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  • Accidental Innuendo: in the English dub, Miyu's Calling Your Attacks shouts include a loud "I'M COMIIIING!!!", which seems a poor tactical decision in addition to satisfying this trope.
  • Awesome Music: With a soundtrack composed by some of the folks from the Chrono games, there are bound to be some awesome tunes.
    • "Paradoxical Dreamers", one of the boss themes, gives a feel of a desperate battle, but still manages a hopeful tone.
    • The final boss theme has an excellent blend of somber piano and hard electric guitar parts.
  • Breather Boss: Gariyu's Chance Encounter quest line involves pursuing and fighting the Flame Eater all across the world. Defeating it for the fifth time unlocks one last duel with Gariyu before he joins the roster. Unlike the Flame Eater, Gariyu himself doesn't constantly summon flunkies, heal himself or resist a lot of damage sources, so he's not too big of an obstacle to his recruitment after the level 80 Flame Eater.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • During the Tutorial Encounter, people will encourage you to pick Miyu or Ciel as your first partner. This is because they can be upgraded to five stars a future update, while everyone else is stuck at four. This was even less of an issue in January 2019 and June 2019, as everyone was able to summon Miyu for free, letting them have both strong 4-stars in their roster right off the bat.
    • If you are lucky enough to draw Mariel, you are recommended to never let the account go. She is considered to be not only one of the best healers, but one of the best characters to have overall. Even in the Japanese version, which is two years in, she's still among the top.
    • Anabel is designed as a tank, but her Draw Aggro and debuffing attacks are expensive and don't have a guaranteed infliction rate, which makes it hard to sustain with her small MP bar. Bertrand functions better in this role due to having a Valor Chant that's guaranteed to inflict Rage on all enemies, performing the tank role better and at little cost. Many are led to view Anabel as one of the worst 5-star characters.
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    • With a wide variety of upgradeable equipment and limited Another Dungeon runs to amass the resources, it's not unusual to have players recommend a few pieces of equipment to prioritize over everything else. Examples include the Cruel Angel's Staff (which provides a monstrous 1000 HP bonus when maxed out) and the Ulcanactos (a spear that's tailor-made for Suzette Another Style, detailed below). Conversely, you'll be hard-pressed to find someone recommending the level 52 Otherlands armor.
  • Complete Monster: The Phantom is a mysterious, interdimensional entity seeking the complete annihilation of all space and time. When the initial Armageddon of the multiverse is thwarted by Professor Chronos, Phantom tricks young hero Aldo into reverting what Chronos has done, once more kick-starting the end of all time. Phantom collides with Aldo several times throughout the game, always trying to see that his omnicidal goals reach fruition, and, when the Elementals sacrifice themselves to stop Phantom's master plan, Phantom orchestrates the unleashing of Chronos Menas, spurring the monstrous entity into devouring time itself and trying one final time to kill Aldo and solidify the annihilation of life across the cosmos, with Phantom's only motive ever given as a desire to "sit back and enjoy the show".
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Mariel is considered by many to be the best character in the game, and for good reason. Not only is her healing ability a step above the rest, her high speed means that she can fire them off right at a turn's start, bringing everyone back from the brink before the enemies can do them in. On top of that, she learns Aurora Force, a colossal (though short-lived) magic defense buff which trivializes most party-wide magic attacks. Getting her 5-star version will make your run through the main game much more manageable.
    • Suzette's Another Style is the first of its kind, and easily sets the bar for future Power Creep. Her Elegant Cavort skill is already a decent enough 2-hit wind skill, but it also stacks Spirit Petals to raise her critical rate, and it's a fantastic skill for spamming in Another Force. Once enough have been accumulated, it ties into her Exquisite Blossom that hits up to 4 times based on the stacks. When equipped with a fully upgraded Ulcanactos, which makes her skills cheaper and elemental damage stronger, she can shred most bosses off these two skills alone, especially those weak to piercing or wind.
  • Goddamned Bats: Some enemies possess attacks that put a character to sleep, rendering them unusable until the ailment is purged. If you lack any way to cure ailments, your one solace is that a sleeping character is immediately awoken when they take damage. The problem is that if they get struck by another sleep-inducing attack, there's a chance they'll remain asleep.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Upgrading characters to 5-stars is a pain. The main bottleneck is gathering enough Chant Scripts to do so. They only appear in the hardest endgame content, and even then they have a incredibly small chance of actually dropping. The Side Episodes do provide guaranteed Chant Scripts but they also come in limited supply. Don't expect to promote any characters for a long time through this method. Because of their sheer rarity, many players recommend you save your Chant Scripts for the Chance Encounter charactersnote , whose final rank can only be unlocked this way. Update 1.5.1 relieves a bit of frustration with the addition of Tsubura Orbs, which can be traded for Chant Scripts — players now can earn enough Orbs to trade for 1 Chant Script per month of Another Dungeon runs, rather than rely on a very tiny drop rate.
    • There is no way to dismantle, sell, or otherwise discard weapons and armor you own. This especially becomes a hassle once you gather a lot of them and have to sift through a long list to find the equipment you want.
    • Tomes also cannot be discarded or sold. When all your available characters who would require a particular tome have already been fully upgraded, all excess copies are functionally useless and essentially waste an Another Dungeon reward slot.
  • Tear Jerker: Sylvia eventually succumbs to her illness and passes away, leaving a grieving Terry and a clueless daughter. It's especially hard since you've spent a long series of subquests to develop the mining village and get accustomed to its residents.
    • Episode IDA Part 2 centers around Mayu, an Ill Girl who has fallen into such despair that she dreams of being important, able to fly, second to a girl who will always protect her. Her regular self's portraits just look so miserable.
  • That One Achievement:
    • "Overcoming the True Form" is earned by beating the Final Boss of part 1 without defeating any of the prior Prime Elements. This means fighting it while it is regenerating at least 6000 health a turn, without an Another Force bar, while it's passively damaging your party, and while it alternates between absorbing physical and magic attacks, among other things. If your roster has a variety of mages and maybe a few 5-star characters, it's a little more tedious than difficult, but for a player without those luxuries it's quite the daunting task.
    • "Stroke of Luck" requires the player to make it to the final area of the Phantom Crystal Dimension. You can only access it with a White Key that has a 10% drop rate from Another Dungeon runs. You are then presented with a set of doors to pick from, one of which lets you advance to the next room containing chests with increasingly valuable prizes, while the others will end your journey, forcing you to leave with whatever you've found. The doors are randomized, so it's a Luck-Based Mission to get to the end.note  If you do manage this achievement, though, you are also awarded the Dimension's ultimate prize, which is a lot of loot and money, including a guaranteed three Chant Scripts and an Another Style tome of your choice.
  • That One Boss:
    • Many bosses at the very least follow a set attack pattern or are focused on a particular element, so with enough scrutiny you'll know what is coming and can prepare your defenses accordingly. The Imbrium Basin, a level 80 Bonus Boss found on the Last Island, has a random attack pattern and has a wide variety of skills, making the odd black ball one of the toughest bosses to defeat. Your reward for enduring its attacks and persevering long enough to beat it: An achievement that awards 50 Chronos Stones.
    • The Flame Eater is the recurring boss you fight during Gariyu's Chance Encounter questline, and it's a lot harder than the other Chance Encounter bosses. It has no weaknesses, resists four damage types, and constantly summons flunkies that rain fire area damage on your party. The first three fights can put you on your toes, and its level 70 to 80 fights are especially long and difficult. It's advised that you don't even go after it unless you have a 5-star DPS character or Mariel.
  • That One Level: From the perspective of the Fishing Minigame, the Last Island is one of the last places recommended for the player to fish at. The fish there will only bite at special bait that require a non-trivial amount of Git to stock, and they offer a pittance of fishing experience, so it's the worst place to raise your fishing level at. If you're hunting Zwei for their drops in making the Rill Spear, know that the bait for them might reel in a Kelpie instead, making it very hard to target the Zwei without needing to prepare for the worst.

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