Funny / Chuggaaconroy

Hey everybody, it's the Chuggaaconroy Funny Page!

  • The fact that fans update these pages within minutes after he uploads his videos is amusing in itself.
  • In some of his early Let's Plays, he had a tendency to say:
    Jesus flipping Christ almighty on a pogo stick!
  • Whenever he makes up lyrics and/or sings along to the background music.
  • Sometimes the text for details he forgot to mention is usually brought up with the sound for taking an action in Earthbound. Whenever it's a really bad mistake or him saying the wrong thing, text is brought up with the sound of Mario going "D'oh!".
  • Chugga and ProtonJon sing "A Whole New World" together during a speed-gamer marathon. Unsurprisingly, Chugga is tone deaf. (But Jon is actually pretty good.)
  • When he was in Canada with Jon, somebody recognized him just from hearing him say "D'oh, you missed!" to Jon.
  • Whenever he gives voices to characters, usually giving them strange accents that doesn't even match the respective characters. Old people are also funny.
  • He always notices when his voice cracks, and makes fun of his own voice-cracking.
  • In his four-year anniversary video, referring to the bonus episodes of his let's plays that he has been known to put off for long periods of time:
    Chugga: I've always been a horrible, horrible human being when it comes to updating my bonus features, 'cause usually during a game, I'm always super-dedicated...and then when it comes to the bonus features, I'm like "I'll do 'em later, mommy..." (Beat) Apparently I have four hundred and ten thousand mommies. (Beat) I'M SPECIAL!
  • On Twitter, he mentioned how his friends made him a "really girly cake" for his birthday, and how the symbol on it apparently suits him though he doesn't see why. This is said cake.
  • Chugga fools around on his iPad with Pokémon theme songs. Hilarity ensues.
  • After being stuck on hiatus due to illness issues, he announces his return in an update video...and graces us his enthusiasm with a single spoken line at the end: "I'M REALLY FEELING IT!"
  • This video on Lucahjin's Instagram has Chuggaa doing his "best" Magikarp impression.
  • Jon crashes a Pax East update video. Complete with the most unmanly scream from Chugga since catching Groudon.