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Tear Jerker: React
  • "Teens React to Bullying (Amanda Todd)". Dear God, Lia was so upset. (She was in tears even before finding out that Amanda Todd killed herself).
    • "Teens React to Newtown Shooting". The solemn faces of everyone as they watch President Obama make his speech. Lia comes damned close to tearing up a second time. It even got a sniffle out of Victor, one of the more stoic ones.
    • Also, "Teens React to Drunk Driving", with a lot of the teens getting emotional about the video, another sad story from Tom (this time, about his brother's friend who died while driving drunk) and Jeannie in tears.
  • "Teens/Elders React To The Election": Rock, after spending the video touting the ideals of Mitt Romney, finally adds a last thought which anybody of any political persuasion can appreciate, which brings him close to tears:
    "I lost a brother in Vietnam, Toby. And he was a hero. It feels like he died last week. I've got other brothers who are alive; not all of 'em share my opinion. Make a choice: You stand for something or you'll fall for everything. And God Bless America."
  • "Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial": It's mostly a tremendous Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, what with every kid making resonant and powerful arguments against racism and all, but poor Olivia teared up at the end.
  • "Kids React to Gay Marriage": Also mostly for being a heartwarming moment like the above, but also a bit sadly was that not all thirteen kids in the episode were for gay marriage. Lucas, the five-year old with Unusual Eyebrows, was the only kid who was against gay marriage; as the video went on his responses were sounding more anti-gay, even though he didn't have a valid reason why gay couples should not marry. (Although, to point this out, he was the youngest of the kids featured in this episode. It's most likely that the reason why he was against gay marriage was simply that he just doesn't know any better yet at his young age, so it's still likely that his opinions may change as he gets older.)
    • If you get easily upset, don't read the comments for the video. A lot of them are quite depressing and homophobic.
  • "Teens React to Crying Baby". It's mostly happy tears, although Tom mentions that the song that makes him cry is one that reminds him of his brother overdosing when Tom was 16.
  • "YouTubers React to Kiwi". Poor Caiti was practically in tears by the end.
    Timothy DeLaghetto: "He just wants to fly! All he wants is to fly!"
  • In "Teens React to The Fault in Our Stars", Tom mentions that his older brother, quite possibly the same one that overdosed at 16, died at the age of 25.
    • Most of the teens mention they'll likely be in tears before they even get in the cinema, given the source material.
  • In "Elders React to Old Woman Dancing", the performance is enough to bring some of the elders, mainly Rock, to tears.
  • Some of the reactions of "Teens React to Drunk Driving," especially Jeannie's, who's on the verge of tears. Tom and Shant also reveal that they've personally known people who were killed in drunk driving accidents.
  • The news that Pamela from Elders React died.
    • The Fine Time episode started with Benny and Rafi talking about the recent death of her, and they are visibly upset about it, especially Rafi who can be seen tearing up.
  • Morgan innocently asking if John Lennon is still alive. The "No" response sounds so uncomfortable.
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