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  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Three scenes from the Seeing Double movie that have endured in public consciousness.
    • Rachel distracting a security guard by doing a seductive window wash, all while wearing a tight tank top.
    • Natalie mistakenly pulling out a vibrator when packing S Club's things for the trip to Los Angeles.
    • Then there's the big group shower scene, where the real Hannah and Rachel have to strip off to blend in with the clones.
  • Bizarro Episode: The one episode of Miami 7 where the band gets sent back in time to the 1970s.
  • Broken Base:
    • Jo vs Rachel: who was better? Jo was pushed as the Face of the Band from "Two In A Million" onward and Rachel's only lead single was "Natural". It's very much a Technician vs. Performer situation - Jo having the powerful voice, but Rachel having more sex appeal and charisma. Nowhere is this divide more apparent than with the alternate version of "Alive", which features Rachel's vocals instead of Jo's.
    • There's also Rachel's Hotter and Sexier image after the band split. Too much or just what she needed to distance herself from S Club?
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Despite "Don't Stop Moving" being considered their best song, "Reach" was a huge crowd favourite. Many of the members expressed shock and surprise at how often it would be requested at performances. It was so popular with fans that Jon admitted he was sick of hearing it everywhere.
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    • Hannah was not pushed in any capacity outside of the TV series and only sang lead vocals on two songs, yet she's one of the most popular members.
    • LA 7 seems to be the preferred season of the TV series. Surprise surprise, 'Reach' is the theme song. The band members themselves said Hollywood 7 was their favourite. Out of the TV series itself, Joni gets lots of love.
  • Estrogen Brigade: All the boys, though Jon probably got the most of it. Squeeing fangirls were not uncommonly seen around him.
  • Face of the Band: Jo, though they did like to push equality, by virtue of being the best vocalist and therefore most likely to sing lead. In their last year, when Jo was sidelined due to back injury, this shifted over to Rachel.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • In some of the episodes, Jo does give the rest of the group a hard time in a comical matter. However, considering 43.4 percent of the population of Guyana is East Indian according to Census 2002, seeing Tina, who's half-Guyanese, getting her fair share seem harsh after Jo's disastrous appearance on Big Brother due to her criticism of Shilpa Shetty, an Indian actress, being taken as an attack on the actress rather what Jo was really talking about... Shetty's cooking.
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    • "Wind Resistance", about an upcoming hurricane is harsh to after Hurricane Katrina, which killed 1,833 people in 2005... 3 years after Tropical Storm Hanna in 2002. Another storm, Hurricane Hanna, struck in Haiti in 2008, killing 500 people.
    • A minor one in the film. Early on Rachel panics about the guard dogs and tells the group what she wants to buried in. Later in the film, Victor Gaughan nearly kills her personally to make an example of her.
    • In the movie, Jon jokes that they could do loads of solo projects that "no one's gonna buy". Jo and Tina's attempts at going solo didn't work out so well - though Rachel managed to have some solo success.
    • The TV show made a couple of jokes about Rachel's chest. Hannah later revealed she felt insecure about her small frame compared to the other girls, and got breast implants for this reason. She suffered serious health problems as a result and had to have them removed.
    • Additionally, the movie has a gag where the press asks if any of the girls have had implants. Hannah has a moment of Comically Missing the Point, and thinks a reporter's talking about owning plants. What's more is that she says the plant died from being watered too much - when she suffered severe health problems from her real implants.
  • Growing the Beard:
    • Each new album moved away from the bubblegum pop sound of S Club with 7 featuring a lot more R&B type songs, Sunshine getting very mature and Seeing Double perhaps a little too much so.
    • By the time LA 7 was in production, the budget had increased, the gang had settled into their personas a lot more, writing was better and the production values overall were much better.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Three out of four TV specials had plots about a member considering leaving the group. In the Christmas Special it's Paul who considers leaving (due to Easy Amnesia) which becomes a little harsher to watch with the knowledge that he would eventually leave. Although his actual departure was an amicable one in real life, as opposed to the ones caused by fights on the show.
    • And in the LA 7 episode "The News" Paul's love interest Linda tells him he should leave the band in a Kick the Dog moment.
    • The movie opens with S Club burnt out from constant touring, while Alistair says "it won't always be like this. One day, your records won't sell, the label will drop you and even I won't return your calls". S Club split up shortly after the film was released, partly due to their music not selling as well as it used to.
    • Paul's endangered animal for the S Club Go Wild special was the black rhino, three subspecies of which were declared extinct in 2011.
    • Any time the TV show depicts Paul being at odds with Hannah is harsher with the knowledge of a very public Twitter spat between them in 2017 - where Paul accused her of leaving him to further her acting career. Additionally Paul would be estranged from the members of the group as of 2018.
    • Some episodes see the group struggling financially. Jo's reason for participating in Celebrity Big Brother was that she was in danger of having her house repossessed and Paul later became so hard up that he resorted to selling his BRIT Award on E Bay.
    • The very premise of the show is about a band trying to make it big in America. In Real Life, the band only acheived One-Hit Wonder status in America, but were much more successful in their home country.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In the movie, Jon's clone happily jumps into the shower with Bradley (and the girls), freaking Bradley out. The real Jon is also quite hesitant to shower with everyone else. Comes across this way, now that it's known Jon's gay in real life. As Jon later said that most of his friends and family knew he was gay for years, it's likely everyone was in on the joke at the time.
    • In Boyfriends & Birthdays after Rachel has (temporarily) left the band, Jo says "I suppose it's the S Club 6 now". Bradley then says "it sounds wrong". Evidently they felt that in real life, too, as they changed the name to simply S Club when a member left for real.
    • In the S Club Go Wild series, Hannah is the only member of the group not to find her endangered animal (the monk seal). After the group she would get to find all sorts of critters and dinosaurs on Primeval.
    • An episode of Miami 7 has Hannah getting annoyed when her one line in a movie is cut. She's the only member of the group to have had an acting career after the split.
    • Artistic Differences has Bradley nearly joining a Boy Band. After S Club split, he starred in an MTV show where members from disbanded pop groups were assembled into a boy band.
    • Jo's persona has been compared to someone from Eastenders due to them playing up the 'tough Essex girl' trope. In 2017 Hannah joined the cast of Eastenders.
    • Considering he later came out as gay, any scene where Jon show interest in women immediately becomes funnier.
    • In one episode, Jo uses her lesson on American idioms ("This is a lift. In America, it's called an elevator.") to throw some shade on Hanson by saying "In American, they're called talented." A manufactured vocal pop act throwing shade on a rock band was already the pot calling the kettle black, but it becomes even more hilariously sad now that Hanson are an acclaimed indie rock band and S Club are simply seen as a product of their time.
  • Hollywood Homely: The TV show makes a lot of jokes at Paul's expense about his appearance, acting as if he's physically repulsive. While his Manchild personality might turn some girls off, it's odd that he's meant to be considered unattractive.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Paul found himself attacked for his weight gain during the Sunshine years, and there were a few criticisms of him being out of shape on the Carnival tour.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Spike, the thirteen-year-old billionaire says he'll help Bradley beat the game for the price of a hug (he means from Hannah). Paul hugs him first.
    • There's of course quite a bit of it between Jon and the other two boys on the TV series.
    • There's a lot of this between Rachel and Hannah throughout Miami 7, as well as the TV special Boyfriends & Birthdays. The two make quite a bit of intimate contact between each other throughout both, but one moment in particular that stands out is at the end of "Howard's Hotel", when the two of them whisper compliments at each other in the middle of the night from their bunks before reaching out and holding hands. In Boyfriends & Birthdays, Hannah is the first person to comfort Rachel after her boyfriend dumps her on multiple occasions, and even the final shot of dialogue is of Rachel leaning her head into Hannah's chest after the latter asks her if she's okay.
  • Memetic Loser:
    • Paul is often considered the Lesser Star, not having much of a distinguishing characteristic, and for his badly thought out decision to leave and join a Nu Metal band. As a singer, he was competent but not as powerful as Jo, Rachel or Jon. He lacked the stage presence and charisma of Bradley, the comic timing of Hannah or the dancing ability of Tina. The only area in which he really shone was the TV series - with his entertaining Manchild persona. And this got exacerbated when he admitted to getting turned down for several reality shows for "not being famous enough".
    • Tina to a slightly lesser extent, as she had the least amount of solo songs, and the ones she did get weren't considered great.
  • More Popular Replacement: In the Seeing Double period, Jo had back problems, which meant that an alternate version of "Alive" - with the lead vocals sung by Rachel - was performed live. Although this was never released as a single, a lot of people stated they preferred Rachel's version.
  • Narm Charm: The song "Gangsta Love" from Seeing Double is the group flirting with UK garage music. The weird lyrics make it unintentionally amusing ("soul apple in every bite...pineapple is playing all night") - but the music itself is good.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: Jo, of course, was better known for a while for her actions on Celebrity Big Brother than her music, to the degree that someone threw a bottle at her while she was on stage performing with Bradley and Paul.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: A 'reunion' performance on an Australian breakfast show was very poorly received, since it only featured three of the original seven. However, their proper reunion for the Children In Need telethon was much better received and seems to have erased the uncomfortable incident from general memory.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Hannah later got a prominent role in the series Primeval, not to mention starring in Casualty and Eastenders.
    • Jon enjoyed a successful career on the West End. He lampshaded this in an interview, saying he felt very flattered when he was asked "are you the guy from Les Misérables?" as opposed to S Club.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Paul. To a lot of people, his departure ruined everything and started the band's downfall. Even more so in recent years when he was ironically one of the first members crawling back for a reunion. He's also the only one who's resorted to public mud slinging towards the other members, notably Jo and Hannah. Additionally, Stronger, one of the few songs with Tina singing lead, was originally planned to be a single but that plan was apparently scrapped because of Paul leaving, so some Tina fans aren't too fond of him either. The fact he's lost his looks the most of all the members also certainly doesn't help.
    • Inevitably, Jo has a few detractors as well. Though the dislike of her Celebrity Big Brother scandal seems to have mellowed out in recent years - especially as Bradley defended Jo and that Shilpa Shetty said she felt no ill-will towards the girls involved.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: TV musical series? Attractive young cast with equal singing parts? Current music all the kids are listening to? Sounds familiar, right? Well, it didn't back in 1999. The Band Toon was nothing new and The Monkees had a show, too. However, in 1999, musicals were essentially for old folks. The idea of combining the genre with this style of music was new. These days the show simply comes across as a pop group singing their own songs with a standard sitcom plot tacked on. The likes of Glee and High School Musical have certainly been influenced by the format, even if they came to much better results.
  • Signature Song: "Don't Stop Moving" and "S Club Party" are the most well known songs in Europe. In America, they really wanted to push them as ballad singers, and it was "Two in A Million" and "Never Had A Dream Come True."
  • Suspiciously Similar Song:
    • Their signature hit in America, "Never Had a Dream Come True" sounds like a slightly quicker-paced version of Dru Hill's "We're Not Making Love No More".
    • "Wait for You" by Elliott Yamin sounds VERY similar to "Never Had A Dream Come True".
  • Special Effects Failure: The hurricane episode of Miami 7. Jon says he's trying to stop Howard's alligator from blowing away but it's clearly an inflatable pool toy being used. And it's a very obvious rubber model being used when the alligator falls on Howard at the end of the episode.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Paul leaving in Viva S Club. It was made all the sadder because they had done break up storylines before, but it always ended with the group making up; this time you knew the band member who is leaving wasn't going to come back.
    • The episode of Miami 7 where the band have to work in another hotel and Hannah starts dating a lifeguard. At the end they go back to Howard's hotel and Hannah must break up with the guy. The end of the episode has Rachel singing "I Really Miss You" at the hotel. Hannah's expression is perfect in that scene.
    • The band leaving their apartment at the end of LA 7, along with Joni's bittersweet "bye, kids" as they drive.
  • Testosterone Brigade:
    • Rachel has been a lads' mag favourite ever since the group's heyday, and took advantage of this to go Hotter and Sexier during her solo career. FHM crowned her the Sexiest Woman of All Time in 2014. The TV show loved to portray her as the Ms. Fanservice of the group, too.
    • Hannah is held up as a crush of many 90s and early 2000s fans. Any YouTube video of her is bound to have a slew of comments from people who crushed on her back in the day. The song "Hey Kitty Kitty" and its blatant sexuality almost seems to be a nod to that. After the group she got a very Fanservicey role on Primeval.
    • Tina to a slightly lesser extent. She caused a stir at the premiere of Seeing Double with the very revealing dress she wore, and her solo comeback was promoted mainly in lads' mags.
  • Values Dissonance: Most of the time, the group would use terms like bug and purp, which are mild yet kid-friendly alternative to words like damn and crap, to describe a bad situation. For example, Hannah tells Paul to bug off in "Mr. Muscle", which means she’s telling him to leave. However, words like damn and hell have been used with the former being used as an adjective note  and the latter was used to describe a location note . This was for children and words like that are often used in adult programs in America at least, like a certain American family.
  • Values Resonance: Several things about the show come across rather well these days:
    • Seven young friends with an almost equal gender divide existing on good terms with each other without having to resort to sexual tension or Pair the Spares. The one couple that did form (Paul and Hannah) didn't affect the group's dynamic in real life at all. In fact, with all the recent discussion about the difficulty in creating female-led shows, the fact that the girls outnumber the guys (four-to-three initially, then four-to-two in the final season,) without any discussion about it being a "chick show" is pretty impressive.
    • A black male existing as a character in his own right, given equal amounts of flaws, slapstick and competency compared to the rest of the group. His race is never brought up and is not an issue for anyone.
    • However, Paul does come close to bringing Rachel's religious background when he catches her with bacon by saying it's not good for her.note . Rachel does ask if she isn't allowed to have bacon, how is it any different for Paul. Just like the fact Bradley is black, Jamaican decent to be exact, Rachel's faith isn't brought up nor an issue to anyone. The villains don't bring this either, including that sheriff in the 50s special, where Bradley (black), Tina (biracial), and Rachel (Jewish) would've been easy targets but everyone was fair game. Oddly, Rachel does take part in Christmas despite this.
    • The four girls are also given their own characters with individual quirks and personalities, as well as not having to be immune from slapstick. They were also not presented as being neither morally superior nor inferior to the boys.
    • Both sides provided equal amounts of Fanservice without it being their defining character trait.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: The group fell into this category with their last album Seeing Double. Two songs that stand out in particular:
    • "Hey Kitty Kitty" which contains the lyrics "Hey, kitty kitty, set me free. Why you'd wanna do what you do to me? So good at being bad, you blow my mind. Hey, kitty kitty, you're so fine"
    • "Do It Til We Drop." Bradley's raps were pretty unexpected for kids, but this song starts out with the line "Come on and play with me baby, like girls do" which is sung by Rachel and one line before the chorus that's repeated frequently is "I'm so high/I can't come down."
    • The breakdown of "S Club Party" has the boys calling the girls "hoochie mamas" (whores) and calling for them to "show your nanas" (vaginas)! It's safe to assume that that the lyricists had no idea what those words meant and just threw them in as generic slang. Not to mention that in the video, this is followed by a montage of each of the girls shaking their asses for the camera.
    • "Natural", lead by Rachel (the Fanservice of the group), has her singing "when you touch me, the reaction it just blows me away" and "turn out the light, lay your head next to mine"


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