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    Punch-Out!!! (NES) 
  • Pizza Pasta.
  • Danny starts off his Game Grumps reign by doing the one thing that would drive Jon crazy: belching.
  • The two come up with alternate names for Von Kaiser, including Nazi Von Killyou.
  • Arin's impersonation of Piston Honda.
  • During the fight against Great Tiger in part 2, Arin reveals that he never knew about the stars you receive for countering an opponent's moves.
    Dan: Get outta here! How did you you beat anybody?
    Arin: I didn't.
  • Danny attempting to counter Bald Bull's infamous charge attack...and failing miserably both times.
    Danny: Eat a dick! (fails to counter and gets instantly KOed) AGH! Now it is I who must eat a dick!
    • This turns into a Running Gag when he faces Bald Bull a second time.
  • "Can you imagine if your entire body was made of ballsack material?"
  • Arin and Dan tell a tale of Randy Savage fighting off the Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
  • The Grumps imagine what Don Flamenco's voice sounds like and what he might be saying. It just gets funnier from there.
  • Dan manages to get a star off Mike Tyson... and then gets curb stomped immediately after.
    Dan: [after getting a star] Wha? oh hey! *Tyson pummels Dan* OH NO! I-I PISSED HIM OFF!
    Arin: *laughing*
    Dan: HE'S ANGRY NOW! he's like *Mike Tyson voice* "I was just trying to get the sweat out of my eyes"
    * Dan and Arin laugh uncontrollably as Little Mac goes down in a TKO*
  • Dan and Arin discuss how the hell did Mike Tyson get the wink in the game, then figuring that he probably had some creative input.
    Dan: (Mike Tyson impersonation) Can I wink at em'? Can I wink at da playa? Cause, I mean, I always wanted to do dat, but I'm too scared...

    Super Mario Bros. 2 

  • Glittery Jim.
  • Here?
  • The mines.
    "Hold on, I see some mines! I'll get them!"

    Mega Man 2 

    The Legend of Zelda 
  • Dan's dad trying to give him The Talk while in the car.
    Danny's dad turns down radio.
    Dad: 'Ey, Dan, do you know about... the sex?
    Dan: Yeah, I know.
    Dad: Okay!
    He turns the radio back up.
  • Danny's encounter with a Glaswegian.
  • The closing of part 15.
    Arin: Next time on Game Grumps, more dicks!
    Danny: Wait...
  • "Thanks for the mushroom tip!"
  • Barbie for Men
    Danny: There's gotta be some way to fuck it!
  • Arin and Danny's visit to the optometrist:
    Arin: Ya got carte blanche on mah poopils!
  • Danny, regarding Dave Chappelle:
    Danny: Wow, his kid must be, like, older now, huh? (Beat)
    Arin: Dan, you've done it! You've raised the bar for all human beings!
    Danny: I've done it. I've said the stupidest thing of all time.

  • "Everything about this game is strange and...bad."

    Journey to Silius 
  • Danny's impression of a dot matrix printer.
  • "Next time on Game Grumps, we dive deeper into this schlong."
  • Part 2: Arin and Danny discussing Telemundo, referring to a (non-existent) show called Buenos Ding-Dong Diddly Diaz.
  • The end of part 2. Dan confuses Game Grumps for Steam Train.
    Danny: Next time on Steam Train!
    Arin: This is Game Grumps.
    Danny: Oh, wait! FUCK!
  • The "coffee spider" bit from the beginning of part 3.
  • The whole segment with Hoshi the sad Asian man during part 5.
    • The highlight of the entire shtick is how, after spending several minutes building up this amazing, sympathetic character, they turn it all around in an instant by suddenly making him a pedophile. Quoth Arin, "Pedophilia isn't funny...but Hoshi is funny!"

    Out of This World 
  • Mike Aruba.
  • The "swimming songs" from part 3.
  • Danny talking about Arin's eggs:
    Dan: You made some great eggs this morning...that makes it sound like we slept together last night.

    Kirby's Epic Yarn 
  • The running gag. Kirby and Prince Fluff? Adorable. Kirby and Prince Fluff as gangsters? Hilarious.
  • The duo jokingly saying that the person who designed a game as cute as this was possibly a massive racist in real life.
  • They also theorize that the pianist was fuming internally at the state of affairs in his life.
    Danny: I call this one Close Your Legs, You Whore, I mean, Sleeping Giant Snores.
  • Danny and Arin have a rather candid discussion on their adolescences. Especially of note is how Dan claimed to have gotten a neck brace.
  • Anything relevant to clownpenis.fart in part 7.
  • The conversation they have as Kirby and Prince Fluff in part 9.
    Fluff: *Gets so close to Kirby that they're inside each other* Yo this one time-
    Kirby: You're a little close.
    Fluff: Keep it a secret.
    Kirby: Little close.
    Fluff: *Walks away so little that they're still touching* Good?
    Kirby: Still pretty close.
    Fluff: *Walks only a tiny bit away* Yeah?
    Kirby: Like, 40 more feet.
    Fluff: *Walks to the other edge of the screen* Yo!
    Kirby: What?
    Fluff: Yoo!
    Kirby: *Beat* What?
    Fluff: I don't think he can hear me. I don't think you can hear me!
    Kirby: *Beat* What?
    Fluff: Imma come closer! *Both walk so close they're inside each other again* Alright imma tell you a secret.
    Kirby: You're a little close.
  • "There's a fuckin' hitch in my giddy-up!"
  • The duo deciding that 90s rock music wouldn't be as popular if Kurt Cobain was named "Burt Cobain".
  • From Part 6: Prince Fluff leaving Kirby to die in the lava, maniacally laughing, only to have it horribly backfire on him. Even funnier in animated form.
    • Danny at the start of the same part: "Hey, this is your late night DJ Danny Sexbang and welcome back to Game Grumps-OH GOD THERE'S LAVA!!"
  • They posit that the business name Spinnaker sounds like a racial slur and proceed to go wild.
    • Bonus points when they start describing the possible associated stereotypes.
    • Arin gives Dan some tips on learning the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Dan's insistence on calling the Waddle Dees "monkeys".
  • Part 28 has Kracko showing up. The Grumps are understandably confused and scared.
  • Dan's reaction to the game being over.
  • About halfway through the series, Barry begins making the image of Yarn Kirby on the YouTube thumbnail bigger and bigger until it completely obstructs everything at the finale.
  • At the finale, Arin's request for Barry to put up "forty heads... all of them Dave Coulier." combined with Dan's request to give one oddly dark skin.

    Super Mario Sunshine 
  • The opening moments of the LP.
    Dan: Welcome, everybody, to the happiest fucking game in the world.
    Arin: Or the one that makes you feel the worst.
    Dan: Yeah, probably both.
  • In episode 2 during their senile old man gag Danny yells "RAISINS!" without warning.
  • Barry's back to back edits before Arin and Danny first jump into Bianco Hills.
    • Also, Danny running with the name "Bianco" and making him into a Latin lover.
  • Danny and Arin go back-to-back coming up with vulgar insults that Bowser Jr. would call Mario, eventually culminating into this:
    Dan: Welcome to our happy island. (shouting) Hey! Pussy-lips! Go fuck yourself.
    • Danny then asks Barry to edit that out, but Arin says not to. Eventually, they decide to have Barry edit the line into rap, which has actual cats with comically large human lips.
    • Cock. Loving. Slot.
  • Barry ends episode 3 with some ridiculous Randy Savage footage, calling back to his demise at the culmination of the Rapture.
    • Randy Savage: 1952-Rapture
  • From episode 4, after encountering the raccoons (or bears, or whatever they are)note  who will sell Shine Sprites for 10 Blue Coins apiece:
    Arin: What the fuck?
    Danny: Yeah. Dude. That sounded suspiciously like some kind of, like, drug deal, or deal for handjobs. "Oh, I suppose you're here for... (lowers his voice) THAT."
  • Arin tells a story about how he dealt with a bunch of loud, obnoxious and drunken horse racing talking loudly about gay sex.
  • Arin and Dan read the D.E.B.S. news scanner to see that the lighthouse has disappeared and decide to investigate. Immediately afterward:
    Arin: Where's the lighthouse? *beat* Oh, I guess it's disappeared.
    *both grumps begin to crack up*
  • In part 7, the Grumps debate what to do when they encounter a flaming Pianta.
    Arin: (calling) Do you need help?
    Danny: (also calling) I'll call a fireman!
    Arin: Do you need...? Hold on, I'll get help!
    Danny: Do you need water?
    Arin: I'll use my water jetpack to get help!
  • From Part 8, on the subject of Mario wearing short sleeves:
    Danny (Italian accent): Does anyone know a veterinarian? 'cause these-a pythons are sick!
  • Arin's burning rage when Il Piantissimo beats him in a race, then insults him to boot, leading him to kill Il Piantissimo's parents and threaten to decapitate him.
  • The duo ride Yoshi for the first time. Loud, constant retching noises ensue.
  • Part 19 - the exchange after reading the D.E.B.S. alert about a Yoshi egg being spotted on the rooftops.
    Danny: Every Yoshi egg is spotted! HUH-UUUUUUH....uuuhh...mmmm...uh...can we start this episode over?
    *cue a super-fast version of 'AND WE'RE THE GAME GRUMPS!'*
    Arin: Welcome back to Game Grumps! Dan, say something funny!
    Danny: Yoshi eggs are spo-FUCK!
    • And later in that same episode:
      Danny: Have you ever tried to fuckin' eat a pineapple forty times the size of your own body, like Yoshi just did? It leads to terrible things.
      Arin: Can you speak from experience?
      Danny: Uhhhhhhhmmmm maaaaaybeeee...
      Arin: Cos I certainly can't. I've tried to eat a dick for-ooooh wait...
      Danny: Wait, we should start this episode over.
      *super fast intro sequence*
      Arin: Welcome back to Game Grumps!
      Danny: Hey Arin, ever tried to eat a dick?
      Arin: Yes-FUCK!
      Danny: DAMMIT!
  • In episode 26, Arin talks about an ice cream shop in Florida called Sloan's, which had a trick window in the women's bathroom which allowed the patrons to see inside of the bathroom if you kept the door unlocked:
    Arin: (as the manager of Sloan's, speaking in a vaguely European accent) "What if we had a joke bathroom? Okay, hear me out— we have a joke bathroom, where there's a window and if you lock the door of the girl's bathroom— you know, it doesn't... but some girls are not going to lock the door, so technically it's not my fault."
    Danny: (as the manager of Sloan's, doing the same accent) "I'm just serving ice cream, and whoops— there's vagina!"
    (Arin loses it)

    Arin: What ethnicity is our man here?
    Danny: Uh, Skrussian.
    Arin: (laughing) A combination between Skrillex and Russian?
    Danny: (also laughing) Exactly. "Do svidaniya." (imitates rave music)
    Arin: (as Mario side-flips off a cliff) FUCK! Your Skrillex was too good! I was getting lost in it.
    Danny: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I drum 'n bassed you right into space.
    Arin: You wubbed me out.
    (both Grumps crack up)
  • "Oh noes! Oh god! Oh nose god!"
  • In episode 27, Arin and Danny play Exquisite Corpse:
    Danny: Don't.
    Arin: Ever.
    Danny: Say.
    Arin: One.
    Danny: Single.
    Arin: Thing.
    Danny: About.
    Arin: My.
    Danny: Dick!
    Arin: Or.
    Danny: I.
    Arin: Will.
    Danny: Push.
    Arin: My.
    Danny: Dick.
    Arin: Into.
    Danny: Your.
    Arin: Scrotum?
    Danny: Oh no!
    [both crack up laughing]
  • There's another one at the beginning of episode 27, in which Arin and Danny start off with doing one "for luck":
    (getting more intense with every word)
    Danny: I.
    Arin: Am.
    Danny: The.
    Arin: Person.
    Danny: Who.
    Arin: Will.
    Danny: Rock.
    Arin: Your.
    Danny: Soul.
    Arin: And.
    Danny: Blow.
    Arin: Dicks!
    Danny: ...oh. (both Grumps crack up) Kinda thought you'd go for "your mind" there, but...
    Arin: Hey, it's all about the unexpected, bro.
  • In episode 32, Arin does the pachinko level. After failing constantly, he finally gets all eight Red Coins, coming within inches of the Shine Sprite—only to have the physics engine pull a last-second cheap trick that sends him flying to his death. Needless to say, his reaction wasn't all that pretty, to say the least.
    • The Polio Song segment. The whole thing.
  • Their reaction to the glitched-out Cheep-Cheep in Part 34.
    • Arin's utter freak out towards the end and Danny's horrified reaction.
  • This conversation, which rambles from the importance of traveling ("experiences over posessions!") to the weirdest thing you can shout to a prostitute from the other side of a parking lot ("DO YOU DO VAGINAL?").
  • In Part 35, Arin once again has a massive freak out, going into a crazed, nonsensical rant. Danny starts off laughing, but by the end is cowering and calling out for Suzy, shouting "I need an adult!"
  • Part 36 starts off with them entering another platforming area, where Arin proceeds to drain through his lives within a single minute, not even getting to the second major platform. It's funnier than it sounds.
    • They return to it in a later episode...only for Arin to once again die three times in less than a minute.
  • After making several homosexual remarks and then asking Barry to not take them out of context into something implying they're gay, Barry edits them into something completely different.
    Arin: 37-
    Danny: -ducks-
    Danny: -do-
    Arin: a little backflip.
    Arin: 20-
    Danny: -ducks-
    Danny: -lie
    Arin: -on the ground.
    Arin: The-
    Arin: -crazy-
    Arin: -duck-
    Arin: -is-
    Danny: -my favorite duck.
  • In Part 49, their constant references to the Twitter channel #humblebrag.
  • The first 9 minutes of Part 48 are spent dragging a Chain Chomp to a bath. At 8 minutes in, they succeed, but are crushed by the Chomp and die as soon as the Shine is revealed.
    Danny: Aaaaaaand you're dead.
    *both grumps disintegrate into a laughing fit*
    Danny: I love the triumphant music right before the reveal of your shadow corpse.
  • The "Balls in your Face" song.
  • In the finale, the Grumps' overblown reaction to FLUDD's Disney Death.
    Danny: Delfinos, dance! Dance him back to life! You useless potato fucks!

    Super Castlevania IV 
  • In part 4, Danny says his bodily composition is 70% water and 30% dick.
    • Also from part 4, Danny and Arin also trying to get a Skittles sponsorship for all the Skittles Danny eats.
      "Dear Skittles, I eat you every day..."
    • The Stinger, in which Arin gives the viewers a tutorial on how to suck a dick.
      • Plus the added bonus of Dan, having left the room prior, walking in on this.
  • The two talking about the only time Will Smith uses the word 'yo.'
    "YO-YO! Hand me that yo-yo!"
  • Drump and Gorp, complete with logos.
  • Part 7, the library puns.
    Danny: This is a dangerous library...
    Arin: Isn't it...
    Danny: I hope you've familiarized yourself with the Dewey DEATHimal system!
    Arin: Reading is funDEADmental!
  • The Jewish Mother gag in Part 8 is hilarious - Danny essentially plays Ego's mother who keeps comparing him to his cousin.
    Danny: I love my prune bran.
    • "Can anything facilitate pooping more than prune bran?!" and the discussion about panicked runs to the bathroom when you're about to have diarrhea during dinner. Even funnier if you've read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, where a man actually does use the excuse "Someone put shit in my pants!"
  • The entire Bill Nye scene
    Bill Nye: Bill Nye here.
    Arin: Hey Bill, um I was wondering, do you have a sec?
    Bill Nye: I told you never to call me here again.
    Arin: All right, hey, does molasses go fast on a summer Sunday?
    Bill Nye: I'm gonna call the police.
    Arin: How could you? You're already on the phone with me.
    Bill Nye: ...Looks like you're the Science Guy now.
  • The two doing hilariously over the top Dracula impersonations.
  • In part 10, the mention of Arin creating a Danny soundboard:
    I had a stroke the other day.
  • POLIO IS CURED. Nintendo game apparently had the solution.note 
    • "Polio's been solved."

  • The "conversation" the Grumps imagine between main character Sky and the eyball-spawning enemy.
    Enemy: You want an eyeball?
    Sky: No!
    Enemy: How about an eyeball?
    Sky: NO!
    Enemy: You like this eyeball?
    Sky: *exasperated sigh*
  • A more meta example, but the sheer fact that Barry, of all people, fucked up. He some how managed to mix up the order of the episodes so the second episode recorded was uploaded third, and the third recorded was uploaded second. This is made even more humourous because the third episode uploaded has Arin struggling with a boss that he beat earlier in the second episode.
  • Danny and the Raptor.
  • In Part 9, Danny just spontaneously starts through some of his longest-running jokes in the old man's voice.
    Old Man: What are you doing in my basement? Get outta here!
    Old Man: I've got something to say to you. Mycaruba.
  • The Call Back at the beginning of the finale to an earlier running joke in the series. After Sky had sassed the Old Man, Danny spent the next few minutes doing an impression of the Old Man snarking back at Sky, insisting that he's useless and that Sky knows everything. Come the finale..
    Sky: So, am I ready now to defeat Ashura?
    Old Man: I don't know, are you?
    *Danny and Arin burst out laughing*
  • Continuously running into the fish in Part 4, due to the confusing water maze.
    Fish: Hey! You again! Long time no see, man—oh, see you later...
    *5 seconds later after they loop around again*
    Fish: HEYYYY!

  • Danny and Arin both trying and failing several times to do a wall jump (called a "triangle jump" in the game) during Part 2.
    Arin: (Singing in a Camp Gay voice) I'm a pretty princess! I love it! I love purple all everywheres! Yay!
  • Part 6 gives us Speed Racist.
  • Every time Danny leaves an area and saying "Whee!" and Arin cracking up because of it.
  • Danny kills a guard while humming the Strider theme, and Arin imagines someone in the background playing the song as the game is played.

    Secret of Mana (Arin and Danny) 
  • Dan and Arin improvising a super-fucking-awesome rock-opera intro to the tune of the Secret of Mana intro music.
  • The incredibly sexualised way they say 'Dabutt' whenever it comes up in a text box.
  • After leaving the village early on in Part 2.
    Arin: You're banished from Potos Village!
    Arin (very close to the mic): Get out of here. Before I smack Dabutt.
  • Then not long after that, just before going into the cannon.
    Danny: "Don't get hurt!" I won't! Guy who's shooting me out of a cannon...
    *both laugh*
    Arin: Welcome to the International Cannon Service! We shoot you out of a cannon and get you to where you want to go! Are you ready?!
    Danny: Yeah! Don't get hurt though! That'll be your fault!
  • This little bit in Part 6.
    Danny" I'll always stay with Dabutt. Just like life. And Arin will take the Baps and the Vagoo... depending on his mood.

    Super Mario Bros. 3 
  • Danny's reaction to the secrets Arin shows him.
  • "Is this gonna be like, your version of Super Mario 2 where you know all the secret shit, and I'm just like OH MY GOD."
  • On a more meta level, the scores of like-minded commenters who responded to Arin's comment about his "TV being so good low resolution games glitch out" with "retweeted by #humblebrag."
  • This enthusiastic little line from Danny.
    Arin: You got a thousand points. What are you gonna use it on?
    Danny: Drugs!
  • From the ending to part 2.
    Arin : Next time on Game Grumps...the whole episode will be IN ESPANOL!
    Danny: Donde estan mis pantalones?!
  • "Next time on Game Drugs!"
  • Arin talking about how as a kid he would slow down or speed up videos to make them sound funnier. He then proceeds to spend the longest time talking progressively faster or extremely slower, to the point where he makes one sound continuously for forty-five seconds, all while going all the way through a Fortress Level.
  • "Ticketpaysforthewholeseatbutyou'llonlyneedtheEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDGE!", especially when Arin stretches "edge" to 40 seconds.
  • In part 10, the fart noises Arin makes while Danny jumps on Goombas.
    • These are especially long and quite realistic sounding farts on Arin's part.
  • Near the end of part 10, Arin becomes The Ahnold and does an amazing Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Dan points out that it's a great impression, and Arin said he wasn't even trying.
  • Arin's brilliant "incoherent homeless man" impression in part 12.
  • From part 14:
    Arin: You're on level 6 and you have 9 lives left. 69?
    (Laughter, while Barry does a spiraling zoom on the offending number)
    Arin: Have you ever stabbed yourself in the neck?
    • Which then continues way past the point of darkness and into...something else:
    Danny: I'm sorry?
    Arin: Have you ever had someone stab you in the neck?
    Danny: What are you talking about?
    Arin: Would you like it. (Danny cracks up) Whether not you say yes or no, it's going to happen, so choose wisely. (Danny: I'm gonna say yes!) Okay! (stab sounds, cry of pain) Did you rike it?
    • Near the end of this episode and the first half of part 15, Arin foolishly attempts to get a mushroom that comes out of a ? Block, twice, despite not knowing how to get it without falling into the lava after jumping off the moving platform. Danny's reaction to both of them are hilarious.
      Arin: (While laughing) I figured I'd at least give it a shot!
      Danny: Ugh...
      Arin: I wanted to be a Mario master!

      Danny: What are you FUCKING DOING!?
      Arin: I don't know!
      Danny: Arin!
      Arin: I'm sorry! I got greedy!
      Danny: It's unbelievable!
      Arin: I really wanted that mushroom!
      Danny: It's like... it's like watching someone pick up a dollar in the street and get hit by a car... and then being, like, immediately getting up and being like "Hey, a dollar!".
    • Even more hilarious is that neither of them knows that you can jump off of the block THE OTHER WAY once the platform leaves, and you'll land on the ledge at the beginning, with the platform there again.
  • The beginning of part 15, which consists of Arin hysterically accusing Dan of smearing poop on the wall, all while Dan dully denies it over and over. Arin even threatens to kill Dan over it.
    Arin: Excuse me! I'm not the one who shit all over the wall!
    Danny: You are unbelievable. You are—there is no excuse for this. *Laughs as he dies* Goddamn, this level is hard.
    Arin: It smells so bad in here!
    Danny: It doesn't—there's not poo. There's no—there's nothing of the sort.
    Arin: Dan, I swear to god.
    Danny: What?
    Arin: *Barely able to keep himself from laughing* You're fired if you don't fuckin'—
    Danny: Really?
    Arin: If you don't man up to the shit on the wall!
    Danny: This is unbelie—this is outrageous. This is an outrage.
    Arin: I'm going to kill you—
    Danny: You're going to what?
    Arin: I'm going to kill you!
    Danny: Over what?
    Danny: No, no poop. No poop happened. That's a thing you made up.
  • Barry seamlessly edits in Mario sliding up the ramp.
  • As Arin is going through a scrolling level, Barry puts a "Noooooo!" by a Fire Chomp that he stomps on as it falls.
  • Episode 19 doesn't even end with the typical "Next time on Game Grumps!" It instead decides to smash cut to their thank you to the fans after their 1000th video. Of course, this being Game Grumps and what not, things start to get silly after the actual thank you.
  • Part 20 has Peach portrayed as an insatiable nymphomaniac and Arin and Danny recalling their childhoods of seeing their parents engaging in grown-up "Piggyback Rides".
  • The seamless transition from Press Your Luck to Guns N' Roses in episode 21—a YouTube loop of Axl Rose they referenced received a gigantic Grumps Bump within minutes of the release of the episode that drove all the non-Grumps fans (and even some Grumps fans) mad.
  • In part 26, after Dan got killed by a wrench, they note that Ross would most definitely make an Incredibly Lame Pun about it. They then go on to say that they still love him... and joke about wanting to kill him.
  • In part 28 they have a positively hysterical Bill Gates impression.
  • At the end of the finale, after Danny beats Bowser with Luigi, they go into a hilarious routine about Peach being unimpressed about being rescued by Luigi, and not Mario, including awkward small talk.

  • Bruce Wayne using Insane Troll Logic to explain how he isn't Batman.
    Bruce: Do you see a cape? I don't see a cape!
  • Bruce Wayne yelling at his mom for not taking out the chapter in his diary about him being Batman and then remembering she's supposed to be dead.

    Dracula X 

    The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD 

    Maniac Mansion 

    Super Mario World 
  • When Danny laments the fact that Luigi has always been stuck in Mario's shadow, Arin points out that the year 2013 was declared The Year of Luigi for this very reason, to give him A Day in the Limelight. Danny's incredulous response is to ask what happened, as if that decision was made after something horrible happened to him.
  • Likewise, when Danny, who is playing as Luigi, beats Iggy Koopa, the following cutscene states that Mario defeated him. Danny promptly makes things worse by accidentally saying: "Poor Mario- I mean poor Luigi. Damn it!"
  • From Part 4, Arin brings up to topic of babies being born without brains, and insists on showing pictures of them to Danny on his phone. The hilarity is just how uncomfortable Danny is about the conversation (and his horrified OH GOD! scream when Arin does show him such pictures offscreen).
    • Also from Part 4, Dan's dad being incapable of using Siri due to his accent.
  • And again from Part 4, Danny and Arin break into song, with Arin concluding he does not want you in his sexy no-no hole.
  • In part 5, the Grumps both freaking out when Danny glitches through the wall.
  • The ending to part 6 where an accidental slip up from Danny of saying "steel injury" instead of "steel industry" leads to Arin acting out a pretend steel injury, and Danny lampshading how he can never get away with any slip ups on the show.
  • Towards the end of part 8, Danny and Arin discuss attempting to stop using "gay" and "retarded" as negative terms and instead humor the idea of using them for positive terms instead. Come the start of the next episode, Arin immediately backpedals and uses retarded when discussing why Japan's Famicon controller is different from the SNES controller.
    Danny: Why did they think America would prefer purple on purple?
    Arin: Because, uhm... they think we're retarded and don't like children stuff.
    Danny: You mean the good retarded...?
    Arin: Ye—... (snickers)
    Danny: What did we just talk about Arin? Jesus, that took, like, ten seconds.
  • At the start of part 11, the very first thing we see is Luigi (played by Danny), standing in a narrow hallway with a gigantic boo right in front of him with its eyes covered and NO possible way of getting past. The first thing out of Danny's mouth is a deadpan "Well. This sucks ass."
  • Both Arin and Danny's impersonation of Jasper T. Jowls from Chuck E. Cheese.
    I hope you're enjoying our substandard pizza! It is not up to par. You don't know any better, you're just a dumb fuckin' kid. Thanks for spending your money!
  • In part 13, Arin completes the Special World, turning all Koopa shells into Mario heads. Danny, who doesn't realize it yet, tells a story that happened to him while he met Matt Thompson, executive producer of Archer, only to stop midway through the story when he sees one of those Mario heads, saying "What the fuck is that?". His reaction afterwards, wanting to touch it but not quite knowing whether it's safe or not, combined with Arin's laughter makes it even funnier.
    • The story itself is also hilarious: when Danny met Thompson, the latter was so wasted that he punched Danny in the dick. Please note that Matt stated he was going to kick Danny in the dick, but threw a curve ball by punching him instead.
    • Also equally hilarious is Danny cutting off his story to loudly complain about the fact that he can't get out of the Forest of Illusion because he can't find the proper exit.
    Danny: And [Thompson's friend] comes up to me and he's like—(realizes that he's made no progress)—WHAT THE FUCK!? What do I have to do to make more boards happen!?
    • His first two encounters with the Mask Koopas in Ep. 14 are also hilarious.
    Danny: *Lands on a flying Mask Koopa and bounces off of it after shooting out of a pipe* Ah! Oh GOD! Why are they baseball players?
    Danny: *Discussing Homestar Runner when he runs into a flock of flying Mask Koopas* I just remember like, laughing until I cried, like the first couple times I-GOD These are GROSS!
  • At the beginning of part 15, Arin, completely out of the blue, starts speaking in a heavy, European-ish accent about muffins.
    Danny: ... Cattin'?
  • The beginning of Part 16.
    Arin: I'm shakin' in mah boots!
    Danny: Welcome back to Betrayal Grumps! (Beat, followed by Mario dying shortly after)
    *Both grumps start to laugh*
    Arin: God dammit! I think everything about the comedy of that was in the 'beep!' The little delicate death sound!
  • In the beginning of the level, Danny misses a ledge and Arin teases him, saying he could get it if he was a "good player." Danny then proceeds to not only beat the level with Yoshi and get the secret exit (allowing them to skip Castle 7) but he also defeats Bowser's Castle and the boss in one try, only taking damage in the castle once, whereas Arin died in the very first room of the castle by holding a Mecha Koopa for too long.
  • The finale where Danny (playing as Luigi) beats the game and gets the ending...where it still says that Mario was the hero. The ending doesn't even mention Luigi's involvement!
    Danny: Mario, the Princess, Yoshi and his friends...WHAT THE FUCK?!
    • Doubly hilarious since Danny as Luigi has saved the day and defeated the final boss in three of the Mario games they've played so far (2, 3 and World)...and he still gets no thanks!

    Super Metroid 
  • Since they can't skip the opening the first three minutes are them riffing on general Metroid jokes ("Samus is a girl?!"), but props more than anything to them talking about Samus' return to the space station at the start as if she'd just managed to get a block away before the scientists fucked everything up, especially the end bit.
    Danny: So I flew back into fuckin' Unicron...
    Arin: Yeah! She just, like, drops it off and then fuckin' is like, "Alright. Don't fuck with this." and they're like, "Alright. No worries."
    Danny: They're, like, tossing it around like a football.
    Arin: *Laughs* And then she fucking starts the car and—*Starts making siren noises*
    *They both crack up*
    Danny: She sees on the security camera one scientists is wearing the Metroid as a hat! *Both laugh* "Look what I can do!!!"
  • Arin dies by getting his remaining health sucked out of him by enemies that clinged onto him. Danny is immediately distracted by the death sequence.
    Arin: Did I just die?
    Danny: *Having seen Samus in her bikini now* Ohhhh! Fantastic!
    Arin: Oh my god. I have not been paying attention to my health!
    Danny: I didn't realize, like, you get naked when you die! Like, we should have been dying more often. *Both laugh*
  • Arin has a "silly seizure" at the start of part 4.
  • Their portrayal as Kraid as fat, gross, and prone to overeatting
    Danny: *As Kraid dies* Do you have any butterrrrrrrrrrrrr...
  • "Dimple Pumps"
  • Their reaction going from cheering when they defeat the Crocomire to groaning in disgust as they watch its lovely death sequence.
  • Walk Friend, the robot whose only purpose is walking.
    Arin: Hey Walk Friend, can you go over there and get me that coffee?
    Walk Friend: I can do one of those things!
  • Danny's fellatio-themed rendition of "Wrecking Ball" has to be heard to be believed.
  • Part 20 has Dan talking about becoming a secret agent by the name of "Undercover Governor Bananapanini."
  • Danny's anecdote about a high-school acquaintance who legally changed his name to Energy Energon.
  • Arin's triumphant rant after Ridley is defeated.
  • Midway through part 26 Danny remarks that there must be porn of Samus out there somewhere. Arin confirms that there is a great deal of it and Danny immediately goes to look it up. He spends the next few minutes in awe. Then Danny manages to finally tear himself away...
    Danny: Alright, I have to put this away. Save that for future use. Barry, put all those pictures up but—*snickers*—put pictures of Ross' face over all the naughty bits. *Barry obliges using Ross wearing a goofy as hell grin as the censoring*
    Arin: Oh no...
    Danny: Yeah.
    Arin: No thank you.
    Danny: Thaaaat's a buzz kill.
    • In the same episode, Arin ponders the existence of J-Country.
  • Arin talking about purple girls and how their saliva smells like cotton candy, all with an exagerated European accent.
  • In the final part, Danny begins an anecdote about him being the oldest of the game grumps, only to startwildly screaming when the fully grown infant metroid comes out of nowhere to start feeding on an enemy in front of Samus.

    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 
  • The first direct input they get is naming their game profile. Arin, attempting to keep with the Jingle Grumps theme, goes for Santa. He subconsciously types out Satan.
  • What's the first thing Danny says when he learns Arin can draw on the in-game map?
  • Danny plus JumpScares equals HILARITY.
  • In Part 4, the character they play has to color in a picture of a couple in front of their house. Arin proceeds to color the house bright pink ala Barbie's Dream House. Cut to their character finding himself in front of a real bright pink colored house, much to Arin's delight.
  • Part 7 has another chase sequence and neither take it very well.
    • Also amusing is that after the long hurdle, they find a cabin the faq directs them to... except it's the cabin they started at. Doubles as a Moment Of Awesome afterwards in that they successfully backtrack to the right path without losing a life (and by extension, reusing the flare should they do).
  • Their action to walking into a room and finding a dead bear in the middle of it.
  • At one point, the Grumps come a cross a toddler's keyboard toy in the game...and use it to play a surprisingly good rap beat.
  • The guilty rank test the therapist gives in part 15. Looking closely Arin blames the bull the most but doesn't realize he put it in the 'less guilty' section, nudging King Harold closer to most guilty. By this point the Grumps are becoming very tired of the therapist sessions. How did they set them down this way? They didn't. Arin grabbed the bull, threw it to the other side of the scale, made a mess, and then went with that.
  • In the apartment chase they get lost and get ambushed by a Raw Shock while opening a door, panicking and surrounded they then seem to enter the same room again try the same door only to get ambushed again and pass out. When they respawn they try to use the door directly in front of them... and immediately get ambushed and cut to black.

    Katamari Damacy 
  • "I'm Carson Daly! Does anyone still know who I am?"
  • The end of part 1:
    Danny: Next time on Game Grumps, we're gonna roll some shit up! Know what I'm saying, stoners?
    Arin: (feigned laughter) Hey, what time is it? 4:20! (sound of bubbles through a straw, followed by coughing and choking )
    Danny: Game Grumps does not advocate drug use. (choking noises continue) Unless it's really good.
  • Episode 2 finds the grumps making fun of rich people making status symbols out of their Rolls-Royces, which eventually spirals into Danny accidentally calling Suzy a prostitute.
  • Episode 2 has Danny and Arin rolling up crabs to make the Cancer constellation:
    • When The King of All Cosmos says "let's make Cancer", Danny proclaims him a dick.
    • Pronouncing "crab" as "craf" and repeatedly yelling "CRAF?!" the entire episode.
    • When Michiko Hoshino says she can feel the Cosmos returning, Danny proclaims he's having a drug flashback.
  • Barry's antics in Episode 3. All of them.
  • The accidental Running Gag in Part 9 where Arin keeps prematurely ending the Ursa Major level by collecting tiny bears and bear-shaped objects.
    • And Danny yells "Beaaaar!" with the King Of All Cosmos every single time, even while in the middle of telling a story.
  • Oh, Episode Ten, let's count the ways...
    • Episode Title: Danny Goes to the Nudie Bar. Description courtesy of Barry: Go oooonnnnnn...
    • Danny opens the episode singing the word "Bear" trolling Arin about last episode's failure.
    • As Danny begins said story, revealing when he was a virgin, Arin reacts "GET OUT OF TOWN!"
    • The Mood Dissonance in playing the Gemini level while hearing Danny's story with his stripper friend Gemini. Also, how that story ends.
    • Them trolling the audience about completing their Wind Waker series.
    • Their reaction to ending the level with a specific number of twins: 69.
  • In Part 12, they have Barry end the episode after about three minutes.
  • In Part 14, Danny and Arin have a serious debate about the merits of the D-Club.
    • Arin spends about five minutes giving an impassioned speech defending the D-Club and how it wasn't gay.
  • As they play Part 15, they crack a bad joke. Here, Danny lampshades how at this point, they've played so long, they're probably at Episode 15.
  • After rolling up a giant squid, they give it a nearly Barack Obama voice asking for help from the katamari.
    Danny: Help.
    *Arin laughs*
    Arin: Help me.
    Danny: I am a squid. In need of help.
    Arin: Oh dear. Oh my.
    Danny: Oh God. No.
  • The Barry Dicks song
  • They recall their experience of a woman's reaffirming the guy's a great friend, and not a potential boyfriend. Complete with Disney-eqsue song!
  • Buffalo got that alligator jigglin' fever!
  • In the finale, Danny starts singing, along to the credits. Arin sings backup turning the song into a call for anal sex. Prompting a Double Take from Danny.

    Night Trap 
  • Their constant MSTing of the game, from the bad acting to the ridiculous traps.
  • "I'm gonna take a nap on this hammock! "It's EXTREME!"
  • Them agreeing how much realistic fun the girls are having at their slumber party.
  • At Part 1's end, Arin and Dan's improv cover of the in-game song. Complete with belching!
  • The bad punchline Dan says to Arin's Family Feud set-up.
    Arin: Survey says...
    Danny: To
    Arin: Nice. Nice. Nice. NICE!
    Danny: I think I nailed that pretty hard.
  • Danny buying a bed based on accommodating a threesome. When it arrived to his and Barry's apartment, Barry texted Dan on how comically large it is.
  • As they switch to CD #2, they wonder if they can convince the audience they are naturally skilled in playing the game, and not using a walkthrough for help.
  • Dan and Arin constantly getting fired up as they take down Augers like flies. And when they get a game over anyway before they were only seconds off from saving a girl, they end the video with a live-action parody of the game, showing their rendition of the ending.
    • Arin during that ending. Just-Just Arin.
    • Don't forget the real star of the show: Mochi, laying there with a Seen It All look, barely reacting to their...performance.

    Pokémon Fire Red 

    Battle Chess 
  • The slowest conversation the chess pieces have as one moves out of the other's way.
  • The game apparently knows how ungodly boring it is, it glitches in and out to keep the Grumps awake.
  • Arin asking the Queen to "take off that ten by ten tileset."
  • As Dan fights the computer, the computer's pawns barely moved, like they Stopped Caring.
    Arin: Look at this motherfucker with all his pawns that don't even care.
    Danny: Yeah, yeah, they're just like, "Whatever. Hey, we're cool." Barry, zoom in on those pawns.
    (Zoom in on random pawn)
    Pawn 1: Sup? We'll just chill here the whole game.
    Pawn 2: Yeah, I don't really care one way or another.
    Pawn 3: Literally. What the fuck ever.
    Pawn 4: I get paid whether the King dies or not because it's all in HR now.
    *Danny laughs*
  • Arin & Danny Win!! (against a 25 year old computer)
  • The little battle animations can be pretty funny - and the guys react hilariously when the King piece just nonchalantly pulls out a gun and shoots another piece.
    • The best part about it is this; throughout the video Barry plays medieval-esque background music, turning it into intense battle music during animations. When the King attacks the Bishop, the intense music begins...and then just abruptly stops as the King pulls out a gun.

    Punch-Out!! (Wii) 
  • In general, whenever the Grumps speak French while fighting Glass Joe. Their accent sells it.
  • "Look at the croissants!"
  • Dan assumes Doc's "chocolate flowers" joke is an inappropriate ass reference.
  • Their first reaction to King Hippo's roar.
  • Dan & Arin discuss how various foods affect the taste of semen. Results include pizza the worst, pineapple the best, & by Fridge Horror, King Hippo has tasty semen.
  • For a meta example, in part 3, Arin mentions that King Hippo should be in the next Super Smash Bros.. Literally two days before Part 3 was uploaded, Little Mac was confirmed to be a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. 4.
  • Doc makes Serious Business out of chomping a candy bar.
  • When Arin notices that Danny is pretty much owning Piston Hondo at one point in the fight, he encourages him... by saying that if he doesn't win on this round, he's going to piss in his Cola. Just as Danny is literally one punch away from winning by TKO, the time runs out and the round ends.
  • The Running Gag about Little Mac being moments away from a Non Sequitur Thud.
    Did I win? Did I eat the Cheerios?
    Thank you, fahrvergnügen!
    World War 2 was the hardest one!
  • Danny's habit of losing the first match then winning the rematch has led Arin to call him Two-Take Avidan.
  • When Danny wins against Bear Hugger by KO and Doc Louis compliments him: "You won! What does "koh" mean?"
  • How does episode 5 begin? With Danny exclaiming, "SPAIN! SPAIN! SPAIN!"
  • In Part 5, Danny does well fighting Don Flamenco, until Don loses his toupee. Cue Arin reacting Big "OMG!" at his receding hairline, followed by Danny losing at Don reaching his Rage Breaking Point.
    • This is followed in the next video by Danny dodging into five of Flamenco's punches in a row, knocking him out within 30 seconds.
  • Danny's briefly annoyed at Arin encouraging him too close to his face, so Arin reacts by shouting discouragements at Danny from across the room for the rest of his rematch with Don Flamenco.
  • Little Mac vs. Aran Ryan. The whole thing.
    Doc: Little Mac doesn't back down from anybody! Rematch! Let's go, baby!
    Danny: Yeah, Doc? Stop writing checks my body can't cash, please.
  • Aran Ryan's stanky leg kick against the sunset.
  • After Aran gets back up again...
    Arin:They never stay down. Haven't you heard Tub Thumping?
  • Their first reaction to Soda Popinski Burning with Anger.
  • Every line Arin says while impersonating Bald Bull.
  • Danny sets the tone for his next fight after Bald Ball:
    Danny: Before I worry about [Mr. Sandman,] let me get my fucking ass handed to me several times by Super Macho Man.
  • Their disgust to Macho Man's quivering buttcheeks.
  • Part 10's intro:
    Danny: And we're playing! We're fighting! We're playing the Feud!
  • The Grumps theorize Super Macho Man's hair is silvery grey because he met God.
  • Danny getting absolutely mauled by Mr. Sandman.
    • Beautifully prefaced by Doc looking fearfully at Mr. Sandman and hesitantly turning his gaze onto Little Mac.
    • When Arin's praise ends up becoming a case of Tempting Fate, Arin spends the rest of the Mr. Sandman fight insulting him instead.
    • Right as Danny defeats Mr. Sandman, Arin lays this insult on his boxing protege.
    Arin: your name...?
    Danny: YEAH!
    Arin: OH!
    Danny: Got him!
    Arin: OH!
    Danny: George?!!
    Arin: OH MY GOD!
  • During the Career credits minigame, Arin insultingly sings about Danny's hair, which Danny contests back in song. Leading to this line:
    Danny: My hair is like a soft...field of daisies. And it smells like a bed of flowers on Disco Kid on a warm, summer spring day.
  • Previewing the Title Bout, Danny & Arin react to Glass Joe's YEAH! at the doctor's office.

     Shadow Of The Colossus 



     Super Mario Bros. 
  • Danny hasn't played the game in about two decades, making for a hilarious contrast with his absurd mastery of the sequel.
  • Suddenly realizing two words that "Duck Hunt" rhymes with.
  • Arin's first death:
    Arin: One of the things you're going to learn about Super Mario is you are a baby if-
    (Killed Mid-Sentence running into a pit)
    Danny: Tit-hahahaha-huh.
    Arin: I'm not even gonna finish that sentence (alright) because I'm fucking pissed.
  • Danny's first death comes from forgetting that you can't pick up the shells in this game.
  • Thanks to Mario and Luigi having identical sprites after getting a fire flower, Arin takes a while to remember it's still his turn after he clears a level.
  • The Grumps invent the Between the Thighs Disguise.
  • Out of nowhere, they get to talking about how neither of them had wet dreams during puberty, causing them to suspect it's far less common than the official figures, which only exist to make the few kids who get them less embarrassed.
  • Danny "threading the needle" by managing to jump straight into a pit just one space wide.
    Danny: I snatched defeat from the jaws of victory!
  • Dan's midstory interruption at a superlong firebar
    WHOA! That's huge!
  • Danny brings up ways to slip "balls" into your sentences as much as possible. Arin...doesn't quite get it.
  • The Running Gag of Scribey the Subcribe button.
  • Cue Part 4 beginning with an unexpected theme song.
  • Dan watched a "Son of a Bitch" compilation video.
  • The suicidal Buzzy Beetle.
  • The Perfect Joke and its backstory at the start of Video 5.
  • Dan distracting Arin from finishing the final staircase of World 8-1 twice.
  • Hashtag Status Updates.
  • Another Running Gag-the Grumps' trouble with Hammer Bros. Made the more awesome when Arin runs past him & axes Bowser.
  • At ten minutes, Barry lowers Scribe due to Danny declaring it's over. It's not.
  • In the first third of the final video, a fast-forward montage stops unexpectedly as Dan bounces on a spring in world 8-2 and releases a 1-Up from the block. When he bumps the block to the right as it moves toward said block, the 1-Up unexpectedly clips through the block, falling onto the spring and disappearing to the left. Both grumps are completely baffled by this.

     The Goonies II 


     Super C 

     Disney Princess Enchanted Journey 

    Gauntlet 2 

    Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 2 

    Mega Man 3 

    Shadow The Hedgehog 

    Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 


    Heart of Darkness 

     Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 

    Metal Storm 

    Decap Attack 

    Shovel Knight 

    Contra Force 

     1001 Spikes 

    Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts 

     Super Mario 3 D World 

     Castlevania II: Simon's Quest 

    Power Blade 

    Trauma Center Second Opinion 

    Mega Man 6 

    Godzilla Monster of Monsters 

    Castlevania 64 

    Little Samson 

    Battle Kid Fortress of Peril 

    Luigi's Mansion 

    Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase 

    Alien 3 

    Game Grumps VS 


  • Danny and Arin spend almost the entire episode throwing jabs at each other in New Yorker Accents.
    • Danny discusses the proper way to say "douchebag".

Super Tennis

  • Racist Bassist and Bummer Drummer.
  • The "exchanges" during court switch.

Gundam: Battle Assault 2

  • Danny playing nearly the entire VS as Big Zam.
    Danny: Oh hey, Big Zam!
    • And after Arin decides to play his game and choose Big Zam.
      Danny: You son of a bitch, I can't believe you'd do tha- bigzam
  • How does Arin beat Big Zam? By getting behind it and attacking where Danny can't reach.
  • The 'bonus round' with the two Ball mechs 'fighting.'
  • Arin describing how overpowered Big Zam is.
    Arin: Guess what your main attack is.
    Danny: What?
    Arin: Walking.

Family Feud: Decades

  • "Name something that only happens to people once a year." Danny: "Show me BUTTSECX (sic)!"
  • Arin loses out on 200 points at the end of the second game by two points. Both scream in rage.
  • At the end of the second episode, Arin forgets who sent them the game, so the two thank increasingly outlandish and surreal people that they think might have sent them the game, including The Unabomber, The Avengers and the Justice League, pistachio ice cream, The Pope, Wreck-It Ralph and Goku.


  • Arin taking advantage of Bruiser's walk animation when facing away from the camera.
  • Danny reading off the announcements on the screen.

Wheel of Fortune (PS2)

  • Danny apparently knew the answer after the second turn, but lands on "Lose a Turn" four turns in a row. He still wins the round.
    • And Arin ending three turns in a row by landing on "Bankrupt", before also landing on "Lose a Turn". They progressively lose it as this goes on.
      • The above is made even better by Arin's Tempting Fate moment, seconds before he lands on "Bankrupt" again.
        Arin: Gimme some money bitch.
        Danny: Please lose a turn..
        Arin: Uh, no way.
        Danny: Lose a turn.
        Arin: There's no way I could possibly do that.. *BANKRUPT*
        Danny: YEAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!
        Arin: cracks up with laughter
        Danny: Is this wheel weighted?!
  • Straight after Arin's Bankrupt, Danny spins the wheel.. and the exact moment he lands on "Lose A Turn", he lets out this amazing high pitch scream of pure rage. Arin proceeds to lose it completely.
    • A hilarious YouTube comment makes this Lose A Turn-a-thon even more unbelievable:
      Supermutant61121: "Alright, there are 24 spaces on the board. Every single turn, there is a 1 in 24 chance of landing on the "Lose a turn" spot. This means that Danny had a (1/24)^4 chance of getting FOUR turns lost. That is one in three-hundred-thirty-three-thousand-seven-hundred-seventy-six, or, to put it in simpler terms, three in a million."
  • Arin tries to spin the wheel following yet another "BANKRUPT" spin. Right after Danny sweeps the "Lose a Turn" space for a fourth time, Arin lands on it. Arin and Danny go into complete hysterics. By the time the episode ends they sound both physically and emotionally drained.
  • Keep in mind that all of what happens above occurs with Vanna White's inserts that border on the Uncanny Valley, making it sound like she's mocking the Grumps' terrible luck with the wheel.
  • Danny wins Round 1, and to celebrate, Barry puts up a picture of Donald Duck in a bathtub, with his face instead of Donald's and the caption "Bitches and hos, bitch's nose, bitches and hos.....................", with that many ellipses.
  • "What have they won, Charlie?"
    • "Nothing."
    • "You've won an all-expense paid trip to my taint."
    • [mumbling]
  • "Scooby-Doo, Where are YOX?"
  • During the Bonus Round, Danny has to guess the name of a "Place" that ends in "-se". He hurriedly puts in "Goose". The game shows the real answer: "House" in complete silence, almost as if the game itself is disappointed in him.
  • Dan and Arin making fun of the delayed Stock audio.
  • Arin and Dan's frequent mocking of Player 3, who they name Jim.

Wheel of Fortune Junior Edition

  • Anything involving Timbo, the computer player.
    • "I wish I could see his face so I could punch it."
  • "Your teacher's a goddamn Chink!"
  • "Yo...ya...yi...Yippie-ki-yay?"

You Don't Know Jack Mock 2 (PS1)

  • They recieved the game from a fan nicknamed Matt the Spratt, and because Matt sent them a prize package, Arin and Danny have a contest to see who wins the prize and who "wins" the loser's prize. A live-action clip at the end shows the results: Arin wins, and his prize is a copy of DJ Max - Emotional Sense Fever for the PSP. Danny, who loses, gets the right to be called "Fucbad" (spelled like that) for the next five hours, including episodes filmed during those five hours.
    • Before Arin opens his package, Danny asks to see it for a second, and just as Arin hands it over, Danny knocks it out of his hands. What makes it funnier is that Arin fell for it again literally seconds later.
  • Danny and Arin speak through the instructions of the Coinkidink (Roadkill) round and are baffled by the bonus asking what all the correct answers have in common. Danny then laments:
    Danny: Oh... we forgot to pay attention. This always fucks us.
  • Danny's reaction to the score: "It was close! It was- it was close." Why is that funny? Well:
    Player 2 (Arin): $12,000
    Player 1 (Danny): -$6,000

Biker Mice From Mars

  • After playing the game for twelve traumatizing minutes, the Grumps decide to try a more enjoyable activity.
    Arin: Dan, you wanna punch each other in the dick for three hours?
    Dan: Absolutely!
    • The best part is the Beat before Dan's little "Yay!" as he gets thwacked compared to Arin's instant exclamation of pain.

Family Feud

  • The question is "Name something you keep in your junk drawer". Arin gets the number one answer with "penis and scrotum". The actual answer is pencils. Apparently the game is really forgiving with spelling.

The $1,000,000 Pyramid

  • Danny opens episode 2 by shouting, "Playin' the feud!"
  • Arin keeps on trolling Danny by swinging his Wiimote around as he's trying to think. Danny tries to get back at him when it's Arin's turn to play by singing loudly, but it doesn't work.

Ribbit King Rematch

  • In Part 3, Danny begins talking close to the mic as a frolf announcer. When he wrongly states the score deficit between them, Arin corrects Danny, calls him an idiot, and both take turns announcing insults at each other. This grows into a Brick Joke at episode's end where Arin happily eats a bag of dicks at Danny's behest, complete with chewing sounds.


  • As Arin & Danny pick their Miis to represent them in game, one option appears as Chinigan.
  • After picking State Mottos...
    Alex Trebek: Nebraska: "Equality Before the" This
    Danny: Uh... Integer.
    Arin: Ah ha ha ha ha!
  • In Part 3, Arin sarcastically realizes the answer to a question.
    Arin: Best Movie Musical? What, Singin' in the Rain?
    Both start furiously pressing buttons, laughing.
  • Danny's tendency to buzz in, only to realize too late that he doesn't actually know the answer, leading him to simply input a random string of letters.
  • In the Finale, after Danny's eliminated, he decides to help Arin in the Championship Round against the computer. One of the options given to the question is Florida, Arin's home state, but Danny pushes him to another answer. When the correct answer turns out to BE Florida, well...
    Arin: I was gonna say Goddamn Florida, and then you were all, "Oh, it's Texas or Oklahoma!"
    Danny: Dude-
    Arin: You piece-I'm from Florida!
    • The ending, from Barry messing the font on SAMUEL WINS! to Arin shanking Samuel for calling him and Danny morons.

Battle Chess

  • A few seconds in, Danny lampshades it's the exact same game series, just with a different opening.
  • Their banter during Part 3. Half not so serious smack talk, half sarcasm over how ungodly boring the gameplay is.
  • As they play in the vaccuum of space, Danny requests Barry provides epic chess music.
  • Arin's surprise to Dan's Knight, followed by their subsequent laughter
    Danny: Chess is the ultimate fucking game of "Gotcha. Oh Fuck."
  • Danny puts Arin in checkmate with a well positioned Bishop against the King.
    Arin: I Don't hate it actually.
    Danny: The only way to stop it is by sacrificing your queen.
    Arin: I totally hate it.
  • Arin's Flat "What." over Dan's use of the rare En Passant move in chess.
  • The hand fart noise Arin gives a Pawn when it dies. And again when his King dies by the magic of Dan's Queen.


Hollywood Squares

  • Arin and Danny getting increasingly irritated at the unfunny joke answers.

Kirby's Dream Course:

  • Danny takes up a very strong lead, much to Arin's fury.
    • He tries to steal two of Danny's stars in a single putt, but misses the second one and spins out of control. His reaction is something straight out of their Super Mario Sunshine LP.
  • Dan's instant Mood Whiplash of joy getting two stars, then shock after accidentally revving as a wheel off the golf course.
  • After falling off the edge, Arin turns Dan's Little "No" into a Big "NO!".
  • The usual: Arin going over the edge. Unusual: Kirby's arms outstretched welcoming death.
    Danny: It was a such an arms out, "Check my shit out!"
    Arin: I've done it!
    Danny: WHOO!
  • "Hey, and welcome back to Fuck Dan!"
  • Arin: I don't even get a break, dude! What is this, a fucking Kit Kat commercial?
    Dan: I don't know what that means.
    Dan: Oh, I got it!
  • In the finale, after Arin gets thoroughly stomped by Danny, he challenges him to one final, take-all round and manages to win. The two then bicker over who should be declared the overall winner, with Barry overlaying victory texts on top of each other until they cover the entire screen.
    • In the round itself, the Grumps collapse into a fit of laughter after Arin shoots his fifth consecutive O.B.
    • After learning a safe way to putt down, Arin collects his sixth O.B. What happens next is perhaps the most powerful laughing fit the Grumps have ever had on camera. They laugh so hard they can't even breathe.
    • The fact that this VS was done upwards of 4:00 in the morning and both Arin and Danny were whooping and hollering about. It's a good thing Arin had the room soundproofed, or Suzy would not have slept that night.

Mario Party 8:

The Price Is Right Decades

Press Your Luck

Mario Golf


Disney Think Fast

  • "This is Smiling Arin Turnip saying stay in school! Don't do drugs! Eat your teeth."
  • Dan points out a critical flaw playing the game.
  • Arin wishes for a certain sound effect in real life.
  • Danny doesn't know much Disney trivia, so he picks the equivalent of easy mode. The question's he's given are absolutely brain-dead easy.
    Ariel and her friends have fun in the sea. Which of these is best for having fun in the sea?
    Choices: A skateboard, a laptop, a newspaper, OR A SURFBOARD

    Lilo lives by a beach. Which of these would you see on a beach?
    Choices: A Chrismas tree, a bathtub, a polar bear, OR A SANDCASTLE

    In Robin Hood, which slithery sidekick tickles Prince John's ear?
    Choices: A bear, a chicken, a dog, OR A SNAKE

    Which of these characters from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is named Gopher?
    Choices: Roo the Kangaroo, Eeyore the Donkey, Rabbit the Rabbit, OR GOPHER THE GOPHER

    In Hercules, which character is Pegasus?
    Choices: Zeus, a Muse, Pain, OR PEGASUS
  • The looks on the characters' faces when it comes time to steal points from the other player or to be stolen from. Donald's especially. His stealing face is him clasping his hands together with an evil grin, and his stolen face is him looking away innocently.

Cooking Mama Cook Off

No Brakes Valet


Tecmo Bowl

  • The Opening is hilarious on its own, featuring Danny running into the room with a football and a football jersey.
    Danny: Hey Arin!
    Arin: (fumbles around, accidentally knocking some NES games off the shelf) What?
    Danny: Let's play football!
    Arin: But Dan, I don't know how to play footba-
    Danny: FOOTBALL! (throws the football, hitting Arin directly in the face)
    • Followed by Arin giving the regular thank you to the person who sent them the game while still face-down on the floor.
  • Arin's learning from Danny how to play the game:
    Arin: It's like a really complicated Pong.
    Danny: Correct.
  • The Running Gag of the various uses of the word "sack."
  • The half time screen looks like a pixelated Danny Sexbang.
  • Arin: I like how this game is racially diverse.
  • The ending full of Lawyer-Friendly Cameo.

WWF WrestleMania Challenge


Dokapon Kingdom

Pooh's Party Game

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Arin: Oh, gee, I wonder!

Jordan vs. Bird: One on One

Mario Sports Mix

  • They play the game on a used Wii.
  • OMG! She is dead!
    Yay! She's dead!
  • Arin gets increasingly angry at Peach as the game wears on.
    Arin: *Awaiting Danny's throw* C'mon, c'mon, HA! *Peach is hit and is removed from play* FUCKING PEACH!
    Danny: Yay. *Realizes he actually hit* YAAAAAAAY!
    Arin: I swear to Je—eeeeeewgoogoo...
    Danny: *Laughs* "I swear to Jewgoogoo"?
    Arin: Look man...we all have our own gods.
  • Near the end of the dodgeball competition Arin eventually learns how to use the character's special shot. Danny proceeds to panic every time he sees it coming. And as if that wasn't enough he still dodges them all.
  • In the very last set Danny pulls off yet another come from behind victory in sudden death. Arin is not pleased. Made even funnier by the fact that the only reason sudden death happened in the first place is because Danny landed a clutch shot on Peach to eliminate her in literally the last quarter second of the game.
  • In Part 2, Arin's not a geometrist.
  • During the volleyball match, Bowser...does good?
  • Part 3 gives us Arin's nerd impression.
  • The Running Gag of shy-guy as a bad goalie.

Hollywood Squares

Boom Blox: Bash Party

Minute to Win It


Dig Dug: Rock Party


Chinese Checkers



Q*bert 3

Rumble Roses

Smarty Pants


Karate Kid

  • Danny blurting out the name of every minigame that occurs, like a kid with ADHD.
  • Danny gets hit by a bird and a stick and perfectly falls through two holes into the water.
    Arin: Oh my god! You were DESTINED for that hole, dude! That fall was fuckin' prophetic!

Mickey Mousecapade

  • The entire video. You know you have an entire video of funny when even Barry is putting "OHMYGODSTOPICANTBREATHE" in the description.
    • To be more specific, they spend an entire 11 minutes (a full length episode) doing impressions of a bad Angry Video Game Nerd copycat. And it is hilarious.
    • Plus there's Danny offhandedly saying that, by chance, this will be the first Game Grumps episode his mom sees. And then he starts imagining her praise.
      • "Cool living you're making Dan. I'm really glad I sent you through college."

Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble

  • Arin and Danny's reaction to finally being able to do a tricknote  over the median. Followed quickly by a montage of the trick over and over to the theme song of the game.
    • Earlier, their reactions to seeing their character either being split vertically down the middle of the median AND THEN getting crushed head-first into the median.
    • Arin dubs the final trick the Beyonce Knowles No Bounds.
  • The reaction to Icepick calling the main character a "poseur".
    Dan!Icepick: Where'd you learn to ride?! France, where I learned to spell?!

Totally Rad

  • The voices for Jake and Allison.
  • Their reaction to the first boss.
  • Dan-Jake.

Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool

  • That tiny little glitch issue.
    • "Do something, Barry!" "BUY CHEETOS"
    • Though it does give Arin and Danny time to ruminate on the postapocalyptic dystopia in which Chester Cheetah apparently lives.
  • The sunglasses.
    Danny: Are [those springs] wearing sunglasses?
    Arin: Of course. Everything in this game is wearing sunglasses, you fucking idiot. How did you not notice that?
    Danny: I just figured-oh Jesus, you're right. The fish-
    Arin: The air is wearing sunglasses.
  • Arin's epiphany.
    Arin: This is it. This is the secret to the game.
    Danny: This is the end.
    Arin: I'm the shadow of the guitar.
    [Barry zooms in on the guitar powerup with Chester Cheetah's disembodied shadow underneath it]

Home Alone

  • Danny's declaration of "oh, this game is terrible!" less than five seconds after the game starts.
  • Arin finds a sack of cash in the toilet.
    Danny: Oh, there's money in the deuce machine!

Dennis the Menace

  • The scary-ass giant Mr. Wilson that occasionally pops up out of absolutely nowhere to grab them and toss them out, which elicits genuine fear from Arin and Danny. It gets even better when Arin asks Danny if he wants to do a rap about him. It leaves Arin positively HOWLING with laughter afterwards. Made even funnier due to some hilarious sprite animation from Barry.
    Danny: Give me a beat. *Arin starts beatboxing* My name is Mr. Wilson and I'm here to say / I'm gonna smack your ass in a major way / What are you doing in the basement? Get outta here!
    Danny: GET OUTTA HERE!!! *Both Arin and Danny begin to absolutely crack up* There you go, Barry. There's some fucking gold.
    *They continue to crack up*
    Danny: Ohhhh's broken us. The game has broken us.
    • And Arin's explanation of why he finds the "GET OUTTA HERE" portion of the rap so funny.
      Arin: Because like... *laughs* *microphone fumbling* Because I just imagined Mr. Wilson like, actually rapping, and then he's just interrupted by Dennis, and he's just like "GET OUTTA HERE"...and it's like actually getting on his nerves, and he's like "GET OUTTA HERE!"
  • Other such gold including:
  • The entire 'butt-ball' sequence, but notably when they use it as an excuse to turn Mr. Wilson into a Memetic Molester.
    Danny: (as Mr. Wilson) Dennis, I'm sorry I yelled at you just there. What we're gonna do now, is I'm gonna learn ya how to play buttball...seeing as you're in my basement.
    Arin: Step one: never tell your parents.
    Danny: Step two: NEVER TELL YOUR PARENTS!!!
  • Dennis "twerking".
    Danny: *singing* Ay, girl, you know that I work it, girl! Ay, girl, you know that I work it work it! Dennis the Menace, D-D-D-Dennis the Menace, D-D-D-Dennis the Menace, he's only ten! ... He should not be twerking!

Kendo Rage


  • Ego's impromptu beatboxing session at the end of the video.
  • "When you wish upon a star, you'll play a game that's retaaaaarded...!"
  • "PUT 'ER THERE!"
  • A kid in the first level throwing a brick at Pinocchio then getting attacked by geese.
  • "They should have called this game PiNOOOOcchio!"
  • Danny and Arin's open letter to the producers of the game.
  • Danny can't find any wood to make the sound Pinocchio presumably makes when he takes a "puppet poop", leading to this exchange:
    Danny: Barry, put in a wood block sound.
    Barry: *wooden "plonk" noise*
    Danny: Thank you.

Goosebumps Horrorland

  • The new 'Ghoul Grumps' intro, featuring Arin as Frankenstein's monster and Dan as Dracula.
    Arin: Hey I'm Ghoul.
    Danny: BLEH!
    • Danny sings the final line in an over the top Count voice.
  • During Calamity Canyon, Arin rapidly shakes the Wii Remote to make it more like an actual wooden roller coaster.
  • On the first attempt of Wheel of Misfortune, Arin forgets to jump. The kid simply faceplants onto the springboard, which lamely ejects her into the water below.
    Danny: Nailed it!
  • From the end:
    Danny: Put up a wolfjob, Barry!
    (Image of a doctor with a wolf's head)
    Danny: But a Halloween one.
    (A small Hershey bar is added to the bottom corner)
  • From the opening cutscene of the game.
    Girl: Who is it?
    Arin: SATAN.

The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt

  • Danny and Arin notice the game sounds kind of "lonely" without any music, so they ask Barry to provide various accompaniments, starting with funk, then moving into the Charleston and ending with Scottish pirate metal. Both awesome and hilarious.

The Amazing Frog?

  • The entire episode is made even more hilarious when you remember that it is taking place at one in the morning after fourteen straight hours of grumping with both Arin and Danny being exhausted.
  • Danny is playing basketball:
    Danny: (running up to the hoop) WHITE CHOCOLATE! (he throws the ball, completely misses the hoop and falls over)
    Arin: (looking at the camera) You're not very good are you?
  • The finale of the one-off is Arin and Danny having the most inept and hilarious chase sequence ever as they fight over the crown.
    • The "crowner" has to be when Arin (who has the crown) manages to use some exploding barrels to safely catapult himself onto the roof of a nearby building, which Danny, being a newbie to the game hasn't managed to do yet. Arin then starts gloating only to immediately screw it up by falling off the roof of the building mid-gloat which allows Danny to (however briefly) take the crown. Danny does try to end the chase the moment he gets it by yelling "NEXT TIME ON GAME GRUMPS!!!" but it's clear they're having way too much fun to actually stop.
  • The crown falls near a wall at one point, which due to the game's quirks means they repeatedly try to wear the crown only to walk into the wall and drop it.
    • Which is then finished by Arin suddenly getting launched thousands of feet into the air for no apparent reason, unable to do a thing about it.
    • "Oh man look behind you; I'm like the Terminator coming up".
    Barry: *makes a bunch of frogs fall onto the screen with the text "RELEASE THE FROGS"*
  • Any time Danny accents an underwhelming jump or fall with a weak grunt. Especially effective after a kamikaze scream.

Endless Ocean

  • Arin's "Australian" accent.
  • When they meet Kat, a female NPC, they then start to act out the game as if it's a porno, even voicing out motion controls in smooth, totally relaxed voices. The results are hysterical.
    Danny: Let's try licking vagina. Press the A button and shake the controller vigorously.
    Arin: Not vigorous enough. Harder. Harder.
    Danny: Don't be a gentlemen about it. Really fuckin' go wild. (both of them start to crack up)
  • When the grumps go back on the boat, they receive new mail. When they go to check it out, a brand new penguin is seen. Their reactions of surprise and awe must be heard.
  • The last two minutes of the huge 44 minute extravaganza featuring Danny and Arin doing an interpretive dance to Hayley Westenra's Prayer. Which Hayley herself has seen and commented on!
  • Can we just say that the whole episode was just one extra long CMoF?
  • The Running Gag of calling penguins "Pandas".
  • Danny talking for the penguin.
    I hate jews!
  • Arin referring to a manta ray as a "Flap Flap".
  • A feature of the game allows you to pet the animals in order to learn their names, causing Danny and Arin to joke about fondling wildlife and how unrealistic it is compared to Real Life.
    • It gets to the point where they joke about what would happen if they tried to pet more dangerous fish like barracuda and sharks.

Ninjabread Man

  • Their reacting to the fact that this game is essentially a reskin of the game they played the day before, Trixie in Toyland. Keep in mind this was completely unplanned.
    • Made even better when Danny realizes that the company that made both is called "Conspiracy Entertainment".
  • The Grumps acting gay for Barry leading to Arin's story of "The D Club". It has be heard to be believed.
    • Danny is so stunned that he actually has to go out of the room and ask Suzy whether or not Arin is telling the truth. Cue a half minute of silence... and then Danny thundering into the room in complete shock before recounting the conversation complete with Suzy impersonation.
      Danny: *Throws the door open* OH MY GOD! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!
    • Right after Danny does the Suzy impression, both him and Arin more or less collapse into laughter.

Hello Kitty Seasons

  • Danny offering Hayley Westenra the opportunity to sing a song about Kraid fucking Samus. Arin pipes in that it could "re-jump start the career."
  • Mama Puss.
  • After Hello Kitty makes Jaeij the assistant Mayor, Danny says, "Talk to the Mayor- Press A for corruption!" and Arin cracks up.
  • Danny: Next time on Game Grumps, we'll figure out how to do this shit!
    Arin: No, fuck that shit, I'm not wasting someone's episode on this.
    'Danny: Wha- Dude, you're the one who refuses to find out how to play the game!
    Arin: I don't- That's not important! (Danny laughs}
  • BROTHER'S DEAD! Made even funnier by Danny laughing like he's never laughed before.


  • When the title character dies, he says "Robo Bogus!". The Grumps then imagine how proud the writer must be of this, to the point where he calls his wife and nonchalantly demands that she have sex with him for his "accomplishment".
  • About halfway through the episode, the game crashes, but the capture continues, prompting Arin and Danny to do a podcast.
    • Soon after it starts, discussion turns to a picture of a Lamb Chop puppet on Arin's computer that Danny is freaked out by.
      • The best thing about this is how, when Danny is about to bring it up, Arin insists that he doesn't and claims it's a private matter. Considering what we've heard from him before, this is kind of ridiculous.
    • Near the end of the podcast, when talking about how professional they are, Arin can't contain his laughter as he feels something coming on... before Danny can stop him, he manages to let loose a fart into the microphone.
    • And then of course, there's the flying hamburger.


  • Danny's intro line.
    Danny: When a man graduates from the D-Club...he joins the D-Force.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

  • Before this episode, Arin played the game to ensure the NES worked. His recalls his WTF-ness in realizing this was one of Dan's favorite games.
  • While Arin struggles with the first level, Dan reveals his playstyle: running like a maniac while frantically tossing stones.
  • Air-topus! Along with their shock at how well drawn the octopus boss is compared to the rest of the game.
  • They forget who sent them the game, so Arin retrieves the name. Walking in front of Dan while he plays, and conversing with him during the search.
  • Arin's OMG to being covered at ink, calling the octopi sassy. "Mmm, now you're blue!"
  • Arin's first time on the raft, and he jumps, drowning into the water. Hilarity Ensues.
    Arin:Woo...OMG...Holy Shit!
    *Danny laughs*
    Arin: I didn't know you could do that! You didn't warn me!
    Danny: Uh...dude, I haven't played this game in over twenty years.
    Arin: That's fuckin' fucked up, dude! (Danny laughs) You screwed me.
    • Arin's raft mastery continues by pressing the wrong button, drowning literally THREE SECONDS after restarting his turn on the level.
  • The shock at how a baker's dozen means thirteen. MIND! BLOWN!
  • Barry's OH YEAH! to the crocodile boss. Also, Arin & Dan assuming the boss battle is really the crocodile continually scratching its butt and yawning in relief.
  • Their laughter to the enemies in Stage Three, and their absolute joy to Tom's pelican ride.
  • The fact they are willing to play more past the half hour but are not wanting to subject their audience to the gameplay. Cue the comments BEGGING the Grumps to play more of the game.

The 3-D Battles of World Runner

  • The awesome 3-D at the beginning.
  • When the game pauses, the main character sits down for a nap.

Lizzie McGuire 3: Homecoming Havoc

  • Arin accidentally skipping over the Excuse Plot.
  • Arin & Danny making Serious Business over every minigame.
  • Danny: You missed the cream pie! That's my favorite part of any porn!
  • Danny's daily emotions are Oh God NO! & Fuck Yeah!
  • Lizzie's dance moves named after various Jacksons & Godzilla characters.

The Daring Game for Girls

Build-A-Bear Workshop

  • The sheer creepiness of all the stuffed animals in the game. They look like regular stuffed animals and move around in a very human-like manner.
    Arin: I feel like you could take a screenshot of this and say it's a horror game.
    Danny: Oh absolutely.
    Arin: (In a creepy voice) Do you want to play with us?
    Danny: It's like that scene in AKIRA where the fucking teddy bear comes to life and murders everything.
  • Barry: Honey, you know it's unbearable.
  • The fact that nearly everything has a horrible pun attached to it. A teddy bear named Bearemy, a bunny named Pawlette, the phrase "pawesome," and the ship used to get to different islands is the Friend Ship.
  • They choose a creepy looking turtle as their character. Arin asks Barry to zoom in on his face.
    Arin: (In a creepy voice, as fire and footage of atomic explosions are overlayed over the turtle's face) I've seen the end of the world. It is terrifying. It makes my blood boil. I wish for all the people of the know my strength. I will become the ender of worlds.
  • When they are given the opportunity to pick a sound for their creature to make, Arin believes one of the options should be a murder happening in the distance.
    Arin: (Far away from the mic, occasionally punching a cardboard box) "Get over here you fucking-!" "No, don't hurt me, no! Please! Please!" "DON'T YOU FUCKING MOVE!" "No, please! Don't hurt me! No, God, OW! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!" (In a squeaky voice) "I love you!"
  • Arin: I'm going with this.
  • Arin's addicted to hi-fiving a stuffed turtle.


Kabuki Quantum Fighter


Play with the Teletubbies

  • The whole thing. They spend most of the episode alternating between being horrified and cracking incredibly dark jokes.
    • Special mention goes to the live-action segment with the dog.
      Danny: That's a dog, Arin.
  • The entire duck sequence.
    PA System: Duck goes quack. Quack, quack, quack. Duck goes quack, quack, quack.
    Danny: (imitating PA System) You are... in hell. (makes fart noise as PA descends into the ground)
    • Arin: (whispering) This some Big Brother shit this is the sign of the apocalypse."
  • Arin leaving to hang himself and the accompanying audio.
  • This dialogue:
    Girl: (Dog drinking water) "Alex always like a drink in the park."
    Danny (as Girl): "I made it drink gasoline." (Dan and Arin laugh) "I thought it would make him go faster."
    Arin (as Girl): "And then he went to sleep! We left him there- AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! He came back. But when we realized he wasn't the same dog,"
    Danny (as Girl): "This wasn't my dad."
    Arin (as Girl): "Please help."
  • The Grumps spend the video continually switching between exasperation and fear.
  • The funniest part of it all isn't even in the video. One of the comments is from the official Teletubbies YouTube channel: "Thank you so much for playing! We look forward to seeing you again!"

Toejam And Earl

Transformers: Mystery of Convoy

Hannah Montana: The Movie


  • Dan gets more and more freaked out as the game goes on. It culminates in him putting an end to the playthrough after a ghost girl rushes at the screen.
    Dan: Yep... I just shat myself.
  • For most of the playthrough Danny desperately tries to get the episode to end. As in you can tell he genuinely and so very very badly just wants be done with it. Arin won't let him.
    Dan: Okay. Arin?
    Arin: Yeah?
    Dan: Next time on fucking Game Grumps! I am done!
    Arin: No. What are you talking about?
    Dan: I am done! I do not like this. I am having a terrible time!
    Arin: But there's so much more!
    Dan: Noooo moooore!
    • Even better, the game won't let it end.
      Dan: Okay, y'know what, Arin?
      Arin: Yeah?
      Dan: Think I'm done! Think we're calling this—
      [camera pulls back, revealing the words "no turning back now" scribbled on the wall]
      Dan: "No turning ba"—yes there is! Shut up, game!
      *Arin laughs*
      Dan: You don't fuckin' know me! You don't know my life, bitch!
  • The evolution of their relationship with the deformed fetus in the sink, which quickly becomes one of the less terrifying parts of the game.

Kung Fu

The Goonies

Dog Island

  • Arin and Dan naming their dog character PRINCEF TAAANX.
  • Their laughing over how there is a store specifically just for milk.
    Arin: "I dunno. How'd they learn to build a door?!"
    Danny: "Also, how'd they learn to run a store? And in this economy?"
  • The postman being called Mr. Postman.
  • "You bet your eight tits I did!"
  • The Grumps make fun of the main character's brother getting sick, sarcastically hypothesizing that he's on death's bed. They're right. Cue them reacting horrified.
    • Their shock that the entire game is actually pretty dark for a children's game. Their brother is on their deathbed, their father is either dead or missing, they believe that this one dog gave them poisoned milk which is the cause for their brother's ailment, and there have been numerous accounts of sinking ships to THE DOG Island. Their reactions go from mildly surprised to appalled.
  • Arin and Danny making fun of there being a Dog Island, then start talking about if they went on holiday to Human Island.
  • This could be considered Danny's payback for their P.T. playthrough, having Arin suffer throughout and Danny try to keep it going.
  • Arin and Danny's reactions when PRINCEF TAAANKS jumps ship:
    Arin: WHOA!!
    Dany: Oh my god! Adorable puppy overboard! (watches PRINCEF TAAANKS struggling to swim) Oh, she'll be fine!
  • The China man dog, oh god, for the last ten minutes.

Hell's Kitchen

Beavis and Butt-Head

Dragon's Lair

Dragon Tales: Dragon Seek

Werewolf: The Last Warrior

Silent Hill:Play Novel


    Date Grumps (with Suzy) 

The Lion King

  • The intro in general, with Ego turning from Grump to Not-so Grump with a kiss. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • The developer of the game's name happened to be Barry, and typing the name into the option screen using the SNES buttons turns invincibility on. Suzy theorizes that it's the same Barry who is the editor, and that all Barrys share the same consciousness in a hive mind and share the same mystical god-like power.
  • Simba's idle animation while distracted by a butterfly, and the juxtaposition of his close brush with death in the elephant graveyard.
  • Bug Toss is the hardest level in the game. Suzy thinks she beat it until Arin reveals she didn't.
  • According to Arin, the game looks like poopy diarrhea.
  • After seeing the gorilla in Hakuna Matata fall into the water, they lampshade the fact the only cartoony moment in the game is not in the movie.
  • Adult Simba has the ability to bitch-slap hyenas to eternity. And can Street-fighter-throw hyenas. While Suzy yells "FUCK EM UP! FUCK EM UP!"
  • Suzy goes on a rant about why there are Snow Leopard enemies in a volcano.
  • Arin does his impression of Heath Ledger's The Joker. And unusually for such a talented voice-actor, it seems to be the only impression he can't do.
  • When it's Arin's Turn to run through the Can't Wait to be King level, he teaches the rhythm to himself by beatboxing to Simba's headbanging while ducking. He still loses, but it sounds really cool.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

     Cat Grumps 
Yes, even these joke videos have comedy to be discovered.