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"Luckily, you are not alone..."

Lake Ridden is a 2018 first person puzzle game, developed and distributed by the company Midnight Hub.

The story follows Marie, who goes camping with her sister Sofia, and in the middle of the night realizes she is gone. Marie sees herself lost in a strange part of the woods, and tries to rescue Sofia while odd supernatural events unfold.

It was released on May 10th of 2018 on Steam.


  • Big Bad Friend: Nora turns out to be an evil entity that only pretends to be a girl named Nora and tries to free herself from the estate by using Marie and Sofia.
  • Big Good: Miss Nellie was clearly the one holding things together at the estate, including reigning over Einar's odd behavior. At the end of the game, she comes back as a ray of light that directly challenges and seals "Nora" away, after being revealed to be the one to seal her away in the first place. Marie refers to her as "the real hero of the story".
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  • Ghost Story: The estate seem to be full of the spirits of the ones that lived there almost a century before. Marie is directly helped by the suspicious ghost of a little girl called Nora, and later finds the ghosts of people who worked at the estate: Miss Nellie, Pearl and Jack.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Miss Nellie would have locked herself for days in the root cellar to make sure an evil entity would stay locked inside with her. The journal entries imply that she died there.
  • Light Is Good: The blue light entities seem to be genuinely trying to help Marie. In the final battle, the Big Good Miss Nellie takes the form of a huge source of glowing white and blue light.
  • Manchild: Einar was a grown man that behaved and threw tantrums as if he was a child.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: The final form of the entity chasing Sofia through the woods is a black smoke with a pair of glowing red lights that seem to be its eyes.
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  • Story Breadcrumbs: Most of the backstory of the game is given by letters and diaries spread through the estate.
  • Whodunit: Played with. One of the puzzles of the game requires for you to find out what really happened when an item was stolen from the estate. You must figure out what was stolen, by whom and where it is now, and only has Einar's collected reports about the day to figure that out.

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