
  • From "Put It In My Mouth":
    • The whole intro, where he hams it up completely and pretends to play along on a toy keyboard, which promptly fails, causing him to just walk away.
    • "Put it in my NOSE! (She said put it in her NOSE!) I said my MELLIFLUOUS NOSE! (She said her MELLIFLUOUS NOSE!)"
      • At one point, he gestures so hard he knocks his glasses off. A couple of repetitions later, it shows him putting them back on and looking a little abashed.
    • "I'll be like Herbie handing you a TOILET! [pulls out a small one, like the kind used for potty training]
    • His grin at the words "finger lubing" (combined with a shot of him pouring oil over his fingers).
    • "And SHANK Chap-Sticks!" He does it, too.
    • "I'm giving KITTENS permanent MITTENS!" Combined with him holding up the most bored and disgruntled cat ever.
    • When he uses 'defenestrating'', he mimes throwing something out a window and the subtitles flow in that direction, as if he literally defenestrated the subtitles.
    • The lyrics say 'apologin' as opposed to 'apologizing', so in the subtitles they have quotation marks around them and a question mark.
    • The last lyrics before the Smash to Black: "And catch these WET SUPPLE BUNS in your NOSE!" He turns, reaches around the back of his jeans and... pulls out a hot dog bun.
  • From "Shake Ya Ass":
    • The end of the video has him slide into view, say "Defenestration" and slide out of view.
    • "All you KILLERS can't KNIT with me!" Cut to him actually knitting.
    • "Pay ya fare, fix ya hair, KISS that GERBIL!"
    • "SKIP over, TODD, show me what you're EATING with!"
    • "Show me what you're BAKING with!"
    • The way he smugly looks at himself in the mirror whenever he raps the "Watch yourself" part.
    • Two lines just turn into gibberish. He barely gets three words into them before just giving up.
    • "BURPIN' ICE and actin' like you doin' somethin' with me." The way he actually burps up actual ice cubes and has that surprised look at it sells it.
    • "I'm buying if you got MOIST PANTS for your iceberg!"
    • "SLURP a SQUEEGEE girl, pick up fifty!" The next shot is him nodding very seriously.
      • "And LEAVE that coward, girl, you need a real NAZI!" The shot after that has him side-eyeing himself.
    • "SCRUB ya BUTT!" He holds up a shoe brush and nods.
    • "Attention, all y'all CRITICS and NERDS, right now in the place to be!" "EAT ya FOOD!"
    • "Now, this ain't for no SHY AARDVARKS, no sir 'cause that won't pass!"
  • From "Straight Outta Compton":
    • The bit at the end where he says, "Yeah, maybe we'll just ban this music."
  • From "Guilty Conscience":
    • "Dude, what is it with you and hermaphrodites?" And the entire conversation that ensues.
    • "Yes, I know it looks like the same guy, it's his twin, don't worry about it!"
    • All the weird looks thrown around as Eminem's lyrics start getting weird.
    • "Man, LUBE that, FAP that PENIS, ANGRILY and TWERK!"
    • "You caught THE VATICAN cheating!"
    • "I'mma lick you, CACTUS!"
      • "Uh-uh, temper temper! Mr. Dre, Mr. NWA, Mr. STARFISH comin' Straight Outta Compton, y'all better make way!"
    • "Aww, BONK it, what am I saying, CHOKE 'em both Grady, where's your PENIS at?" *gagging noises accompanied by a picture of Grady with a big smile on his face*
    • "Now listen to me, while you're PUNCHING her GOAT and STABBING her GERBIL, I slipped this in her drink!" *cut to someone dropping a pair of scissors into a glass of water*
  • The running gag of each video having the word 'defenestrated', even if it ruins the flow.
    • To the point where he actually came in at the end of "Shake Ya Ass" just to say "Defenestration," then calmly walk back out.
  • His over the top miming.

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