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Funny: Clement J 642
  • ANY time the clip with Knuckles saying "SHUT UP!" appears.
  • Sonic Adventure
    • Gamma + Tree = STOP THAT!
    • After rediscovering Amy and Birdie, Eggman's robot Zero greets her with a tortured "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOR!?"
    • In part 8 of Sonic's run, he gets to the area with the Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles target practice dolls... and notices the Tails Doll.
    • During the mini-boss fight with Sonic while playing as Knuckles, after hitting Sonic and making him yell "Oh no!" three times the Kool-Aid Man pops up.
  • Sonic Advance 2: Doubling as a callback to the Sonic Adventure LP, Zero greets Sonic with "WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOR!?" in the first special stage.
  • Clement gets a shocking response!
    Clement: Hmmm... what to LP next after Shadow the Hedgehog? I just don't know. What do you think, Dr. Eggman?
    Dr. Eggman: Greetings! This is Mike Pollock, and you're watching The Great Clement!
    (Beat, with Clement looking wide-eyed at the camera, then Eggman, then back to the camera)
    Clement: Whaaaaaa-
    • Clement gets a weird response from Bowser in part 1 of his Wrestlegamia event.
      Dr. Eggman: You're so clearly playing Star Fox 64!
      Clement: No.
      Mario: Oh, lemme guess; we're-a gonna play Super Mario World! Woohoo!
      Clement: No.
      Bowser: Are we gonna be watching hardcore gay porn?
      Clement: And no. What I―what?!
  • Featuring Ivan Ooze
  • His massive freakout in attempting to beat Johnny's time on City Escape Act 1.
  • Shadow wins at Sonic 06 by doing absolutely nothing, complete with Mario Party music.
  • Clement's reaction to Toy Story 3's Anti-Frustration Features.
  • His response to finding out that Gruntilda's party trick is a scary strip tease
    • Also his reaction concerning....Gruntilda's underpants.
  • Part 9 of Shadow the Hedgehog. Clement gets really, really worked up over The Doom, and has to cut himself off before he goes on a massive tirade.
    You should see him play Sonic '06!
  • The end of the first part of the Sonic '06 review is just hilarious.
    Clement: (after getting a Game Over) Oh well...back to Wave Ocean. (Opening cutscene starts) That's the opening cut scene... I have to go through all of that again... It didn't autosave... It didn't autosave... I gotta go through the ring missions again... And the missions, and the load times, and everything! (Breaks out Laughing Mad) That's great! That's great! I GOTTA DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN! Ha! (Beat) AAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
  • For the Blaze playthrough of Sonic Rush, he answers questions from his viewers. In Part 10, he gets a question that's supposed to be a joke and answers it completely seriously.
    Clement: Super King Lets Plays asks, "Why don't you look me in the eyes when we make love anymore?" Look, Super King, I didn't want to say it in this YouTube video, but you're're not as romantic as you used to be. Quite frankly, I find you boring. You're always leaving the toilet seat up. I was absolutely appalled when I heard that you liked one thing about Sonic 06. I just see you as something of a whore now. You're just a piece of meat that I take advantage of. I'm just gonna call it quits now; I'm gonna use this video to say that we're done, so don't take it personally, Super King Lets Plays. It's not you, it's me.
  • Clement's insane theory about the Sol Dimension that he shared in part 7 of the Sonic Rush Adventure playthrough. It includes a character known as Whiteout the Cat, made from the blood of the White Arms alien race and whose best friend Mario was shot by the S.W.O.R.D organisation. The S.W.O.R.D commander also has two different hair colors and hates white people.
  • Cream fighting Sonic Advance 2's final boss complete with (un)fitting music
  • From Part 4 of Clement Reviews Sonic 06: "Sometimes there's joy to be had with being a cheating bastard." (Cut to Cream fighting Sonic Advance 2's final boss)
  • From Mega Man ZX Part 15: "This game was made in 2006, and as we know, no game in the year 2006 was awful. All the 2006 games, the standards were so high." Cue Sonic 06 box art appearing onscreen.
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