Heartwarming / Chip Cheezum

  • In their Metal Gear Solid 4 LP Ironicus' reaction to Otacon's "Snake, you're the shit!" codec call is adorable.
    Ironicus: Otacon, you're my favorite again. Welcome back buddy! I missed you!
    Chip: It's the best codec in the entire game.
    Ironicus: I missed you!
  • Most Internet personalities receive some sort of backlash when they open a Patreon account; but not Chip, whose fanbase collectively said "Shut up and take my money!" to support him. Bonus points for the first few donation incentives being met even before Chip had had time to finish making his Patreon announcement video.
  • Whenever the guys really like a game, it shows. Check out their playthrough of The Wonderful 101, for example - Chip's sheer dedication to showing off every possible facet of the game is one thing, but it's obvious from their commentary that Ironicus comes to love the game as much as Chip does. By the end of the second phase of the final boss, Ironicus notes that they usually have a list of things they wish a game had done by the time they're finished with them, but with that game there was nothing. It's widely considered to be one of their best Let's Plays for a reason, and that's because it serves as a reminder of how video games can just be fun, and how much enjoyment we can derive from games or from someone else's enthusiasm for them.