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Funny: Chorocojo
Chorocojo's various Pokemon Let's Plays have lots of good moments, due in no small part to his amusing art and characterization. A few instances:
  • In the Emerald LP, Misty's Atomic F-Bomb Distant Reaction Shot upon realizing she needs a Wailord and a Relicanth is great for a laugh. Especially when it turns into a Brick Joke during the his Fire Red LP later on.
  • Even heard by a Deoxys residing in the moon, where there's no sound whatsoever. Purest rage unfettered and raw indeed.
  • Lets Play Pokemon Emerald, chapter 33, Misty's finally had it with Teams Aqua and Magma:
    "Ok, you know what? That it. From this point forward I'm making it my personal business to meddle with [Aqua] and Magma. Constant asskickings? Me. Vandalized bases? Me. Run out of toilet paper? Me. I swear to Pokegod himself, that whenever some misfortune befalls you you will have to contemplate whether it's simple bad luck or the psychotic machinations of a young woman and her kickboxing chicken."
  • From the Platinum LP:
    Fantina: Incidentally, Fantina, the Gym Leader of Hearthome, is also a Contestant. She is, how do you say, très fantastique!
    Haha, I bet she's fat BOOYEA. Gimme some.
    Fantina: Fantina being myself, of course!
  • The Running Gag of flashing back to Rowan making Lady and Jeorge promise not to recklessly endanger themselves again when running into a situation that recklessly endangers them.
  • Roxy's cutegasm over getting a shiny Igglybuff, in the Crystal LP.
  • In the Emerald playthrough, Misty catches a Kecleon, but doesn't reveal its name. Shortly after, she takes on the Fortree City Gym (the Flying-type one). So, once Winona is down to her last Pokemon (Altaria), Misty sends out...
  • Go to the Namazu page on The Other Wiki and click on the audio version of the article. Enjoy
  • A Zubat interrupts Paras's Pokédex entry in the FireRed Let's Play.
  • Sammy's initial thought when hearing about Celio.
  • Sammy does it again when she takes Ramuh (her freshly-caught Level 50 Zapdos) to Lt. Surge for some obedience training.
  • Roxy goes through all of her Great Balls trying to catch a Weezing, only to catch it with a Lure Ball.
  • Every time Marley's Arcanine uses Helping Hand: [1]
  • "What? No. It was always a starter option. What? No, that's dumb you must be remembering wrong. We'll go visit the Prof. later on, you don't seem to be feeling well." Not even the first time that Choro used a non-standard starter, either.
  • Haley encounters the Ghost-type variant of Curse for the first time when battling the Elite Four's Shauntal. This is expressed by her Golurk ripping off its own head. Shauntal's apologetic post-battle speech makes it even funnier.
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