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  • Everyone, yes everyone, takes part in the delicious destruction of the American Flatulators tape. Completed with Rich Evans throwing a cement brick on top of the firey mess, thus being very cool about fire safety.
  • Mike defending A.A. Roberts' labor of love, Tales From Genesis Space.
  • To destroy How to be a Teenage Ninja, they get none other than Len Kabasinski to return to the show, "mailing" the VHS to him so he can deal with it personally. When the tape died, it was... without honor.
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  • The end of the Max Landis episode features a cameo by Macaulay Culkin. He feeds on children's films of The '90s to keep himself young.
  • Mike, Jay, Rich, and Jack on the 10th Wheel of the Worst in which they completely rip apart the Exploding Varmints video and the man who made it. Through all of their joking, they get serious for a moment at the end and acknowledge what a horrible example of animal cruelty it was. Mike sums it up perfectly by calling the video "sickening, disturbing" and "cruel" and calling the shooter a "sick fucker" for his sheer enjoyment in violently killing defenseless animals.
  • During the screening of The Killer Eye, Jay (in response to the homoerotic elements) asked if they were sure that they weren't watching a David DeCoteau film. This was almost certainly done in half-jest. He was exactly right; David DeCoteau did direct the movie under the name Richard Chasen.
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  • In Wheel of the Worst 13, they watch all of the tapes on the Wheel. Afterwards, to destroy 6 of the 8 tapes they watch, they drop a bowling ball of the top of a flight of stairs onto the tapes. It completely obliterates 5 of the 6 tapes.
  • The guys opt to destroy both Playing Dangerous movies by taking them to a pistol range and using them for target practice. Extra awesome when Josh scores a Critical Hit on the VHS cassette for part 1, nailing it right in the spool and sending ribbons of videotape flying downrange.
  • The guys gave Surviving Edged Weapons a legitimate standing ovation, and it is the first inductee in the Best of the Worst Hall of Fame.
  • The crew goes on a road trip to Beaver Dam Wisconsin (where The Pit was filmed) in order to find an actual pit in which to throw Mankillers. Although said pit doesn't exist, they do find several landmarks from the film, and reproduce shots from it perfectly.
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  • Silk proves to be the dullest film the gang has ever watched. They realize while watching it that there is no comedic material to work with. So what do they do? Rich breaks the glass on the Emergency Case, and draws forth Pass Thru, a film by Neil Breen!
  • Patton Oswalt's guest appearance in "Plinketto #8" broke new ground in more ways than one. Not only is he the most high-profile celebrity guest the show has ever had, but his appearance also serves as a sort of unofficial crossover with Mystery Science Theater 3000!


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