Funny: Nigahiga

  • Ryan fighting his evil twin in Dear Ryan: Evil Twin. And at the end when he tries to find out who's the real Ryan.
    Ryan: Is there a cheap apple product that doesn't break down when the new one comes out!?
    Evil Ryan: No.
    *Ryan shoots the Evil Ryan*
    Ryan: See the real Ryan would've said yes. It's called the "Idoubtit".
  • The conversation between Sean and the Google Glass Human.
    Sean: Somebody, please help me!
    Google Glass Human: Hello, Sean. Do you require assistance?
    Sean: Yes, get all of these Google things off of me!
    GGH: I'm sorry, did you say "Call TeaGooglyCoffeeMeat"?
    Sean: What? No, that's not even a name in my contacts!
    GGH: I'm sorry, did you say "Yes"?
    Sean: What? No!
    GGH: Calling: TeaGooglyCoffeeMeat.
  • All the blooper reels, for obvious reasons.
  • The Best Joke Ever. If you thought Ryan invoked Incredibly Lame Pun a lot, ain't seen nothing yet!