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Creator: Nigahiga
He's not just a pretty face.

Nigahiga (real name Ryan Higa) is currently the seventh most subscribed person on Youtube with over 9 million subscribers. He has six main video types:

  • His "How to be" guides, all of which were originally taken down because of copyright, but now some of them have been readded. These include "How to be Emo", "How to be Gangster", "How to be Ninja", and, among the still-removed ones, "How to be Nerd" and "How to be UFC Fighter";
  • The Parody Commercials, which take Commercial Tropes to the extreme;
  • His "Off the Pill rants", where he talks about anything that bugs him while staying off his A.D.H.D medicine (hence the title);
  • "Movies in Minutes", which are movie spoofs in, well, minutes;
  • The "Skitzo" productions, which involve him and three of his personas: R-Dizzle, Hanate, and Regina.
  • And "Dear Ryan", where Ryan humorously answer questions people ask in Youtube comments.

One of his most recent projects was an internet movie he created with Wong Fu Productions called "Agents of Secret Stuff". Tropes exclusively from A.S.S. (teehee) should be placed below examples from the regular videos.

YMMV page here.

Examples From Videos

Examples From Ryan's Movie "Agents of Secret Stuff"

My Way EntertainmentCreatorsRyan North

alternative title(s): Ryan Higa; Nigahiga
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