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A new magical experience
"It's a 100-Strong unit of Vtuber members, so of course there will be different opinions, but Nijisanji is Nijisanji because there's so many people, right? "
— Gwelu Os Gar, describing Nijisanji in just one sentence

Nijisanji (nicknamed 2434) is a Virtual Youtuber group based in Japan, founded and operated by ANYCOLOR Inc. note  Nijisanji members make Let's Play, free chat, and other variety content streams with Live2D-animated anime avatars on YouTube (the Chinese branch though primarily streams on Bilibili). Officially, Nijisanji members refer to themselves as "Virtual Livers", or "Livers" for short. Pronunciation

The group was founded by ANYCOLOR (then Ichikara) in early 2018 as a proof of concept for the Nijisanji app, after Kizuna Ai kickstarted the VTuber trend in 2016-2017. The app allows streaming with Live2D-animated anime avatars using the iPhone X facial motion capture technology, which is simpler and much less expensive than full-body 3D motion tracking equipment used with Kizuna Ai.

The debut group consisted of only 8 members, but they became unexpectedly popular in Japan, and ANYCOLOR soon expanded Nijisanji into a massive VTuber organization. As of May 2024, Nijisanji has a total of 180 active talents, including members in foreign branches (with a further 46 members in an associated sister project in China). An overview of Nijisanji's branches are as follows:

  • Nijisanji: The main branch of Nijisanji. It currently has 114 active members and 47 former members (45 members who retired including the two from VOIZ, two members whose contracts were terminated).
    • The main branch of Nijisanji formerly consisted of three wings: Nijisanji, Nijisanji Gamers, and Nijisanji SEEDs; these three wings were merged into a single one in December 2018. In 2022, the separate branches, Nijisanji KR and ID were also consolidated under the main branch.
    • VOIZ was a male unit of 4 members, active from June-August 2018. Two of the members retired in June 2018 while the other two (Air Harusaki and Naru Naruse) subsequently joined SEEDs.
    • NIJISANJI ID: The Indonesian branch, which began activities in June 2019 before merging with the main branch in 2022.
    • NIJISANJI KR: The Korean branch, which began activities in January 2020 before also merging with the main branch in 2022. Includes Livers from the agency 541 E&C, which merged with KR when it was established.
  • NIJISANJI IN: The Indian branch (temporarily the English branch NIJISANJI EN), which began activities in January 2020. Currently inactive, with 3 former members.
  • NIJISANJI EN: The English branch, which began activities in May 2021. Currently has 34 active members, and 7 former members.
  • VirtuaReal: A Chinese "branch" (technically a separate project from Nijisanji, but close enough to Nijisanji that it is usually considered a branch) jointly operated between ANYCOLOR and Bilibili, launched in May 2019. Currently has 46 active members and 10 former members.
    • VirtuaReal Star: A VirtuaReal branch that creates VTuber identities for established content creators and celebrities.
    • VirtuaReal Link: A partnership program for independent VTubers similar to Nijisanji NetWORK.
  • Defunct projects:
    • Nijisanji Shanghai/Taipei: A branch operated in partnership with local companies that began activities in August 2018. At the end of March 2019 it was reorganised into VEgo and Ichikara ended its involvement. The last member of the group would retire in March 2020.
    • Nijisanji NetWORK: A partnership program active from May-December 2019 that provides support to independent Virtual YouTubers. Two members (Tenkai Tsukasa and Fairys) came under the program, and they now operate as independent VTubers after the program's termination.

Nijisanji members produce a large variety of content, including Let's Plays, free talk streams, singing, voice acting, radio hosting, ASMR, and other streams or videos that don't fall into any category. The main Nijisanji channel also releases short animated videos of stream highlights, as well as regular multi-member projects such as radio talk shows and variety shows, and special projects such as gaming tournaments.

Nijisanji currently has a channel focused on English-language content, including translated clips and Puchisanji animations.

They have released original songs by members and music. They've currently released two albums of original songs: "にじさんじ Music MIX UP!!" and "SMASH The PAINT!!", and one Cover Album "Prismatic Colors", and in addition have contributed to the "Imagination" series of cover albums. All of the albums are available on online music streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

Nijisanji also uses the "Niji3D" technology, which allows 3D motion tracking on the upper part of the body outside of a studio environment. It has seen regular use by some Nijisanji members.

See also hololive, another famous VTuber company, as well as VOMS Project (JP), VShojo (EN), and Phase-Connect, which are independent VTuber groups.

Nijisanji spin-off works:

This group provides examples of:

  • Ambiguously Bi: Alongside Ambiguously Gay; the members of Nijisanji EN's Luxiem and Noctyx waves (save Shu, Luca, and Yugo note ) tend to freely flirt with each other and encourage fans to ship them together.
  • And I Must Scream: The infamous "Sheep Fricker" that was created by the EN livers on NIJISANJI's Minecraft server, where an innocent sheep is continuously and forever subjugated into a spitroastnote  by two penetrating machines. Aia thinks that the sheep enjoys it, while Ver thinks that the sheep deserves a Mercy Kill instead.
  • April Fools' Day: A decent chunk of the livers run their own gags (mostly Twitter-based), some of which are recurring.
    • Mito started off with a stream done by her hairpins in 2018. This was followed up by the infamous "Nazono Mito" stream in 2019, with the series continuing into subsequent years.
    • Other recurring gags include streams by Kenmochi Touya's genderbent version Touko, and Kaede's trumpet valve taking over her accounts.
    • Mayuzumi Lao prefers to use April Fools' Day for expanding his lore instead.
  • Arc Symbol: Rainbows appear quite frequently in their works.
  • Ascended Meme: The community frequently joked that Oliver Evans is a secret member of Nijisanji EN due to his fluent English. He would be chosen to host the debut program for Luxiem, the first EN wave to include male talent; every other EN debut program (except the very first one) is hosted exclusively by EN members.
  • Augmented Reality: ANYCOLOR has developed its own inhouse AR tech for use in various events. First demonstrated at Nijisanji Anniversary Festival 2021, the tech has seen use in events such as Ibrahim's 3D debut stream, in which he was shown playing a real-life pachinko machine, and the AR live concert "LIGHT UP TONES".
  • Baseball Episode: The yearly NIJISANJI Koshien is a big baseball tournament played on Power Pros is the biggest yearly event of NIJISANJI. The various coaches have one month to prepare for the tournament, with each having a series of training episodes.
  • Breaking Old Trends:
    • Salome is not part of a "wave", being the only main branch talent to debut solo.
    • The EN branch typically goes to great lengths to avoid having new talents speak before their debut streams. XSOLEIL broke this trend, as their group song debuted several days before the actual talents.note 
    • Historically, Nijisanji EN introduced new waves with a teaser video where each new member spouts a one-liner. Each group also debuted with a group song performed by the members of the wave. The eighth EN wave, Krisis, has neither the one-liners nor the song, only receiving a theme song (shared with two waves of the main branch) months later that was performed by Higuchi Kaede and Ren Zotto. The ninth wave, TTT, brings back the debut one-liners but, like Krisis, doesn't sing their theme (with it instead being performed by Enna Alouette and Maria Marionette). TTT is also the first mixed-gender EN wave that did not debut as a Gender-Equal Ensemble, consisting of a man and two women.
  • Breakout Character: After the massive success of Luxiem, the EN branch as a whole gained a lot more popularity and presence throughout 2022. The branch received much more merchandising and promotion than the ex-ID and ex-KR branches, third-party collaborations, and 3D plans involving more than half of the branch. All members of LazuLight have done their 3D debuts, and a 3D concert was planned for the first five waves of the EN branch, although it is currently post-poned. By contrast, ex-ID only got Hana Macchia's 3D model, and that was after her 3D debut stream had been delayed twicenote , while Yang Nari of ex-KR became the first liver of her branch to receive a 3D model during NijiFes 2023.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: Every character design of Nijisanji members is unique and can be distinguished from each other, despite having over 200 active members, to make each Liver stand out during collaborations. Characters have their own designs and backstories and can be a variety from Ordinary High-School Student to Talking Animal.
  • Cast Herd: As the number of members increases, this is unavoidable. Since collaborations within Nijisanji are frequent, members who often collaborate together are given names and become subunits. For example: evergreen nerd note , Loli gumi note , and SKB club note  are only a few of the subunits. Although they split into groups, they still can choose to collaborate with anyone outside those groups, but usually, they stick to the group that they are in regularly.
    • Nijisanji is also split into musical units for their albums. The groups also often stream collaborations with each other.
      • Petit Fleurs was a musical unit that contains two members; Otogibara Era and Morinaka Kazaki. Their group was signed under the record label NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan. Due to Otogibara Era's retirement, they are more or less considered disbanded (Kazaki is continuing as a solo artist).
      • Rain Drops are a Nijisanji universal unit that has six members: Ryushen, Elu, Warabeda Meiji, Joe Rikiichi, Saegusa Akina and Suzuki Masaru. This is signed under the label Virgin Records (Universal Music Group).
      • Dokuzuhonsha is treated as both a musical unit and a collaboration unit with four members: Kuzuha, Honma Himawari, Dola, and Yashiro Kizuku. When streaming, they treat each other like a family note .
      • JK Gumi is another group that is treated as both a musical unit and a collaboration unit. The members are Tsukino Mito, Higuchi Kaede, and Shizuka Rin. All three members were among the first eight original members of Nijisanji.
      • ▽▲TRiNITY▲▽ is a musical unit consisting of Rion Takamiya, Fuyuki Hakase and Furen E Lustario. On February 28, 2021 at the closing ceremony of the Nijisanji Anniversary Festival it was announced that they had signed with NBC Universal.
      • Other groups who are both collaboration groups and musical units include SanBaka note , made up of Lize Helesta, Ange Katrina, and Inui Toko, ChroNoiR, a duo of Kuzuha and Kanae, le jouet, made up of Ryushen, Kagami Hayato, and Yumeoi Kakeru, and VALZ (Officially spelled as VΔLZ), a trio made up of Nagao Kei, Genzuki Tojiro, and Kaida Haru.
      • For EN, Pomu Rainbuff, Elira Pendora, Enna Alouette and Maria Marionette are the troupe members of the unit Limited Collab Troupe, which performed the promotional song "Cage of Desire" for the game Higan: Eruthyll.
    • Other members are easily recognized by their debut groups such as Beni Zuwaigani (Saegusa Akina, Aizono Manami), SMC (Yorumi Rena, Kagami Hayato, Hakase Fuyuki), Blues (Mayuzumi Kai, Ars Armal, Aiba Uiha), Posanke (Amamiya Kokoro, Ratna Petit, Eli Conifer), The Red Organization (Matsukai Mao, Luis Cammy, Emma August), Orihimeboshi (Hoshikawa Sara, Fumi, Yamagami Karuta), Tulip Gumi (Sukoya Kana, Shellin Burgendy, Hayase Sou), Night Kingdom (Fuwa Minato, Shirayuki Tomoe, Gwelu Os Gar), Mananatsu (Mashiro, Naraka, Kurusu Natsume), Meifu (Furen E Lustario, Melissa Kinrenka, Ibrahim), and the Sereine Girls' Academy group AKA the Selejo Girls (Asahina Akane, Suo Sango, Todo Kohaku, Kitakoji Hisui, Nishizono Chigusa).
    • NijiAU features the five (as of September 2022) Australia-based members of Nijisanji: Ban Hada from the main branch (formerly Nijisanji KR), Luca Kaneshiro from EN's 4th wave Luxiem, Sonny Brisko from EN's 5th wave Noctyx, and Maria Marionette and Ren Zotto from EN's 6th wave ILUNA.
    • NijiUK consists of Petra Gurin from EN's 2nd wave OBSYDIA and three of the four members of EN's 3rd wave Ethyria, namely Enna Alouette, Millie Parfait and Reimu Endou. None of them are actually from the United Kingdom. UK stands for "Unbelievably Kracked".
      • As of November 3rd, 2023, NijiUK has now been renamed to "zuttoღo" and has been declared as an official sub-unit, which came with new outfits to celebrate the official birth of zuttoღo.
    • Invoked by Nijisanji's Indonesian livers. Despite being folded into the main branch in 2022, Nijisanji ID's former members have taken to referring to themselves as "Ex-ID" and still act as a closely-knit group.
    • Selen Tatsuki had formed multiple groups, such as Niji Wings with Pomu Rainpuff and Enna Alouette, the Woo Girls with Pomu and Rosemi Lovelock, PMS with Pomu and Mysta Rias, NIJICANCELLED with Enna, Vox Akuma and Fulgur Ovid, and FujosanjiEN with Pomu, Rosemi, Finana Ryugu, Aia Amare and Nina Kousaka.
      • Aside from the groups mentioned above, Pomu also formed the group Team MLP with Millie Parfait and Luca Kaneshiro.
  • Characterization Marches On: It's not unusual for livers in general to act differently after their debut, after they have become more comfortable doing streams.
  • Child of Two Worlds: Most members of Nijisanji EN are multilingual and have explained that the reason for this is because they grew up in a family/environment where they speak another language besides English. The languages and communities represented beyond English include Japanese, French, Hmong, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Tagalog, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese.
  • David Versus Goliath: The WrestleSanji 2023 tournament has this in form of Mysta vs Kotoka and Kyo vs Aster. Mysta and Kyo have very huge and very muscular models, whereas Kotoka's and Aster's models are short and petit (especially the former). In the end, both, Mysta and Kyo win their respective matches after dominating their smaller opponents most of the time.
  • Developer's Foresight: A non-gaming example: the home version of Nijisanji's 3D model tracking actively prevents people from Flipping the Bird. Nobody knew this feature existed for several months, until Lize tried to do exactly that on a whim wondering why her model's fingers were acting weird.
  • Digital Avatar: They use the Nijisanji App to allow streaming through digital avatars by using iPhone X facial motion capture to control Live2D models. This is cheaper than some alternatives, but movement and animation are limited. They also have Niji3D which allows members to use full-motion tracker outside the studio. Niji3D is limited to the upper body, and there are a few people who mainly use Niji3D when streaming such as Ange.
  • Dream Team: The NIJIEN Prism Cup 2023 has four teams each made out of five members from different waves. Team Blue stands out for having all of its five members coming from five different waves — and they end up winning half of the event's disciplines.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness:
    • Depending on the liver, their debut self might have some odd characteristics, behavior or style that's not found within their current self. This can lead to livers appearing as very different people when you compare their debut selves with their current selves. Fulgur Ovid kind of invoked this, since he was roleplaying an RPG character during his debut stream and dropped the act completely with his 2.0 stream.
    • Nijisanji EN was made up entirely of women during the branch's first six months, not adding male talent until the branch's fourth debut wave.
    • LazuLight, the first wave to debut in Nijisanji EN, had a debut program hosted by Hana Macchia and Bonnivier Pranaja of Nijisanji ID. Every other debut program has at least one EN branch liver, often from the preceding wavenote , assume hosting duties.
    • Only one member of LazuLight (Pomu) had a lore video and it was very simplistic; Elira opened her debut with karaoke, while Finana created an extremely short animation using nothing but her model and a few backgrounds. Elaborate character introductions quickly became the norm starting with the next wave, with Selen's animation and Petra's visual novel-esque video being the first of their kind within EN.
    • OBSYDIA was originally intended to be the dark counterpart to LazuLight, and their debut song Black Out painted the OBSYDIA trio as low-key Yanderes, but then "Characterization Marches On" kicked in. Petra and Rosemi turned out to be lighter than Finana and Pomu, and Petra is the only member who acts like a yandere from time to time.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: Due to the Cast of Snowflakes and having over 200 talents, this is to be expected to keep every design unique. Characters' designs range from high school students and middle-aged otaku, to things like vampires, knights, witches, elves, angels, animals in human form, talking animals, demons, devils, dragons, and youkai.
  • Festival Episode: Every summer is a summer festival held within the Minecraft server. Some of the members go on a date there.
  • Five-Token Band: The EN waves usually consists of people with different and/or mixed ancestries, residing in different locations all over the virtual world.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: Sometimes shows up as a gimmick for 3D collabs, such as when Chaika and Yuika switched bodies during Rena's 3D debut stream, and the Ange/Mikoto collaboration stream in which both of them had to do various athletic tasks with switched bodies. Off-collabs often provide the opportunity for members to switch bodies.
  • Friends All Along: The rivalry between ILUNA and XSOLEIL is played up like this. They trash talk to each other during the streams, but when the games' are over and they leave, they start talking nice things behind the other's back (sometimes within hearing range).
  • The Friends Who Never Hang:
    • The third wave of 2019, which consists of Onomachi Haruka, Seto Miyako and Kataribe Tsumugu, have this problem. One being is that Kataribe has been absent since mid-February 2019, and Haruka and Setomiya have two very different niches and play different games. They discussed that they lack a unit name because Kataribe is never around.
    • OBSYDIA is this within EN, and it's been joked that when all three members were active, they would only collab with each other like once per year (for anniversary).
  • Game Show: The monthly "Niji Quiz" series, which as the name suggests is a quiz show featuring the livers. This is done in collaboration with the quiz site QuizKnock. Since June 2021 "Niji Quiz" also has a series of specials based on other quiz shows such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Panel Quiz Attack 25.
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: The English branch started out with an Improbably Female Cast for the first three waves, but the debuts of Luxiem and Noctyx brought the total to an even ratio of girls and guys. The first two mixed-gender waves, ILUNA and XSOLEIL, maintain this balance while being examples in and of themselves. The gender ratio was temporarily imbalanced toward the women after Yugo's graduation, only for Zaion's termination three months later to result in fifteen men and fifteen women.
  • Goroawase Number:
    • 2434 for Nijisanji itself is practically an Arc Number.
    • A few of the livers' Twitter accounts also use this, such as Yashiro Kizuku (@846kizuQ), Genzuki Tojiro (@1O46V), and Nishizono Chigusa (@Chigusa_24zono).
    • Goroawase numbers for other livers show up occasionally in streams or as donation amounts, such as 310 for Mito and 108 for Touya.
  • I Hate Past Me: This usually happens when a liver watches their debut stream and starts cringing at it. They generally treat their debut selves as someone very different from their current selves.
    Elira Pendora: (reacting to her debut self) Oh my God. How did people listen to this debut and they were, like, "She's so good!"? SHE'S SO BAD!
  • Idol Singer:
    • Though operated primarily as a streamer group (and not an "idol" group like hololive), Nijisanji has many members who are talented in singing, and they have released 4 albums of songs so far. They planned to perform in a 6-show national music concert tour called "Nijisanji JAPAN TOUR 2020 Shout in the Rainbow!" starting in February 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tokyo show was cancelled and the second Zepp Namba show was exclusively streamed online. A "Tokyo Revenge" show was subsequently held at the Nijisanji Anniversary Festival in February 2021 alongside several other performances.
    • There are a handful of members who are stated to be idols in their profiles, including Uiha and Rena.
    • Mito is also heading in this direction in her solo musical performances, especially since she has a dedicated "idol" outfit (whereas Kaede's direction as a solo singer isn't really of the idol type).
  • Inconsistent Spelling: While official English spellings are provided on the website, this doesn't extend to unit names. In particular, the unit consisting of Saegusa Akina, Fuwa Minato and Mayuzumi Kai has been spelt "Meshers", "Meschers", "Mesherz" and more by fan translators. When they had a hand lotion collaboration the name was written as "Mesher's". Incidentally, the name originates from the highlights in the members' hair, the Japanese term for which comes from the French word mèche.
  • Kayfabe: Downplayed. In comparison to most hololive talents, who tend to play up the fictional streamer aspect of their channels, the more prominent Nijisanji livers are more relaxed and give off a streamer with a virtual avatar feel. Though their true identities are never discussed, they have no issue discussing their personal lives, what they did before joining Nijisanji, and so on.
  • Land Down Under: Five of the Nijisanji livers are from Australia: Ban Hada (main branch, formerly KR), Luca Kaneshiro (EN), Sonny Brisko (EN), Maria Marionette (EN) and Ren Zotto (EN). These five would later form the group NijiAU, with the collabs being so far hosted under Maria's channel.
  • Last-Name Basis: Many of the Japanese livers with Japanese names are often referred by their last names.
  • Let's Play: A popular category of content. Game choices will depend on the liver but can cover trending games, hard games such as Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, horror games such as Outlast, or just those games that interest them. Mito in particular gained much of her early popularity from her playthroughs of Europe Kikaku games and similar strange web games.
  • Location Theme Naming: All the August 2020 Nijisanji debuts (Akane Asahina, Sango Suo, Koharu Todo, Hisui Kitakoji, and Chigusa Nishizono) have names with characters corresponding to a cardinal direction/location. Asahina (朝日南) is South, Suo (周央) is center, Todo (東堂) is East, Kitakoji (北小路) is North, and Nishozono (西園) is West.
  • Multinational Team:
    • Nijisanji has operations in Japan (the agency's home country), Korea, Indonesia, China note , and within the Anglosphere; they also had an Indian branch that is currently inactive. The English branch alone has members residing in Canada, the United States, England, Australia, Sweden, Japan, and France. Meanwhile, the main Japanese branch would absorb the Indonesian and Korean branches.
    • The third Palette single "Virtual Strike" is themed around this, with five different language versions (Japanese, English, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese), each sung by representatives from the corresponding branch. The fourth Palette single "Trial and Error" also has the same.
  • Name Order Confusion:
    • Many JP livers with Japanese names as well as the ex-KR livers have their names officially romanized in Eastern order. While some EN livers with Japanese names have their names in Eastern order when written in kanji, all EN livers' names are romanized in Western order.
    • In the #NIJINYANJI videos, the names of all livers were written in Western order, including the JP livers and KR livers.
  • Omniglot: Many livers are either bilingual or know even more than just two languages, although the proficiencies vary depending on the person. Many of the (ex-)KR members know Korean and Japanese, with some of them also knowing English on top of that. Many of the (ex-)ID members know Indonesian languages and English, and few of them also know Japanese or other languages. Most of the EN livers know multiple languages, and the number of EN livers who only know one language is very low. A few of the JP livers can speak two or more languages. The members of the disbanded IN branch spoke Hindi and English, with Noor also knowing Japanese on top of that.
  • Screaming Woman: This occurs very often whenever a female liver plays a horror game.
  • Similar Squad: The Nijisanji EN waves that share the same number of members, LazuLight/OBSYDIA and Luxiem/Noctyx, share a strong parallel in their themes.
    • For LazuLight and OBSYDIA:
      • Elira and Selen are the most obvious, being that both are sky dragons.
      • Pomu and Rosemi are themed after nature, one a fairy, the other a rose maiden.
      • Finana and Petra are both aquatic. Finana's a mermaid and Petra's a penguin.
    • For Luxiem and Noctyx:
      • Their concepts are opposite to each other, with Luxiem being brought from the past and Noctyx from the future.
      • Mysta for Luxiem and Sonny for Noctyx are crime-solvers while Luxiem's Luca and Noctyx's Alban are criminal characters. They also reverse the other's colors: orange (Mysta and Alban) and yellow (Luca and Sonny). The yellow pair both work at the heads of organizations, while the orange pair both work alone.
      • Vox and Fulgur for Luxiem and Noctyx respectively are an inhuman character and use red.
      • Shu and Uki both have supernatural powers and have purple as their colors.
      • Ike and Yugo both deal with some other form of entertainment: books for Ike and music for Yugo. They also mainly use blue.
  • Solar and Lunar:
    • EN livers Elira Pendora and Selen Tatsuki are sky dragons from the sun and moon, respectively.
    • EN's sixth wave ILUNA and seventh wave XSOLEIL represent the moon and the sun, respectively. Ironically, the livers of ILUNA sport light colors, while XSOLEIL is themed around darkness.
  • Themed Tarot Deck: The Nijisanji Tarot was officially released for the 5th anniversary, and features one liver for each of the major arcana.
  • Tournament Arc: Nijisanji hosts tournaments for members to participate and go against each other from time to time. They've hosted many different types of tournaments, from typing tournaments to games tournaments like Splatoon 2, Mahjong and Tetris 99, and even a Rock–Paper–Scissors tournament with a 1,000,000 yen prize (provided by Mayuzumi Kai). These tournaments are usually hosted by either one of the members for smaller events, or by a staff member at the main channel for larger events.
    • The largest of these tournaments is the annual Mario Kart 8 tournament originally organised by Kenmochi Touya. For the 3rd iteration in 2020, 77 members participated, or nearly three-quarters of the Japanese branch.
    • The NIJISANJI Koshien in 2020 was a tournament played in Live Powerful Pro Baseball, involving six teams with characters based on Nijisanji livers. The final holds the record for the NIJISANJI stream with the most concurrent viewers at over 190,000. The Koshien was run again in 2021, this time with eight teams and some of the international branches added to the draft pool, and a third time in 2022. The fourth edition, which was held in 2023, saw the draft pool expand to ten teams.
    • Kuzuha organized the KZH Cup for a few games. In 2022, it was the "KZH Cup in PUGB" which was held internationally. In 2023, it was the "KZH Cup in Street Fighter 6", which also included four professional Japanese Fighting Gamers (Kazunoko, Fuudo, Haitani, Umehara "Daigo"), while the other livers were exclusively from the JP side.
    • Selen Tatsuki had organized several tournaments during her time in the company, including the annual WrestleSanji (formerly NIJIWWE), the NIJIPuyoTetris 2023 (an international PuyoPuyo & Tetris tournament), the NIJIEN Prism Cup (Minecraft) or the TSB HoloNIJI Apex Custom (an international tournament between NIJISANJI and holostars/hololive).
    • Pomu Rainpuff organized the NIJISANJI EN NKODICE Tournament, which was held on January 10th, 2023.
    • Doppio Dropscythe organized the NIJISuika 2023 in late November 2023, an international tournament that lasted for two days.
  • Unusual Euphemism: "Pomu Leaf" replaces any mention of marijuana. The term originates from Millie Parfait's lore, where Enna Alouette gives Millie a parfait laced with it resulting in her current obsession with parfaits.
  • Voices Are Mental: If any body switches occur, the voices are also switched.
  • Wizarding School: ILUNA, the sixth EN wave, consists of six students who attend the "ILUNA Institute of the Mystics."


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