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Lets Play: Ari Zonia
"Hey there everyone! Ari Zonia here!"
Ari Zonia, with her signature intro.

Ari Zonia (First name Emily) is a small time Let's Player that started her Let's Play career October of 2012

While the channel is still small, most of her inspiration for the channel's content comes from ProtonJon and Chuggaaconroy. Her content is usually very lighthearted and silly with hints of trying to make her Let's Plays minor walk throughs. She gained a small bit of popularity after recording an episode of her Let's Play and then appearing on a Livestream with ProtonJon.

While her channel's primary focus is Let's Playing she does branch off to other media such as Speed Draws and Miku Miku Dance videos.

She also has some collaboration videos with her close real life friends, as well as a blind Let's Play of games that were bought off Steam or given to her by friends.

Ari Zonia's Ongoing Let's Plays:

Games Ari Zonia has Let's Played:

Her Let's Plays and other videos provide examples of:

  • Art Evolution: Those that have searched through her deviantART profile, or have watched her for some time, will easily notice how her art style has changed over the years. Works from 2012 and prior sometimes don't even look like they were done by the same person when compared to art posted in 2014.
  • Awesome McCoolname: Her name is an obvious pun off the state of Arizona with an extra 'i'. Bonus points to her since Ari is an actual name. Doubles as a Meaningful Name for her as well.
  • Development Hell: While only her first project, Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been going on for over a year. Most of the delays are due to Ari being a busy high school student. She also had spent a small portion of her time sick and unable to record. She takes it lightheartedly, however; saying that she wants to make it good quality by having fun during her recordings.
  • Insistent Terminology: In Super Mario Galaxy 2's World 6 she always refers to the Melty Monster Galaxy as Melty Molten Galaxy. She doesn't notice until after recording but doesn't edit it in post. No one else seems to notice. Not even ProtonJon, however; it's justified since he hadn't played the game since it was new.
  • Meaningful Name: "Ari Zonia" is very clever pun on the state of Arizona, where she hails from. For the people that are familiar to her deviantart, "Ari" stemmed from a nickname of a character she produced to represent Arizona for the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom. "Zonia" came later when she started Let's Playing to provide a short nickname.
  • Shout-Out: During the earlier half of Super Mario Galaxy 2, and in most of her Collabs, she tends to mention either the memes or actual names of other Let's Players she watches. She tends to heavily reference The Runaway Guys, ProtonJon, and Chuggaaconroy, her main three inspiration for starting her channel.

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