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    No More Heroes 
  • Lets Play No More Heroes. SPORTS!!
    • What makes it better is that just before they go to fight Bad Girl, when they're saving their game...
    Chip: *bellows "GOOOOOAAAAAAL" for five seconds straight*
    Ironicus: Why weren't you saying that when we were running people over?
    Chip: I just thought of it.
    Ironicus: Instead you just shout soccer!
    • Fabulous lawn mowing.
    • Then there was Ironicus' commentary during the graffiti cleaning mini game:
    Chip does various gestures with the Wiimote to clean the graffiti off the wall
    Ironicus: This is the opposite of Jet Set Radio.
    (after a few seconds, Ironicus begins singing part of Birthday Cake from Jet Set Radio Future)
    • Anything involving Dad Buster (aka Chip's intruding but hilariously nonsensical father), really.
      • Including his introduction, which was done in the style of the bosses from No More Heroes. He's also ranked 5.5.
      • According to him, Voltron is airing on The Gay Channel.
    • The Bitter Mode runs of the game's bosses has the duo doing silly gimmick commentary, eventually ending with the two splitting up and Chip attempting to do commentary with Slowbeef and Diabetus (which sounds suspiciously like a prerecorded conversation between the two about books with Chip awkwardly interjecting every now and then,) all while Ironicus bitterly Retsupuraes the whole thing.
    • Chip accidentally drives by the bar Lovikov's in. But he did a sweet jump!
    Ironicus: That excuses everything. "Sorry, I killed your daughter. But I did a sweet jump!"
    • When Chip feeds his cat after taking the number 8 position.
    Chip: Cat.
    Ironicus: We're number eight.
    Ironicus: Let us feed our cat now that we're number eight. We are the number eighth cat feeder in the world.
    Chip: Yes! I'm on the cover of Cat Feeding Magazine!

    No More Heroes 2 
  • During the No More Heroes 2 LP :
    Chip: Even whores gotta work their way up to the top. (Don't put that quote down somewhere, like TV Tropes perhaps.)
    • "It's time to massage the shit out of this cat!"
      • Which reappears later and set to grindcore.
      • Chip's rapidly clicking joystick prompts Ironicus to say he sounds "like a pod of dolphins communicating."
      • Not to mention, his reaction to Bishop dying at the very beginning of the game, which is overshadowed by Jeane the cat's weight. The reaction from Chip's part is pure, comedy gold.
      • Ironicus suggests that Chip feed the cat, before,
    Ironicus: Oh yeah, I forgot, yeah, you don't have any money so you cannot feed the cat.
    Chip: I cannot feed the cat, I am broke. So I'm just gonna lift the hell out of my cat and somehow burn calories.
    Ironicus: If you were to feed the cat, you would go into debt.
    Chip: [laughs]
    Ironicus: Welcome to America, love it or leave it.
    Chip: Oh God, let's see how many times I can lift my fat-ass cat.
    Ironicus: I do not understand how this is gonna make the cat thinner.
    Chip: [finishes minigame] Oh 11! Yeah!
    Ironicus My only idea is that you lose weight lifting the fat cat and it then inspires the fat cat to-
    Chip: No, no, no, I just vaporized half a pound off my cat.
    Ironicus: [laughs]
    • A while after talking about how awesome his new beam katana's battery life is, Chip suddenly gets the low battery screen for his Wiimote.
    Chip: Oh no, my batteries! (laughs) My real batteries!
    • And while he goes off to get new batteries, Ironicus talks about his favorite character of the game: the tiger in the corner of the HUD that acts as Travis' Ecstasy gauge.
    • Chip suggesting that instead of Skelter Helter surviving having his head cut off to deliver his message to Travis, he should've just run around like a headless chicken and painted his message on the roof with his bleeding neck-stump.
      • Also, Ironicus making fun of the fact that the revenge plot Skelter Helter agreed to take part in involved himself getting killed.
    • Chip showing off the Bizarre Jelly 5 shooter mini-game.
    (game switches to the high score list just long enough to show a bunch of Chip's high scores)
    Chip: (hitting a button to go back to the main menu) Don't show the scoreboard, please.
    Ironicus: (laughing) So how much have you played of this game?
    Chip: Sshhh.
    • Ironicus keeping track of the number of shots of "needless sexualization of small children" in the BJ5 OP, noting that most of the scenes that did not have this only passed by way of not actually showing the main characters.
    • Ironicus reading the lyrics to John Cooper Clarke's Evidently Chickentown during his Bitter fight against Cloe Walsh.
    • During the Rank 3 fight, Chip narrates his father showing their dog to him.
    • The Rank 2 Bitter fight consists of mostly bursts of laughter.
  • While discussing the Updated Re-release of the first game Chip gets to discussing the Wiimote's waggle vs. the Playstation Move in regards to the burger spinning minigame and...
    Chip: So here's another thing um, you know how when Travis recharges the battery he does an up-and-down motion in both No More Heroes, but they didn't actually require you to do the up-and-down, you just had to waggle? (grows exasperated) In the PS3 version, they really want you to mimic like you're masturbating! So I am hunched over a table right now in front of a microphone jacking this Move off! (Ironicus laughs)
    Chip: It really wants you to go like crazy too to get this gauge up. Oh my god my arm is burning. (Ironicus continues to laugh)
    Ironicus: Is there any danger at all of this burger exploding? I don't think so.
    Chip: No. It's also like- it really want a really specific type of up-and-down motion, too, or else it does not work as well as you think it would.
    Ironicus: Y'know, every burger sign is different, you have to take it slow and ask the burger sign what she likes.
    Chip: Y'know this just isn't working for me. I mean it's not, I dunno... it's just kinda weird, it feels different...
    Ironicus: Clockwise, counter-clockwise...
    Chip: Just, something that is just not getting my hamburger spinning today. (both promptly bust out laughing)
    Ironicus: If that took off as a euphemism, oh my God. "Sorry honey, my hamburger's just not spinning today."

    Killer 7 
  • Lets Play Killer 7. "All I'm getting is that nothing has anything to do with anything."
    • From the same LP there's Chip's atrocious Popeye impersonation, as well as his reaction to a computer asking Garcian AKA Emir Parkreiner for his date of death as verification:
    BEEP BOOP BEEP, GHOST COMPUTER! I am in the Internet, that's where ghosts go! I am travelin' through the cyberspace and I am typin' stuff in.
  • The duo's reaction to Travis's pelvic thrusting in part 7.
    Chip:(After shooting an oncoming Heaven Smile) Get out of the way, Smile. I want to enjoy Travis! Just look at that!
    Ironicus: (Cracking up) GIF! This!
    Chip: I'm going to.
    Ironicus: Yes!
    Chip: I will do it at super speed also.
  • Travis says that Pearlharbor has a weakspot for comicbook lovers. Ironicus wants in.
    Ironicus: I was born on the planet Krypton, where my parents were bitten by a radioactive spider which killed them before my very eyes, so I was sent in this small spaceship to the planet Earth as an envoy of the Amazons, where I passed through cosmic radiation which gave me many powers, though when it landed I crashed into radioactive waste, which then blinded me but hightened my other senses. Since I landed I bonded with the speed force and was met with a representative of the guardians of Oa, who gave me a power ring to defend truth, justice and the American way. Please let me into your comic house!
    Chip: No! N-no, go away! You're not Power Rangers! I only draw Power Rangers, because they're my favorite.
    Ironicus: W-well my dad that got killed by a radioactive spider before my very eyes happened to be named Zordon.
    Chip: Could your parents combine into a robot? If yes, then you're in.
    Ironicus: Well, the spaceship they gave me was the left arm of a giant robot, um, th-the other four parts were destroyed when the planet exploded.
    Chip: Er, uh, um, well I guess, I guess.
    Ironicus: Did I mention that the radioactive waste that blinded me also gave me the ability to talk to fish?
    Chip: You're IN!
    Ironicus: I was crowned king of Atltantis twice when I arrived.
    Chip: You're... double in!
  • Chip getting annoyed with Iwazaru flat out telling you to answers to puzzles, and eventually, when he's unable to simply avoid Iwazaru entirely, starts just paraphrasing his lines in huge, screen-covering letters like "USE THE RING JESUS" or "USE DAN" instead of writing out everything he says like he does everyone else.
  • Whenever Ironicus gets giddy from certain events in the game (usually involving Mask or Yoon-Hyun.)
  • When Iwazaru hands over a color swatch, explaining that it was "discarded by bickering lovers", Chip and Ironicus try to imagine how that scenario played out.
    Chip: This green swatch is a token of our love! We met on St. Patrick's Day!
    Ironicus: You gave me that swatch on our fourth anniversary!
    Chip: I love this RGB value!
    Ironicus: No! We're over! The swatch is over, too!
  • One of Travis' poses is him sitting at a bench with a knife and fork, as if he's waiting for food. Chip responds by editing in a whole turkey sliding in from off-screen right in front of him.

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 
  • Chip getting interrupted by a baby.
    Chip: (laughing) Hi, Logan.
    Logan: There's something under this bed!
    (Ironicus laughs)
    Chip: There's nothing under that bed, Logan.

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 
  • Chip making fun of Blip TV and it's "repeat customer" advertisements.
  • Chip's intense groaning during Dangerous Hunts 2011's bullet-time segments.

    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 

    Metal Gear Solid 
  • How about Metal Gear Solid by Chip and VoidBurger:
    Chip: (as Snake) I came to see Mother God and the opening act was just a bunch of people screaming into a saxophone!
    VoidBurger and Chip: For two hours!
    Chip: (as Snake, during Naomi's going on about how FOXDIE kills people) Well, Naomi, that's... pretty cool. Why don't you... you know, tell me about it later... when I don't have a really hard co- really hard cot- God dammit. Really hot card!
    Void: (snickering) You almost said "really hard cock," didn't you? Cause that's what I heard.
    Chip: I said cot, but yes.
    Void: (laughing) But yes.
    Chip: Got cock on the mind.
    (both crack up)
    Void: Stick your dick into the computer. By accident. (as Snake) "Why is it not working?!"
    Chip: (as Snake) It should be hot enough.
  • Their merciless ribbing of Otacon's nerdy tendencies is just amazing.
  • Part 12 starts with the duo pretending that Shadow Moses is some sort of school setting and that the elevators down to Vulcan Raven's boss arena are heading to the food court. Chip jokes at the start that he's a baby about his food, so he's going for chicken nuggets in the shapes of dinosaurs - and then, once ravens start flying around the elevator, Chip starts shooting Stinger missiles at them, claiming that he got impatient and as such is going to make his own chicken nuggets.

    Metal Gear Solid 2 

     Metal Gear Solid 3 
  • Don't forget Lets Play Metal Gear Solid 3. It has a CMOF in the final battle when Chip intentionally waits for Snake Eater to start playing to... put on the Monkey Mask and beat the crap out of The Boss.
    • Earlier in the LP, Chip is demonstrating the use of The Pain's camo pattern to command personal attack bees.
      "I gotta thank you Japanese people, for making a game where I can distract people with frogs... and I can also do this following trick. (lays down in the grass, sprays knockout gas to attract a guard) 'What? There's smoke there! Let's investigate the smoke!' (drops a book) 'Ah, there's a porno mag! Nevermind!' (the bees attack the guard) 'OH NO! BEES!'"
      "That's the oldest trick in the book! It's called the... Smoke... Switch-It-With-The-Book-Then-Get-'Em-With-The-Bees Switcharoo!"
    • Any involvement and mention of Mission J. Frog, especially his acquiring of an eyepatch and his sacrifice against Volgin.
  • Chip and Ironicus discussing the reason Jack became a legend not because of his supreme skill, but because he's the most unconventional soldier. After watching Chip play and succeed as a complete lunatic, it only gets funnier.
    Ironicus as a random soldier: Will it be porn? Am I going to go the porn way, like my friend who I was in training with? Maybe, maybe I'll have a log fall on my head? He's never gotten that one to work, but still I've heard stories!
    Chip as another soldier: I hope he doesn't drop my body so all my items pop out!
    Ironicus: Maybe he'll dump me in quick saaaand! Or push his glasses up his nose and completely fool me!
    • Anything with Caveman Snake.
      Snake: Snake never have childhood. Snake finally learn to Ding Dong Ditch. *guard opens door* Hahaha this great fun.
    • Chip attempts to toss a white phosphorous grenade through a wall gap at foot level of an enemy soldier on the other side, only for the misaimed grenade to bounce of the side of the wall and land right in front of Snake, setting himself on fire. Even better is the soldier he was trying to throw it at completely fails to react.
  • The first four or so minutes of part 21 are a beautiful thing. From showing EVA's reaction to the fake death pill, to setting out the (packaged) corpse of Mission J. Frog to remind her that "he died for your sins" (which Ironicus compares to that scene from Lady and the Tramp due to Snake and EVA's positioning), to synchronized vomiting when Chip rambles about repopulating humanity or something, and then holding EVA up with CQC to get her to give part of the Konami Code...
    Ironicus: There's just a bunch of vomit on the ground there, it's awesome.
    Chip: (holding up EVA) Say things...
    Ironicus: You're walking in your own vomit!
    Chip: That's not the worst thing I've done! This is the worst thing I've done, I think!
    EVA: (after being let go) Stop shooting me!
    Chip: I never shot you! That was a knife, not a gun! (goes into weapon box, equips the Mk. 22) This is a gun! (shoots EVA right in the forehead to tranquilize her)

    Metal Gear Solid 4 
  • Look no further than the second part of Chip and Ironicus' Let's Play on Metal Gear Solid 4, wherein Chip spends two minutes dicking about with the "crawl more slowly" move introduced in the game, all of it set to the Portable Ops theme integrated with the Metal Gear Solid theme, all culminating in Snake somehow dying three times in a row, only for it to be All Just a Dream. Ironicus even lampshades it:
    Ironicus: So, what's it like to peak in your LP in the second update?
    • Ironicus' uncontrollable laughter-into-tears.
    • When they had Snake spin in a circle at sonic speeds.
    • All of this starts when Chip shows off the mechanic of handing over rations and other items to the militiamen in the chapters they're present in, and the one he demonstrates this is so impressed that he hands Snake a song for his iPod.
      Ironicus: How do you hand someone an MP3? How do you put bits and boops in a box?
  • The first actual boss fight: Laughing Octopus at one point disguises herself as Naomi. Chip responds by shooting her with an RPG-7.
    Chip: "Too bad you picked the character I hate!"
  • Chip mentions that the non-lethal ammo for the shotgun only annoys enemies beyond point blank range, and the pair begin to wish that there was an "Annoyance" mood to go with the ones in game. Ironicus suggests that "ANNOYING ARMADILLO!" was cut from the game.
  • Chip managing to sum up why the Metal Gear Solid franchise is so convoluted, and yet still completely understanding everything that's been happening in the story.
    Chip: *just summed up why The Patriots was formed*
    Ironicus: ... Why?" *laughs* I just don't understand why. Why would they do these things?
    Chip: Well, you see, this is what happens when you write a story for your game, originally as a one shot thing, Metal Gear Solid, and then when people like it you make a new one, but then when you write the story, you don't think ahead "what if there's gonna be more sequels? How am I gonna wrap this up? Oops, I wrote myself into a corner!" *confused noises* THE BRITISH MAN IS THE REAL BAD GUY! That guy that talked about making snake-guns and loved James Bond movies, he's the bad guy! "Wouldn't it be great - Snake, wouldn't it be great if you made a folding snake gun in an attaché case, also I'm gonna go manipulate every single government in the world, okay, here we go."
  • The end fight in act 2 between Vamp and Raiden. All of it.
    • Basically, any time Vamp is on screen. Chip and Ironicus spend no time ridiculing how much Vamp, changed since his debut in Sons of Liberty.
  • At the Final Boss they discuss what Big Boss' will would be like. Chip suggests that when the will reader got to Liquid's part of the will...
    "There's nothing here, and then he turns the page, and [Big Boss] drew himself shrugging...."
  • In the first video, Chip notes that the shouts of the allied soldiers often don't make sense, even with context.
    Ironicus: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Chip: (laughs) NICE SHOES!
    Ironicus: WHAT IS YOUR NAME?
    Chip: I HATE ALL HUMANS! My name is Raphael!
  • At the beginning of Act II, after killing an enemy soldier with a molotov right after he finished talking to HQ, Chip notes that he thought a gas can in the map was a boom box the first time he played, due to its shape. Cue this exchange:
    Chip: I just saw, square-shaped thing, and I thought 'boombox'.
    Ironicus: For when the war cools down a bit, they jam out.
    Chip: Or some, y'know, maybe sometimes they just... (distracted by a pair of bodies perfectly lined up next to each other)
    Ironicus: The one guy's girlfriend left him, so he had to hold it up outside her bedroom window. And then she looked down and said "What the h- that's a gas can. My car has gas, what are you doing? This is why I left you."
    Chip: Maybe they just have dance battles.
    Ironicus: And then he called HQ because his heart was broken.
    Chip: And then he burst into flames. But it was okay, everything was okay because it was all clear one second ago, so, no reason to call back.
    • And a few minutes later:
      Rebel: Oh man, am I glad to get some company!
      Ironicus: (laughs) He doesn't have a war buddy! (and then he gets shot in the head)
      • Shortly after, Ironicus notes that the level looks similar to a map from Metal Gear Online.
        Chip: I don't think they've changed, like, anything at all for the online version, but I dunno. It's a big map, I like it cause there's multiple pathways, you can go through it a bunch of different ways.
        Ironicus: Yeah. And you can wear a box.
        Chip: And you can wear a box! (grabs PMC soldier) I remember, I think that's all I did when I played on that map that night, is wear a box and annoy people.
        Ironicus: But today, we're not gonna do that at all, this man is not annoyed in the least bit.
        Chip: No, he-
        Ironicus: He's enraptured- (Chip slits his throat)
        Chip: He's dead.
        Ironicus: (silent for a few seconds) ... okay.
    • From the end of the same video, Chip's audio cuts out for the last 5 minutes or so of the video and it becomes unintentionally hilarious as Ironicus tries and fails to provide funny commentary on it without Chip to banter with. This after the exact same thing had happened the other way around.
  • Ironicus' utter disgust with the Colonel — who he calls Uncle-Dad through the game — is always great for a laugh, especially when he finds out Roy married Jack's fiancée Rosemary
    Campbell: I was consoling Rosemary, and one thing led to another...
    Ironicus: You're a creepy old man.
    Campbell: Lucky me, huh?
    Ironicus: Fuck you!
    Campbell: Meryl... said something about me?
    Ironicus: Yeah, Uncle-Dad, she said you're a sick fuck! Goddamn!
    Chip: (as Campbell) "Oh, well. That makes me feel slightly sad, but I'm sure I'll be okay after I bang my incredibly hot wife later."
    Ironicus: Fuck you!
    Chip: (still as Campbell) "See you later Snake. I'm a great human being Snake, I'm your role model."
  • Episode 9-1 opens with Snake hiding in a cardboard box in front of nine sleeping soldiers. Everything, from one soldier waking all the others up with one kick, to their reaction to removing the box to find Snake in camo that makes him look like he has no skin, is pure gold.
  • During the second part of the Laughing Octopus fight, Chip maneuvers Snake so that he's lying on a bed and lets Laughing Octopus climb on him, resulting in the pair of them struggling before Snake violently throws her off the bed. Then comes Laughing Octopus dancing to J-pop....
  • The ending to the Unlockables video, with illustrations showing what happens to the characters after the game:
    • Sunny grows up to live a normal life and Otacon is her prom date, including a shot of the Metal Gear Mk. 3 waving goodbye from the door.
    • Metal Gear Mk. 3 becomes sentient, but nobody notices.
    • Otacon downloads all the animes and is crowned Emperor of Japan.
    • Ocelot becomes a sextuple agent in the afterlife among several religions.
  • Ironicus's reaction at the end of Act 3 when Johnny rescues Meryl and turns out to be a Bishōnen:
    Chip: The man who shits himself will be incredibly beautiful!

    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker 
  • Date with Paz + out-of-context clips of Otacon = Perfect Anime Life Simulator.
  • Chip and snarkcookie go Guantanamo on a POW.
  • This exchange:
    snarkcookie: Boss, if I eat these butterflies, will it recharge my batteries?
    Chip: Only if you believe.
  • How giving MSF soldiers new codenames would play out with Big Boss in game.
    snarkcookie: I love that idea of Big Boss strutting around the base. (as Big Boss) "You, what's your name!?"
    Chip: (as soldier, quietly) Stick Insect.
    snarkcookie: (as Big Boss) Fuck that-
    Chip: (gravelly, deep bellow) YOU'RE BEEF! (both crack up)
    snarkcookie: I'd imagine he says it with such fervor, his face is contorted, and the soldier is just really fucking confused.
    Chip: Yeah, he just kinda barks it out, like his neck tenses out and there are bulging veins, and he spits on the guy's face.
  • When Chip plays the "Paparazzi" missions (where the objective is to capture a photograph of the enemy commander goofing off, which somehow means doing squats), they both come to the conclusion that Miller is compiling a photo collection of men's rumps.
    Chip: I know you made this really official and you put the veil that this was really important, but I'm just taking a picture of some guy's ass... I mean, I'm cool with you looking at pictures of men's rumps but, man... this is a lot of work.
    snarkcookie: We have a lot of dude rumps on base!
  • In episode 20-1, when the two are trying to capture Zadornov for the sixth time, they decide to play around with him to see if he'll get alerted and start shooting. Eventually they get bored and try jumping off the adjacent building onto a stun box to take him out, and snark yells as her screen turns blinding white.
    snarkcookie: Why didn't we think this through!?

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 
  • Within the first part of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Ironicus is filled with child-like wonder at Raiden fighting RAY in the most hilariously over the top way.
    Ironicus: This is what's important! I've found the important thing!
  • Them constantly making fun of Raiden "trying" to be cool and a badass.
  • After the fight fight with LQ-84i, Chip punctuates the UG's codec and Raiden asking if an AI would know about free will with "TENNIS BALLS", and then grunts "OUCH" the exact second the scrap heap formerly known as Bladewolf explodes.
    • In the following Codec call, after Raiden asks Doktor if Bladewolf can be repaired, Chip and Ironicus's commentary helpfully points out that it "fucking exploded", making repairs seem a bit... difficult.
  • Ironicus' barrage of hand and arm puns upon fighting Mistral.
  • After Raiden kills the man using George as a human shield, Ironicus jokes that Raiden sliced through the kid too, Chip points out that that's indeed what happened, leaving Ironicus baffled.
  • The Monsoon fight delivers one right as it starts.
    Chip: I hope you like GUITAR SHREDDING!
    [The Stains of Time begins playing]
    Ironicus: [Attempting to compose himself] I do! I do like guitar shredding!
    • Also in the cutscene preceding the Monsoon fight, as Raiden becomes Jack the Ripper, Ironicus is in stiches at Quinton Flynn's performance. Chip's excited insistence that it'll keep getting better just seals the deal.
  • What does Ironicus do when Raiden decides to charge up the wall of the World Marshal building? Start singing Escape From The City!
    Chip: That's a good cover!
  • Ironicus makes a callback to one of the dumbest lines in Metal Gear History:
    Chip: I wanted to do another aerial takedown on those dudes but the umbrella was protecting them, the prompt wouldn't appear because they were underneath the umbrella.
    Ironicus: So it can protect you from the rain and the lighting in that rain?
  • The finishing move on Sundowner:
    Chip: Z FOR ZORRO!
    • And the way he dies just leaves him sitting there mostly whole, definitely not enough to kill a cyborg. One of the top comments suggests that Doktor took him home with him.
  • Raiden hijacks an unmanned fighter plane, prompting Ironicus to imply the game is losing its sense of crazy. Apparently, the game heard him and decided to prove him wrong.
    Ironicus: Oh come on. We already did this a video ago, just on a slightly smaller scale, you are not stepping it up hard enough!
    Chip: I don't know, he might step it up more, maybe.
    (Raiden dodges a passing helicopter by millimeters)
    Ironicus: Um, o-okay, alright, that's a little better, I'm just saying. We are coming to a point were I'm like...
    (Raiden stands on the plane and takes a badass pose with his sword held vertically held in front of him as Chip starts chuckling)
    Ironicus: Ummm, what are you doing? What are you doing!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?
    (Raiden proceeds to split another war plane right in half without moving an inch)
    Ironicus: AAAUGH!! N-Never mind! I'm not gonna finish that sentence!
  • "I love how badass this bit [Raiden riding a motorcycle] looks, and then when Raiden speaks it's like really nasally and dorky sounding." Chip then proceeds to use a dorky voice for the rest of the scene.
  • Raiden takes up whittling:
    Ironicus: Hey, Junior - I made you a rabbit... AND IT'S EATING A FOX! TEARING ITS HEART OUT! Jack's your DAD!
  • Albeit it's in the Uncut Commentary version, but Chip has to (hastily) point out that he did not edit in the football crowd cheering noises that are heard after Senator Armstrong kicked Raiden like a football.
    Chip: The football crowd cheering is not me, that's in the cutscene!
  • Right before the final battle:
    Chip: So if I told you that Raiden is two for two for being the protagonist in a game where a political figure powers up...
  • In Episode 13-1 Chip and Ironicus completely lose it when Sunny and Raiden talk about Otacon's love life.

     50 Cent: Blood on the Sand 
  • From Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus' Let's Play of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, we have Ironicus quoting from American Apartheid concerning misogyny in the ghetto, during a Gatling Good level on the top of a helicopter (starts around the 13-minute mark). What seals it was Cheezum's response, after three minutes of quoting the text:
    Chip Cheezum: In that time, I killed two hundred people.
    • Not to mention the second time, in the 8th video, when he goes back to the same book to quote it's section of ghetto linguistics, just to finish off with "In conclusion: Stop typing like you're ghetto, you fat white kids at your computers, God damn it."
    • 50 Cent's jiggly hips while he spins around rapidly did it for some people. Other contenders include 50's goofy ragdoll death while getting caught in the architecture and Chip's rampant abuse of the swear button, usually in the form of randomly verbally abusing his teammates while shooting at them (who, in turn, simply stand there and don't even flinch when they're repeatedly shot in the face.)
      • It gets even better when Chip starts abusing the swear button while opening shutters. Double the hilarity whenever Ironicus also notes it.
    • What about when they demonstrate 50 Cent's amazing ability to take an THREE RPGS TO THE CHEST without dying?
    • Or what about the fact that Lloyd Banks is filled not with blood, but jelly. Or DJ Whoo Kid's surprising depth of knowledge about history and architecture.
    • Anything that involves the "Fiddy Zone".
    • At the start of the fifth video, when Ironicus calls attention to a certain sound effect:
    Ironicus: I like the big 'aooga' noise starting the video. It made me feel like I'm on an old kid's game show.
    Chip: Yeah, the 'aooga' noise comes up anytime a new wave of enemies is coming in.
    Ironicus: That means there's someone in this city looking out for Fifty, and his best interests. "Dude, watch out, the bad guys have reinforcements. And they still have your skull."
    Chip: The man who's warning him is Fiddy's grandpa, and he's in a jalopy.
    Ironicus: Fiddy's grandpa is named 2 Bucks.
    Chip: ...Whoa. Damn.
  • Not from the Let's Play itself, but here's why you shouldn't emulate 50 Cent: Bulletproof.
    The green lines are just building supports for the Fiddy Zone.

    The You Testament 
  • Pretty much all of The You Testament, as the bizarre AI and poor programming take their toll on Chip and Ironicus.
    • While playing around in the character creation menu, Chip discovers that he can make a character 10 feet tall with a Hulk Hogan face. Their reactions are priceless.
    • Chip accidentally hugs a man, who immediately proceeds to hit him with a brick. Their reaction, again, is priceless. Made even funnier by Chip making the character jump, which looks a whole lot like leap frog.
    • The LP ends with who else but the voice of Dan McNeely using his trademark smug voice to do a dramatic reading of some of creator MDickie's journal entries.

    Mega Man Legends 
  • From the Mega Man Legends LP:
    • Upon finding the Bomb Schematic (used to make the Grand Grenade weapon) in Grandpa Caskett's room, Chip and Ironicus both become convinced that Grandpa's a terrorist.
    Ironicus: *imitating Grandpa* Mega Man, have you ever heard of the IRA?
    • Servbots having Vietnam flashbacks.
    • As they were searching for a large briefcase full of money that a man lost, Chip and Ironicus figure that the man must have gone around the town telling everyone in great detail how he's traveling around with his entire life's savings, along with other exploitable information.
      Ironicus: (imitating the man) Also I have a wife! She's very attractive and sexually liberated! I'm going to take an 8 day vacation now. She'll be quite lonely! Oh dear I forgot to lock the door to the house as I go out to do many, MANY errands.
    • Chip Cheezum voicing Roll's regret at blowing up Teisel's ship.
      Chip: (imitating Roll): Holy shit Mega Man, we kind of murdered the hell out of them! I feel a little guilty!
    • Data the dancing monkey takes a turn for the sinister after Chip and Ironicus find him inexplicably waiting for them outside the final boss' door.
    Chip: Oh, hi Data - how'd you get here?
    Ironicus: What!?
    Data: Well, we've come a long way, haven't we?
    Chip: "Time to die, Megaman!" What a twist!
    Ironicus: [laughing] I was just about to say...!
    Chip: Data pulls out a gun...
    Data: It would have been nice if we could have just kept on living in peace with the Professor and Roll but...
    Ironicus: ...Wait, really!?

    Rogue Warrior 
  • Chip and Ironicus being unable to keep a straight face through all the constant Cluster F-Bombing in Rogue Warrior.
    • And again when the protagonist suddenly tells a random Mook to suck on his balls in a rather confusing and anatomically impossible manner.
    Ironicus: A-Around? Like... circumnavigate?
    • When the two start discussing the existence of Bitch Jesus.
    Chip: Does Bitch Jesus wear sassy heels?
    • Chip spending the start of every level just rushing forward and violently stabbing everyone to death, to the point of referring to the protagonist as a knife tornado.
    • The one time when the game whips out, from among its collection of many, many, knife kill animations, the one that opens with the victim getting stabbed in a very sensitive region.
    Chip: That man got a knife in the grundle!

    Anime Theater 
  • Their side-feature of the No More Heroes 2 LP: Watching Episodes of Terrible Anime
    • "Spinning Dog Missile, go!" The line even comes with a reverb. Even funnier when you realize that there is a Spinning Dog Attack in the show (However it's more of a buzzsaw attack than a missile).
    • "Dog, why are you in space!?"
    • In the content warning for Mad Bull 34, Chip warns "Murder, gore, sex, sexism, nudity, attempted rape, and Brooklyn accents."
    • Making fun of Sleepy's apparent crossdressing fetish, which he feels the need to satisfy every time he goes undercover.
    • Spider Man Tokusatsu. Spidey's first attempt to deal with the Monster of the Week after it grows results in him being swung into a mountainside and a boulder dropping onto him. Needless to say, the pair are in stitches.
    • When the opening of Dracula Sovereign Of The Damned consists of nothing but sketches of random monsters without even any opening credits:
    Chip: Oh, yeah, is that some concept art you drew there, Dracula?
    Ironicus: *doing a Dracula impression* I vish to make an indie game for the Xbox Live, blah. I vant to suck your Microsoft points.

     The Wonderful 101 

  • Just like the Revengeance LP, Ironicus' childlike wonder at the over-the-top nature of the game in completely open and unashamed, and when Chip tells him it gets even crazier after the 101 block the explosions from falling gas trucks with a giant shield, he's left stuttering for a few seconds.
  • Ironicus losing it when Wonder-Green calls his gun Christine Daae.
  • Ironicus's increasing frustration with Wonder-Mailman due to the fact that he's always lagging behind.
  • Chip and Ironicus teased at a secret they had coming out in update four, along with the boss fight. It turned out to be a live audience.
  • At the start of the chapter 2 boss fight, Chip decides to start measuring the in-game Danger Quotinent meter in "Laambos" (Laambo was the first boss of the game and had a DQ rating of 100%).
  • Ironicus's theory on the Wonderful Steak item.
    Ironicus: Perhaps it reduces your rank because you're eating street meat. And not, like, street vendor meat but just from behind a dumpster.
    Chip: Blugh. Wonder-Blue don't touch that. Wonder-Beer definitely don't touch that. Can you be Wonder-Sober for once please?
  • Ironicus' incredulous "don't say that" reactions to some of the dialogue. Specifically, Pink saying "Ex-SQUEEZE Me?!" and Blue saying "badonkadonk"
  • Vijounne: I hate to say it, boys, but I don't think you meet the height requirements for this ride.
    Ironicus: They're as tall as anyone else on the planet! You're just rubbing it in!
  • In 18-2, Ironicus plays Commander Contrarian to keep convincing Chip that he shouldn't have rescued some civilians from being frozen in blocks of ice.

     Duck Dynasty 
  • Because the game was too cheap to put in subtitles, Chip made his own. This lead to him putting some amusing subtitles for various moments.
    • Episode 1: *duck call plays* (I am the false prophet leading you to your demise)
    • Episode 5: After John Luke does the stealth mission, and is asked if he got a monitor (I hate this I wanna play video games)
    • In Episode 8, Chip reveals that he hot-keyed "John Luke" because of how often his name is said.
  • KC's confusion over Cousin Beaux as he's not actually from the show.
  • The whole stealth mission, involving Metal Gear Solid boxes.
  • Chip recalls his experience reading the Duck Dynasty wiki. Laughing at the cognitive dissonance of calling John Luke a "good Christian boy" while mentioning he was arrested for DUI in the same sentence. He also found fanfic, mostly from teenage girls that want to kiss John Luke.

     Watch Dogs 
  • In Part 2, Chip enters a clothing store for the first time by slowly driving a motorcycle through the front door. He attempts to buy some clothing, while still on the motorcycle:
    Chip: Excuse me, sir. Give me your finest wares. I demand service! No? You don't serve motorcycle men? I am offended!
    • He hacks the novelty singing fish inside the store, which proceeds to start singing a profanity-laced song.
      Ironicus: Video Games are art.
  • Also in Part 2, Chip demonstrates the inherent video game logic in the game's randomly-generated side-missions. In the first mission, he purposefully alerts the potential criminal and scares him off, thus preventing the crime from happening, but he still fails the mission as Aiden remarks the crook will just try again at a later date. On the second mission, Chip successfully neutralizes the criminal the way the game wanted him to, but failed to save the victim from being killed. The game considers this a success.
  • Calling back to his motorcycle stunt in Part 2, Part 13 opens with Chip (after a non sequitur open of him stating that as a man on the go, Aiden Pearce is a gogurt fan) doing the same at the McDonalds knockoff Quinkies...only with a car instead, wreaking predictable havoc. All while he and Ironicus banter over how ill-suited the space is for serving customers in cars like it's the most normal thing in the world.
    Chip: It's really hard to get the driver side window up to the register, everything needs to be a bit more curved to help with how cars move.
  • Any time Chip tosses Aiden around like a ragdoll, intentionally or otherwise, is a gold mine:
    • Chip tries to do the motorcycle thing again to go to Aiden's nephew's birthday party, but an Invisible Wall is stopping him. So Chip rides back a couple hundred feet, then floors it, crashing into the invisible wall, throwing Aiden directly into the cutscene.
    • Driving headfirst into a truck in Part 11.
    • In Part 12, after getting stuck inside the L-train when he didn't mean to leave, he manages to get out of it by squeezing through the connecting cars and lands safely... right in the path of another oncoming train.
    • At the tail end of the same video, Chip presses a wrong button and drops an IED onto his motel bed. He then climbs into bed anyway, wakes up the next morning, and then detonates the bomb.
      Chip: I didn't like that bed anyways.
  • Chasing a prank caller, instead of stopping the car he is in, Chip hacks a traffic light so that the caller's car gets into a multiple car pileup, then takes him out...and then the pileup explodes, killing both the caller as well as some innocent civilians. Luckily, it was justifiable force.
    Nicole: You're going after him right now! I can't believe you!
    Aiden: It's not like that!
    (Car explodes next to him.)
  • Chip encounters some wacky A.I. during one side-mission: After neutralizing the criminal on one side of the street, a driver attempts to pass by the body, but is unable to because her pathfinding won't let her cross the dividing line. She ends up wrecking a fence and detour equipment, then constantly backing up and driving forward instead of simply driving around. Chip watched her do this for a whole 15 minutes before he moved on.
  • During a side-mission in Part 5, Chip performs a melee takedown on a fleeing criminal and creates a graphic bug where the crook's head gets stuck underneath the ground, but the rest of his body is still above-ground. Chip spends a long time trying to nudge the crook's head free, including pushing the body down a hill, before giving up and moving on.
  • During the drinking shots mini-game in Part 5, Aiden's opponent speaks in slow-motion, and reveals he's a Conspiracy Theorist. Chip & Ironicus mock him saying "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" in faux-slowmo.
  • Part 6 ends with Chip demonstrating hacking blockers to raise and lower by themselves, which comes with some wacky physics involving Aiden and his bike. The video then cuts to a montage of Chip attempting to create a ramp with other cars to launch his motorcycle off of, only for some bizarre glitching to occur, all while Chip is talking in Motor Mouth. Most prominent are when Aiden somehow glitches to the inside of a building, and then gets trapped on the bike until it explodes from all the collision detection.
  • During the shootout in Part 11, both of them get a kick out of the prison guards' Elite Mook:
    Ironicus: It's Longshoreman X!
  • In Part 12, Ironicus' Rapid-Fire "No!" reaction to the serial killer sidequest.
    Ironicus: "Welcome to Watch_Dogs, where we had a tone meeting and decided all the bad ones."
  • Also in Part 12, Aiden gets off the train...only to get splatted by another one!
  • Chip describing Aiden Pearce's yellow coat as "a discarded banana peel".
  • The invasion in Part 19. It starts with a car exploding out of an alleyway, in which it should not have fit to begin with, in a spirited attempt to run Aiden over. Things only get more comical from there.
  • And the invasion in Part 20, which doubles as a primer on the offensive and defensive uses of the common or garden drawbridge.
  • Part 22. Driving around in a cement truck... in reverse.
    • Also in Part 22 is Chip exploiting a glitch involving a gate that allows him to clip inside a building where Aiden is almost entirely untouchable. The absurdity of the situation reaches a climax when Chip is invaded while still in the building and the invading player cannot find him at all. One can almost imagine the invader freaking out whenever Chip takes a potshot at him.
  • Part 23. Two Words: Edgy Grandma.
    • Even better, Chip had either never seen that one or completely forgotten about it, leaving it one of the few times in his LP career where he's at a complete loss for words.
  • The first ten minutes of Part 24 is just Chip goofing off around a lavish private home and scaring the NPC's there, one of which is a day laborer with a master's degree.
    • Also in part 24 is Chip performing a retaliatory invasion on another player, in which he hides in a car sitting by itself while the other player frantically runs around trying to locate him. Chip wins the invasion right as the other player finally discovers his location.
  • Part 32
    • We get some severe Gameplay and Story Segregation when after the cutscene where Clara is killed by two gun shots, Aiden ends up taking 27 bullets to the face while using Bullet Time, and he barely gets hurt. Chip even put a counter on screen.
  • Part 33
    • The episode opens on Aiden sadly walking down the street to somber classical music, while Chip and Ironicus talk about all the suffering he's gone through and inflicted... and then they finally show off "Psychedelic," the last digital trip, which involves bouncing off of giant flowers and gliding through hoops (with some truly amazing voice acting). And then, a bit into the second stage, just as Aiden's about to bounce, there's a smash cut to him being hit by a car in the real world.
  • The Edgiest Privacy Invasion. It's a live-action video featuring Chip where Aiden watches him talk on the phone while babies cry in the background (turns out he's running a baby farm), Chip curses at the babies, gets a call about a certain fluid ending up on one of the babies, then he starts dragging a dead body, then he gets a call and learns he has Kuru, and he possibly spread it to several babies. Then ctOS scans the dead body and reveals it's Ironicus. All this leading up to the reveal that Chip's next LP is Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner.

     Zone of the Enders 
  • At the start of his original LP of the first game, he starts trying to describe the game's combat system during the first tutorial fight. He kills the enemy in five seconds, barely enough time to explain the reliance on the Square button.
  • At the end of The 2nd Runner's first chapter, when Dingo is shot and droplets of blood are floating around in low gravity:
    Chip: My Fruit Gushers... but I was gonna have those for lunch—(bang) My backup Gushers! (bang) Oh, the Gushers I already ate!

    Gextra Life Charity Stream (Gex series) 

Gex: Enter the Gecko

Gex: Deep Cover Gecko

  • In general, their Solid Snake impressions are hilarious, especially when Ironicus starts using the word "soldier".
  • Ironicus's April Fools' Day joke LP of Dalek Attack, featured on Chip's viddler channel, which consists of him stumbling through the first level of this horribly difficult game, all the while reciting grossly incorrect Doctor Who trivia. Made even more hilarious when in later Retsupuraes it becomes evident that himself and Chip are avid whovians.
  • Ironicus' story about a baseball game during the old LP of Beyond Good & Evil, culminating with the phrase "I was mugged by a mute green chicken!"
    • Also from that LP, the slow audio follies. Particularly when they go to Mammago's Garage.
    • The other audio glitches that occur in the LP bring about unintentional hilarity. One such audio problem is described as "Prepubescent Darth Vader".
    • Towards the end of the LP, Ironicus describes some of the various Fan Fic he's encountered for the game.
  • Pretty much the entirety of the "Epilogue" video for LEGO Star Wars. It consists mostly of the two messing around in the Hub Level. It is glorious.
  • Right after Act 1 of MGS4, there's an intermission of the MGS pack of LittleBigPlanet, as well as several MGS-inspired user-created levels. What makes it hilarious, though, is the finale, and Chip's horribly failed attempt to play Ham Egg, which involves spinning wildly through the air on the A-Team van.
  • In the fourth episode of the Rez walkthrough, Chip talks about Cacti. To say anything else would spoil it.
  • Chip's lesson on original character design, which is just tracing over a picture of Goku and calling him Hank.
  • A Grand Theft Auto V Review with Franklin riding the bike inside the house around Auntie D while speaking to her.
  • The Kingdom Hearts II stream has these moments in spades:
  • His stream of Shadows of Katmai is littered with hilarious moments, in particular:
    • The game's frequent climbing sections which can best be described as "Uncharted with no budget", and feature Logan James making impossible jumps, zipping from one ledge to the next, and frequently clipping through the ledges.
    • Togo, the weirdly-proportioned husky who can teleport through walls and handle wolves just as easily as Logan, quickly becoming the stream's favorite character.
    • At one point, Logan fights a bear who picks up a tree and throws it at him.
  • After streaming Star Trek: Borg, Chip apropos to nothing decides to draw some Windows 98 MS Paint fanart of Hank the Chog and his girlfriend Monica the Mexican Mongoose, which then got its own fanart, and somehow managed to bump him to be #1 on hitbox.
  • While playing Gex: Deep Cover Gecko while in a call with Tietuesday, damehasclass and Voidburger, Chip is trying to get to the top of a pirate ship that demands of him some really dodgey platforming. When he's nearly at the end, a blue-vested skeleton pushes him off, causing him to fall the way back to the bottom as he screams in genuine frustration. Noticing the parallels, his co-commentators begin saying "GET DUNKED ON" and humming Megalovania.
    Chip: God, that piece of shit skeleton!
  • Chip and Ironicus' two-part session of The Fight: Lights Out, their self-described magnum opus:
    • Part 1 is a treasure trove of absurdity, from Danny Trejo dual-wielding Playstation Move controllers, to the game's tutorial rapidly devolving into an interpretive dance routine (including knitting lessons, caber tossing, and the Macarena).
      Ironicus: I open my chrysalis. I am boooorn again!
      Chip: This is really testing the limits; not just the boundaries of the game, but the boundaries of society itself.
    • In part 2, Chip and Ironicus bring the smackdown.
      Chip: I'm gonna fuck you up!
      Ironicus: Wassup!
      Chip: You're dead! ...After my Playstation Eye calibrates itself.

      Chip: This is gonna prove who's more from the streets, you or me!
      Ironicus: ...We went to the same high school!

      Ironicus: This is how you fight?
      Chip: It's called a windmill!
      Ironicus: Yeah, well, I'm Don Quixote, bitch.
    • Also in part 2, the tragic and heartwarming tale of the Brothers Marv.
      Ironicus!Marv: He died in that alley, and he was my brother!
      Chip!Marv: Oh my god! But you're my brother!
      Ironicus!Marv: Yes! You killed your own brother, Marv.

      Ironicus!Marv: What are you saying, Marv?
      Chip!Marv: Marv, I love you! Let's stop this fighting.
      Ironicus!Marv: Marv.
      Chip!Marv: Marv!
      Ironicus!Marv: We're a family!
      Chip!Marv: I love you so much, Marv!
      Ironicus!Marv: It's so beautiful!

  • Ironicus' wife walks in during the the Zelda: Breath of the Wild stream, and instantly picks up what's going on (Ironicus going squee over a goat) with almost no explanation. Ironicus notes how weirdly on the same wavelength they are, and says if we want to see more, we should check out theit podcast, History Honeys.