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Sweet, more funny moments! This calls for: MORE WOLF JOB!

Egoraptor and friends playing games and dicking around on a web show is bound to have some especially hilarious moments. The Funny moments of the spin-off Steam Train can be found here, and Grumpcade can be found below.

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  • The Game Grumps panel has a lot. One particular moment is when a fan asks what games they'd really love to play but don't get sent to them. Arin's response is a Nintendo World Championships Gold Cartridge. And the way he just drops the mic after declaring so.
  • A fan gives them a gift when their turn comes up. It's an action figure of Bogun. At first they're mildly confused, but when they remember what it is and where it's from everybody completely loses it. Especially Arin.
  • Afterwards, a fan requested that they sign a copy of Sonic '06 and then destroy it. Arin was all too eager to oblige.
    • A recap, for those who cannot view the video: Arin throws the signed box on the ground, picks up the disk, snaps it in half, and then, to chants of "USA! USA!", shreds the manual and dances on the game's remains.
  • At one point, Arin has to excuse himself to go to the bathroom. Later on, a fan raises her hand and tells the Grumps, "I made you shit." She meant, of course, that she made little gifts for them, but Arin just jumps right on the opportunity and goes "SO YOU'RE THE REASON I HAD TO LEAVE EARLIER!?"
  • Their 2014 panel doesn't disappoint either:
    • As Arin is explaining how much time they spend recording per week, Danny steals a box of Cheese Nips that Jon himself left from his solo panel earlier in the day. When he asks if they were somebody else's, the whole audience yells that they were Jon's; cue Danny having a grand old time eating them and Arin barely keeping his composure.
    • Anytime the D-Club gets brought up Danny just puts down his mic and exits the conversation with the same stony expression.
      Arin: What's so weird about that? We were young, and exploring things, and-!
      Danny: Who among us hasn't touched dicks with another guy? *puts hand up*
    • Danny become indignant when he realizes Ross has been playing Pokemon on his 3DS the whole time.
    • The first set of gifts they get from the audience are a set of figures. Danny sees his and his response kills.
      Arin: *As the figure is passed up to him* Oh dude, dude, this is awesom—
      Danny: Oh, hey, Big Zam! *The crowd files into hysterics as the fan thrusts his fists into the air victoriously*
    • As per usual, if people hold something up, they are more likely to get called on. These people held up some pretty weird stuff.
      Arin: Well, let's call on somebody else.
      Danny: There's a gentleman holding up another gentleman.
  • In their 2015 panel, Ninja Brian (at the very least, unmasked) is sitting in the front row and starts distracting a fan as she asks Danny a question...
    Danny: Say it again, some extremely rude people—NINJA BRIAN!—in the front row...
    Brian: *stands up and flips Danny the bird with a very stern face*

    Merchandise Advertisements 
  • The promotion for the Game Grumps tees has this gem after Jon get demonically possessed:
    Demon!Jon: Arin, I know what you're thinking.
    Arin: Jon, I know what you're thinking! I gotta get outta here!
    Demon!Jon: No. I mean I really know what you're thinking. These shirts are gonna change some lives, Arin!
    Arin: Even demons know! Even demons know!
    • The entire promo is hilarious.
      Arin: How can we sell these shirts for such a low price!?
      Jon: We can't!
      Arin: They're a normal price.
      Jon: Would you do it different?
      Arin: I wouldn't.
      Jon: Business.
    • "Half the deals, twice the price!"
      • "100% of the deals for half the price!"
      • "Great deals for none of the price!"
    • Arin starts swinging around some sticky hands toys, one of which hits Jon in the tongue, causing him to "ECH." Cue slow-mo playback.
    • Jon notices a seam on one of the shirts, and punches it in frustration, knocking over one of the phone covers in the process.
    • Jon dunking one of the shirts in blue water and wringing it out all over the table...and then Arin tells him that he didn't even hit record.
      • Really hit home by the fact that Jon didn't believe him for the first twenty seconds and flips out the moment he's convinced. To top it off you can hear someone (either Barry or Ross) cracking up in the background.
      • Barry's silly little dance during that shot.
    • Jon even gets a little song: "Amazing grace! Half the deals, twice the price! You surprise me with your lack of common buyer sense!"
      • Immediately before that, as Ross is trying to put back the phone cover that Arin threw:
        Jon: I want, to sing. Amaaaaaz- Get the fuck out of my studio.
    • How did the phone cover get thrown? See below:
      Arin: iPhone! iPhone! Android? Out the windoooooow!
    • "Call in now, call in later! Colin Farrell, Colin Mochrie!"
    • The lampshade hanging Arin gives is one of the funniest part of the thing. "Can you believe the amount of asinine things we're saying!?"
    • "And if you're one of the ones with the boobs, then check out the 'Hey I'm Grump' and 'I'm Not So Grump' girl cuts! Look at Suzy! God, tha—
  • The Mycaruba tshirt commercial. Film noir. Danny as Detective N.S. Grump. Arin in drag. And all the mycaruba you can handle.
  • The Halloween T-shirt commercial. Particularly when Suzy accidently steps-in and realizes Arin and Danny are filming.
  • The entirety of the "Goddammit Ross" t-shirt commercial. Special mention to Danny at the end where he finally says what the audience has been waiting for.
    Danny: *Singing* Baaaaabyyyyy, when I get that feeeelin' I wan—
    Ross: *Quickly steps into frame with a clueless grin* Sexual healing!
    Danny: *Screaming to the sky* GODDAMMIT ROSS!!!
    • Anything and everything Ross does that involves milk.
    • "Do you hate Ross? ME TOO!"
    • At the end of the video, it looks like Ross is going to redeem himself, as he appears in front of the other four and claims to have made them tea. Except that he apparently forgot the fluid, so it's just bags/plastic cups of half and half in mugs. His followup is even better:
      Ross: Can I get you guys anything else? Like, uh, like... sugar? Honey? Salt? Bees? Cats? Dogs? Rabbits? Frogs? Toads?
  • The outtakes (An entire video separate from the commercial) due to its nature, naturally has its moments. Such as when preparing to shoot the shot of Ross walking in on Danny while singing.
    Arin: *Snickers* You're asking Ross to have rhythm?
    Danny: Yeah. *Arin starts laughing* It's awesome, it's awesome.
    • It requires three takes to get the "GODDAMMIT ROSS!!!" just right and each take Danny sounds progressively angrier. Observant people might notice that the second take would go on to become Danny's annoyance meter for Skyrim on Steam Train.
    • After guzzling the milk at the end of the video there's a brief pause before Ross drops the jug on the floor and belches loudly.
      Danny: Wow.
  • The ending of the 2013 Holiday Sale series.
    Suzy: I'm so sorry, kids! Christmas is about love and joy and happiness, it's not about our differences but about our differences bringing us together! It's not about the gifts. It's not about gift cards or iphones or ipads or kindles or...
    Arin: Hey.
    Suzy: Yeah?
    Arin: They're all dead.
    *shot of Danny, Barry and Ross lying motionless on the floor*
    Suzy: What!? Why!? What would happen to our children, why would they happen...what happened like this!?
    Arin: I dunno. They're just dead. *loud sip of coffee*
  • The outtakes of the "New Store New Shirts" promo has this gem:
    Arin: ...I know!
    Danny: That was a huge revelation right there.
  • The ad for the new Steam Train shirt is just Arin, Danny, Ross, and Barry discussing how to advertise the shirt. It starts out fairly weird, and ends in a case of Insane Troll Logic.
    Arin: First thing that pops in your head, go!
    Barry: 2.0.
    Ross: 7 dollars.
    Danny: 8 dollars.
    Arin: 2.0! 7 dollars! 8 dollars!
    Danny: I was the highest without going over!
    Arin: What does that mean, what does that mean?
    Danny: It means I go to the Showcase Showdown!

    Danny: I've got good news and bad news. Bad news, my dad doesn't know what Facebook is. Good news, he bought a shirt.
    (cue everyone saying "Good job." and giving awkward handshakes.)
  • The video advertising the Game Grumps Crunchyroll account for a free month-long trial membership. Literally one massive intentional sucky performance after the other. Here it is, in all its glory.
    • The fact that each new Crunchyroll ad becomes more and more obvious in its shilling, to the point that they start becoming a parody of people who shill for web services.
  • The excessively goofy sitcom set up of 'I Burgie Burgie'.
    • The network that airs the I Burgie Burgie commercial? Dick@Nite.
    • Arin works at the Jobs factory.
    • Dan is an Angsty Emo teen who has attitude.
    • Basically anything with Burgie. Highlights include shitting relish in Dan's shoe, the amount of puns he dishes out, and the fact that his voice is a deep gravely mix between a Brooklyn accent and a Jersey accent.
    • Arin: Pay your Fucking Rent Burgie! (Dan breaks character and starts to laugh.)
    • After Burgie gets upset about hot dogs stealing all the jobs and ruining the country, Dan walks in the door with his new girlfriend: a hot dog played by Kevin. Burgie promptly [[Angrish freaks out]].
    • We get various hashtags in the bottom right of the screen, such as #beefy, #Burger Feels, and #Relish Shits.
  • Doubling as a Crowning Moment of Awesome, the team was approached by Yacht Club Games to announce the Shovel Knight amiibo. How does the promo start? With Arin trying to dig a hole in a hardwood floor.
    • Suzy tried, but was "injured" as evidenced by the wraps of toilet paper on her hands.
    • The anime-esque overacting from Barry, Suzy, and Arin when Ross enters.
  • The Entire Game Grumps Christmas commercial for 2015.
  • Highly Intelligent Musings with Brian Wilhelm Wecht, Ph.D, has the titular doctor let you know that he had this shirt designed so that you know what it feels like to have a Ph.D, and so everyone who sees you knows that you're just a better person than they are because of it.

    Other Ads 
  • The Ad monster. Said Ad Monster proceeds to beat up Barry and Suzie, and Brian is so afraid of it that he tries to run, only to get be dragged off beat up himself. Brian calls to Arin for help, who just sits on the sidelines while he's taking cash from another Ad Monster.
    *Cut to Arin nodding in satisfaction as a second Ad Monster fills his wallet with money*
  • Grape Crate. When Barry shows Arin a quarterly subscription service that delivers him one grape in the mail, Arin doesn't take it well and suggests an alternative.
  • The Shovel Knight 3-Pack amiibo trailer. Not only is the fact that Nintendo shot a Game Grumps-style commercial for official merchandise hilarious enough, but the whole commercial is basically Arin being over-the-top sensual about amiibo.

    Q&A with the Grumps! 
  • The second Q&A with the Grumps episode opens up with a question directed to Ross: "How did you come about moving to the United States since you were born in Australia?" Ross' response? An arms-crossed, not-even-looking-at-the-camera, apathetic and bored "I got on a plane."
    • And then another question asks how much the other Grumps pick on him off-camera. His response? "Never, I'm fucking ripped". Even better is that Suzy knew that the response was going to suck solely because it was a question for Ross.
  • Also from the second Q&A, one question asks Suzy if there was a bad moment of her life that she is able to laugh about today, and Dan chimes in:
    Arin: (huge, sarcastic laugh)
  • The sixth Q&A with the Grumps has the grumps telling how hey met each other then we get several gems from Kevin
    • The first is his skype chat with Arin during his interview trying to be professional as he just got off work but Arin being Arin first response was "Sup Bro" followed up with a question of "Do you like video games?" and then Suzy mentioned how he wasn't even wearing pants during it.
    • The second is when Dan first met him he called him a word so bad Barry had to censor it.
      Kevin: You come out and you were like You're our new f*Censored*!
    • Ross' belief that the new intern, Jack, was jacksepticeye when they first met. Also, Jack, when asked to come out and "speak Irish" says "How now brown cow" into the mic in a thick Belfast accent.

    Dragons in Places 
  • It's Arin, Ross, Barry, Suzy, and Holly on a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with their DM, ProJared. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Ross uses an attack where he puts his blades in his hand and rotates his arms like a windmill. Of course, it succeeds.
  • While on a pleasant trip to the first dungeon, Arin complains that there is no conflict. Jared decides to appease him.

  • In Egoraptor's half of the original promo for the channel, Arin, laying on the couch, cues Jon onscreen by saying "... with someone that you may all know..." Jon runs onscreen and leaps onto the couch beside him, his elbow nailing Arin exactly where you think he would be nailed.
    Arin: (laughing) OW! JEEZ!
  • Even as Jon leaves the show, he leaves on a comedic note:
    Jon: Gosh dang. Ya can't be goofy all of the time. You gotta go out on your own eventually. Start a family, eat healthy, eat carrots, eat tomatoes, eat your family.
    • [door slams in background] GODDAMMIT!
    • Danny is introduced with him making two Cyborg 009 action figures hump each other
      "You piccadilly whore!"
  • The Rayman Legends Tournament announcement. Just... watch it.
    • The actual tournament has the highlight of Arin spending an entire round he was spectating standing completely still, remaining completely silent, not even as much as blinking, let alone reacting to anyone else around him. Then, as the final few seconds of the video start counting down, he strikes a Fonzie pose.
  • The Child's Play charity video. It's not that long, but it manages to be hilarious.
    Danny: We've got Glover, uhh... Glover... Here's a Glover.
    Arin: Do we have any Glover?
    Danny: No, I don't think s-- (holds up seven more Glover) OH MY GOD.
    Arin: Don't you dare tease me.
    Danny: What are we going to do with all these games?
    Arin: *scratchy voice* BURN THEM.
    Danny: *holds a candle-light to a case* You got it! *drops lighter* Wait! I've got a better idea!
    Arin: *leans back* Doubt it.
    Danny: Why don't we sell them on eBay and donate the proceeds to charity? (muffled) Yay!
    Arin: THAT...IS THE ST- (obviously dubbed over while he's clearly saying "stupidest idea ever") -greatest idea you've ever had Daniel.
  • The ENTIRE Cards Against Humanity during RTX. Sadly, you have to be a Rooster Teeth sponsor to watch it now.
  • The Grumps complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Bonus points to Ross for his reaction when they dump the water: Stone-faced, arms crossed, no fucks given whatsoever.
    • That is until you realize there was no ice in Ross's bucket.
  • The second Anki-Drive promotional from start to finish.
    Arin: That is an elephant eating a car!
    Ross: That is no elephant! That is a golden retriever!
  • A meta example: The YouTube comments for their videos have displayed all of the following trends at one point or another:
  • Arin's Dance, a 35-second collage of pictures edited to look like Arin's dancing, complete with Arin "singing" in a Simpleton Voice.
    • The description lists the same people who "worked" on this as the same people who worked on The Departed.
  • During a Grump Out video titled Dan and Arin Demolish a Giant Gummy Bear, we get this gem.
    Danny: Well, this calls for a second gross bite, I think.
    Arin: Nah, this is...
    [Arin almost immediately takes a huge bite while Danny cracks up.]
    • Also, shortly after, Arin tries to scoop some gummy bear onto a plastic spoon and it breaks almost immediately. while Danny laughs so hard he falls off his chair.
  • The “Ghoul Grumps” intro. Arin growls “Hey I’m Ghoul,” and you’re expecting Danny to go “I’m Not-So-Ghoul” but instead he just yells “BLEAAAAHHHH!”
  • Arin gets friendzoned by Wendy's.
  • Arin, Danny and Brian attending the Bring Back MST3K Telethon, with Arin and Danny riffing the "Manos" The Hands of Fate video game with Crow T. Robot.
  • The Grumps' selfies with Chris Pratt (or, rather, a watermelon with Chris Pratt's name written on it in sharpie), all of which have Ross sneaking around behind them, including Ross himself.
  • Arin's life advice at the start of part 78 of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • A meta example, but Arin's epic meltdown at the Knuckles wall-climbing glitch in Sonic 06 did not go unnoticed by the series' official Twitter page, with Sonic and Eggman referencing and quoting the meme in-character.
  • Ross and Barry's heated argument on Twitter and Instagram on whether or not Mew should be #150 in the Pokedex instead of Mewtwo.
  • The intro to Arin doing Mega Man X alone
    Arin: Hey, I'm Grump!
    Arin: And I'm the Game Grump! (The "S" in Game Grumps has an X painted over it.)
  • And now the intro to Dan doing Space Quest III alone...
    Dan (singing): Hey I'm Dan! I'm also Dan! DAAAAAAAAAN...
  • Game Grumps Eat Gross Beans. Pretty much the entire video is a Crowning Moment of Funny, but some highlights include:
    • Barry walks in with a lightning-bolt drawn on his forehead and a strip of cardboard with glasses drawn on it taped over his eyes and introduces himself as 'Barry Potter'. Note that the cardboard doesn't have any holes punched in it for Barry to see through.
    Barry: [haltingly] It is I, Barry Potter. I came with these beans [holds out a box of Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans, with the reverse side of the box facing the camera] and we're gonna...
    Suzy: The beans are backwards.
    [Arin cracks up in the background while Barry turns the box around]
    Barry:...Eat these beans, I am a wizard, I came from the place with beans, and we're going to eat the beans now.
    • Dan is not appreciative of Barry Potter's gift of gross beans. His retort when Barry complains about this?
    First of all, I'm Danbledore.
    • A minor one but when Dan isn't sure whether his bean was Sausage or Dirt flavornote , he describes it as 'the exact midpoint' between the two. Barry (who had just gotten Earthworm) replied that that's what his tasted like too.
    • Suzy gets a Grass-flavored bean, and Dan suggests she add it to the spit-cup containing his Dirt bean, and Barry offers to add his Earthworm bean to make a nice backyard.
    • Ross takes his second bean and frowns silently for some time, while the others speculate he must have gotten a really bad one. It turns out that not only did he get a good one, he got the same good flavor he got the first time, making Ross both the first and second person to get a good bean.
    • Arin decides to purposely choose a vomit-flavored bean, just for the sake of it. We even get a freezeframe on his face of immediate regret.
    Suzy: What is wrong with you? Why would you pick that? ... Oh my god, it stinks.
    • Once they decide that they have to keep trying beans until they get a good one, Suzy gets Green Apple, Barry gets Toasted Marshmallow, Dan gets Watermelon, and Ross had already gotten his two Candyflosses, leaving Arin to just keep trying beans.
    Arin: [picks a bean] [Beat] Nope! [goes to spit]
    Flavor caption: NOPE
    • Dan finds that the one bad bean available that no one had gotten yet was two earwaxes, so he proposes that Arin and Suzy take them as a couple. But...
    Arin: Mine was actually Marshmallow.
    Suzy: Yeah, mine's not bad. It's Marshmallow.
    Dan: Ohhhhhh... Fuck! Alright...
    Arin: Looks like you fucked up!
    Flavor caption: [over Dan's face] FUCK
    • Arin decides to end the video by eating all the remaining beans at once. Following this, he is seemingly incapable of doing anything but shout incoherently and grimace as his face turns bright red. The smell is so bad that literally everyone has to leave.
    Arin: Why am I doing this!?
    Suzy: Just spit it out!
    [Arin does so, and collapses onto the couch]
    Arin: [sobbing] Whyyyy...
  • Remember when Arin mentioned that time he played chicken with the official Sonic the Hedgehog twitter and had to eat a bunch of very rich cupcakes? Well, now you can see his suffering in all its glory.
    Arin: NO! NO! *Eats cupcake 11* NO! THIS WAS A BAD IDEA! THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!!!
    Ross: Drink your water.
    Barry: This is what happens when you tweet at Sonic.
  • The Game Grumps Hotline, in which random people call the Grumps through a burner phone, with the Grumps role-playing various scenarios, to humorous results.
    Matt: Listen, I don't care who this is, you need to put your dad on the line right now.
    Caller: ...what?
    • One caller asks the Grumps what their favorite movies are:
    Matt: Have you seen, uh, that Crazy Frog music video? The version where he has the penis animated on him?
    Ross: That's probably one of my favorites.
    Barry: That's a good movie.
    Suzy: Can I change mine?
    Arin: (fit of laughter)
  • In their turn at hosting Good Mythical Morning, the Super Mario Bros. trivia contest does not favor Danny, where in all four rounds he gets the losing block, resulting in him getting dunked with eggs, Starbucks frappuccino, flour, and mushroom soup. Arin meanwhile, gets harmlessly showered with fake coins at every round.
    Danny: (after having freezing cold frappucino dumped on him) It's an actual nightmare.