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Awesome: Chuggaaconroy
  • The thirty-minute finale of his Super Luigi Galaxy LP has of November 12 2010 surpassed one million views (two million as of December 28, 2010), his third video with that many views (Super Mario Sunshine Episode 1 and Pikmin Episode 8 are the other LP videos to surpass 1 million... although there are actually several videos in his Super Mario Sunshine LP to surpass 1 million)
    • His Majora's Mask playthrough of all the boss fights using the Fierce Deity Mask has gotten over one million views in only a month.
  • Also from the Super Luigi Galaxy LP, defeating Daredevil Bouldergeist on the first try.
  • Completing one of the hardest levels in Super Mario Sunshine in only two attempts.
  • Finding a Shiny Koffing in Pokémon Crystal.
  • The finale of his Mother 3 LP, which includes voice acting for the characters.
    • Hell, the entire M3 LP, mostly due to having being released in America, and also because you can hear him crying during Chapter 6.
    • Especially his very convincing voice acting for Porky.
  • Chuggaa chewing out his fans for acting immature and raising hell about an artwork of Kumatora. It takes guts to tell off people on Youtube, especially your own fans, deserving it as much as they were.
  • The first time Chuggaa realized Steve's full potential was very cool after the time Steve spent being the Butt Monkey.
    Chuggaa: Oh my god...Steve, you're a freakin' trooper! You were staying there, sacrificing your life, into the hours of the carry back...a rotten corpse of a fire-breathing pig. I'll admit, I'm tearing up a little bit right now guys.
    • Steve even gets his own Facebook page.
  • Chuggaa manages a 101 Power Bounce combo in Paper Mario, the highest possible combo before the game cuts you off.
  • He, ProtonJon, and NintendoCapriSun have created a collaborative LP channel called The Runaway Guys.
  • Chuggaaconroy getting a Shout-Out from Charles Martinet, Mario's voice actor!
  • Chugga has captured 5 legendaries (Zapdos, Suicune, Ho-Oh, Regice and Registeel)...with Poké Balls (as well as Regirock with a Premier Ball, which has the same catch rate as a Poke Ball)
    • Also, he caught Groudon with A NEST BALL and Kyogre with a Net Ball.
      • And then he does it again with Latias in ANOTHER NEST BALL. At FULL HEALTH.
      • To those of you who don't understand why catching Latias and Groudon in Nest Balls is a reason to celebrate (and for Chuggaconroy's voice to go as high as it did): What exactly are the chances of it happening? Less than 1%.
  • The back-to-back battles with Grodus and Bowser. For starters, his curse took effect after he beat Grodus and doubled the Star Points he got from the battle, putting his earnings right up there at 60+ (which is at least half a level for those of you not in the know). Then in the Bowser and Kammy fight, the curse struck again when he used a Power Bounce against Bowser, raising his attack power and pretty much demolishing Bowser's HP. On top of that, he risked not using a healing item when he had one HP left since he had spare Life Shrooms. Bowser's next attack missed him anyway. As he noted, if the curse took effect again and doubled his SP from THAT battle, it would've been the perfect run for him.
  • He has stated how he hates Wollywogs from Pikmin. However, in his LP of Pikmin 2, he kills every single one he finds without any Pikmin dying (at least so far, with the exception being in the Bulblax Kingdom where he was unaware of the Wollywog until it attacked). Every fight with a Wollywog has been a Crowning Moment Of Awesome - especially the one where the Wollywog seemed to land on his Pikmin, but just barely missed. This streak was broken in Episode 25, but it's still awesome he made it that far.
  • In his Pikmin 2 LP: In the Submerged castle, twice, his Pikmin managed to avoid near death. Once (episode 26), a blue tripped in front of the Waterwraith. However, it wasn't killed. Chuggaa's reaction was enough to rival his original reaction to Steve. The second time (Episode 27), he was cornered against a wall. The Waterwraith was approaching. Then, the Waterwraith turns around, not killing any Pikmin. This then repeated again, in the same spot.
  • Chugga defeating Man-At-Legs (basically a Arachnorb with a machine gun), while only losing 4 purples. Without using a Purple Spray.
    • That he defeated the Man-at-Legs rematch in the Hole of Heroes, using only blue Pikmin, without using a Purple Spray, and without losing a SINGLE Pikmin... further CMOA.
  • Finding not one, not two, but three purple potions at once after breaking open three eggs. Even better because he'd been talking about wanting to find purple potions for almost the entire thing.
  • Steve makes one more appearance after the final battle, carrying Louie back to the ship.
  • After suffering from Creator Backlash for so long regarding Steve, Chugga finally lets loose in Majora's Mask.
    Chuggaa: 'Troop', huh...Okay, fine! STEVE! There you go! Happy? I said it. It stopped being funny after the Pikmin 1 Let's Play, okay...okay, anyway...
  • A real life one, the story of how Chuggaa got to live in his new house, which he tells in Episode 10 of the Majora's Mask LP. He got it by having his Youtube username coming up on Youtube search before Chuck Norris.
  • In Episode 14 of Majora's Mask, almost a minute in, Chugga rolled all the way to the entrance of Snowhead Temple in one freaking attempt.
    • And in Episode 19, he did it again with the Goron race!
  • During an episode of the Great Bay Temple, Chugga brings up how everybody seemed to hate Navi from Ocarina of Time. He then follows this up by defending Navi, big time, explaining why Link would actually want to find her. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Normally in Majora's Mask, just putting the Giant's Mask on and curbstomping Twinmold's ass is cool. However, before (and during) the battle with Twinmold, Chugga is giving his theory of how Majora's Mask resembles the stages of Link's maturity and growing up note . This builds up to him reaching 'the last stage' and becoming a giant. The dramatic buildup and ensuing Curb-Stomp Battle (in his favour!) turns this into an awesome moment.
  • Finally completing the Clock Town Archery game (he failed every attempt in his first round of attempts some episodes earlier) in the second round of only two tries.
  • He not only defeated the boss of Majora's Mask easily without using masks (the first time around), he got some Crowning Moments of Funny in there as well. And when he does it again using the Fierce Deity mask, he makes Majora look like a joke. How's that for Nightmare Retardant?
  • His explanation of how Wurmple evolution is, in fact, random. Loads of Shown Their Work right there.
  • When Brawly's Makuhita has Chuggaa up aganist a wall with all but one Pokémon ( Slavinator the Zigzagoon) defeated, he sends it out, not expecting much. The poison left behind by ACOOLTENT (Tentacool) does the enemy in, giving that Pokémon the victory by not even doing anything. Slavinator grew four levels as a result of all the experience he gained! Doubles as a Funny Moment. Chugga claims it as his greatest battle ever.
  • ACOOLTENT gets hit by an electric attack and survives with only one HP left.
  • TEDDY + Strength = One-Hit KO. Almost every time. And now that it's a Slaking with Hyper Beam...
  • Chugga sends out Moegami in the Verdanturf battle tent. He's unable to use items to heal, his defense is lowered twice, he's under Wrap, and he's confused AND attracted... but he manages to take out his enemy with one hit from Double Kick.
  • His battle with Winona. Every single Pokémon on Chugga's team (except Moegami) pitches in to claim an impressive victory. Heck, his Absol lands the final blow of the fight. The Absol he caught only one episode beforehand. Already cementing its place in the roster.
  • Pandora, his Absol that is mentioned in the above entry, destroyed the first 2 Elite Four members. It took out all but 1 Pokemon of the first member, and all the Pokemon of the second one. Without taking damage. And then he manages to dole out an epic Take That to all to people who were telling him Pandora didn't have a place on his team.
  • The epic battle with Steven at the end.
  • His first level up in Super Paper Mario is to use Fire Burst on a whole bunch of Squiglets.
    • Then a similar instance in Chapter 3, where he uses a lightning bolt to blast a bunch of Blomebas.
  • As of this writing, he has completed the entirety of Chapter 1 of Super Paper Mario and shouted "YOU'VE GOT A PURE HEART!" in the same vein as "YOU'VE GOT A CRYSTAL STAR!", from three years ago. It just feels right.
  • A meta one: the very first video Chugga uploaded was an example of the sort of low-quality blurry camcorder LP that Retsupurae like to mock. He went from that to being the most popular LP'er on Youtube.
  • Also in Super Paper Mario, him beating Shadoo and only getting hit ONCE. Plus, all he did to win was stand in a corner and use Bowser's Fire Breath constantly, while Shadoo kept running into it and hurting himself.
  • He is LPing Okamiden. How is this awesome? Okamiden is a DS game, but he manages to record in high quality. How? He built his own recording device for the DS just to let's play Okamiden.
  • From Okamiden: Getting a perfect score on King Fury. TWICE.
  • In Kirby's Epic Yarn (Episode 5): Chugga listing off the massive number of games that use the desert as their second level/world.
  • In episode 20 of Kirby's Epic Yarn, Chuggaa finishes one level with a massive streak of 592 beads.
  • In Episode 7 of Pokemon Colosseum, Chuggaa finally enters a battle tournament. In it, the AI attacks Misdreavus with Normal type moves, and doesn't use moves that would KO it. Chuggaa then decides to make Misdreavus a permanent member of his team.
  • This is a Twitter one, but someone who stopped following him because he was a brony that said:
    • In response, he said this:
  • Taking on the Internet and winning with regards to Illumise's pronunciation. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • After three failed captures of the previous Shadow Pokemon of the Bosses in Pokemon Colosseum, be it his laziness to get more Great Balls (Sudowoodo), Artificial Stupidity with a mix of Tempting Fate (Entei) or the Shadow Pokemon knocking itself out (Suicune)... Chugga FINALLY manages to capture the toughest of the Boss Pokemon bar the Final Boss' Shadow Pokemon: Raikou... and did it quickly with few used Ultra Balls to boot.
  • After failing once to beat Miror B. off-camera, he tries again and initially it goes badly again, but he comes Back from the Brink with a clever use of tactics that, for Bonus Points, even uses the "It doesn't affect Misdreavus" Running Gag.
  • Chugga encountered a Shadow Delibird and had problems catching it after having little trouble with snagging legendaries from bosses. He was down to only a Pokeball and managed to catch it successfully.
    • That and he ordered his Forretress to use Explosion which surely would of KO'ed Delibird had the Pokeball not succeeded.
  • Catching Tropius at nearly full health with a Great Ball on the first try.
    "Come on, I've gotten luckier than this in LPs! I've gotten Groudon at like full health in a Nest Ball! I can do this! I can do it! You guys gotta believe in me - *ball starts shaking* One! Two! THREE! *Tropius is caught* OH MY GOD!"
    • This is later somewhat subverted in the 3rd bonus episode when he points out that Tropius has a catch rate of 200, making it far easier to catch than the other Shadow Pokemon he's been facing.
  • He's nervous about battling Nascour because Nascour has Pokemon in the mid-50's and Chugga has Lvl. 48-50 Pokemon. His Saikou and Corona take out three Pokemon (Walrein, Gardevoir, and Blaziken) in the fight alone. The other two (Xatu and Dusclops) are downed by Affection and Marshall. And he catches Nascour's Metagross in only three tries.
  • His battle with Evice tops even the Nascour battle. Evice's Slowking manages to use Skill Swap and even before that Corona was beaten in one hit by Earthquake. Then when Salamence comes out Walnut poisons it and eventually uses Explosion to kill it when it's at near full health. Eventually it comes down to Marshall and Munchkin vs Evice's last two Pokemon and Munchkin goes down in one hit from Machamp. And when Marshall fails to defeat Machamp and a Reflect set up earlier in the match ends... Evice uses two X Attacks, which allows Marshall to take down Machamp and to finish the battle he catches Tyranitar in the Master Ball.
    • It's even more amazing if you remember what he says about Marshall's pre-evolved form Wooper. "If you can smile like that and have no arms, you are truly a king among kings." Well Marshall the Quagsire truly is the king among kings for being the last one to stand against Evice's strongest Pokémon!
  • Emile's first time beating Evice as a child. According to the story, it was his seventh attempt and both of them had one Pokemon left. He thought he was going to lose and was so frustrated he threw the controller at the wall. The A button was hit twice as it bounced onto the ground, resulting in a critical attack that finished Evice off.
  • A subtle one concerns his April Fools' Day Mega Man 2 parody LP, in which Chugga plays up to the first Wily stage before running out of lives and then casually ragequitting as part of the Stylistic Suck. Why is this awesome? Because just a few months earlier, he had never played any Mega Man game before, posted a video of him getting repeatedly killed almost instantly when playing one for the first time, and has stated that in general he's not good at 2D platformers.
  • The Interactive Menu Chugga made for his Super Mario 64 DS LP definitely qualifies under this. Bear in mind, this not only took Chugga a couple months to make, but during that time he still was recording stuff for Pokemon Colosseum, was going to conventions and working on the next Thrown Controllers panel, and getting ready to record footage for both Let's Plays going on right now. All this just shows how dedicated Chugga truly is to his work, and just how much he cares about his fanbase.
  • Stephen Plays got one when he managed to defeat Chugga at Pikmin 2's Versus mode, after an earlier video had demonstrated that Chugga was a far superior player of the game in general.
  • His Super Smash Bros. Brawl matches with BrainScratch Commentaries. In addition to winning both of them via PK Starstorm, there was a moment where Ryan hit Chugga with a Timer powerup and sent him flying near the edge of the screen. Instead of Chugga being KO'd and the match being ended, Ryan was the one who died due to the platform changing and Chugga remained alive in the air due to his ridiculous luck.
  • His second bonus video for Super Mario 64 DS has him beating NintendoCapriSun three times out of four rounds. NintendoCapriSun's one victory would also count.
  • Chuggaa managing to survive Dark Pit's stage (Chapter 6) in Kid Icarus: Uprising while in crisis mode.
  • Beating the final chapter of Kid Icarus Uprising on 9.0 for the first time in his life. In Crisis Mode. On camera. On his first take. Without dying.
    • Even the way he started this chapter is awesome(and doubles as Crowning Moment of Funny). He entered difficulty select screen with default level of 5.3 (on a 0.0-9.0 scale) and said that this is a fair challenge and he's glad that this isn't higher, since he's never beaten this level on max difficulty. And then...
    "Or rather, that's what I would be saying, if I wasn't saying... <pulls slider to 9.0> BRING IT ON!!!"
  • The reveal at the end of Day 40 of Animal Crossing New Leaf. Chuggaa only accomplished half of his idea for the LP; as 2014 goes on, he'll return to Palette to showcase holidays. special visitors, etc. The first of the holidays is New Year's Day, meaning the very next day.
  • The fact that he managed to gather every single Kid Icarus Uprising AR card save for two of them is pretty impressive.
    • And now thanks to an anonymous source, he has now revealed the idols for the non-existent cards 405 and 411.
  • Not exactly one for Chugga, but still significantly awesome. In the twenty-fifth episode of his Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness playthrough, he battles Rider Willie, a Zigzagoon trainer who serves as a player's very first Orre opponent in Colosseum. Willie actually put up a good fight against the nigh-unbeatable Chugga, actually causing faints and averting the Running Gag of "Billy Bob takes one damage." Shows just how powerful he's gotten in the last five (in-universe) years.
  • Gadzooks the Zangoose is the one to KO Ardos' Alakazam, the very same Alakazam that defeated it as a Shadow Pokemon.
  • In the Finale of Pokemon XD, Chugga managed to snag 6 out of 7 of Greevil's Shadow Pokemon in one attempt. This includes Shadow Lugia, which he caught without the Master Ball. And the one he missed? Only due to an unlucky critical hit. Made even more amazing in that he didn't use a single Shadow Pokemon of his own, so he had to do that while all Greevil's attacks were Super Effective on his team.
    • And the one he didn't snag? In the rematch, he captures it with a FIRST BALL.
    "Ladies and gentlemen, my luck."
    • He said as a kid, he always snagged all 7 in one go, and wondered why anyone would think it was so hard.
  • Chugga takes down the Anti Guy Squad in Bowser's Castle, the hardest boss in the original Paper Mario.
  • For his LP of Xenoblade Emile has tracked down thirty copies of this incredibly hard to find game, including four factory sealed copies, and will be giving them away to 30 lucky viewers.
    • The very fact that he's actually Let's Play-ing this game, and going for 100% Completion like he usually does. From Part 1 he says he'll be showing every sidequest. Anyone who's played the game will know just how utterly massive that task is. Those who haven't are in for a treat.
    • Also, his planning of absolutely everything down to the last detail. He replayed and recorded the game multiple times in advance to show off all the alternate quest options - which, as the above already states, is a massive task. Something even crazier is his rewatching of every cutscene beforehand to determine which weather was best for each, and he did that to preserve the best atmosphere portrayed by the story and setting. That is a ridiculously awesome amount of determination.
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