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    Kids React 
  • A few of "Emma's Words of Wisdom" moments probably count.
    • Including "Emma's Words of Wisdom - AGAIN !" in "Kids React to Charlie Sheen".
  • The Eye Take of Morgan during the "le Internet Medley" video. She was laughing, and suddenly went "O_O what the heck?!" when the ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US part barges in. Her expression is just priceless.
  • Morgan's "answer" to the question whether the video was real or fake during the "Kids React To Greatest Freak Out Ever" video.
    • Also don't forget her very nonchalant "This boy's a train wreck." in the same video.
  • Morgan's Random Animal Sing-a-Long from the Keyboard Cat video.
  • William's brutally quick/honest Heel Realization in the eHarmony video
  • Almost half the kids enthusiastically dancing along with the Numa Numa Guy.
  • William's answer to the question how the man was reacting in the Duck Song: "Oh, that son of a female duck..."
  • During the Epic Meal Time episode, Morgan anxiously fidgets, saying "Makes me hungry".
  • Royel on "Kids React to One Direction (Live While We're Young)".
    Benny Fine: Do you know who that band was?
    (Skip some of the kids' answers here.)
    Royel: They're the Epic Fail Band.
    Benny Fine: And they're actually called One Direction.
    • And...
    Benny Fine: And if the boys of One Direction were watching this video right now, what would you say to them?
    (Skip some kids here.)
    Royel: I don't like your music! Get out of my house! Please!
    "You don't want to marry them?"
    Emma R: "Nooooo! They'll be dead by then!"
  • Royel again on Election 2012:
    Benny Fine: What about our country needs fixing the most right now?
    Royel: Potholes. There's a pothole in front of my house...
  • Morgan is upset when she hears that many people don't like the "It's Thanksgiving" song:
    Benny Fine: It already has 100,000 thumbs down on the video.
    (Morgan makes an angry face, and bangs her fist on the table)
    Rafi Fine: What was that?
    Morgan (smiling): That was a bang!
  • Comparing the Cinnamon Challenge to the "California Knockout":
    Maiya: It's when you inhale 10 times and multiple people push on your heart, and you pass out and have a seizure.
    Benny Fine: What?!
    Rafi Fine: Who does it?!
    Maiya: Stupid people.
    (Overlay: TRUTH)
    • Emma R. literally ducking under the table.
  • Who knew Emma R. was a fan of Beyoncé?
    • Morgan hiding under the tablecloth for no reason at all.
  • Olivia's reaction to the reveal of... Gollum!
    • The kids then trying to replicate what Gollum sounds like:
    Benny Fine: What does Gollum sound like?
    Everhet (flapping his hands together): Precious!
    Elle: My precious!
    Seth (whispering tone): My precious!
    Troy (looks towards the camera, also quiet-sounding): I don't want to see The Hobbit!
    Cooper (wiggles fingers): My precious!
    (Benny giggles, Rafi says "Ah!" in amusement, then Cooper repeats)
  • When Kids React to three Kevjumba videos:
    • Emma R. ducking behind the table for no reason whatsoever.
  • "Kids React to PonPonPon". Four words: Three Faces of Bryson.
    • Emma R. reacting with sheer horror at that one screencap.
    • There's just something weird about Benny Fine sticking to the the cards, to the extent that one particularly elaborate question is being fielded by four-year-old Cooper.
    Benny Fine: Some people think there's a lot of deep meaning and messages hidden throughout this video. Other people say that no, it's just random. What do you think?
    Cooper: (possibly latching onto the last thing she heard) I think it's just random.
  • Morgan "breaking up" with Benny after she hears that Smosh has more viewers:
    Benny Fine: "They're the number three most popular channel on YouTube."
    Morgan: "What!?" (angrily) "Benny!"
    Benny Fine: (laughs) "What?"
    Morgan: "I'm brea- I'm breaking up with you."
    Benny Fine: "You're leaving me for Smosh?!"
    Morgan: "Yes!"
  • "Kids React to Dragon Baby". The twins' idea of "karate moves" is a sissy slap fight.
    • And Cooper's "karate moves" manages to send one of her shoes across the set!
  • In Kids React to FreddieW, Morgan puts the tablecloth around her shoulders, declares herself to be a queen, and demands to be called "Your Majesty". Her lofty "queen voice" makes it especially funny.
  • Kids React to One Pound Fish:
    Benny Fine: What do you think it (the song) means?
    Elle: Y'know, "You gotta buy a one pound fish, #YOLO"...
    (everybody laughs so much that the camera shakes)
  • Royel's entire "Master of Eagles" thing in "Kids React to Golden Eagle Snatches Kid".
  • "Kids React to Harlem Shake" is full of wonderful lines from the kids:
    Morgan: "At least put some pants on, dude!"
    Lucas: "Oh m' God."
    Jayka: "Stop it. Now. If you make one more video, I will pull your brains out and feed your liver to my dogs."
  • Olivia coughing at the depiction of 'sketti' ("Kids React to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo")
  • Apparently Dylan was the only guy actually paying attention to PSY's "Gentleman".
  • "Kids React to Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared". Almost every child goes on to call out the audience for requesting it. Among the few that don't, Morgan says that she actually liked it.
    • In the middle of the video, Jake randomly asks why the puppets are British.
  • In Kids React to Gay Marriage, while it's a more serious topic, most of the kids don't understand what's going on at the beginning, but Maksim, one of the youngest, just says matter-of-factly, "So they're gay?" It's funny how sometimes the youngest kids know the most.
    The Fine Bros: What did both of those videos have happen in them?
    Maxim: Justin Bieber married a guy...
    The Fine Bros: That wasn't Justin Bieber!
    Maxim: Oh.
  • During "Kids React to Rhett & Link", the kids are asked to do come up with something to say before they did something stupid that led to their death.
    Derek: A Weeping Angel! Hold on, let me rub my eyes. (Benny and Rafi crack up off-camera)
  • During the reaction video on Disney's Frozen - "Let It Go" (Multilanguage), Lucas immediately took off his cap once Elsa began to sing.
  • "Kids React to Rotary Phones": The Fine Bros ask how people would text on a rotary phone. Takes the kids a while to catch on that it's a trick question.
    The Fine Bros: There was no texting back then.
    Brooke: Then how-? If they wanted to talk to their friends, how-? Ooooooohhhh. That's how. They would call.
  • "Kids React to Old Computers".
    • Just the fact that Dash described the old rig as "very hipster."
    • The bonus material. New girl Sydney learns that the thing in her hand is called a 'floppy disc', and does a silly little dance for no discernible reason.
      • And then later on she says 'I'm gonna look for that on Google' like it's the most normal thing.
    • Jayka seems to think DOS stands for 'Disk of Saving'. Too many RPGs on the mind there?
  • "Kids React to Luigi Death Stare". Naturally the Fines convince the kids to try and replicate Luigi's new killer move - and then Lucas does his rather well-practiced Kubrick Stare instead. Not to mention that the Fines have a fake mustache on hand.
    • New girl Sydney's initial reaction.
    "One day Luigi will be stopped. [...] He's looking at me. No. Don't look at me." (ducks away from the laptop)
  • "Kids React to Hatsune Miku" and William describing benefits of having a virtual star.
    "You don't have worry about, like, public scenes and stuff. Like Hannah Montana. She was great, and then she started acting like a hooker."
  • "Kids React to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", which throws in the Michael Bay movie for good measure.
    Dylan: Yes I've seen the trailers from Michael Bay, "It's Awesome!" he said sarcastically!
    Overlay: BURRRRNNN!!

    Benny: How does the movie look, compared to the TV show?
    Maksim: Plegh.
    Benny: Who's your favorite turtle?
    Emma: No.
  • In "Kids React to Skip It" the rest of the kids give it a go... except for Evan, who just tosses and kicks it about presumably out of frustration.
    • In the bonus material, Mahrly is seriously miffed at learning that she'd been beaten at it by Lucas. And Dash's initial attempt to get the ball moving around his foot involved moving his foot around the ball. You can see where that is going.
    • The very last line of the episode, when asking all of the kids if they would like to own a Skip-It, Derek and Rafi have a good exchange:
    Derek: I would enjoy having one... Can I take this o-
    Rafi: No.
    Derek: Okay then.
  • Chloe drops the camera as soon as she gets her hands on it.
  • There's something funny about one of the kids saying Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers isn't damaging because it's not "like, chopping off heads", considering that the last React before them was "Elders React to Too Many Cooks".
  • In "Kids React to Miranda Sings when Miranda says she's going to teach viewers how to sing like Ariana Grande:
    Maxim: But Ariana Grande is like... the worst known singer!
  • "Kids React to Teddy Ruxpin" (specifically the talking doll and not the show):
    Lucas: Is this from Five Nights at Freddy's?
    Morgan: If you have no friends this would be perfect...
    Sydney: Adults were like "let's give our kids a toy that talks, and reads stories for them so that we don't!"
    • Emma R.'s highly negative reaction.
    Benny: So, what do you think of Teddy Ruxpin?
    Emma: EVIIIL!
  • "Kids React to 'Let It Go Multilanguage'" Almost all of the kids don't know the rest of the languages besides Spanish and French.

    Teens React 
    Elders React 
  • The Elders really enjoyed "Gangnam Style"...
    Diane (dancing like crazy): "Oppa Gangnam sta! Oppa Gangnam sta! Woo! Woo!"
    • To the elevator guy:
    Catherine: Ohh, that's too much, my Chippendale days are over...
  • When someone takes an axe in the face during "Elders React to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Trailer & Gameplay)".
    • The ladies don't take to the gameplay bit that well, but Don's all "This one's for Mom!" *hurls grenade*
  • "Elders React to the Scary Elevator Prank". Some of the ladies clearly disapprove... until they started punking males.
    • Even better is the differing reactions of Catherine and Owen.
    Catherine: "Aw, that's not a nice thing to do to an old lady."
    Owen: "HAHAHAHA!!"
    • A case of Manipulative Editing when newcomer Laura comments that the footage is "kinda blurry" - cut to Rhoda putting on her glasses, like it somehow helps.
  • Owen's reaction to Happy Tree Friends deserves a mention. Everyone else is wincing and gasping at the brutality, Owen's reaction is a massive belly laugh any time something violent happens.
    "I'm a sick fucker, what can I say?!"
    • Yehuda's reaction is also pretty funny. "Excellent..."
  • "From the bonus material of "Elders React to Murdered My Wisdom Teeth"
    Virginia: Oh, wisdom tooth [removal]? Oh god, you thought she lost everything in her head.
  • Elders React to Eyeball Licking, particularly Rock's BADASS moment.
  • Elders React to Twerking
    Richard: I don't think that's going to make it in a retirement home.

    Fine Bros.: What would you call this dance?
    Virginia: Butts for sale?
    • From the same, upon realizing that the first video was an instructional Don immediately gets up so he can try it. Once it becomes apparent what it is, he's shown back in his seat while making a Face Palm.
    Don: Yes, I see the interest now.
  • Bill gets a huge belly laugh out of Trevor's line "Nice new tits by the way" during "Elders React to Grand Theft Auto V".
  • "Elders React to Flappy Bird". The furthest any of them ever get is one pipe.
    • Newcomer Victoria flubs it a few times, and the most help the Fines can offer is to tell her "try and really focus." She just scratches her head with her middle finger in response.
    • Out of all the reactions, special note should be made of Rock's. The poor old guy practically goes Laughing Mad.
  • "Elders React to PewDiePie". The initial reactions are either of the two extremes: Rock and Victoria, in particular, spend half of the video in stitches, with Vera and Yehuda not far behind them, and Pamela is simultaneously offended and amused; meanwhile, Rhoda, Laura, and Melvin are disconcerted, Barbara is vocal in her opposition, and Robert is left completely without words.
  • Elders React to #Selfie. Despite the generally negative reaction to the music video, the Fines have a camera phone ready for the elders to try taking their own selfies, and pretty much all of them have the gist of it down... then we go to Rock, who Crosses the Line Twice with a Scotch tape selfie. Yeah, you read that right.
  • "Elders React to A Million Ways to Die in the West". You probably remember Don going "I'm in love" at the sight of Shakira and Rihanna, but by this vid it's apparently become a regular thing. Not helping his case is his insistence that "it's the real thing this time!"
  • From "Elders React to Old Spice Commercials": Catherine seems to develop a small crush on Isaiah Mustafa... only to react with an Eye Take the second Terry Crews makes an appearance.
  • When they are given Google Glass to react to, one of them gets a porn search ("Glass, take a video" got turned into "elastic dick video" by poor voice recognition) instead of taking a video like they were asked to try out.
  • From their reaction to "The Fox":
  • From Elders React to Too Many Cooks, Victoria sings to the tone of the song "Boy am I bored, get it on!". In the bonus footage she also adds "Too long a trailer, way too long!".
    YouTubers React 
  • Episode one: Just the look on iJustine's face when the third video is shown to be none other than "Gangnam Style".
  • Episode two: The Mood Whiplash between supporters and the others on Justin Bieber. At the end:
    Harley: F[caw]k you.
    Benny (sticking to the cards): So who was that?
    Harley: F[caw]k you.
    Benny: What are your thoughts on his music?
    Harley: F[caw]k it.
    Benny: How long have you been in love with Justin Bieber?
    Justine: For a very long time.
    Benny: So, is it appropriate for-
    Justine: (quickly) Yes.
    Benny: ...an adult woman-
    Justine: Yes.
    • Just the fact that Smosh of all people nailed the Magibon impression.
    • The episode also featured "Chocolate Rain" as the opener. Guess who one of the series regulars is?
      Justine: TAY!
      Tom: The biggest legend on YouTube!
      Anthony: Chocolate Rain!
      Tay: ...Oh boy.
      • Subverted, though, since Tay does clarify that he's grateful for the success the song has given him and doesn't seem to regret it in the least, aside from a passing mention of a "love/hate relationship" with it.
  • Episode three ("YouTubers React to Rewind YouTube Style"): That awkward moment when MysteryGuitarMan realized that "Rewind YouTube Style" and YouTubers React were Not So Different.
  • Episode five: Shay Carl hulks out to a Rick Roll!
    Adam: I was so happy, Morgan Freeman was talking in my head but now it's trenchcoats and bad decisions.
    Justine: Can't believe I just got rick frickin' rolled in 2013!
    Jack: 2006 called, it wants it punchline back!
    • Smosh is enjoying the beginning video, excited for something they haven't seen yet. Then the video changes and they freak out and start cursing the Fine Bros.
      • Later Ian almost pulls off a calm non-reaction, until Anthony completely loses it.
    • Justine's reaction to the Fine Brothers saying that there was some recent news with Rick Astley. The "news report" that they showed is actually another Rick Roll, by the way.
    (offscreen laughter)
    • Brittany and Wong Fu Productions both panicking as they realize they're about to be rickrolled again.
  • The Fine Bros doing their own spin on the Goat remixes in Episode 6... with the YouTubers.
  • Everybody's horrified reactions in Episode 7 to the Knife Game song.
    • At one point, Benny and Rafi offer their guests the chance to do it. Most people choose not to, apart from Tay who "cheats" by pointing the knife the wrong way up, and Shane moves to do it, prompting a horrified "no" from offscreen as they think he actually will. Jordan Maron actually lampshades the fact nobody wants to do it as well.
    • Also, Tay's reaction to the second clip.
    "...I'm not gonna be covering this."
  • "YouTubers React to Boxxy". Tay Zonday's Boxxy impression turns out more like the Wicked Witch of the West.
  • "YouTubers React to Japanese Commercials". The commercials are indeed funny themselves, but Hannah Hart compares her efforts dating girls to one of them, while Felix recommends that the creators of the commercials go into horror games. At one point for one of the commercials, Harley just remarks, "I don't wanna sound racist... but, how very Asian."
    • Some of the individual reactions are gold. Especially the ones to the Tarako spaghetti sauce ad, which features a small doll ominously rotating in front of a mortified child:
      • A large group of them just imitate the look of utter terror on the little girl's face.
      • Shane just quietly cringes.
      • And of course, some of the one-liners:
    Hannah: What is this an ad for? Horror?! That's okay, I didn't wanna sleep tonight anyway.
    Adam: Tryin' to find a way to get your children to eat? Just scare the shit out of 'em!
    Jack: Wha-uh... No! This has nothin' to do with the food!!
  • Everyone's reactions to the end of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. Olga Kay and Captain Sparklez are staring wide-eyed at the screen, PewDiePie of all people is screaming "No! NO!!", Lee Newton is holding onto Steve Zaragoza, Hank Green is covering his eyes, and Shane Dawson has no words.
    • If you already know what the video's about, Olga and Smosh dancing along in the beginning can count.
    • When asked to describe the video in one word, Anthony chooses "Fuck."
      Lee Newton: Taliban... and I don't know why.
    • During the Bonus reactions, when Justine is asked for a walkthrough of the video:
      Justine Ezarik: Well, I thought I was watching a nice little Sesame Street... ish-type video. And then they started talking about death. And I feel like... this is something Shane Dawson made.
      Shane Dawson: Have you seen my videos?! I could do this in my sleep!
  • Trust the YouTubers to mess around with a more "heavy" topic like Look Up:
    Put down that phone. Shut down your display. Stop watching this video and live life the real way.
    Shane Dawson: All right. (closes the laptop)

    Benny: So what was the message of this video?
    Harley Morenstein: Put down your phone and f(caw!)k bitches.
  • "Try Not To Laugh Challenge": Aside from the various stars bursting into laughter, which can be quite contagious, there are moments where you can tell the people are taking the challenge literally. Captain Sparklez's reaction to the Ladder Goat being murdered is simply "Poor goat. He didn't deserve that". He also has an adorkable moment where he's made it through the challenge and simply goes "not funny".
    • Hank Green mistaking the guy who did ladder goat for PewDiePie. Then he finds out that he gave in and laughed because he made the mistake, something which is essentially treated as an Epic Fail.
    • In the bonus footage, Shane Dawson essentially has a Rage Quit from watching the entire thing again when he forcibly bursts into laughter and keeps thrusting in time with the Stormtrooper air humping, begging to stop.
  • "Rejected": The video starts with Smosh squeeing out over the titular animation alongside Timothy Delaghetto, which sets the tone for the whole video. Then we cut to the second animation and Ingrid and Olga's horrified reactions at the guy growing an extra head.
    • It then goes on to the next one, and we see Hank starting to dance along with joy, before seeing one of the figures' eyes burst and spray with blood, at which point he goes from delight to disgust in about two seconds. Olga and Ingrid are again disgusted, Tay is clearly confused... and Harley is laughing his arse off.
    • "MY ANUS IS BLEEDING". Again, Harley is laughing himself silly alongside Philip DeFranco, whereas Tay deadpans "he needs to see a cloud doctor" and Felix simply comments "I guess it's that time of the month again". When later asked what was happening to the cloud, Tay comments "I didn't learn that in meteorology".
    • Hank notes the lampshaded Sanity Slippage of the cartoons, commenting that he felt there was no sanity in the whole thing to begin with.
    • Smosh commenting that it is a great cartoon for the whole family. Then there's the revelation that Ian parodied it when he was younger.
  • "YouTubers React to Vines". Shane Dawson of all people thinks that Everybody Spurts is gross. Tay Zonday just comments that the people doing it need to see doctors, and Jordan Maron mistakes it for the REM Vampire meme (which doesn't exist).
    • Joe Bereta and Elliot Morgan then start having a mock argument as to whether or not the other is giving good advice to people starting out on Vine.
    • At the end of the video, everybody does an "Everybody Hurts" style clip. Each one is fantastic. Special mention must go to Jordan's and Shane's, however, as Jordan is seen doing it with a towel over him (te only one to do so) and Shane tries doing it with mayonnaise but can't even do it for the 7 seconds a Vine video would take as he finds it so disgusting.
    • The bonus video for it has Jordan reacting to Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal by saying "he doesn't want it, stop trying to feed it to him", after the titular protagonist throws it into a bookshelf.
    • Tay describing Vine as a 6 second version of Popeye.
    • The bonus reactions expand on the "Everybody Spurts", where Phil can't keep doing it because it's just too funny, Ryan Higa can't keep it down because the liquid he's using is really cold, Tay does a disturbing Slasher Smile, Ingrid is unable to stop herself laughing, Jordan also can't stop himself laughing and you can hear Benny and Rafi laughing from offscreen, and Shane squirts an entire thing of mayonnaise in his mouth.
  • "K Pop" (aka "Korean Korean Korean 'fantastic, baby' Korean Korean Korean.") Trisha and Meg squeeing out over the K Pop videos. This is followed by Ian and Anthony both dancing along, only for Anthony to randomly start rubbing his nipples, then in the next reaction Anthony asks if he's seen one of the girls in Psy's videos, at which point Ian says "No, you're just being racist"... then quickly wonders if Anthony is in fact right.note  In the third one, Tay obviously cannot take the boyband serious and starts making up fake lyrics.
    • The various Mondegreen moments that people have throughout. In the Girls' Generation video, Anthony wonders if they are singing "I got a boy on my chin", then can't keep himself from laughing every time the line comes up. Tay doesn't dare to guess, just commenting "I need Google Translate".
    • When asked what she thought of the first video, Rosanna just says "Fap fap fap fap fap", and again for the third video.
    • Jack Douglass at one point says that there are too many girls, then immediately realises "that wasn't the straightest thing I've ever said", much to the Fine Bros' obvious amusement. In contrast, Tyler Oakley says he wants a thirty-member boy band.
    • DeStorm noting the three Porsche cars in the background of the last video, telling Rick Ross that he had better watch out.
  • "YouTubers React to One Direction's Best Song Ever". Throughout the video, it's obvious that Mark and Todd from Barely Political consider the entire video to be torture. There are so many thinly veiled insults towards the band too.
    • Zoella's reaction to every photo presented to the band: "Less clothes!"
  • "YouTubers React to Farting Preacher," especially the end where the Fine Bros put fart noises over everyone, even those who didn't consent to it.
    Zoella: "I would hope that [the Farting Preacher] would have a sense of humor and find them funny. I think if somebody did that to me, I would find it hilarious." (fart noise)
    • Philip DeFranco's reaction to being told that the preacher was a televangelist during the 80's and 90's.
    Philip: "So question, before you finish it; did he die of a drug overdose, or did he go bankrupt?"
    Benny: (brief pause) "He didn't die, but he was in courts for stealing all these people's money."
    Philip: (sarcastic) "What? I am so surprised."
    • And then right after that:
    Benny: "But he lives on forever as the Farting Preacher."
    Catherine: (busts out laughing, in between laughs) "He wanted so much more out of life! And he's just the Farting Preacher!"
    Jordan: "I am so fucking gullible!"
    • When asked if fart noises can be put in with clips of them, most of the YouTubers are aware it's probably happening anyway whether they like it or not. A few even deliberately pose to make it easier for the Fine Bros to insert noises.
      Philip: "Wait, are you doing it, are you doing it?" (brief pause) "Why are you smiling like that? Did you do it?"
      Jack and Finn: "Here we go! I knew this was going to come up!"
      Catherine: "Hey guys." (gradually lifting one leg, punctuating it for fart noises to be inserted) "Look -- how -- mature -- we are -- uuh!!"
      • Tanya Burr makes it clear that she does not want to have farts put into the video.
      Benny: "Do we have your consent to add fart noises to your footage?"
      Tanya: "No, you don't! No!" (loud fart noise)
      Benny: "We can't do it?"
      Tanya: "No, you can't! "You definitely can't do it."
      Rafi: "Like, right now, we can't be putting in fart noises?" (another loud fart)
      Tanya: (all while having farts digitally inserted) "No, you're not doing it now! Don't, don't don't please, PLEASE don't do it!" (pause) "Are you doing it? Don't do it!"
      (quick cut)
      Tanya: "I'm not going to film with you guys again!" (a final fart)
    • They even did an entire video filled with fart noises, in the style of the source video. The farts serve to bleep out swearwords, play over the title sequence, and randomly pop in over random words that people are saying.
  • In "YouTubers React to Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise":
    The Fine Bros.: "What is your advice for someone trying to promote something on YouTube? What is the best way to go about it?"
    Kalel: "I would say... boobs." (Anthony bursts out laughing)
    • And before that, when one of the people getting punked is a black dude, leading to Anthony letting out a deep "aw HELL naw!", which Kalel immediately digs at.
  • YouTubers React to Bunnies Can Fly...Proof:
    Question: "What do you think they said to their daughter once the camera turned off?"
    Harley: "I would go right to the library and get one of those big white books, you know one of those awesome white books that has all the pictures, and just get the bird one. I'd be like 'You see how cute these birds are? They need to obliterate things like that bunny to live. You want the birds to die? No you don't. So the bunnies must die.'"
    Overlay: HARSH... BUT TRUTH
  • YouTubers React to DyE Fantasy. The sheer amount of Squick from everyone. Just that.
  • When Catienote  is about to cry trying to explain Kiwi, she looks offscreen and we get this gem.
    Catie: Oh, I found tissues.
  • In the bonus video for the Short Viral Videos episode, iJustine has an insane fit of laughter watching "Go! BWAAH" and "Sneezing Baby Panda". How do the Fine Bros help her calm down? By showing her "Go! BWAAH" again. Her face is just priceless.
  • In "Little Baby's Ice Cream", Lia gets freaked out by the commercial and turns away out of fear.
    Lia: Oh, okay. (turns around to see that isn't true) NO!
    Lindsey: Oh no. He's back.
  • Pretty much all of "Youtubers React to Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life" for the same reasons as "DyE Fantasy" above, but special mention goes to the intro. Normally it just says what they're watching, with a few of the comments that had suggested it. This time, however, due to the large amount of requests, the comments fill the screen.
    Jack: Seen it. Fap to it.
  • In YouTubers React to Sesame Street: Old School, they tell them that the DVD comes with a warning saying "For adults only". MatPat's reaction to it? He talks like he's doing one of one of his videos.
    MatPat: Really? Really? I'm assuming its for scenes like that which are too agressive or agro for- for the typical preschooler.
    • One of the skits they give a description of.
    One of the Fine Bros.: A character with a servere mood disorder who's very mean to everyone he meets.
    Tay: That's Oscar. That made it into Sesame Street.
  • YouTubers React to K Pop, Round 2:
    • JJ Ojalide aka KSIOjalidebt sums it up:
    "I don't really get that... My God, What Have I Done? oh god I'm gonna get so much hate for this..."
    (end of ep)
    "I LOVE K-POP!... Please don't hate me!!"
    • Dan and Phil on Orange Caramel in the frozen food trays:
    Phil: "I haven't eaten yet so my stomach's grumbling."
    Dan: "I would eat them. (Beat, then laughs) oh no that was terrible... Don't flag this video!"
  • "YouTubers React to The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon":
    • Just the fact that Phil starts whacking Dan slowly for no discernible reason.
    • Benny has plastic spoons on hand. Was he expecting them to actually go for it, or...
  • YouTubers React to Ylvis - Trucker's Hitch:
    • Shane Dawson attempting to hang himself, and Link Neal just leaving the rope around his neck for the rest of the video.
    • Considering the way she perved on Justin Bieber a while back, it's funny to see how much Justine Ezarik had read up on Ylvis.
  • Youtubers React to Darude - Sandstorm. As if the sheer idea wasn't hilarious enough.
    • The high amusement factor the Youtubers get from the So Bad, It's Good style of the music video.
    • Timothy Delaghetto's reaction to being told what the song was.
    "IS THAT WHAT THAT IS? OOOHHH MMYYY GOOOD! This is what all my comments have been about?"
    • At the end of the video, the Fine Bros show the Youtubers a video accompaniment to "Sandstorm". It's a rickroll.
    Jack Douglass: Goddamnit. Goddamnit. Alright. Awesome. Cool. (gives the middle finger, which is blurred) Thanks so much. (gets out of chair) Well, gotta run!
    Tyler Oakley: HOW DARE YOU! I hate both of you. I was waiting for it. Y'all suck. Y'all suck butt.
    Lisbug: I like this one better! Rickroll the sh(bleep) out of me! I'm into it!
    Tom Syndicate: Did you just rickroll me? You f(bleep)ing dicks, man! (closes computer) Go f(bleep) yourself.
    React channel 


...with Kids
  • Lucas getting so frustrated and angry while playing Swing Copters. He got happier while playing Flappy Bird.
    • In fact, every kids reaction to playing Swing Copters, mainly screaming.
    • Marlhys failures at playing Flappy Bird. Kind of similar to Chelseas failures in Teens React.
    • Evans reactions to dying in both games sounds like he is about to drop an F-Bomb almost every time.
  • The kids realizing the meaning of the title in "Can Your Pet?" CAN your pet.
    • It Crosses the Line Twice when the kids name their virtual pets after their real pets without knowing why that might be a bad idea.
  • The entire video of Kids playing various Make-Up Apps. They all got into playing and their results all hilarious... and a bit creepy.
...with Teens
  • Nearly everyone's reactions to Goat Simulator count as this. Special mention goes to Eric. His whole session is hilarious.
    Eric: (On top of the crane) Ooh a person. Let's push him off.
    Eric: (Game starts glitching, causing his goat to spin around) Satan?!
    (Tries to fix regain contol of the goat but the goat falls through the level) He's going to Hell. He's Satan. I told you.
    • When they revisit Goat Simulator after a new patch. Once again, from Eric.
    Eric: (Locating the Deadmau5 level) This is the whitest dance party ever and I love it!
    Eric: (On the roof of the dance party, he latches onto a firework) Oh this is the best club ever! (Firework explodes, he begins falling) Oh this is the worst club ever!
    • Labib, after somehow getting shot into the air, his facial expressions are amusing.
  • Octodad gives us a few funny quotes and moments, especially from Eric.
    Eric: Don't pick up the hairspray. You don't have hair.
    Eric: Why does a Church have a metal gate?
    • Then, the sign-off screen at the end, advertising other videos, where Eric's arms...well, take a look for yourself.
    • Mikaela was struggling to open a door containing a tuxedo. She lets go of the mouse to take a deep breath, and somehow manages to open the door.
    • This bit from Rachel.
    Bride: Where is the Best Man?
    Rachel: I don't know. You find him.
    Bride: I guess you'll have to get the ring yourself.
    Rachel: Where's the ring? (Beat) Where's the ring? (Beat) I don't know where the ring is.
    • When trying to place the ring on the Brides's finger, Madison keeps accidentally slapping the Bride.
    • Riley getting Octodad to the altar, licking her top teeth, then saying to the Bride as Octodad, "I'm here, Baby!"
  • Seth's reactions to Slender are some of the most hilarious to date.
    • Tom getting a little bit too excited about finding pages.
  • Broforce. Rae saying she knows the game, then dying a few seconds later.
    • Rumor thinks she passed a level and starts dancing, only to realize she needs to jump on the helicopter to pass.
  • Outlast has some of the biggest reactions yet. Special mention:
    • Poor Seth getting a jump from something not really intended as a Jump Scare (the body was already just hanging there). Not helping things is the way the actual jump scare looks like it gave him an aneurysm and brown pants at the same time.
      • Tori reaching for the mouse with a hand over her eyes.
    • A Black Comedy Burst when Rae checks out a headless corpse, then manages to locate a cabinet full of severed heads. "I found their heads!"
    • And speaking of Black Comedy...
    Tori: What is happening?! Who are you?!
    Father Martin: And who are you then?
    Tori: I asked you first!
    Father Martin: I see... merciful God, you sent me an apostle!
    Adam: Is you a good guy?
    • Poor Sophia looking like she's about to wet herself the whole time.
  • Mike Tyson's Punchout. Similar to his poor performance with Super Mario Bros., Labib ends up being the first teen to get knocked out and lose. To Glass Joe to boot.
    • Morgan saying Doc Louis looks like Stanley (Leslie David Baker) from The Office.
    • Josh is the only one that landed a hit to Mike Tyson. He gets knocked out a few seconds later. Also, earlier in the video, Josh knocked down Glass Joe with two uppercuts, but Joe gets up after a one count.
  • Trials Fusion. Chelsea's Epic Fail montage.
    • Number of faults after the first course: Adam 1 , Jeordy 1 , Ethan James 2 Jeannie 11, Sam 13, Chelsea 37
    Chelsea: "At least I'm finding more epic ways for him to die."
  • Five Nights at Freddy's. Sam getting a little too into by yelling at the animals and questioning the video game logic.
    • Just the fact that the Fine Bros apparently got one of the buggy copies, leading to the Golden Freddy hallucinations and "IT'S ME" on the first night. Jeannie is justifiably spooked.
    • Jeannie gets so startled by a Jump Scare that her headphones go flying.
    • Tom, already on edge because of the game, gets startled by the 6am chime.
  • The second session of Happy Wheels.
    Labib: "First I said Santa was fake, now I killed him. I'm like public enemy number one right now. And I'm also Middle Eastern so now you're gonna be like "This terrorist does not like Santa, and he just killed him too" Next episode, I'm gonna be in Guantanimo Bay."
  • Ethan James has been a bit of an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy in the gaming sessions, but, during Super Smash Bros. 64., he Crosses the Line Twice:
    Ethan James: I'mma put some money down...
    Benny: No gambling!
    • To be fair, he did win the tournament.
    • Rumor has enough of Ethan James' shit during Super Smash Bros.
    Rumor: "Ethan James needs to stop talking in third person... (Ethans character dies) What's Ethan James now?!"
    • Rumor vs Alix: Rumor's reaction to Alix saying she played the game before. Rumor wins the round coming back 3-1 down
    • Josh vs Mikaela ended up in a Curb-Stomp Battle in Josh's favor. Mikaela, appropriately was playing as Luigi.
    • Josh complaining about the controls when he loses.
    Josh: "Why is this (pointing to the C-buttons) the jump button?! That doesn't make sense!"
  • During Sonic Unfair, many, if not, all the teens succumb to Heroic BSOD during gameplay. You can kind of see and hear their sanity slipping.
    • In the end, Jeannie (122 deaths, and the only one not to complete the first act), Sam (88 deaths, Act 1 completed), Rachel (100 deaths, Acts 1 & 2 completed) and Rumor (87 deaths, Acts 1 & 2 completed) quit the game. Darius completes the zone with 128 deaths, while Ethan James completes the zone with 87 deaths.
    • Darius saying that he wants to punch the face of whoever made this game.
  • P.T.Silent Hills: Everyone guessing to what P.T. stands for. It is NOT Peaceful Trees.
    • Riley got scared thinking she was controlling a cockroach in the beginning of the game.
    • A little bit adorable but Ethan James being genuinely scared of the jumpscares. At one point, he was playing with one arm over his eyes. Numerous comments wanted to give him a hug.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 2:
    Phone Guy: Did you ever see Foxy the Pirate?
    Phone Guy: That one was always a bit twitchy.
    • (enter Toy Chica)
      Sam: (This one) looks like a slut...
      (enter Toy Freddy)
      Sam: And this one is the pimp!
  • Super Smash Bros..Wii U:
    • There are a lot of trash talk between the guys this time around, especially during the final round.
    • The fact that numerous comments on the video thought Shant and Ethan James were the same person.
  • Jeannie not realizing that the B-button is to shoot while playing Mega Man for the NES. Because of this, her Game Over score is 0000000.
    • Sam thinks he passed the level, until the game scrolls up and he sees there's more to the level.
    • Morgan and Jeannie's reaction to the One-Hit KO spikes.
    • Special mention to Jasser for getting the furthest out of everyone. (He made it all the way to BombMan and even scored a few hits despite having ONLY ONE SLITHER OF HEALTH LEFT before being taken out).
  • P.T.Silent Hills Part 2: Every teens annoyance at the crazy ways of finding the photo pieces. Jeannie gets scared by the noise the game makes every time she finds a piece.
    • Again, Ethan James being the most scared of everyone. His reaction to the ghost in the last stage is hilarious though.
    • Jeannie, Jeordy and Riley were shocked and a little annoyed that they went through all that for a Playable Teaser.
  • The Mario Kart 64 Tournament. Ethan's reaction when he saw what he was going to be playing.
    • Seth vs Ethan: Before, Ethan said that whoever plays against him will have fun being in last place. Guess what happens during the majority of the race. He was honorable enough to admit that being cocky gets the best of him at times.
      • Seth's unfamiliarity with the N64 Controller.
    • Olivia vs Troy: The whole race, Olivia tilts her controller, and sometimes her body, while turning.
      • Olivia manages to get a Blue Shell, only for the shell to crash into a wall immediately after using it.
      • Troy calling the Golden Mushroom: Squishy.
    • Jeannie vs Morgan: Both players miss hitting an item box, causing Jeannie to accidentally hit Morgan.
      • Jeannie calling Morgan a noob for not knowing what a Star does. Morgan did admit that she hasn't played Mario Kart 64 though.
      • After Jeannie won, she tried to make Morgan feel better by stroking her arm, which made Morgan feel (playfully) violated.
    • Final Round: Seth vs Troy vs Jeannie. A Running Gag of everyone getting hit by Chain Chomps.
      • Seth hitting himself with his own Red Shell.
      • It was a close race but Troy won after coming from behind to win. While going through his victory speech, Jeannie silences him by covering Troy's mouth.
  • Watching everyone rage at I Am Bread is funny enough, but after everyone's done, each player is tossed a slice of bread. Hilarity Ensues.
    Daniel: (After staring at it for a few seconds) Can I tear it apart?
    Sabrina: (Talking to the bread) I'm sorry bread, that I didn't get you toasted.
    Mikaela: I don't want to make eye contact with the bread! I feel like I let it down.
    Madison: (After making the bread flop around for a few seconds) That was my game.
    Sam: (While destroying the bread) I hate you. I hate this whole thing. I was thinking about going gluten free, and now I'm going to.
    Tom: (Happily eating his) This one's better than mine!
  • Ethan James throughout Affected due to his experiences with P.T.
...with Elders
  • Elders playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer - the premise alone is funny enough (with some of them realizing that they'd be pissing others off by how unskilled they are).
    Player 1: What are you, some idiot? Your mic is hot, idiot!
    Anne: You're an idiot, because I don't really care about this stuff.
    Player 2: Yeah, you tell 'em, mom!
    • Others, however, manage to build an odd rapport with their teammates despite their lack of skill, crossing Funny and Heartwarming.
    • Bill saying his character needs a mustache, like his.
    • Rock randomly shooting a sign.
    • And by the end, Catherine's gotten surprisingly into it.
    Catherine: I'm a nice person. I just wanna... f***ing kill 'im. (Beat) I killed someone!
    Catherine: (During the end credits) Thumbs up for pwning noobs. I don't know what that means, but... whatever.
  • Elders playing QWOP: Catherine was really snarky during her playthrough.
    • Rock and his bad QWOP related puns.
    • Rhoda saying that she'll never get far in the game. She ends up 'running' the furthest out of everyone at 7.9 meters.
    • When asked if they would like to play another game by the same creator, many said yes they would. Don, however gives a Big "NO!".
  • The Elders various reactions to Unfair Mario, ranging from confusion, anger, and especially frustration.
    Vera: "How long do I have to torture myself over this?"
    • Rock, however, laughs everytime Mario dies.
  • The Elders take on the world of Grand Theft Auto V. Just the premise, gawd.
    Melvin: (re. the player character) Looks just like me - 100 years ago.
    Benny: Why did you stop?
    Catherine: Cos it's a stop sign.
    Benny: What did you do?!
    Victoria: I decked her.
    Benny: WHY?!
    Victoria: I don't know... I didn't mean to, I wanted to shoot her (laughs uncontrollably)
    • Catherine gives off a winner when the cops start chasing her:
    Catherine: You can't get away from the cops. There's no fun in life anymore. Like in the old days where there wasn't DNA and Shit.

Lyric Breakdown

  • In Episode 2 of Lyric Breakdown, you can see the exact moment when Jade, who originally though the subject song was something by Kid Cudi or Kanye West, slowly realizes it's really "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. She immediately starts apologizing for the mistake while laughing hysterically.
    • Labib, on the other hand, looks like he wants to hide under a rock when Benny reveals which song it is.
  • In the episode about "Every Breath You Take" by the Police, Ethan James thinks the song is by Taylor Swift. Cue his shock when it's revealed.



  • Newcomer Sydney from Kids earns her Cloud Cuckoo Lander stripes with this gem.
    julesiax: How do I decide what to do when I'm older?
    Sydney: "You could retire, become a Crazy Cat Lady, if you're a girl..."
  • Half-Identical Twins Michael and Miracle get their turn here, and some viewers might be expecting Miracle to start holding Michael back, but instead they start snowballing their advice.
    Bboy2012ss: How do I avoid the friendzone?
    Michael: "Find out what she likes, find out who she likes. Do exactly what she likes from the guy that she likes. [...] So if she likes Johnny, you follow everything that Johnny does. If Johnny plays football, you play football. If Johnny eats hotdogs, you eat hotdogs."
    Miracle: "If Johnny has brown hair, dye your hair brown."
    Michael: "Exactly."
    Miracle: "That's what you do!"
    Michael: "If Johnny go poopoo at 2 o'clock, you go poopoo at 2 o'clock!"
    Miracle: "That's how you roll!"
    Michael: "Go like Johnny."
    Miracle: "Be Johnny."


  • From the Vegemite episode, just...the entire bit where they're shown the food and their reactions to it.
  • The tofu episode has some hilarious Mood Whiplash, when it goes from Megan and Shannon saying the smell reminded them of "cow eye dissection", to Lucas lovingly touching it.
    • Lucas grabs a forkful, only for a piece to fall into his lap. He reacts by adorably asking "Is that okay?".
  • In the unusual pizza toppings episode, Lucas gets some of the squid ink topping on his fingers and frantically tries to wipe it away, spreading it all over his hands. After the Fine brothers warn him not to wipe on anything he sits there shaking and whispering "Help meeeee..."
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