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TheNight130 is a fanvid creator on Youtube that specializes in crossover videos involving Disney Animated Canon. TheNight130's videos use editing and manipulation to create original stories involving various animated films.

TheNight130 has a fan-video series called I See Fire that begins with several Disney characters living in an orphanage together. TheNight130 also has Insanity Circus, where various characters act in a circus.

TheNight130's channel can be viewed here.

This creator's videos provides examples of:

  • Ambiguously Related: Downplayed in Silent Dreamer. Odette is related to Alice, but it's up to interpretation whether she's her older sister or mother.
  • Dead Fic: Insanity Circus was cut short at ten episodes. It ended right after the curses were broken.
  • Deal with the Devil: In Insanity Circus, Facilier makes deals with various characters. He offers them help in exchange for their soul. In exchange, they work at his circus for life.
  • Domestic Abuse: In The Wind, Odette is Ariels's physically abusive girlfriend.
  • Enfant Terrible: In Nothing More, Alissa died as a child but became a ghost. She's very overprotective of her sister Alice and refuses to let her mature, even as her sister grows into adulthood.
  • Magical Romani: The description of Silent Dreamer describes the roma Esmeralda as either a witch or a demon.
  • Not Using the "Z" Word: Superpowers and supernatural powers in Insanity Circus are called "talents".
  • Orphanage of Fear: Downplayed in I See Fire. The orphanage has a distant owner and the kids do the housework, but it's not an overall abusive environment.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Esmeralda in Silent Dreamer is a demon/witch who has black eyes with red pupils.
  • Semi-Divine: Meg in Insanity Circus gets her seer abilities from her mother, the goddess Athena.
  • Unicorn: In Silent Dreamer, Amalthea is able to tell that "Odette" is really the evil Esmeralda in disguise.
  • Zombie Fic: In the House, In a Heartbeat is an AU where various animated characters survive during a zombie apocalypse.