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    Paper Mario 
  • Chugga manages a 101 Power Bounce combo, the highest possible combo before the game cuts you off.
  • After defeating General Guy, an event triggers that gets him double Star Points. His response certainly says so as well.
  • Chugga takes down the Anti Guy Squad in Bowser's Castle, the hardest boss in the game.

    Super Mario RPG 
  • There's a Frog Coin that's only available at a specific point in the game. After missing it the first time, he plays the entire game over just to try again. He gets it on that second attempt.

    Mother 3 
After chapter 5-1, Chugga chewing out his fans for acting immature and raising hell about an artwork of Kumatora. It takes guts to tell off people on YouTube, especially your own fans, deserving it as much as they were.
  • The finale, which includes voice acting for the characters.

    Paper Mario: TTYD 
  • The back-to-back battles with Grodus and Bowser. For starters, his curse took effect after he beat Grodus and doubled the Star Points he got from the battle, putting his earnings right up there at 60+ (which is at least half a level for those of you not in the know). Then in the Bowser and Kammy fight, the curse struck again when he used a Power Bounce against Bowser, raising his attack power and pretty much demolishing Bowser's HP. On top of that, he risked not using a healing item when he had one HP left since he had spare Life Shrooms. Bowser's next attack missed him anyway. As he noted, if the curse took effect again and doubled his SP from THAT battle, it would've been the perfect run for him.

    Pokémon FireRed 

    Super Mario Sunshine 

    The Wind Waker 

    Pokémon Crystal 

    Super Luigi Galaxy 
  • Beating defeating Daredevil Bouldergeist on the first try.
  • The thirty-minute finale has of November 12 2010 surpassed one million views (four million as of May 16, 2016), his third video with that many views (Super Mario Sunshine Episode 1 and Pikmin Episode 8 are the other LP videos to surpass 1 million... although there are actually several videos in his Super Mario Sunshine LP to surpass 1 million)

  • The first time Chugga realized Steve's full potential was very cool after the time Steve spent being the Butt-Monkey.
    Chugga: Oh my god...Steve, you're a freakin' trooper! You were staying there, sacrificing your life, into the hours of the carry back...a rotten corpse of a fire-breathing pig. I'll admit, I'm tearing up a little bit right now guys.
    • Steve even gets his own Facebook page.

  • The amount of research Chugga did for this project is certainly amazing.
    Chugga: Yeah, I went to a library for the first time in five-and-a-half years for this.

    Luigi’s Mansion 

    Pikmin 2 
  • He has stated how he hates Wollywogs from Pikmin. However, in this game, he kills every single one he finds without any Pikmin dying (at least so far, with the exception being in the Bulblax Kingdom where he was unaware of the Wollywog until it attacked). Every fight with a Wollywog has been a Crowning Moment of Awesome - especially the one where the Wollywog seemed to land on his Pikmin, but just barely missed. This streak was broken in Episode 25, but it's still awesome he made it that far.
  • In the Submerged castle, twice, his Pikmin managed to avoid near death. Once (episode 26), a blue tripped in front of the Waterwraith. However, it wasn't killed. Chugga's reaction was enough to rival his original reaction to Steve. The second time (Episode 27), he was cornered against a wall. The Waterwraith was approaching. Then, the Waterwraith turns around, not killing any Pikmin. This then repeated again, in the same spot.
  • Chugga defeating Man-At-Legs (basically a Arachnorb with a machine gun), while only losing 4 purples. Without using a Purple Spray.
    • That he defeated the Man-at-Legs rematch in the Hole of Heroes, using only blue Pikmin, without using a Purple Spray, and without losing a SINGLE Pikmin... further CMOA.
  • Finding not one, not two, but three purple potions at once after breaking open three eggs. Even better because he'd been talking about wanting to find purple potions for almost the entire thing.
  • Steve makes one more appearance after the final battle, carrying Louie back to the ship.

    Majora’s Mask 
  • After suffering from Creator Backlash for so long regarding Steve, Chugga finally lets loose.
    Chugga: 'Troop', huh... Okay, fine! STEVE! There you go! Happy? I said it. It stopped being funny after the Pikmin 1 Let's Play, okay...okay, anyway...
  • A real life one, the story of how Chugga got to live in his new house, which he tells in Episode 10. He got it by having his YouTube username coming up on YouTube search before Chuck Norris.
  • In Episode 14, almost a minute in, Chugga rolled all the way to the entrance of Snowhead Temple in one freaking attempt.
    • And in Episode 19, he did it again with the Goron race!
  • During an episode of the Great Bay Temple, Chugga brings up how everybody seemed to hate Navi from Ocarina of Time. He then follows this up by defending Navi, big time, explaining why Link would actually want to find her. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Normally in Majora's Mask, just putting the Giant's Mask on and curbstomping Twinmold's ass is cool. However, before (and during) the battle with Twinmold, Chugga is giving his theory of how Majora's Mask resembles the stages of Link's maturity and growing up note . This builds up to him reaching 'the last stage' and becoming a giant. The dramatic buildup and ensuing Curb-Stomp Battle (in his favour!) turns this into an awesome moment.
  • Finally completing the Clock Town Archery game (he failed every attempt in his first round of attempts some episodes earlier) in the second round of only two tries.
  • He not only defeated the final boss easily without using masks (the first time around), he got some Crowning Moments of Funny in there as well. And when he does it again using the Fierce Deity's Mask, he makes Majora look like a joke. How's that for Nightmare Retardant?
  • His playthrough of all the boss fights using the Fierce Deity's Mask has gotten over one million views in only a month.

    Pokémon Emerald 
  • His explanation of how Wurmple evolution is, in fact, random. Loads of Shown Their Work right there.
  • When Brawly's Makuhita has Chugga up aganist a wall with all but one Pokémon (Slavinator the Zigzagoon) defeated, he sends it out, not expecting much. The poison left behind by ACOOLTENT (Tentacool) does the enemy in, giving that Pokémon the victory by not even doing anything. Slavinator grew four levels as a result of all the experience he gained! Doubles as a Funny Moment. Chugga claims it as his greatest battle ever.
  • ACOOLTENT gets hit by an electric attack and survives with only one HP left.
  • TEDDY + Strength = One-Hit KO. Almost every time. And now that it's a Slaking with Hyper Beam...
  • Chugga sends out Moegami in the Verdanturf battle tent. He's unable to use items to heal, his defense is lowered twice, he's under Wrap, and he's confused AND attracted... but he manages to take out his enemy with one hit from Double Kick.
  • His battle with Winona. Every single Pokémon on Chugga's team (except Moegami) pitches in to claim an impressive victory. Heck, his Absol lands the final blow of the fight. The Absol he caught only one episode beforehand. Already cementing its place in the roster.
  • Pandora, his Absol that is mentioned in the above entry, destroyed the first 2 Elite Four members. It took out all but 1 Pokémon of the first member, and all the Pokémon of the second one. Without taking damage. And then he manages to dole out an epic Take That! to all to people who were telling him Pandora didn't have a place on his team.
  • He caught Groudon with A NEST BALL and Kyogre with a Net Ball.
    • And then he does it again with Latias in ANOTHER NEST BALL. At FULL HEALTH.
    • To those of you who don't understand why catching Latias and Groudon in Nest Balls is a reason to celebrate (and for Chuggaconroy's voice to go as high as it did): What exactly are the chances of it happening? Less than 1%.
  • The epic battle with Steven at the end.

    Super Paper Mario 
  • His first level up is to use Fire Burst on a whole bunch of Squiglets.
    • Then a similar instance in Chapter 3, where he uses a lightning bolt to blast a bunch of Blomebas.
  • Whenever he completes a chapter of this game, he shouted "YOU'VE GOT A PURE HEART!" in the same vein as "YOU'VE GOT A CRYSTAL STAR!", from three years beforehand. It just feels right.
  • Him beating Shadoo and only getting hit ONCE. Plus, all he did to win was stand in a corner and use Bowser's Fire Breath constantly, while Shadoo kept running into it and hurting himself.


    Kirby’s Epic Yarn 

    Pokémon Colosseum 
  • In Episode 7, Chugga finally enters a battle tournament. In it, the AI attacks Misdreavus with Normal-type moves, and doesn't use moves that would KO it. Chugga then decides to make Misdreavus a permanent member of his team.
  • Taking on the Internet and winning with regards to Illumise's pronunciation. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • After three failed captures of the previous Shadow Pokémon of the Bosses in Pokémon Colosseum, be it his laziness to get more Great Balls (Sudowoodo), Artificial Stupidity with a mix of Tempting Fate (Entei) or the Shadow Pokémon knocking itself out (Suicune)... Chugga FINALLY manages to capture the toughest of the Boss Pokémon bar the Final Boss' Shadow Pokémon: Raikou... and did it quickly with few used Ultra Balls to boot.
  • After failing once to beat Miror B. off-camera, he tries again and initially it goes badly again, but he comes Back from the Brink with a clever use of tactics that even uses the "It doesn't affect Misdreavus" Running Gag.
  • Chugga encountered a Shadow Delibird and had problems catching it after having little trouble with snagging legendaries from bosses. He was down to only a Poké Ball and managed to catch it successfully.
    • That and he ordered his Forretress to use Explosion which surely would of KO'ed Delibird had the Poké Ball not succeeded.
  • Catching Tropius at nearly full health with a Great Ball on the first try.
    "Come on, I've gotten luckier than this in LPs! I've gotten Groudon at like full health in a Nest Ball! I can do this! I can do it! You guys gotta believe in me - *ball starts shaking* One! Two! THREE! *Tropius is caught* OH MY GOD!"
    • This is later subverted in the 3rd bonus episode, when he points out that Tropius has a catch rate of 200, making it far easier to catch than the other Shadow Pokémon he's been facing.
  • He's nervous about battling Nascour because Nascour has Pokémon in the mid-50's and Chugga has Lvl. 48-50 Pokémon. His Saikou and Corona take out three Pokémon (Walrein, Gardevoir, and Blaziken) in the fight alone. The other two (Xatu and Dusclops) are downed by Affection and Marshall. And he catches Nascour's Metagross in only three tries.
  • His battle with Evice tops even the Nascour battle. Evice's Slowking manages to use Skill Swap and even before that Corona was beaten in one hit by Earthquake. Then when Salamence comes out Walnut poisons it and eventually uses Explosion to kill it when it's at near full health. Eventually it comes down to Marshall and Munchkin vs Evice's last two Pokémon and Munchkin goes down in one hit from Machamp. And when Marshall fails to defeat Machamp and a Reflect set up earlier in the match ends... Evice uses two X Attacks, which allows Marshall to take down Machamp and to finish the battle he catches Tyranitar in the Master Ball.
    • It's even more amazing if you remember what he says about Marshall's pre-evolved form Wooper. "If you can smile like that and have no arms, you are truly a king among kings." Well Marshall the Quagsire truly is the king among kings for being the last one to stand against Evice's strongest Pokémon!
  • Emile's first time beating Evice as a child. According to the story, it was his seventh attempt and both of them had one Pokémon left. He thought he was going to lose and was so frustrated he threw the controller at the wall. The A button was hit twice as it bounced onto the ground, resulting in a critical attack that finished Evice off.

    Link’s Awakening 

    Super Mario 64 DS 

    Kid Icarus Uprising 
  • Chugga managing to survive Dark Pit's stage (Chapter 6) while in crisis mode.
  • Beating the final chapter on 9.0 for the first time in his life. In Crisis Mode. On camera. On his first take. Without dying.
    • Even the way he started this chapter is awesome (and doubles as Crowning Moment of Funny). He entered difficulty select screen with default level of 5.3 (on a 0.0-9.0 scale) and said that this is a fair challenge and he's glad that this isn't higher, since he's never beaten this level on max difficulty. And then...
    "Or rather, that's what I would be saying, if I wasn't saying... <pulls slider to 9.0> BRING IT ON!!!"
  • The fact that he managed to gather every single Kid Icarus: Uprising AR card save for two of them is pretty impressive.
    • And now thanks to an anonymous source, he has now revealed the idols for the non-existent cards 405 and 411.

    Sonic Colors 

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf 
  • The reveal at the end of Day 40. Chugga only accomplished half of his idea for the LP; as 2014 goes on, he'll return to Palette to showcase holidays. special visitors, etc. The first of the holidays is New Year's Day, meaning the very next day.

    Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness 
  • Not exactly one for Chugga, but still significantly awesome. In the twenty-fifth episode, he battles Rider Willie, a Zigzagoon trainer who serves as a player's very first Orre opponent in Colosseum. Willie actually put up a good fight against the nigh-unbeatable Chugga, actually causing faints and averting the Running Gag of "Billy Bob takes one damage." Shows just how powerful he's gotten in the last five (in-universe) years.
  • Gadzooks the Zangoose is the one to KO Ardos' Alakazam, the very same Alakazam that defeated it as a Shadow Pokémon.
  • In the Finale of Pokémon XD, Chugga managed to snag 6 out of 7 of Greevil's Shadow Pokémon in one attempt. This includes Shadow Lugia, which he caught without the Master Ball. And the one he missed? Only due to an unlucky critical hit. Made even more amazing in that he didn't use a single Shadow Pokémon of his own, so he had to do that while all Greevil's attacks were Super Effective on his team.
    • And the one he didn't snag? In the rematch, he captures it with a FIRST BALL.
    "Ladies and gentlemen, my luck."
    • He said that as a kid, he always snagged all 7 in one go, and wondered why anyone would think it was so hard.

    Xenoblade Chronicles 
  • For his LP of Xenoblade Emile has tracked down thirty copies of this incredibly hard to find game, including four factory sealed copies, and will be giving them away to 30 lucky viewers.
    • The very fact that he's actually Let's Play-ing this game, and going for 100% Completion like he usually does. From Part 1 he says he'll be showing every sidequest. Anyone who's played the game will know just how utterly massive that task is. Those who haven't are in for a treat.
    • Also, his planning of absolutely everything down to the last detail. He replayed and recorded the game multiple times in advance to show off all the alternate quest options - which, as the above already states, is a massive task. Something even crazier is his rewatching of every cutscene beforehand to determine which weather was best for each, and he did that to preserve the best atmosphere portrayed by the story and setting. That is a ridiculously awesome amount of determination.
      • For those not aware, weather in the game is 90% cosmetic, changes at its own whim, and the only way the player can influence it is messing with the in-universe game clock and hoping for the best. And the game considers 24 hours forward or back as no adjustment, so getting the time and the weather right to stage each cutscene must have been incredibly tedious at times. All just to give the views the best experience possible.
  • The battle against the Glacier Acon in episode 52. Dunban did not have an Anti-Mechon weapon, meaning he could only deal damage when the Glacier Acon (which was a Mechon) was Toppled. To add to this, Chugga (playing as Reyn) got incapacitated before half a minute passed. But after getting revived, he still managed to win by doing a Chain Attack which let him attack 10 times in a row, inflicting huge damage and still leaving the Glacier Acon helpless after all of it was over.
  • The battle against Disciple Lorithia in Episode 96 is truly a sight to behold. Not only does he take down one of the hardest story bosses with ease, he ends it with a Chain Attack and a triumphant (if, admittedly, vengeful) cry of "SUMMON BOLT!!".
  • In episode 98, he has a hard time against Dragon King Alcar. All party members have very low health, Shulk is dead from spike damage, and a predicted fatal attack is going straight for Riki. In a clutch victory, Riki saves everyone by finishing it off with Freezinate and boldly proclaims "Riki protect future of sidekicks!". Chugga is left speechless.
  • So, by episode 115, with the story wrapped up, every single sidequest in the world completed, and Colony 6 rebuilt, surely that's the end of the let's play, right? Wrong. Chugga posted episode 116, titled 'Forgotten Memories', as a rundown of all the 'glitch' items in the game, as well as showing off a whole Dummied Out section of the game (Bionis' shoulder). And he's still not even done! He talked on twitter and in the video about the fact that for his final episode, he wants to defeat every superboss, and show every single unique monster in the game, so that people playing the game themselves can find them easily. Chugga is AMAZINGLY dedicated to giving Xenoblade Chronicles a proper sendoff.
    • To top it off, on the very last episode, he finishes all the Heart-To-Hearts, and reads aloud Monado: The Secret Files with accompanying visuals. Have we emphasized how dedicated this guy is yet?
  • Him almost defeating Avalance Abassy with all of his members Talent Arts, then finishing it off with Backslash.
    • And similar to his fight against Disciple Lorithia, he ends off the fight with a triumphant cry of "BACK SLASH!!"

    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga 
  • In his Let's Play of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, he managed to use Advanced Splash Bros to beat Queen Bean in only three turns! He was just as surprised as we were.
    • In Episode 10 of the same game, Chugga managed to find and beat three Gold Beanies.
    • In Episode 16, he defeated Cackletta before she could use her doppelganger attack, and in the same episode he took down Popple and Rookie before they could pull of a Bros. Attack!
    • Episode 32: Emile has just barely enough coins to try for Secret Scroll #2, so he decides to be cheap and make a restore point. He didn't need to; he got it on his first attempt!
    • Episode 33: Emile had been having issues with his capture card, so he wasn't able to record episodes as soon as he wanted to. The video that went up was his fourth recording attempt. Bear that in mind as you read this. He attempts the infamous surfing minigame trying to get the second-highest bean prize (two Hoo Beans and two Chuckle Beans) after getting the lowest (one Woo Bean) and third-highest (one Chuckle Bean). He doesn't get it. Instead, he beats the time for the top prize, the Casual Coral. The kicker? He had never gotten the Casual Coral before. After this, he ends up showing off light gravity and Advanced Thunder Bros (which he hadn't been able to for quite some time), and the battle ended with Luigi leveling up. Chugga said this was the game's way of patting him on the back for having to record the video four times.

    Pikmin 3 
  • Day 15. Chugga managed to defeat the Quaggled Mireclops right as the 10 second timer appeared on screen.

    Pokémon Platinum 
  • Chugga's first guest: Marriland.
    • Marriland's return after Candice also qualifies as one, and also a CMoH when he starts praising Chugga's LPing skills.
  • Both Cleffa and Golbat evolve in the same episode.
  • In Episode 20, he finally get his first multiplayer victory. In a double battle against the cast of The Dex.
  • After having a horrible debut upon evolving into Torterra due to Crasher Wake's Floatzel abusing Torterra's X4 weakness to Ice Fang, Chugga went into the post gym guest Shadypenguin. During their battle Bohdi made up in spade with a PERFECT 4-0 victory streak.
  • After all that bad luck Supernova has had the last few videos, Episode 38 is where it gets a major lucky streak:
    • Getting Roar of Time on Metronome!
    • Reaching LV 43 and learning Meteor Mash.
    • Evolving!
  • In Episode 38, he lost the game audio due to a technical issue, similar to an incident in his MOTHER 3 LP. So what did he do this time? He edited in every single sound effect from soundtrack rips right down to the moves and the sound from bumping into a wall. He is THAT dedicated to making sure his viewers have the best experience.
    • Episode 40 reveals a lot was with the help of Yoshiller. Still awesome though.
  • Chugga successfully finds a Feebas in Episode 43. Yeah, the infamously rare Magikarp cousin.
  • Chugga's Milotic makes her debut in Candice's battle in Episode 45. What's so awesome about it? Milotic was still at level 29, and she defeated a Piloswine, which was level 40!
    • In the same battle: After getting screwed by bad luck in previous boss battles, Supernova gets to shine in this battle by one-shotting two of Candice's Pokémon.
  • Supernova's Metronome became Frenzy Plant. Which was enough to defeat a Golbat.
  • In one of the most epic finales to any fate-of-the-world-deciding battle, it looked like he had lost. Vanity, his last Pokémon (asides from Derpidius) had 55 HP left, and was moving last. His opponent's Crobat used Cross Poison... and Vanity survived with 4 HP. Keep in mind, Vanity was 4 levels lower than Crobat, who was using its insanely high attack stat with a STAB 70 power move (that had a high chance of critting). If that doesn't ensure a spot on his team, nothing does.
  • In the very next episode, Chugga's infamous luck strikes again - this time, he captures Giratina, one of the most difficult Pokémon to catchnote , in a Heal Ball, which has the same chance of a successful catch as a regular Poké Ball. Just like with Groudon and Latias, the chances of pulling this off were less than 1%.
    • The battle itself is one for Giratina; the legendary EARNS its fearful reputation by giving Chugga an absolutely epic battle, as a fitting finale to the main story arc of the game.
  • After the aforementioned Giratina catch, Chugga reveals the sixth intended member of his team (barring the HM Slaves):Dusclops, eventually Dusknoir. He then catches one with an ADAMANT nature, the BEST offensive nature that a Dusclops can have.
  • Eidolon's showing against Volkner's Electivire: with the Will-O-Wisp to nerf his opponent's fully physical moveset and the bulk to take even a Thunderpunch, he would've had the battle won if Volkner hadn't used a Full Restore.
    • And later Psythe tanking said burned Electivire's Giga Impact like a champ.
  • Vanity absolutely destroys Bertha's team without breaking a sweat.
  • Acrobat manages to survive Flint's Rapidash's Flare Blitz buffed by Sunny Day. With 10 HP.
  • In episode 81, Emile goes on to catch Dialga and Palkia. After a rocky start with Dialga, Emile throws a Luxury Ball with Derpidius on the field. Then he goes onto Palkia, who Chugga catches in less than three minutes with a Heal Ball, the same as Giratina! Looks like Emile's luck has returned once more.

     Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 
  • A minor, yet notable one in terms of production. The first time in the game that E. Gadd's calls are interrupted due to poor reception, Chugga wishes he could read it in the way it's displayed, saying that it'd have to be edited (taking a decent amount of time) to achieve the correct effect. For all subsequent instances of the Dual Scream's poor reception, Chugga takes the time to edit the audio of his reading to accomplish the broken sound.
  • While it eventually ends in failure, his battle with the Shrewd Possessor goes on to the last playable second due to his early mistakes. Had he made the last shot, he would have beaten the boss within seconds of a game over.
  • Doubling as Funny: Much to his surprise, he gets a perfect triple-star rank on mission E-3: A Train to Catch, despite wasting so much time sidetracking for collectibles. The best part is that it was most likely all the money he kept writing off as useless that saved his rank.
  • Making it through the entire game without getting a single one star rank.

  • The fact that he is going to do an indepth guide on every weapon in the game. ALL 91 OF THEM. WITH OPTIMAL ABILITIES AND STRATEGY TO BOOT.
  • Chugga's skill in the first level.
  • Getting a double kill with a splat bomb in the first episode. Right after saying that the LP won't be high-level competitive play.
  • In episode 8, nailing a multiplayer win by 0.1% thanks to well-placed Inkstrike in the last second.
  • In episode 17, winning a match of Tower Control by one point after being killed within one second into overtime.
  • Masae Anela guest stars in Episodes 19 and 20, and she proves to be almost scarily good at the game. Not only is she an S Rank, she gets insane kill counts per match. Their first Squad Battle in Episode 20 ends in a 0-100 Knockout!
  • Chugga wins his team a Splat Zone battle that has been against them the whole time when he manages to take control and maintain it for the last few seconds of the game.
  • In Episode 24, Chugga has no enthusiasm for playing the weapon of the day, the Luna Blaster, as he says he's a terrible player with said weapon. A potential guest for the weapon convinced him to play it himself due to his success with the blasters before, and sure enough, Chugga turns out to be pretty good with it.
  • In an ironic twist of fate, he reaches S rank in Episode 26 while playing a weapon from his least favorite class (brushes) and on his least favorite stage (Moray Towers). Despite the heavy irony, it's still pretty awesome, due to his efforts in said battle.
  • In Episode 27, during a turf war battle, Chugga accidentally jumps into an active Inkstrike. Because he's Born Lucky, the timing is so perfect that he takes no damage for it.
    • In the same episode, he mentions his incompetence with Ink Mines, but he successfully splats two foes with them.

     Skyward Sword 

     Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time 
  • More of a meta example, Chugga's discussion of the "L33T HAMM3R BROZ.", bringing up how such a meme reference these days would probably spark cries of "Treehouse needs to be burned in hot oil", but that at the time, this was legitimately considered one of the best parts of the game, even by people who didn't like the game. He goes on to say how the use of leet-speak is a perfectly valid way of localizing the original dialogue to show the Hammer Bros are Not Themselves, points out how the use of memes in translations is older than most people think and that Japanese scripts reference Japanese memes all the time (which is true), which many fail to realize. Considering how much of a hot-button issue game localization became in The New '10s, saying this actually took some serious guts on Chugga's part.
  • Much like Queen Bean from Superstar Saga, Emile managed to beat Bowser in three turns.
  • Chuggaa made the first complete bean spot walkthrough in existence.

Other stuff

  • A meta one: the very first video Chugga uploaded was an example of the sort of low-quality blurry camcorder LP that Retsupurae like to mock. He went from that to being one of the most popular LP'ers on YouTube.
  • He, ProtonJon, and NintendoCapriSun have created a collaborative LP channel called The Runaway Guys.
  • Chuggaaconroy getting a Shout-Out from Charles Martinet, Mario's voice actor!
  • Chugga has captured 5 legendaries (Zapdos, Suicune, Ho-Oh, Regice and Registeel)...with Poké Balls (as well as Regirock with a Premier Ball, Groudon and Latios in Nest Balls, and Giratina in a Heal Ball, all of which have the same catch rate as a Poké Ball).
  • This is a Twitter one, but someone who stopped following him because he was a brony that said:
    • In response, he said this:
  • A subtle one concerns his April Fools' Day Mega Man 2 parody LP, in which Chugga plays up to the first Wily stage before running out of lives and then casually ragequitting as part of the Stylistic Suck. Why is this awesome? Because just a few months earlier, he had never played any Mega Man game before, posted a video of him getting repeatedly killed almost instantly when playing one for the first time, and has stated that in general he's not good at 2D platformers.
  • Stephen Plays got one when he managed to defeat Chugga at Pikmin 2's Versus mode, after an earlier video had demonstrated that Chugga was a far superior player of the game in general.
  • His Super Smash Bros. Brawl matches with BrainScratch Commentaries. In addition to winning both of them (At least in the linked video) via PK Starstorm, there was a moment where Ryan hit Chugga with a Timer powerup and sent him flying near the edge of the screen. Instead of Chugga being KO'd and the match being ended, Ryan was the one who died due to the platform changing and Chugga remained alive in the air due to his ridiculous luck.
  • Right on the last episode of Mario Party 2 Mystery Land, Luigi, by some ungodly luck, gets TWO MORE STARS from hidden blocks, giving him a very firm lead of five stars. This chain of events made Chugga and Masae worry about who's getting second place, believing that there's no way they're taking first. In true Chugga luck magic, he gets a dice roll he wants to put him at 3 stars, and pocketing two more bonus stars to give him the star tie with Luigi, and netting him the win by coin tie.
  • After 7 years on YouTube, Chuggaa finally hit a million subscribers September of 2015. Talk about a long time coming.
  • Emile is followed on Twitter by none other than Tara Strong.