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Tear Jerker: Chuggaaconroy

  • His story of a Bulbmin's life, which doubles as nightmarish.
  • According to his 50 Facts video, he has four siblings that died as miscarriages, and he himself almost died from an allergic reaction at a young age. He was also bullied in school, and the bully died before finishing high school.
    • And according to this video, Chugga almost got on the Thunder Mountain roller coaster that derailed in Disney Land, killing a person and injuring 10 other people. He's had a fear of roller coasters ever since.
      • Especially keep in mind how he was planning on riding in the front, which is where most of the people died. He was one ride away from likely dying.
    • On top of that, it's revealed in a few side comments that he was poor as a child, his parents are divorced, and in high school he had no friends and a low self esteem. He's truly an Iron Woobie.
    • His reason for naming his Jolteon Voltaire, after a friend from when he was a teenager.
  • Just check out this page. Nic, a seven year old fan with brain cancer and not much time left to live, wanted to play a video game with Chugga before he dies. On May 14, 2012, Chugga flew and drove all the way to Minnesota with NintendoCapriSun to grant this wish. The very fact that this happened brings a tear to one's eye...
  • The sad moments in MOTHER 3 are sad enough, but now you've got a lack of Chugga speaking in comic relief, and even adding sadness of his own. This is probably the best example in the entire LP.
    • Go to 6:14 of that episode. You don't even need to watch the rest of the episode for it to hit you hard...*sniff*
  • When he talks during Majora's Mask about how he really felt during the Super Mario Sunshine LP, it was a little upsetting.
    • And remember those hilarious moments in his Sunshine LP? Like the trouble he had with the watermelons, or the really annoying level that he completed right before losing his save data from a power failure, or the huge annoyance the final level's blue coins were? Not so funny when you consider he was the one playing during that, in addition to the problems he was already having. Somewhat surprising he didn't have a Heroic BSOD by the time it was over.
    • For the curious...
  • Chugga has links to the alternate scenes in Majora's Mask that play when you fail something. Throughout the alternate scenes, he's completely silent, and the description of the video is almost never more than the affected person/thing's name, followed by three dots.
  • In Super Paper Mario, during the scene where Luvbi turns into a Pure Heart, which is already enough of a Tear Jerker, Chugga stays completely silent, not even reading the text out loud. Then, once the scene ends and he gets the Pure Heart, he doesn't even yell "YOU GOT A PURE HEART! END OF CHAPTER!" like he always does. He just stays silent, quietly reads the text at the very end, and then ends the video there without even any closing words.
  • In episode 52 of his Okamiden Let's Play, he stays very quiet as we watch the last moments of the Gorreo. Then, the picture at the end of the video is the interior of the Gorreo, which then morphs into the Ghost Ship.
    • The ending of episode 65 is arguably even worse, as an adorable picture of Chibi licking Kuni's face morphs into Akuro superimposed over the latter's face.
  • Likewise, he stays completely silent during the ending of Chapter 21 of Kid Icarus Uprisng. Even the ending is total silence.
    • The other Wham Episode, Chapter 18. It ends with the sad part of the flight music from that chapter. A translucent image of Palutena is slowly fading in, and she repeats her (or rather, the Chaos Kin's) quote, “Everyone changes, Pit. Even gods.”

  • Any time Chugga finishes a playthrough could qualify, particularly if it was one of your favorites or if the ending was sad [Mother 3, Super Paper Mario, Okamiden]. The way he talks about how much fun he had with the playthrough...
  • In the finale of Link's Awakening, he talks about how meaningful the game, especially the ending, is to him, as someone who suffers from nightmares rather often. After that, he viewed the ending for the first time and it made him love the game even more.
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