Tear Jerker / Clement J 642

  • Part two of Clement's Sonic 06 review could be this to some people especially when he goes into a Heroic B.S.O.D. after going to a lot of loading screens that took way too long and ends up giving up for a while after getting a game over and that the game doesn't autosave. The music during his BSOD moment didn't help matters at all. It's really hard not to feel sympathetic for him after all of this.
    • Part 7, where he takes on the final story, with End of the World, is even fucking worse. It's clear he was not expecting the game's trash he was thrown, and he goes on a rampage about not only how messed up the level is, but the fact that the game has tested his patience to a ridiculous degree, and how rare it is that he comes across a game that just keeps getting progressively worse throughout it. It's sadder than it looks.
  • Clement can't hug Bowser.