Be Careful What You Say

In olden times, ordinary people would be very careful what they said because words have power. You didn't have to be a priest, oracle or wizard to cast spells with words, anyone, anyone could potentially make something happen just by saying so.

The reasons are both supernatural and mundane. Lending weight to the proverb "you're only as good as your word", you have an obligation to follow through on your promises, lest you face social (or even supernatural) consequences. This is why there is nothing more dangerous than making promises lightly (even impossible ones). Firstly, some fool hero will complete the task and since your word is binding you'll be compelled to keep your promise. The other is because you are never alone... someone or something will be listening, and may well decide to give you exactly what you wish for. More than one such tales starts because someone said something they shouldn't have, or started making very ill advised boasts.

Speaking in the heat of the moment is doubly dangerous, it's not uncommon for Curses to be cast this way to everyone's sorrow.

At the same time and on the other end of the spectrum, taking a vow of silence and undertaking some task or penance can break a curse.

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Fairy Tales

  • Exact Words in Johnny Rivers' "Secret Agent Man." The following line? "You'll give yourself away."

Web Original
  • At some point in Noob Valentin tries to pick up a girl in MMORPG by telling her "I bet you're a bomb in real life". The girl in question is a Mad Bomber in-game, and not interested at all.