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YMMV: Game Grumps
  • Acceptable Targets: The Grumps occasionally make fun of the Irate Gamer. Jon lampshades this in the third episode of their Incredible Crisis series stating that he's probably the only person they can make fun of without getting in trouble with their fans.
  • Accidental Innuendo: From their Family Feud grumpage: "Name something fathers buy for their kids but play with themselves". Lampshaded, of course.
  • Arc Fatigue: Sonic 06 can be this, as it's at least twelve hours of content, and Shadow's Story isn't much different than Sonic's Story gameplaywise, focusing on the actual plot. Silver's Story, which features radically different gameplay, seems to be remedying this. Not helped by the fact that the Grumps themselves seem bored with it by about halfway through Shadow's campaign, going on random tangents and there being long stretches where the two don't mention anything about the game. Made both more Hilarious in Hindsight and Harsher in Hindsight when you realize that it will most likely stay unfinished.
  • Archive Panic: They usually post two videos every day of at least 10 to 20 minutes in length. A single month usually provides at least 10 hours of content. Understandably daunting for anyone who wants to catch up.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The fact they now use walkthroughs to find out where to go or what to do. Admittedly it may not always stop fans from saying "PAY ATTENTION GUYS!" but at least progress is made at a more steady pace in some games thanks to this.
  • Awesome Music: The second intro song for Game Grumps Vs., though some fans will tell you they prefer the first one.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: In the first episode of their Donkey Kong Country playthrough, Birdo is edited in to appear briefly. She quickly runs off-screen and no mention is made of it. Jon was singing part of the Super Mario 2 Boss music, so Barry edited her in.
  • Broken Base:
    • A small example. Some fans dismiss the series due to a long standing Fandom Rivalry between reddit and 4chan. Jon has used a couple of reddit memes in his work and has mentioned the site a few times in Game Grumps, as has Egoraptor. However, most people outside the rivalry find the whole situation ridiculous. Jon and Ego specifically mention this Broken Base at the start of their Secret of Mana playthrough and also find it to be ridiculous. Incidentally Game Grumps have a fairly popular and thriving subreddit.
    • Their New Super Mario Bros Wii series was very divisive as Jon and Arin constantly bashed the game. However they walked back their criticisms slightly and admit they might be due to nostalgia, as well as explained them more. Some fans still dislike the series just because they don't think the videos are funny. However, they stopped playing because despite their insistence that they were having fun it was pretty obvious they hated the game, and indeed when they came to play NSMBU it was a one-off.
    • Both Jon and Arin hated The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword but enjoyed Twilight Princess. They have however promised a full explanation about Skyward Sword at some point and have criticized aspects of Twilight Princess, such as how barren the game's areas feel.
    • Arin says he enjoyed the gameplay of Metroid: Other M despite thinking the story was trash. Given that particular game is The Scrappy of the series, Internet Backdraft was immediate.
    • Arin saying that Sonic Adventure 2 was just as bad as Sonic 06.
    • When Arin expressed his (very negative) opinion on Ōkami. Naturally, this lead to quite a massive uproar.
    • The "Like" animation that would swing down for a few seconds was hated by many vocal complainers. Apparently the negative reaction was strong enough to cause the sign to completely stop appearing after a few videos.
    • Jon and Arin ignoring hints in Sonic '06. Fans either think it causes some of the funnier moments in the episode or find it infuriating.
    • Whenever Arin brings up and insults the original Devil May Cry and says the same things that the media said about how fans are only whining about the hair, it's enough for the video to start an argument. He doesn't do this once, but twice. Its a case of Cowboy Bebop at his Computer given he's not even a fan of Devil May Cry and doesn't understand the controversy to begin with and is only fueling the fire.
    • Naughty Bear, Episode 1. Frustration at the episode led to debate as to whether Jon and Arin talking was the most important part of the show, or if Jon and Arin playing and progressing through a game was more important, they stumbled through that first section of Naughty Bear ignoring hints and dialogues and then complaining they don't know what to do. This kind of thing, for better or worse, gets the YouTube commenters up in arms (see Fan Dumb below).
    • The Seinfeldian Conversation. Some people think they should talk about the game and funny events in the game (ex: Shadow's kick to the back of Silver's head, that they missed twice (make that thrice... Actually, make that four times). Other people either don't care or argue that their completely random conversations are what make the show what it is.
    • There's also a pretty big divide among the fans as to who was right in the Guts argument.
    • In the Mega Man X7 Part 1 Red Dead Redemption players were bothered with Arin's comments about the game while to a lesser extent Mega Man Legends fans were annoyed with Jon's comments.
    • In some of the later Sonic '06 episodes, Jon mentions that he hated the original BioShock and Arin seems to have mixed feelings about the most recent entry in said series, BioShock Infinite. Arin also once again continues talking about how much he hates the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. It is worth mentioning that Jon does constantly compliment BioShock: Infinite and keeps trying to get Arin to shut up about Tomb Raider (since Jon does like it). This has seemingly caused another rift among Grump fans, with some fans starting to think Arin is coming off sounding a bit pretentious about his ideas regarding game design; but most of all there are now Grump fans who argue whether or not if some groups of fans are just blindly agreeing with Jon and/or Arin's opinions, or on the other side of the coin if some fans are just being rude to Jon and Arin's opinions. There does not seem to be much of an in between.
    • This is lampshaded when they play Contra III, as Arin reveals his hatred of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time because it's "boring as fuck". Jon disagrees.
    "Hey! Wanna see a Game Grumps video with a giant half dislike bar?"
    • After the announcement that Jon was leaving, his replacement Danny got a lot of hate simply because he "wasn't Jon".
    • The addition of Steam Train is already destroying the shattered base. Many are saying it's made worse by being started the EXACT same day Jon left and, more suspiciously, Danny began, meaning he's in both shows on the channel, whereas only one of the classic Grumps is in one of the shows. This hate has settled down in the months since, with most people accepting Jon's absence, and the fact that Arin hosts Steam Train almost as much as Danny does.
    • Their playthrough of Wind Waker HD attracted this, particularly Episode 25, which is colloquially known as 'the episode where Arin doesn't press ZR.' The outcry was less to do with Arin's incompetence as much as his constant problem of blaming the game for his own lack of skill. On the flipside, the series also had a very heartwarming and widely praised episode where Danny talks about his struggles with depression and OCD when he was younger. Supporters say they should give the Grumps a break because they produce quality episodes like that in spite of all their flaws, while the haters say it doesn't excuse the frustrating lack of skill and Arin's dickbaggery towards the game's design.
    • The addition of end slates at the end of episodes has caused this, though this is less of a case of straight-up love/hate and more a case of people not really caring that much to others declaring it the beginning of a sell-out and that it's the end of Game Grumps. Much like the Wind Waker example above, people are also generally mad at Arin's hypocrisy for making fun of the concept of Youtubers telling their viewers to subscribe to their channel, only to eventually decide to add a big-ass subscribe button in-video.
  • The Complainer Is Always Wrong: Tying into Fan Dumb, Grumps fans seem to rail against the Grumps whenever they express dislike or distaste for popular games, or otherwise not siding with the majority. For example, in episode four of Aladdin on Genesis, Jon and Arin have a disagreement over Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. A lot of the comments section is Grumps fans siding against Arin and claiming that he just rails against, dismisses or otherwise bullies Jon until he changes his opinion, and that he's completely harsh to any game he doesn't like, probably because it's Symphony of the Night and was very popular, a fact Arin mentions.
  • Crazy Awesome: Danny has a bunch of incredibly odd stories, such as going to the French Alps to study flowers on a whim, or wrestling an alligator while stoned in the Everglades.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Two words: Holocaust Hungry.
    • The domestic abuse jokes in the Mary-Kate & Ashley episode manage to be hilarious due to a combination of Anti-Humor and Mood Whiplash.
    • Sad Hoshi, a depressed Japanese man who is eventually revealed to be a pedophile.
    • Anything having to do with Mr. Wilson.
    • The polio song from part 31 of Super Mario Sunshine. They stop to discuss just how wrong it is...then just keep on singing.
    • This gem of a quote from Sonic '06 Part 59:
    Arin: "I wanna take a girl to the Grand Canyon, fuck her, and then throw her in."
    • Racist Bassist.
  • Ear Worm: Practically all the intro songs, all of which aren't much longer than a couple of seconds. This includes the regular Game Grumps intro, the Game Grumps VS intro, the Guest Grumps intro (composed by Grant Kirkhope), and the Steam Train intro.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • While every single made-up character has their own fanbase, Sad Hoshi, Gloop the Fish, Mycaruba, and the Alternative Character Interpretation of Mr. Wilson are all generally loved the most. The Twitchy Ass Taillow from the first Game Grumps Animated, as well as the Lotad family and Poppy Bros., also enjoyed popularity for a while, before they all went Out of Focus.
    • Barry, the show's editor, and Suzy, Arin's wife, both manage to rival the Grumps themselves in terms of popularity. Barry started getting a lot of fan love around the time Sonic 2006 and Return to Dreamland came out, mostly due to the funny annotations he writes on-screen whenever he's addressed by the Grumps, before bolstering it over time with his incredible editing skills, as shown during Nintendo Land and Drakkhen, while Suzy garnered popularity through being adorable and nice. Both became even more popular with their appearances on Steam Rolled through averting disliked aspects of the show, with Barry proving himself to be fairly competent at video games, which is something people have called out the Grumps for lacking. Suzy, meanwhile, generally requests to see instructions for some of the games they play, averting the notoriety of the Grumps' refusal to Read the Freaking Manual. Eventually, both became so popular they got their own damn show.
    • Grant Kirkhope's Guest Appearance has become insanely popular over-night.
    • Danny's dad or Avidad has gradually grown as Danny often tells hilarious but also sweet stories about him with some Memetic Badass status. The fandom went pretty wild went Danny played a phone message that was in no way was exaggerated.
  • Establishing Series Moment
    • From their own mouths, Danny's was Mayor Luigi.
  • Fan Dumb/Hate Dumb: Grumps fans' propensity to complain about minor gripes is the reason this is such a laundry list:
    • Several obsessive fans (or perhaps just trolls) spam /v/ on a regular basis with Game Grumps. Non-fans then berate Jon and Ego, who continually say that it's not them doing it and they can't really be responsible for someone else's actions.
    • A large amount of fans have started bitching and moaning about how Game Grumps has become the main focus for both Arin and Jon. A common argument is that Game Grumps takes a day to produce a week's worth of content and its popularity means that Jon and Arin make a lot of money without doing any real work. Linking in with portion of the fandom that hate Jon, Jon gets most of the criticism for not making new episodes because he's an easy target, what these fans don't realise is that Jon actually has to write, shoot, cut and edit his episodes, despite this Jon has put out more episodes since Game Grumps' inception than Arin has. Both Grumps have denied that the show is the reason they aren't doing any work, and are adamant that Game Grumps is just a side-project.
      • The money argument continually crops up, with people arguing, in addition to the show itself being fairly lucrative for both of them, that their offerings of T-Shirts and Merchandise was purely to make money (in fact a lot of people requested shirts and stuff BEFORE they started offering them). What these people fail to realise is that while Game Grumps has a lot of output, the number of views per episode is probably much lower than either of Jon or Arin's solo works (granted, when you consider their output this is probably irrelevant). But more importantly, that money has to be split four ways, between Jon, Arin, Barry and maybe TGS. So while neither grump is struggling to make ends meet at this point, there's probably a great deal of incentive to continue making solo projects.
      • When Jon left the show, he overtly stated in his departure video that he was doing so to spend more time working on his own projects, as well as the fact he doesn't want to make a living just doing Game Grumps all the time. Needless to say, the Broken Base was out in force, and instead of being happy that Jon was working on more solo content, they were furious that he decided to leave the show. What's more, instead of taking it out on Jon, it was Arin and the newly-incumbent Danny who were facing the brunt of their anger.
    • Prior to her regular appearances on the show, some people on the subreddit were pretty nasty and judgmental about Suzy, despite knowing next to nothing about her at the time.
    • The small portion of the fandom that hates Jon. It's particularly bad because they hate Jon and will use anything to criticise him, but they're all full of praise for Arin and don't think he can do any wrong whatsoever. This is consistent with a large majority of Egoraptor's YouTube fanbase. Also Jon mentioned in an episode of Aladdin SNES a 4Chan hate group designed to get a rise out of him, stating that he's inferior to Arin because he's never worked at Fox (Arin states Jon is lucky for not having worked at Fox, it was a horrible experience) or been on the Tester (a large part of Arin's fanbase and Arin hated the Tester) among other things.
    • Some of the fans have yet to catch on to the fact that Game Grumps isn't live, and therefore the Grumps cannot interact with them. Some times they read the comments, but given one of Egoraptor's latest tweets this is unlikely to happen again.
    • The fans that insist the Game Grumps have to be funny.
    • A slow period in January from both the Grumps being very ill after MAGfest has some segments of the fandom up in arms because there's only one Game Grumps a day.
    • The Grumps being accused of getting sponsored to play Dead Space 3. note 
      • And now they're being accused of being "sellouts" and "only playing modern games now and not classic games" because they're playing Portal 2.
      • Which they only did because their SD Capture software wasn't working properly.
    • Their poor performance in episode 2 of their Wheel of Fortune playthrough has left a lot of people infuriated. It's honestly somewhat difficult to find comments that aren't just "IT'S SPICY YOU IDIOTS".
      • This applies to pretty much any long enough playthrough of a game. Getting annoyed when someone takes a long time to complete an easy task in a game or just plain sucks at it is understandable, but some of the commenters take their frustration to a ridiculous degree.
    • Their return to Mario Party 8 (called Mario Party 8: Ground Zeroes) is catching some flak due to some people claiming the title is making fun of 9/11, when it's really just a Metal Gear reference.
    • When the end slates were introduced, they caused an outcry the likes of that hasn't been seen since Jon's departure. Between calling out the Grumps on the hypocrisy of including an in-video subscribe button after almost two years of making fun of the concept, to saying this is the beginning of a huge sell-out to make themselves more like other Let's Play channels, the rage was extremely palpable and, depending on who you asked, incredibly overblown.
  • Fan Nickname: The fanbase came up with Kinda Grump for Danny, half out of wanting Jon to keep his title and half out of realizing his temperament is somewhere between Arin's and Jon's.
  • Fountain of Memes: Two incredibly quotable people in one room. The result was inevitable.
    • They specifically noted they want "Seven Asses" to become a meme just because it's ridiculous. They succeeded with flying colors.
    • Other memes just from the first two weeks: "Higgs Boson", "Boopinest", "Pause Balls", "Groomp", and "Poppy Bros".
    • Another is "[x] is in Egoraptor", a response to one of the guys getting an email asking if someone they knew was "in Egoraptor" (implying they thought Egoraptor referred to a group of people, not one individual).
    • In the more traditional sense of a meme, the word "tinky" in relation to bosses that make a "tink" noise to denote invincibility when they're hit.
    • "HEY I'M GRUMP" is one used somewhat ironically by those who dislike the show, and legitimately by some who like it.
    • The "you're a pizza!" line has given way to the (too-easy) character insult "Pete's a pizza" in the Goof Troop/Game Grumps fandom overlap.
    • While they did not invent the meme, they have definitely contributed to the spread of the phrase "realtalk", typically by saying "Yo, realtalk" or "But seriously, realtalk".
    • Intentionally mangling the show title. "WELCOME TO GRAM GROOP!"
    • Ross' 'is rly good' from Steam Train.
    • Mycaruba, the joke name Arin and Danny gave to the sidekick alien in Out Of This World, took off overnight. Between July and August 2013, it's been impossible to go onto the Grumps subreddit without at least one top-rated thread that lulls people into a Mycaruba joke. It reached a critical mass when the Grumps themseves got in on the act.
      • In light of that, 'I'VE BEEN DIDDLED!' or some variant is the appropriate response to it.
    • Get outta here!
    • Oh hey, Big Zam!note 
    • ""Are x and y still friends?"" note  "No, because x beat y's fiance."note 
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: A Game Grumps animated based on a Naruto video game ended with Jon looking at Arin exactly the same way Sasuke looked at Naruto before leaving Konoha to pursue a personal quest... About a month later, and Jon left the Grumps to pursue his own quest.
    • In Kirby's Epic Yarn, Danny and Arin joking about the goofiness and cheesiness of the Fast and the Furious movies... in a video uploaded the day after Paul Walker died in a car crash.
    • All the hosts on the show have spent close to two years making fun of the 'like, comment and subscribe' shtick a lot of other Youtube channels do. What did Arin eventually decide to add? An end slate with a giant subscribe button that he overtly points out at the end of the videos.
  • Growing the Beard: Danny really grew into his role as Not so Grump. It's generally accepted that when the intro was changed to be less a remake of Jon's intro but using Danny's voice to a more harmonious version of the intro was the point where Danny and Arin's playing off of each other really started to take off.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: A fair number of Jon's last episodes, thanks to the fact that we didn't know they were his final episodes at the time. Things like Jon gleefully declaring "THE GAME GRUMPS ARE BACK, FOLKS!" in Shatterhand are a lot sadder in the wake of the sudden announcement that he'd left the show for good.
    • This Twitter conversation featuring Jon and Ross about Jon being replaced as Not So Grump.
    • Every time Jon and Arin joke about being together forever, or just about everything between them on the Heartwarming page qualifies (though it should still be noted that there's no indication that they AREN'T still friends).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Arin and Danny's playthrough of Punch-Out!! for Wii started exactly one day before Little Mac was announced for the fourth Super Smash Bros. game. Made endlessly funnier by the fact that they actually discuss the possibility of a Punch-Out character making it into Smash Bros. in the third episode (Though they were predicting King Hippo rather than Little Mac).
    • From within the same playthrough, partway through Danny's last rematch with Don Flamenco, he and Arin have a Seinfeldian Conversation on the nature of headbutting (Danny was looking for a way to shut Arin up without releasing the controller). Then they fight Aran Ryan, who cheats by (amongst other things) headbutting. The video even finishes with Ryan KO'ing Danny with a headbutt.
    • In their The Amazing Frog? video, they were fighting over a crown (and supposedly the title of "Ribbit King"). Cue a Game Grumps VS series in which they face off in a against each other in a game titled Ribbit King.
  • Ho Yay: In Kirby Super Star, if you eat some food, you can kiss your partner to give them some of it, leading to Egoraptor and Jon Tron talking about kissing each other on-camera.
  • Hype Backlash: For the Sonic 2006 playthrough, the fandom was eagerly awaiting Silver's Dusty Desert, which features the infamous ball puzzle, known for being incredibly rage-inducing and time-consuming. The Grumps only spend 13 minutes on it and only get kinda annoyed by it.
  • Just Here for Godzilla:
    • A number of fans claimed to have lost interest in the series once Jon left - not necessarily out of spite towards Arin or Danny, but because of the sort of conversations that occurred between Arin and Jon specifically.
  • Magnum Opus:
    • The general consensus seems to be (in both the eyes of the fans and Jon and Arin) that Goof Troop was the best series of Game Grumps's first year. Sonic 06 was a strong contender, but was bogged down by several lulls in quality and lacking a proper ending. When it comes to the first year's one-shots, people usually agree that either Drakhen, Chuckie Cheese or the Guest Grumps with Grant Kirkhope are the best.
    • For Year 2 of Grumps, Out Of This World and Dennis The Menace tend to be considered the best series and one-off respectively. Super Mario Sunshine is also being called Sonic 06 V2.0 by some fans - Super Mario Sunshine is actually considered better by some, as it lacks the Arc Fatigue that Sonic 06 suffered (at least one Shine gained most videos and much more attention paid to the game, with them actually looking up what to do when they're stuck). It helps that they actually finished Sunshine, marking it as the longest completed series under the Grumps' belt.
    • Dan & Arin's playthrough of Amazing Frog? on the Ouya has been attracting rave responses from fans, especially the chase for the crown. It's now brought up for best year 2 one shot episode of Game Grumps.
  • Memetic Badass: Barry. Even before his first true appearances on the show he had a cult following, and now that he has, he's lived up to the reputation and won every episode of Steam Rolled he's participated in so far. Arin and Danny invoke this in Super Mario Sunshine when they finally get the Pachinko machine star, saying Barry came in and did it for them and then spend an entire minute gushing about how amazing Barry is.
  • Memetic Molester: Mr. Wilson. According to Danny he teaches Dennis how to play a game called "butt-ball" in his basement and warns him to never tell his parents.
  • Most Annoying Sound: To /v/, Jon's ECH ECH.
    • Danny's rendition of "I'M NOT-SO-GRUMP!" has irked a couple of fans.
    • Referenced by Danny in episode 47 of Super Mario Sunshine:
    Arin: That gives me a bit of health!
    Danny: And stops the beeping.
    Danny: And help preserve my sanity. Beep. Beep. Beep.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The "boop" noise from the Goof Troop game. It's the boopinest game ever!
    • Jon's screaming is just about always hilarious to listen to, as well as his singing. Same goes for Danny, as both Jon and Danny are talented singers. Arin's not so bad, either.
  • Nausea Fuel: In the middle of the Sonic '06 playthrough, we hear a really graphic story from Jon Tron about the time that Egoraptor got food poisoning while he was at MAGfest. Definitely not for the squeamish.
    • In episode 87 of the Sonic playthrough, Arin has another profoundly graphic story about food poisoning. Incidentally, this story is told during White Acropolis, just like the first story was.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The ROM Hack concept for Banjo-Kazooie that the two come up with, featuring a bloodcurdling scream as death sounds, a Heartbeat Soundtrack, and eerie noises getting louder with each Jiggy collected.
    • Egoraptor's story, also in Clanker's Cavern. He was home alone one day, and his family's cordless phone rang. It was down in the basement, so he went to go answer it. He answered, and all he heard was an echoing droning noise, which he has admitted to being afraid of. So basically he was home all alone, in a dark basement, hearing a noise that utterly terrifies him through a phone...
    • Nearly anything they talk about in Clanker's Cavern, appropriately enough.
    • The giant snowman in Banjo Kazooie that has massive eyes. At least according to Jon.
    • Almost everything to do with Spice World due to the horrifyingly bad character models. Also, the ending.
    • In the Grant Kirkhope episode, Jon, Arin and Grant have the clip of the finale of Banjo-Kazooie rather than play it themselves. When this is other it cuts back to Banjo in a dark, dank pipe, slowing drowning to death. Kinda makes it seem like it was all in Banjo's head while he slowly dies.
    • Arin and Danny have a simultaneous heart-attack the moment Mr. Wilson appears on screen while playing Dennis the Menace. The sprite — little more than the giant, pixelated head of his actor, Walter Matthau, on a tiny bathrobe-wearing body — has been described by multiple people as a super uncanny Saddam Hussein wearing a bathrobe. It isn't made any better by the personality Arin and Danny come up with for him.
    • In the Endless Ocean episode, Danny talks about Open Water, a film in which a husband and wife are left behind after a scuba dive when the boat drives off without them. He talks about this while the onscreen character is swimming around in the aptly-named Endless Ocean. The film is frightening enough, but combining a description of it with the visuals on a comedy show makes it a touch unnerving. Just don't think about it too hard.
  • Older Than They Think: World Famous Pugilist Tommy Ray Handley only became a memetic popular character after the joke regarding him late in their Kirby's Epic Yarn gameplay, but he was actually named earlier in Super Mario Sunshine.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: Arin and Jon generally feel this way about the licensed games they received, although it's Played for Laughs.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Both Ross and Danny was this for about half the fandom at the start, but it died down after a while after they started to grow on the fans.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Starting with Part 6, their New Super Mario Bros Wii playthrough, which takes place after they read the comments, wherein they decided that they were being too vitriolic about their stance of It's the Same, so It Sucks, as well as Jon being genuinely upset that he pissed off a lot of the viewers. They haven't retracted their opinions, but they were aware they weren't being fair about it.
    • When Dan was introduced as Jon's replacement in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, he instantly became one of the biggest Base Breakers ever due to half the fandom crying "IT'S NOT THE SAAAAAAAAAME". As of the first episode of Super Mario Bros. 2, a good deal of the Hate Dumb has given way to "Hey, Dan's actually pretty cool."
  • The Scrappy: A small but vocal portion of the fans finds Jon Tron to be The Load, unfunny, opinionated, or just obnoxious.
    • Jon's hatedom seems to have died down, however, Arin seems to be building up a hatedom by stating a number of controversial opinions, including a number of popular games he thinks are bad, often with little reasoning to back it up, and to add more fuel to the fire, he stated his opinions on the new Dante, saying that it was just a change in hair color and nothing else. Some also started viewing him as a Hypocrite for saying that Cole and Evil Cole are the exact same character in Playstation All-Stars, while defending Smash Brothers, a game series with a number of clones, and previously defended Wolf, saying he wasn't a Fox clone.
      • Arin's been getting this sporadically through the Danny era aswell. Some people feel Danny's cheerful, outgoing and hilarious persona outshines Arin's own demeanor and that it's now Arin who's bringing Danny down, despite the latter being the new guy. He's also continued to receive flak for continuing to blame well-designed games for his own inability to figure out the controls; he received a huge blacklash from both the Super Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker HD playthroughs.
      • This has resurfaced in early 2014. There are also many complaints that Danny becoming the team Straight Man is causing Arin's comedy to become forced, as he's suddenly developed a heavy Pretty Fly for a White Guy motif with random beatboxing, a revival of the airhorns, an overuse of ebonics, and a lot of exaggerated enthusiasm. There's also the fact that Arin has almost completely replaced Danny in Steam Train.note 
    • The first episode of Steam Train is likely the single most hated video ever uploaded to the channel. Even some of the people screaming at others to give the show a chance think that it wasn't very good.
  • Special Effects Failure: The Grumps's games are played at 60fps, but their recording software is only set to 30fps. This means any game constructs with a two-frame flicker effect will either appear completely solid or completely invisible. This will often make watching games like Castlevania or Gradius confusing, as several important sprites feature such an effect.
  • Spoiled by the Format: The TMNT Tournament Fighters Game Grumps Vs. episode is specified as "best out of five" by Ego (after he loses twice). He manages to take the next round, but it's clear that Jon's going to win because there's only a couple minutes left in the episode by that point.
    • In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition, Jon comments that he could win the episode when there's 5 full minutes left on the video. He actually DOES win. They just decide to have another round anyway.
    • Arin takes a 2-1 advantage in a best of five about nine minutes before the end of the Castlevania: Judgement video. It's painfully obvious that Jon's going to win the fourth round and tie it up. Not only does Jon tie it up, but he ends up winning the fifth match.
    • Chu Chu Rocket takes up two episodes, and despite Jon having 2/3 victories at the start of the second episode, the second episode is 18 minutes long. Jon actually wins about a third into the episode, and they just spend a surprising amount of time on the game's puzzle mode.
  • Tear Jerker: "Ode to Jon". It has its funny moments, but it's still rather bittersweet, seeing Jon suddenly leave.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The first episode with Danny from Ninja Sex Party has received a lot of dislikes, with a good portion of the comments complaining about Jon's absence.
    • Steam Train elicited this during its first few days, probably not helped by them being posted on the same day Jon left. It was so bad that the first two posted videos (the introduction and Hotline Miami Part 1) received a significant portion of dislikes.
    • The addition of an end slate with an in-video subscribe button and animated outro has caused people to accuse the Grumps of hypocrisy and for selling out.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The two receive Psycho Dream, a Super Famicom What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs? game... and choose to make it a one-off.
  • Uncanny Valley: Though it's never named, their argument about whether Princess Elise is cute seems to hinge on whether or not she falls into it.
  • Vocal Minority: Possibly the reason why the complaints in the comments section are never addressed: ultimately, the vast majority of their videos have at least 95% likes, even on episodes of no real note. It's when it's not a minority anymore (e.g. the Steam Train fiasco) that the complaints get some kind of acknowledgement and/or apology.
  • What an Idiot: During a game of Wheel of Fortune, Arin and Jon could not figure out the puzzle SPI__ FRIED SHRIMPnote .
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Despite the goofiness, Arin and Jon confess in one of the Mega Man 7 videos that they are neither high nor drunk when doing the show. In fact, Arin is actually a teetotaler.
    • The accusation that the Grumps are drunk or high is one they've fielded before, with even Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole alleging that they must be on weed at least.
  • Win the Crowd: Danny largely won over the fans still hurting over Jon's departure with his "Mayor Luigi" bit during Super Mario Brothers 2.
  • The Woobie: Arin's constant failure at Nickelodeon GUTS goes from hilarious to sad when, try as he might, he just can't get past a certain point in the second obstacle course, until he just has his character crawl into a corner and wait for the time to run out.
    • He can also become this when you compare his VS results to Jon's.
  • Writer Revolt: Arguably their Dead Space 3 video. If they were indeed paid/forced to play the demo, they insulted the game the entire time, often in much subtler ways than say, New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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