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  • Awesome Music: The crew admits that they found the theme song from Mr. Mysterio's Patented Video to be genuinely catchy.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Josh is either a welcomed contrast to the other hosts for his abundant knowledge of film and de facto Straight Man status or a pretentious Stop Having Fun Guy for much of the same reasons.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • The "Florence Henderson: Looking Good Feeling Great" tape. It was picked on the Wheel of the Worst, they watched it, and it was never mentioned again. Not even during the roundtable discussion at the end.
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    • Whole slices of "The Star Wars Holiday Special" episode are this. At one point, the entire trailer for Ishtar is played in the middle of the episode.
    • Another moment during the "The Star Wars Holiday Special Part 2" episode has Mike spitting out an ice cube from his drink, claiming it to be a tooth. Everyone is baffled at his behaviour, but Mike then just keeps on with the discussion as if nothing happened.
    • During the post-screening discussion in one episode, Jay is wearing a tuxedo. We're never told why and nobody mentions it. Ostensibly, it was because some fans mocked Jay for looking schlubby and disheveled all the time, but that has never been confirmed or denied.
  • Bizarro Episode: Wheel of the Worst #12. The intro segment where Mike, Jim, and Colin are talking at the wheel suddenly jump cuts to the same shot with Mike having a one-sided conversation with himself and Jim and Colin gone, implying he's just imagining them being there. During voting, Jay is inexplicably replaced with Josh, who had no screentime prior and calls all the other panelists by the wrong names. None of this is acknowledged in the episode or in any episode since.
  • Critical Research Failure
    • A mild case, but the Crew is astounded at Robert Ginty's inability to emote, basically mumbling all of his lines and having zero charisma in The Exterminator 2. Mike Stoklasa was not in the discussion group afterwards, or he might have brought up Warrior of the Lost World.
    • When Santa Claus (1959) and especially Space Mutiny were reviewed on the show, a lot of people in the comment section were surprised that the MST3K episodes featuring them weren't brought up. The crew did note Future War was on MST3K but they didn't see that episode.
    • The crew also admitted they didn't know anything about Xtro save for the box cover. If they wanted a bad movie to check out, both of The '90s sequels, Xtro 2 and Xtro 3, would have sufficed, especially both are Xtro In Name Only.
    • A minor one, but while reviewing How to Become a Teenage Ninja, the crew wonders why they didn't hire a real martial expert or a Japanese man for the video and, while Rich theorizes he might be one, he is quickly shot down by Mike and Jay. The person in the video is Bryan Genesse, a genuine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and international medallist. He also acted in several action movies in the 80s and 90s, which makes it a bit surprising that they didn't recognize him. (It didn't excuse him from adopting a strange pseudo-Asian accent, however.)
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    • The guys didn't recognize Russ Meyer regular Kitten Natividad in The Tomb as the stripper.
    • The crew also didn't know anything about Cynthia Rothrock, who holds six black belts and was a five time World Karate Champion in Forms and Weapons. She was a major Hong Kong action star in The '80s, and while being female did affect her being an action star in the US, it was mostly due to the HK action films still being very niche when she was at her height.
    • In Plinketto #3, they noted that Roger Corman's Space Raiders seemed to have James Horner recycling the score from his Star Trek films. However, the music was actually lifted wholesale from Corman's previous film Battle Beyond the Stars, which was released two years before Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, so Khan actually recycled music from Battle. (Corman usually recycled all of his own assets to make money twice for the same stuff, such as filming an entirely new movie on the same set of another film he was commissioned to do.)
    • While discussing Night of the Lepus, noted Star Trek aficionado Mike Stoklasa—who has a (fan-made) half-hour supercut of every time he's compared the franchise to something they're reviewing—confuses the plots of "Shore Leave" (while showing a clip of "Once Upon a Planet" from Star Trek: The Animated Series) and "This Side of Paradise".
    • No one on the panel for Black Spine #1 can figure out why Don Beveridge constantly brings up bagels during his presentation to Dunkin Donuts employees. Anyone who's stepped foot in a Dunkin Donuts would be able to tell you that bagels are just as much a cornerstone of the brand as coffee and, well, doughnuts.
    • The guys have no idea why there's so much stress on pregnant women avoiding kitty litter, not understanding that toxoplasmosis will give serious birth defects to children, even inhaled (which can happen when kitty litter is sifted.)
  • Crosses the Line Twice
    • The subtitle "R.I.P. Paul Walker" being displayed in their Tammy and the T-Rex review when his character gets mauled by lions and when his character's decaying corpse is revealed.
    • Many during the discussion of The Osteoporosis Dance, mostly during the hypothetical Troubled Production of the video.
    • "Wheel of The Worst #8" has Y2k Survival Guide With Leonard Nimoy as one of the options. From offscreen Mike snarks, "Good thing it wasn't C.O.P.D. survival guide." note 
    Jack: That's in poor taste.
    • Another from #8: The Geritol Follies segment has a lot of jokes about the elderly dancers being close to death, while the Let's Sing and Dance! kids look miserable enough that Rich starts cracking jokes about Abusive Parents just offscreen.
    • Wheel of The Worst #8 also has Rich Evans' Alternate Character Interpretation of the gun safety eagle as a pedophile with his own reasons for wanting to keep the kids away from guns...
      Rich (as the eagle): "Can't fuck 'em if they're dead!"
    • Mike states that the protagonists of The Photon Effect are in the hospital more than Charlie Sheen, only a few days after the actor publicly revealed that he was HIV positive. He repeated the joke with HIV/AIDS and the Elderly.
    • Wheel of the Worst #10 gives us Exploding Varmints Vol. 1. The whole video is just a guy shooting prairie dogs with explosive rounds, and the group laughing at how outlandish and morbid it is. During the discussion, they state they were laughing out of shock that the film was actually about making prairie dogs explode... and that after the initial shock, they stopped laughing and morbidly had to sit around watching animal cruelty for the next hour.
    • In the same episode, the group also makes (mostly light-hearted) jokes about AIDS, 9/11, Autism, suicide, and other things.
    • This conversation from Plinketto #1, about Deathstalker:
      Jack: So the goblins stop the raper from raping the lady, and they start raping the lady only to— *Jack and Mike start stifling giggles*
      Mike: What is this, Rich Evans' autobiography?
      Josh: *through laughter* Which one is Rich Evans?
      Rich: I'm the one getting raped by my friends.
      Mike: *mock offended* Are you calling us goblins? How dare you, sir!
    • Wheel of the Worst #11 gives us the double-whammy of How to Seduce a Woman Through Hypnosis and How to Get Revenge. The former essentially being a guide on how to rape women and get away with it (Including actively recommending the viewer, once in their subject's home, lock their doors and disconnect their phones to ensure that nobody disturbs them), and the latter giving several revenge stories that were serious felonies (including tax fraud, mail fraud, identity theft, and potential homicide) played off as harmless pranks. The crew were so baffled and disgusted by them that they found the third video, a Christian video perpetuating the theory that barcodes are the sign of the beast, to be tame and even legitimately informative by comparison, since it at least explained where that notion came from.
    • Wheel of the Worst #12 has the entire sequence with the 'My Twinn' doll video, from the anti-suicide nets in the factory to the accusation that the company just dips dead children in wax and passes them off as dolls.
    • Wheel of the Worst #13 has a ton of child molestation jokes during the Stranger Danger video.
    • The crew correctly predicting the death of a kid's father in The Skateboard Kid 2 and the clichés pointing towards it and jokingly celebrating.
    • Every single joke about AIDS made during the The Last Vampire on Earth discussion. Though it's mostly making fun of the film's rather clumsy treatment of the issue.
    • Jay mispronouncing the name of the director of Suburban Sasquatch as "David Miscarriage".
    • The Star Wars Holiday Special episode had Rich Evans loudly proclaiming "Baby Jesus is an asshole!" It gets turned into a Christmas card. In the same episode, the crew make numerous 9/11 jokes, leading Jack to exclaim in horror, "No! NO!", to which Jay interjected, "This is staying in, by the way", making Jack even more mortified.
    • Pretty much every joke made during their discussion of The Suckling due to the film's intentionally shocking premise of an aborted fetus mutating and killing people.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Len Kabasinski is easily the most popular guest they've ever had, both for his Giftedly Bad films, and his very friendly, laid back interactions with the crew and fans.
    • Colin is pretty popular as well, thanks to his heavily sarcastic but still lighthearted sense of humor and fitting in perfectly with the rest of the group.
    • Jim is also popular for his well meaning, likable presence, dry delivery, quiet wit, and Those Two Guys dynamic with Colin.
    • Freddie Williams II is well liked for being genuinely quick witted and funny as well as supplementing one of his appearances with some cool original art.
    • The Shoji Tabuchi Show gained some popularity after spending four Wheel Of The Worst episodes in a row on the wheel, lending it more of an air of mystery. It helps that when the gang finally got to it, it didn't turn out to be a massive disappointment like Tree Stand Safety (another video that got popular in part due to appearing on the wheel in multiple consecutive episodes and also had funny box art to go with it, but turned out to be incredibly dull) and even ended up winning Best of the Worst (rather than being some kind of bizarre amateur talk show like the VHS art suggested, it turned out to be a well-done live concert from a talented Branson performer).
    • As it says in the main page, Cameron Mitchell is an example for the crew, but he’s also one among fans. His performances, whether they’re genuinely good, drunken, or phoned in result in a lot of great laughs. Especially when he goes into Large Ham mode. He even has a spot on BotW's Hall of Fame, and is practically the show's Patron Saint.
    • Tim Higgins is very loved for his excellent one liners and effortlessly fitting in with the rest of the group. Many want to see him becomes a main member of the cast.
    • Macaulay Culkin’s appearances have been well received due to him sharing a similarly cynical point of view with the crew, and also for developing a somewhat wholesome friendship with them.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • Lampshaded with Curse of the Worst, which points out jokes in episodes relating to Dan Haggerty, Prince, Bill Paxton, and Don Rickles shortly before their deaths. Then they try Tempting Fate by remarking how Wilford Brimley was still alive at the time the video was postednote .
    • Also occurs during the discussion cold open in Wheel of the Worst 10. Rich makes a one-liner about the Flint Water Crisis that first became national news around 2016, right around the time the episode aired. The gang lampshades how long lead times between episodes will all but guarantee that topical humor will "certainly be out of date by the time you watch this video". Unfortunately, the water crisis is still ongoing as of 2020, a full four years after the episode aired.
    • A number of these crop up in the delisted Max Landis episode in light of sexual assault allegations against Landis. Three of the most obvious ones are when Landis jokes that his Tinder profile features reviews that use the phrase "stunning desperation," and the gang looks at Landis when the back of the DVD of How I Saved the President asks, "What have you done that you didn't want to do but did anyway because you knew it was wrong?" The third has a character in The Photon Effect comment on how easy it is to take advantage of people when you're in a position of power.
    • Surviving Edged Weapons has been hit with this in the wake of countless police brutality incidents and the 2020 George Floyd protests. With activists and ordinary citizens alike looking at police tactics with increased scrutiny, it's impossible to ignore how the main thesis of the video — that everyone you see can be an immediate physical threat and needs to be dealt with accordingly — has shaped the way cops conduct themselves out in the field, especially when dealing with Black civilians. And that's all we'll say about that.
    • Every moment Jack is drunk on camera (especially the Halloween episodes, which are infamous for Jack getting drunk) is now this since he confirmed on Twitter that he is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for one year.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Weirdly enough, Rich Evans is very popular among British fans, for reasons none of them can quite explain themselves.
  • Growing the Beard: The Wheel of the Worst #5 episode is where Jack really cuts loose, becoming far more involved physically than any prior episodes.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Jack getting drunk during the Halloween episodes can be much harder to watch after he confessed to being an alcoholic. Possibly lessened somewhat since as of that Twitter thread, he was sober for a year and in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic no less.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • During the opening of "Celebration of Age", Mike mentions that the narrator sounds like she's summoning demons. Given that the lineup includes Ishtar and Hecate, he may actually be correct.
    • The infamous "Dick the Birthday Boy" photo in their first Halloween episode was already funny but it became even funnier when the photo showed up on The Ellen Show five years later. Poor Rich.
    • During their 2016 Halloween episode, Jay brings up Clown to compare it to the failings of a story in Scary or Die with a similar premise, and afterwards the group jokes about how making a clown movie has ruined the director's career since he hadn't made a movie since. The following year, Clown's director Jon Watts would be tapped by Disney and has since directed the first two Spider-Man films for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and signed on to direct its iteration of the Fantastic Four.
  • Memetic Badass: There are a few figures the crew holds in high regard for their skill in making entertainingly bad movies.
    • Cameron Mitchell for his over-the-top performances in Deadly Prey and Terror in Beverly Hills, though they note that he just as regularly completely phones it in.
    • Len Kabasinski also gets this treatment for his very inept but nevertheless energetic style of filmmaking. He is depicted as something of a martial arts master whenever he appears on the show (which isn't difficult, as he's won many martial arts competitions in real life).
    • Neil Breen and his evident Awesome Ego in Double Down so completely blew the crew's minds that they heaped praises upon just how interestingly and uniquely bad his filmmaking and acting is.
    Rich: Neil Breen is the best person who has ever eaten tuna.
    • The crew calls Shoji Tabuchi “the embodiment of the American Dream”. Twice. Unlike many of the other people to appear on the show, he’s genuinely talented and successful.
  • No Yay:
    • The crew’s reaction when the teenage boy seemingly hits on an old lady in “Wormania”.
    • They also regularly get grossed out whenever an older, plain looking star gets intimate with a young actress whose blatantly there for Fanservice. In one such example, they noted that the star of "Geteven" was older than his Love Interest's father.
    • The crew are also extremely disturbed by the hero of "White Fire" wanting to fuck his sister, going so far as to strip her and tell her what a shame it is they're related. A Designated Hero indeed.
  • Older Than They Think: Faust is repeatedly characterized as a knockoff of Spawn until an editor's note points out that the original Faust comic actually predates Spawn by five years.
    Was Spawn ripping off FAUST?????
  • Paranoia Fuel: One of the main lessons of Surviving Edged Weapons: Everything is a knife.
    Mike: It's not a wonder that cops are paranoid motherfuckers that shoot you to death!
    Rich: Because they show them videos like this!
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • In the episode V-World Matrix, The Amazing Bulk, and ????, most of the films placed on the wheel were viewed later. Hollywood Cop, Alienator, Killing American Style, Crazy Fat Ethel 2, and Partners. Partners in particular shows up a full five years before its 2018 Spotlight episode, in which Mike reveals he's been waiting a long time to spring it on the world. Guess he wasn't joking.
    • During their discussion of Hack-O-Lantern, the guys quip that star Hy Pike looks and acts like a kooky local personality who is not an actor and never appears in another film. They are then astonished to discover he's had bit parts in many movies they've watched, including Blade Runner.
    • Fans quickly recognized California Big Hunks from its use in a segment of Whose Line Is It Anyway?. The fact that the contestant's name was Colin makes it even funnier.
    • Within 5 seconds of starting Safe Food Attitude feat. 2-B Moms, Jay recognizes one of the rappings moms as Felissa Rose.
  • The Scrappy: Max Landis was already a Base-Breaking Character for his one appearance, but after being outed as serial sexual harasser, you’ll find very few fans who admit to liking him. The group themselves have severed all ties to him, delisting all of his appearances on the channel. Many thought Landis cane across as an annoying and cringeworthy Keet, believing that his extremely loud and overly hyper personality didn’t mesh well with the rest of the gang. Some even thought it looked like Mike and Jay were trying to hold back their annoyance with him. The silver lining was that he introduced Macaulay Culkin to RedLetterMedia, and Mac has meshed well with the crew and become a fan favorite on his own.
  • Signature Scene: “Ladies and gentlemen, will you please make welcome to the stage, the incredible Shoji Tabuchi!”. Cue Engrish singing and hysterical laughter.
  • Special Effects Failure: The ending of "Wheel of the Worst 21" seamlessly integrates Rich into footage from Turtle Dreams. The illusion is immediately broken, however, when he accidentally trips on the green screen, causing it to collapse on top of him.
  • Squick: There are plenty of examples of pointlessly gross stuff and Author Appeal gone horribly awry in the movies they watch that tend to get this reaction.
    • The sex scene in The Item, between a girl and a overtly phallic alien slug with a Muppet voice.
    • The guys are very creeped out and disgusted by how the Incest Subtext in White Fire very quickly becomes plain old text.
      Rich: (as the crew groans watching it) I told you what the movie was about and you didn't believe me!
    • Even though Xtro turned out to be a pretty good film, the crew were nevertheless taken aback by the disturbing Body Horror and an instance of unpleasantly realistic and gory animal cruelty.
    • Their initial reaction to RepliGATOR, which turns out to essentially be a softcore porno that focuses on a fat, balding old guy (who, very suspiciously, is played by the film's writer) getting pretty sexual with a lot of attractive and often naked young women. They realized pretty early that it was likely just an excuse for the writer to see and grope these girls note .
    • Pretty much the entirety of Mad Foxes, which contains a sex scene in a piss-filled bathtub (it's supposed to be champagne, which it absolutely does not look like), a closeup of an unwashed arse and a couple of extremely graphic scenes depicting genital mutilation as its "highlights". Rich Evans is positively mad at the sheer depravity of the film, and even Mike is made visibly uncomfortable by it. The only thing saving the Blu-Ray from destruction in the end is that, much like The Amazing Bulk, the movie was so awful in such a unique and fascinating way as to make it worth keeping.
    • The entirety of How to Seduce Women Through Hypnosis, no thanks in part to its intense rape overtones and being in favor of predatory behavior.
    • The one universally agreed-upon downside of Surviving Edged Weapons; being a police training film, it is not shy about showing violence, interspersing cartoonish re-enactments with queasy real-life EMT and autopsy photographs of stabbings and stab wounds.
    • Episode 78 starts off with a video about nudists that features a lot of old people walking and swimming around naked, which is then immediately topped by the wheel landing on Orgasmic Birth, whose borderline-incestuous sexual subtext and on-camera childbirth makes everyone noticeably grossed out.
    • They end up calling Shark Exorcist probably the most off-putting thing they've ever watched on the show, completely ignoring how much it apes The Exorcist and focusing on how all those stolen elements are applied to various attractive women, causing them to accuse the director of being a massive pervert. The scene where a woman baits a very childish woman who the crew couldn't determine if she's an extreme case of Dawson Casting or if she's supposed to have developmental problems horrified them.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Jay felt the last five minutes of The Item where a woman has sex with an alien slug was perverse enough to make a good Frank Henenlotter film.
    • Jay also wished the producers of They Bite just do the Show Within a Show Invasion of the Fish Fuckers instead.
    • Mike in particular picks up on instructional and 'educational' VHS tapes not following through on their premises, in particular when it seems obvious what they should be. Cleared For Takeoff in particular was singled out for destruction for being painfully lazy. The video has lots of footage of planes and airports, but it neither becomes either a helpful survival guide for travelling with young children, or an educational presentation about how airports work and planes fly. It ends up looking like somebody's holiday video (without the bits in the middle).
    • Twister's Revenge features an AI installed in a monster truck. Mike points out there would be far more story potential if it was installed in a Nascar racing car, since monster truck rallies are mostly exhibition events, whereas in a race the AI could drive the car really fast and the protagonist gang could take the credit and the winner's prize money. Immediately they all agree that the monster truck was there because someone the filmmakers knew had one.
    • A meta example occurs when the gang lands on Ratatoing, only to abandon ship partway through. Fans were dismayed for two reasons. The first was that the special guest for the episode starred in the film Ratatoing knocks off. The other reason is that in the show's 90-plus episode run, they've never covered a feature length animated film note , much less one from the legendary schlock-masters at Vídeo Brinquedo.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Much like many other filmmakers to appear on this show, Larry “Tree” Lonik is the butt of several mean spirited jokes. However, what makes him extra sympathetic is that Mike openly takes his pleasure in his early death, showing no sympathy to the man, even though he comes across as a decent person who wants to share a topic that he loves with people. Usually, well intentioned and good natured filmmakers like Larry get it easy while the sleazier filmmakers get the more hard hitting insults.
  • The Woobie: While it’s all in good fun, Rich Evan’s takes a lot of abuse throughout the series. In addition to watching horrible tapes regularly, he’s regularly insulted and humiliated by his friends, with Mike taking perverse glee in doing so.
    • Despite doing nothing worse than making a geeky video about a topic he genuinely loves, Motherlode’s creator Larry ends up attracting the scorn of the group with Mike being happy he’s dead and Jay and Rich backing him up. Sure, his video may be a bore, but there are several filmmakers on the show who’ve done far worse stuff than him that didn’t get treated as disrespectfully. He’s also pretty sympathetic when you discover that his death was very sudden and occurred due to an injury he sustained when working in the field that he shows real excitement and passion for.
    • In general, many of the filmmakers can be considered sympathetic. While some are greedy and sleazy, there are several who are genuinely passionate and/or want to help people with their projects. They just unfortunately aren’t good at it which results in them being hit with an onslaught of insults from the crew. However, usually the good natured filmmakers will get a complement for their efforts. Larry Lonik is unfortunately the odd man out in that regard.
    • Cameron Mitchell was a genuinely talented actor who performed alongside legends and even played one of the main characters in the original Broadway production of Death of a Salesman. Despite this, he career ended up doing way downhill, causing him to star in many awful B movies. Especially pronounced with his performance in “Low Blow”, which the crew believed was his rock bottom, as he spends the whole movie, sadly sitting down and mumbling. On the bright side, as much as they make fun of him, the crew ultimately respects and enjoys his work. Most of the time anyways.
    • Similarly, David Carradine was once a big name who went on to star in many terrible movies that weren’t worthy of his talent. Especially sad is when Colin talks about his dog walking away from embarrassment being caught on video. Unlike Mitchell, Carradine would go on to have a Career Resurrection thanks to his titular role in Kill Bill. However, this is undercut by him going back to horrible B movies afterwards and ultimately dying an Undignified Death that was so embarrassing that you can’t mention him without someone making a joke about it.

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