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Drinking Game: Game Grumps
  • Take a shot:
    • Whenever Jon, Arin and/or Danny break into song
    • Whenever they mispronounce the show's name (eg "Goom Groomps")
    • For each one-off episode
      • Another if it ended in a Rage Quit (eg Battletoads)
    • Whenever Jon makes a <adjective>-ass <noun> comment
      • Take two if it's Arin who says it instead
    • Each time Jon says EH! EH!
      • Finish your drink for every, "ECH!!"
    • Any time Jon says "Imma Get You"
    • For each mention of "real talk"
    • If Arin burps or farts.
      • Take two if Jon comments on it.
      • Take three if Jon burps or farts.
    • Whenever Barry makes any sort of interaction
  • Take a drink whenever they actually beat a non-Game Grumps Vs. game.
    • Down the bottle if it wasn't a one-shot (eg. Mega Man 7, Goof Troop)
      • Get completely smashed for an entire weekend if they ever finish Sonic '06.
  • Take a shot whenever they fast forward.
    • Take another if the music they use while fast-fowarding is a version of Escape From The City.
    • Take another when they come across an interesting moment before fast forwarding again immediately.
  • Take a drink whenever they forget a game mechanic, or how to proceed in a game.
    • Take two if they are ignoring in-game hints.
      • Take three if they complain that the game is unclear afterwards.
  • Take a shot whenever Jon describes a game as "perfect" or his favorite.
  • Take a drink whenever Arin responds to something with a noncommittal "yeh."
    • Take two if it's after Jon tries to say something deep or insightful.
  • Take a shot whenever Arin doesn't understand immersion.
  • Take a shot for each replay
  • Take a shot every time Danny says "totally".
  • Take a shot for each time Danny mentions Skittles.
    • Take two if he is actually eating some.
      • Down the bottle if he ends up choking or throwing them up.
  • Take a shot every time Danny says something along the lines of "eat a dick."
  • Take a shot if someone says "God damnit, Ross!" (except for the Steam Rolled intro).
  • In the Out of This World playthrough, take a shot for each "mycaruba" or a variant thereof.
  • Take a shot whenever a dick/fart/poop joke is made.
    • Down half the bottle if two out of the three concepts are used in the same joke.
    • Down the whole bottle if all three concepts are used in the same joke.
  • Take a shot whenever Danny's Judaism is referenced.
    • Take two shots if Arin uses that knowledge against him.
  • Drink every time Danny does an impression of his father.
  • Drink whenever Arin beatboxes.
  • Take a shot every time Arin uses George for someone's name
  • Drink every time Arin tells an enemy to "chill the fuck out".
  • Take a shot whenever Dan shouts " We're playing the feud!".
  • Take a shot whenever Arin dismisses control guides or general game instructions.
    • Take two shots if this causes him to be confused or lost.
      • Down the bottle if he then blames the game.
    • Take a shot each time Danny yells, "Son of a bitch!" or "You son of a bitch!"
    • Finish your drink whenever Danny starts singing in the middle of a Game Grumps episode. If he's singing Ninja Sex Party song lyrics, add another shot. If he includes a Starbomb song, a full drink and two shots.

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