Headscratchers: Chuggaaconroy

  • Why is he oblivious to the fact that the Steve thing is entirely his fault? He acts like a victim, but he could have nipped it at the bud after the first few times instead of going on for the rest of the Pikmin 1 LP. It's like he genuinely doesn't see it.
    • It's Chugga you're talking about. I honestly don't think it's as bad as he makes it out.
    • Oh good grief, are you seriously taking it at face value? He hams everything up, and doesn't always mean what he says. Yeah he's frustrated with the Steve thing, but he hams it up.
    • Oh... Well I've seen him be a ham, but not quite like that. Oh well.
  • So when he's fighting Evice in Pokemon Colosseum, why didn't he throw the Master Ball as soon as Tyranitar was sent out? What was the point in weakening it?
    • He was probably intending to catch it with something weaker. He did call it his ace in the hole, after all.
    • I just assumed he did it a sort of grand finale for the final battle.
  • Hypothetical: Steve vs. Slavinator. Who wins?
  • So...would someone care to explain what's so bad about Shari?
    • He thought she looked really creepy, and because her arrival coincided with him having a small time error with his game, he jokingly concluded that she was a zombie formed from him causing a glitch in the fabric of reality. And since then, her choices of wording and dialogue have inadvertently helped this interpretation. He's just kept rolling with it, even though he likely doesn't hate her, because it ruins the immersion that he talks about sometimes if he just plain ignores stuff she says and does. Hence why he also takes animals' wording into consideration with his choices, such as the Running Gag of Croque being a jerk just because his Catch Phrase "as if" makes half the stuff he says seem like sarcasm, or letting Stinky move out just because his randomly generated reason was to "get out of cleaning" when this was technically no different from when Shari said she might move out for different, less comedic reasons.
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