Heartwarming / Chuggaaconroy

  • Chugga's Let's Plays often feature games with mixed reception from people. He plays them specifically so he can get people to appreciate them more and often succeeds.
  • He starts tearing up at Steve's determination, risking his life to carry back a dead enemy...all by himself...as the countdown nearly killed him.
  • ProtonJon inspired him, then he inspired NintendoCapriSun, and now they're all working together.
  • Anytime he tells his fans how awesome and encouraging they are.
    • *Description of YouTube channel* "I've been making Let's Plays here for over 3 years now, and really appreciate the support from every one of you, not to mention the many of you I've actually met at conventions this year!"
  • Chugga's reaction to finding White Pikmin.
    Chugga: Awww, aren't you a cute little Voldemort impersonator. Aww, and look at that, he belched. These things are adorable.
  • In the finale of Pikmin 2, he impersonates the President telling Olimar that he's always appreciated his hard work. And that he used Olimar's toothbrush during the first game.
  • Also in the Pikmin 2 finale, he gave the honor of carrying Louie back to the ship to nothing but a red leaf Pikmin we all know and love, after hating on this Pikmin throughout the entire game.
  • In Majora's Mask, he puts the Zora mask on before watching Lulu's eggs hatch because he feels Mikau should be there to see it.
  • Him defending Navi.
  • In Majora's Mask, at the end of the Anju and Kafei sidequest, during the final scene where the two exchange their masks, Chugga stays completely silent throughout the whole scene, not even reading the text like he normally does. Then, afterwards:
    Chugga: That was so sweet it was worth giving up the run button for...
  • Naming his Slakoth "Teddy", after his kitty.
  • Reminiscing about two Gabby and Ty cosplayers at an official Nintendo event that he befriended.
  • Chugga said in his Pokémon Crystal LP that Wooper is awesome because, "If you can look that happy all the time, and have no arms, you are amazing, and you are truly a king among kings." That's not the heartwarming part. A user by the name of Kawaii Baka Daysu left this comment:
    Kawaii Baka Daysu: I was watching this episode with my cousin who was born without arms. When you said that true fact about Wooper, my cousin burst out laughing saying "THAT'S SO TRUE!!!" Thank you for making my cousin laugh.
  • In one of his bonus episodes for Pokémon Emerald, he rants about how he had to spend over $140 just to get all the materials needed to show the battle for Latias. The very fact that he went through what he described as "hell" but did it because he loves doing these videos is very sweet.
  • His four-year anniversary video, in which he not only thanks all of his viewers, but also brings up how a small, ten-second comment of his from a Luigi's Mansion episode about how he could never stick to exercising led to users sending him loads of encouragement and tips, which actually allowed him to finally stick to a routine.
    • He also mentions how let's playing has helped him become less shy, which is also pretty sweet.
  • Just check out this page. Nic, a seven year old fan with brain cancer and not much time left to live, wanted to play a video game with Chugga before he dies. On May 14, 2012, Chugga flew and drove all the way to Minnesota with NintendoCapriSun to grant this wish.
  • His rant on Peach's dream of being surrounded by miniature Marios and his rather symbolic rant on what it represents. It was a parody of this trope, but could be considered an example all the same.
  • After encountering a Cragnon in Super Paper Mario complaining about his camera job, Emile gives us this:
    "Maybe they just don't understand the value of videos. Maybe they don't understand how many people you make smile all over the world for making videos, and that is exactly why making videos is the best thing in the world."
  • In Ōkamiden, Chugga says he greatly respects everyone who edits his TV Tropes pages on a regular basis.
    • Also from Ōkamiden, Chugga's short speech about Celebrating life from Episode 47 is very touching.
  • In part 1 of Kirby's Epic Yarn, Chugga comes across two sleeping Waddle Dees with a heart made of beads floating over them. He squees and claims that it's the cutest thing he's ever seen, then decides to leave the two sleeping peacefully. Doesn't stop him from stealing their love, though...
    • In part 2, he gushes over the soundtrack and talks about how it's the perfect thing to cheer you up when you're feeling low.
    • Heck, his Epic Yarn LP in general is stuffed with this trope! At least the parts where he isn't failing, telling silly tales, or being cool.
  • This tweet... if you needed any more proof that Chugga and Jon are good friends and their rivalry in TRG is friendly... look no further.
  • Constantly gushing about how much he loves the music of Jolly Roger Bay (and the level as a whole by extension) in Super Mario 64 DS.
    • A more general example from the same LP: because for years Chugga has defended Super Mario Sunshine, calling it underrated and superior to Super Mario 64, and said that he would never LP Super Mario 64, the idea has grown up that Chugga doesn't like 64. In this LP we see that this is untrue, he loves the game and has great childhood memories of it, he just thinks Sunshine is even better.
    • Even more so in episode 31, when he talks about how the game got him through a difficult time in his childhood and (along with Pokémon Red and Blue) is ultimately the reason he's where he is today. The music punctuates it perfectly. Here's a link to the relevant section.
  • Chugga mentions in episode 5 of The Runaway Guys' LP of Castle Crashers that he always preserves the save files from his LPs so he can always load them up again and look back on the memories.
  • Chugga getting his friends some amazing presents
    • This becomes even more heartwarming when you realize that Stephen and Mal only make logos for him, LOGOS! He gave him all that, just because of the logos they made him.
    • He provided Stephen and Mal with such amazing gifts not only because they make logos for him, but because they are such great friends. Stephen and Mal offer him to stay over and hang out fairly often (as made evident through Emile's various appearances in Stephen's vlogs) and THAT (the friendship they share) is what makes it truly heartwarming, not to mention the 'Very Awkward Hug' Stephen wants to give him for all of this. Especially when Chuggaa responds by hugging him instead and pushing him onto the ground via said hug.
  • During Geek Week on Youtube, he and many of his fellow members of Polaris talk about how Video Games have had a big impact on their lives. he openly states that Super Mario 64 and Pokémon Red and Blue are games that he owes everything.
  • When Chuggaa was outed as a brony, some people decided to be assholes, but the majority of his fanbase didn't have a problem with it.
    • This got better. A member of a fangroup for Chugga on DeviantArt posted a journal for the group about how him being a brony isn't as bad as some thought.
  • Chugga bought 24 COPIES OF XENOBLADE just so his friends could enjoy one of his favorite games of all time which is very hard to come by. Keep in mind that a copy of Xenoblade costs roughly 60 dollars so he spent about 1440 DOLLARS just on giving a great game for a bunch of his friends for Christmas. His generosity is truly limitless.
  • In an interview with Wired.com, he had nothing but praise and encouragement for Let's Players who aren't nearly as popular as him:
    "They’ll say, oh, this video only got 100 views. That’s huge! Imagine you’re standing on a pedestal with 100 people listening to what you have to say about a videogame. That’s awesome."
  • Only a day after his return to making videos, Emile took time out of his day to go and personally thank AriZonia for her thoughtful comments during the time he had been sick to show he had seen them, even he had been unable to respond.
  • A while ago, Masae Anela was forced to stop posting videos when her hard drive crashed, and all her work was lost. She gave it to Chugga to repair it...and he made it work.
  • All the way back in 2009, in the last episode of his Mother 3 playthrough, ProtonJon lent out his voice for the character of Rope Snake. One line he says is Heartwarming in Context and Hindsight, when you consider Jon was the reason Emile started lets playing in the first place, and that they are good friends now.
    "Emile, was it? I'll be certain to etch that name into my mind."
  • Emile's Let's Play of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is this, simply because he says it was a big part of his childhood.
    • After several stories of his mess ups while playing the game as a kid, the fact he admits he enjoyed the return of the Koopalings. note 
    • His ending speech about why he wanted to get this game done, it really helped it through when he was sick.
  • Emile has mentioned on his channel's Facebook page that he has spent a lot of time going around buying all the available Amiibo and even getting some of the rarer ones for his friends. In particular, he stayed awake for 21 hours just to get the Gold Mario Amiibo and then stayed up longer to try and get one more for a friend.
  • In the end slate of each Pikmin 3 mission mode video, he includes a message thanking the guest for joining him.
  • In episode 11 of his LP of Pokémon Platinum, after he let the nighttime Pokémon Center theme play for a little bit, he mentions that hearing this theme gave him nostalgia. He used to communicate with his friends through Pokémon Platinum a lot and he would hear that theme when talking with his friends. Awwwwwwww.
  • There is something sweet about Chugga/Emile having two weak pokemon in his team that use happiness to evolve at some point and would later become strong, dependable Pokémon.
  • In the finale of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Emile mentions that he offhandedly has frequent nightmares. On the infamous TRG streams, amid the mix of Never Live It Down moments to do with poor word choices, an offhanded comment reveals a fan gifted him a dream catcher to help him, and he has it hanging in his office.
  • When Chuggaa makes a post about his cat Teddy passing away. He tells us that he spent the time traveling back and around to visit family and friends so they can see him one more time. And he also says that reading through the comments on his pictures was a source of good feelings.
  • After visiting his mom in Pokémon Platinum to find a heartwarming dialogue, he mentions that he recently amended his relationship with his real-life mom. Considering he was on rocky terms with his parents, this is wonderfully heartwarming.
  • In part 38 of Pokémon Platinum, he describes how fans of his were motivated by his discussions of several now-defunct/sparsely accessible promotional events to dig up their old copies of the Gen IV games. In doing so, they discovered that they had downloaded those events when they were available but never got around to redeeming them, and in the case of Manaphy (which can be transferred over from a copy of Pokémon Ranger, but only once per game card), that they still had yet to redeem it for themselves. Given that a few words from Emile was enough to get these people to experience these defunct events legitimately for what is likely the first time in their lives, this is quite touching to hear.
  • In September 2016, Chugga has adopted a pet rabbit and named her "Pippy" after the rabbit in Animal Crossing.
  • The Revelation that EVERY appearance of the female Inkling in the Splatoon Let's Play was Masae Anela certainly is one. She might have been "new" to many viewers and followers of Chugga but that didn't change the fact that she became an important part of that Let's Play
  • Chugga not bringing himself to be mean to Zelda in the first episode of the Skyward Sword Let's Play and honestly complimenting her.
    Chuggaaconroy: I can't do it! I swear I'll be mean to the next guy I see, okay?!
    • A side quest dealing with Peatrice, who has a crush on Link, makes him feel legitimately bad because whether you turn her down or agree to cheat on Zelda, as Chugga puts it "both these options SUCK!"; apparently being mean to pixels is just as troubling to him as being mean to real people. Granted, he makes lots of jokes throughout but that's Chugga.
  • His reaction to this scene in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time when Luigi gives his younger self a Yoshi cookie.
  • The ending of the Bonus Episode to Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. He gives his final thoughts on the game, showering it with praise. He then thanks several people and communities and people involved with the game or the LP. And all with the beautiful music box rendition of the main theme playing, which is left playing by itself at the end of the video, with not a stinger in sight.
  • This is put here because it relates to both Xenoblade and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. In Animal Crossing when he continues his playthrough of the game, Shari asks him if his wish of "his next LP being great" came true, the LP in question being Xenoblade Chronicles. He admits that it's the LP he's got the most compliments on and it also seems to be one of his most viewed Let's plays. Considering how expansive this game is, and that his answer was a yes, this is quite a heartwarming and underrated moment as well as a CMOA.
  • In the comments of the 3rd episode of Black and White, someone implied and then confirmed that they were going to commit suicide. In addition to a slew of supportive comments from complete strangers, Chugga himself chimed in to give his support as well.
    Chugga: I don't want to sound like a broken record since many nice people have already said this to you, but I don't want to assume this isn't serious. Seek help right away. Don't do this and not talk about it with somebody who cares. Speaking as a surviving abuse victim who struggled in school and to get along with others in those years, I can assure you that things can get better and that there is a rock bottom to it all that things can only improve from.
    • Shortly after, the commenter himself confirmed that he was going to be ok, and had this to say:
    Commenter: Wow. I didn't expect so many people would care this much. I'm feeling better now, but my heart goes out to all the people who cared to comment. Even those who didn't comment and still cared I still appreciate you. I can't believe even Chuggaa himself reached out to me. Thank you everyone!
  • Emile's reason for using Trubbish on his team is because he really likes the Pokémon and he feels it gets too much hate for being a Pokémon based on a garbage bag. Likewise, he uses Archen on his team because his favorite Pokémon is the Archen line.
    • In episode 51, he comments that he's using all of the Pokémon who get picked last and showing them a good time. He specifically points out Ottawa (whom he picked as his starter because Oshawott tends to be the last choice) and Hex (an often-overlooked Pokémon).
  • One of the reasons that Emile got into Let's Playing is because he enjoyed Marilland's videos. Come his Pokémon Platinum Let's Play, he manages to get Marilland to help demonstrate multiplayer features twice, and Marilland even says that he's been watching the LP and has thoroughly enjoyed it. How's that for Ascended Fanboy?