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Video Game: The Evil Within
The Evil Within is an upcoming game by Shinji Mikami, published by Bethesda, and is said to be an attempt to return to Survival Horror.

The story is about a detective, Sebastian Castellanos, who investigates something going on in a mental hospital with his partners, Joseph Oda and Julie "Kid" Kidman. After some time, he is sent to another world, and has to survive it.

The Evil Within has the following Tropes:

  • Bedlam House: The mental hospital seems to have been a front for scientists to randomly stick needles and barbed wire on test subjects.
  • Body Horror: From what we've seen so far, many of the enemies are twisted and warped in visceral ways, and they seem to favor mutilation.
  • Broken Bridge: Sebastian eventually makes it outside the building, only to see that the whole city seems to have collapsed and fragmented. Well, that's one way to force him to confront the evil within the building.
  • Chainsaw Good: Ha ha No, it isn't. Not when one of your enemies has it, if one of the gameplay trailers is anything to go by.
    • Controllable Helplessness: And at one point, said monster slices your leg pretty badly, forcing you to limp around as he pursues you.
  • Creepy Child: The boy who shows up in flashbacks, and who is probably Ruvik, seems to enjoy dissecting things a little too much.
  • Development Gag: You have to survive an assault on a house.
  • The Dreaded: The mysterious "Ruvic," an enemy who, according to the developers, is too deadly to be fought, and must be eluded.
  • Eldritch Location: At least part of Sebastian's adventure will take place in a mysterious reality that's accessed through a mysterious mirror...and it's unclear whether this is real, or something that's happening in Sebastian's head.
    • Another example, from one of the more recent trailers: Sebastian, at one point, finds himself in a tranquil field of sunflowers, with a barn in the distance...except the sky is a stark, harsh yellow, and the barn is in complete silhouette. Clearly, something isn't normal, here.
  • For Science!:
    Scientist: You can show me your experiments. I can show you "things".
    Boy: You wouldn't like them. You'd think they're gross.
    Scientist: In science, one must do any number of things a person may find... disgusting. I've done things many others would consider... distasteful.
  • Interface Screw: Using full health kits isn't recommended since they cause hallucinations... Using smaller health kits doesn't, only the large ones.
  • Kill It with Fire: Enemies need to be burned in order to keep them down.
  • Mad Scientist: Someone's been doing some crazy experiments with the brain.
  • Market-Based Title: A interesting example, as game will be called by the still-technically-English name "Psychobreak" over in Japan.
  • No OSHA Compliance: According to one of the gameplay trailers, you'll end up being pursued by a chainsaw-wielding lunatic through a series of hallways in a butcher's factory—and one of them involved spinning grinders on either side, with no fences to prevent the careless from getting minced.
  • Shout-Out: At one point, Sebastian is going down a long hallway when the doors at the far end open and a tidal wave of blood rushes at him. Now where have we seen that before?
  • Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl: At least one trailer shows one, and they have several arms.
  • Survival Horror

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