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Lamplight City is a Point-and-Click Adventure Game developed by the indie developer Grundislav Games and published in 2018 for PC by Application Systems Heidelberg.

In an alternate Steam Punk history of America, in the city of New Bretique, two detectives investigate a robbery of a flower shop in the run-down district of Cholmedeley. After Detective Miles Fordham got his partner Bill Leger killed in a showdown with the thief, his former partner's voice has been haunting him. Now, retired from the force, Miles continues to work several jobs fed to him from a contact at the police while hoping to find the thief of these Easter lilies, and perhaps bring closures to others as he does so.


This game provides examples of:

  • Alternate History: There are lots of signs that this is not our world, and not just from the presence of steam technology. For instance, the country's flag is "The Jack and Stars", which still features a Union Jack in the corner. Also, Miles votes in the election for a Prime Minister instead of President. However, other conflicts still clearly occurred, as there is mention of a man who freed the slaves (and it wasn't Lincoln).
  • Ambiguously Gay: It being set in 1844, it was still illegal to be a homosexual in most places in the world. However, several statements from Bill suggest that he preferred men, and that his partner knew it.
  • Steam Punk: Steam devices are scattered throughout the city, in a fictional version of the Industrial Revolution. One of the background conflicts is the progress of this steam tech versus human employment.
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  • Straight Gay: In the fourth case, Rolan and Jimbo were in a relationship. The latter outright confesses to it in an underground pub.


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