Vine Swing

The usual way of transportation of a Nature Hero: grab a conveniently placed, always available vine on a tree, and swing on it to the next one. Very common in Jungle Opera settings or in Jungle Japes levels of video games.

In fiction, these vines will usually be portrayed as flexible as ropes. In Real Life, those that are strong enough to carry the weight of a human are much more stiff.

Often used as a Stock Shout-Out to the Trope Codifier, Tarzan; the character swinging on the vine often makes the ape-man's unique yell.

Compare Building Swing, which is this done in a more man-made environment, usually with ropes, and Chandelier Swing, the indoors, swashbuckling counterpart.

When you do it, you need to Watch Out for That Tree!.


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     Anime and Manga  

  • Parodied in One Piece. In the Skypiea Arc, Luffy at one point grabs a vine to prevent himself from falling. While swinging on the vine he starts completely randomly to do the Tarzan yell. Immediately after witnessing that Usopp suddenly remembers his new "technique", called "Usopp AAaaaAAAaaaAA!" It's just him using a grappling device built in his belt to do a Vine Swing... while doing the Tarzan yell, of course.
    • In the same arc, Zoro also uses the Tarzan yell when doing a vine swing over a lake of deadly cloud sharks. Nami hesitantly swings without the yell, and nearly collides with a massive tree until Robin stops her.
  • Ash Ketchum does this at the beginning of the Pokémon episode "Pikachu's Goodbye", but he winds up running into a tree.


  • Nero: Done a lot in this comic strip and always accompanied by a Tarzan yell.

     Film - Animated  

  • The lemurs in Disney's Dinosaur swing from vines as a way to choose mates: when one male lemur and one female lemur end up on the same vine, they climb to the top and "get busy." Poor Zini always ends up unmatched.
  • Torzonborz in the sequel of Cat City. He's pretty much a Funny Animal version of Tarzan.
  • In the opening scene of Madagascar, Marty does this during his daydream. Then he and Alex actually do it when they "go wild" on the island of Madagascar.
  • In Zootopia, Nick and Judy swing on a vine in the Rainforest District to escape from a predator that has turned feral.

     Film - Live Action  


  • Surprisingly, Averted in the original Tarzan books.
  • Mentioned as a means of transport in the book How to Be a Superhero, where it is said not to be suited for urban superheroes, as the closest thing cities have to vines is power lines.

     Live Action TV  

  • Xena: Warrior Princess: Joxer does this in "Fins, Femmes and Gems", swinging in on a vine to abduct Gabrielle, after he becomes obsessed with the story of "Atis, the Ape Man" as a result of Aphrodite's magical perfume.
  • During "Roar," the cast of Glee get to do this. It is a Shout-Out to the original music video by Katy Perry.


  • "Tarzan" by Johnny Guitar Watson:
    Oh, let me swing down on this grapevine here
  • Katy Perry as a Jungle Princess in her music video Roar.
  • Referenced in OneRepublic's "Counting Stars":
    I see this life like a swinging vine/Swing my heart across the line.
  • Veruca Salt's video "Volcano Girls" features the band members doing lots of swinging on large elastic harnesses.

     Newspaper Comics  

  • Parodied in a The Far Side comic, where an ape swinging on a vine over the savanna is said to have left Tanzania behind, having caught the ultimate vine.


  • BIONICLE: Lewa and the Le-Matoran do this in Le-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui.

     Video Games  

  • In Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic and Shadow can swing across vines in the Green Forest and White Jungle levels, respectively.
  • Donkey Kong often does this in the games where he's the protagonist, fitting the Jungle Japes setting.
  • Featured in the first Kingdom Hearts in the Tarzan world. There's even a Mini-Game revolving around this.
  • In the iOs Game Buddy & Me, being set in a child's dream, the forest has tire swings hanging from the trees to do this with. In addition, your flying companion sometimes clings to a tree and positions his tail so you can grab it and swing across a gap.
  • In Spongebob Squarepants Battle For Bikini Bottom, one of the levels features Spongebob doing this.
  • Doing nothing but this is the first level of an old arcade game named Jungle King.
  • In some levels of Spelunky, the player can climb and jump between vines, but the vines don't actually move.
  • Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and Golden Abyss are set in the tropics and Nathan Drake occasionally has to use vines to cross large gaps.
  • In Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures In The Park, Anna Lee occasionally runs into vines in Babyland Park that she must use to swing across ponds and water holes to get to the other side.
  • Pitfall Harry in Pitfall occasionally runs into vines to swing over ponds and bottomless pits that open up in the ground. The sound effects replicate the Tarzan yell whenever he does this.
  • Blue's Journey for the Neo Geo has leafy vines hanging around for this purpose.

     Western Animation  

     Real Life