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Drinking Game: Chuggaaconroy
  • Take a drink if Chugga says "MIYAMOTO" or "GAME".
    • Take another if Miyamoto wasn't actually involved in the game's development.
  • Take a drink if Chugga fails at something after saying it's easy.
    • Take another drink if he proceeds to say "Shut up." over and over.
  • Take a drink if Chugga gets something perfect after saying it's hard.
  • Whenever Chugga spouts a piece of obscure video game trivia about the game he's playing, take a shot.
  • Take a shot every time Chugga says his infamous Big "NO!".
  • Take a shot every time he gushes over the game's music or visual appearance.
    • Two shots if he prefaces it with "And I gotta say-" or says "I'm gonna be quiet for it"
    • Three if he goes quiet for a few seconds to show off the music.
  • Take a shot if he starts a mini rant on why something he likes doesn't deserve a lot of hatred that it gets.
    • Two shots if he also prefaces one of these with "And I gotta say-"
  • Take a shot every time he makes a reference to Ōkami (Not counting the LP of it or its sequel, of course).
  • Take a shot every time he praises the art direction of Ōkami.
    • Also take one if he praises the music.
    • And take one more if he exclaims "WHADDAYA MEAN I DID BADLY ON TIME/DAMAGE/DON'T WORK WELL WITH OTHERS?!?!"
  • Take a shot if he brings up a medical condition or issue he has or has had.
    • Two shots if it's a reference to his eyesight, plus an additional one if he specifically says it's 20/50.
  • Take a shot if he starts off talking about something that happened to him recently by saying "So, what have you guys been up to?"
  • Take a shot if he alludes to Steve.
  • Take a shot whenever he say's "Doh I missed!" in one of his own videos.
  • Take a shot everytime he makes a pun.
  • Pokémon Colosseum: Take a shot every time it doesn't affect Misdreavus.
  • Take a sip of something foreign whenever he gives a character dialogue using an atrocious fake accent.
  • Finish whatever you're drinking and open another if he begins a video with something other than "Heeeeey everybody, it's Chuggaaconroy!"
  • Take a shot whenever his voice cracks.
    • Take another shot if he says something along the lines of "Wow, voice crack."
  • Whenever he gushes about Xenoblade Chronicles, finish your drink. Please disregard this challenge if you're watching his let's play of said game.
    • Instead, finish your drink when he has something definitively negative to say about the game.
      • * In said LP, take a shot every time Chugga gushes about the scenery in specific.
  • In XD, take a shot every time a radar goes off.
    • Take two shots if the radar is for wild pokemon.
  • In XD, take a drink if he uses Billy Bob or has a combo of Jolteon + Spheal line on field.
  • In XD, take a drink if billy bob takes 1 damage.
    • Take another drink if it's not very effective and also deals 1 damage.
    • Take one more if he takes more then 1 damage, and the attack wasn't super effective.
  • In XD, finish your glass if Gadzooks or Trifecta manage to actually prove their worth in battle.
  • Take a shot when he brings up how his AI-controlled allies are acting very strangely/stupidly (his party members in Xenoblade, his Pikmin from, well, Pikmin, etc.)

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