Heartwarming / ClementJ642

  • His Goodbye Classic Sonic video.
  • During the Donkey Kong Country LP, BJ's family offered Clement some of the dinner they were making, even after being told he had food waiting at home.
    • BJ's employer tried calling him into work while the Donkey Kong Country 2 LP was being recorded, but he convinced them to hold off so he could continue playing the game.
  • At the end of his review of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), he gives a heartfelt speech defending Sonic Team and the Sonic franchise as a whole.
  • Why I Like Sonic is almost nothing but 22 minutes of this. Clement talking about his childhood with Sonic, and how he got into the franchise. He calls out all of the detractors and cynics for refusing to accept the series for what it is and to stop making the same old comments they have. He goes on to describe the worst games of the series, only to praise how it got great soon after. Ending the video with a heartfelt speech about how it's never been a better time to love the series and challenging his viewers to make positive comments about what they love about the Sonic series.