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Describe Deboss here.

Pure distilled awesomeness fueled by rage driven misanthropy and a love of science.

From Texas and an engineering graduate with an interest in nuclear, aerospace, and robotics, Mecha are still a Guilty Pleasure for me. Generally fun kind of dude with a slight dark humor streak (and by slight I mean several miles wide) and decent knowledge of most scientific fields (or so I like to think). Destruction of the Earth may or may not be his lifetime goal. A firm believer that most politicians, lawyers, reporters and mimes need to be CLEANSED WITH THE PURIFYING FLAME. He does, however, suffer from major attraction to large, busty redheads that know how to fight.

My personal preferences vary from medium to medium but tend to stay within the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, and Comedy genres.


Overall, not a fan of True Art. I simply view artworks as fun hobbies, rather than important, as many others seem to treat it. I have no respect for classics of any kind and consider status as such as points against the work due to continuous exposure to such "pinnacles of perfection" being incredibly boring. I view a works good/bad rating as synonymous with entertaining/boring. I have a truly intense hatred for Shakespeare.

My current avatar is a fanart gag of Rei Ayanami from this comic.

I am curating a number of pages and try to help others edit better. I am very active in both TRS and Image Pickin' and helped set up some of the standard practices there. I, unfortunately, do not remember to stop by Ask The Tropers, YKTTW, Lost and Found, or You Know That Show as often as I should.

Stuff I've contributed:

If anyone wants to add stuff, have at it.

"Politicians... reporters and mimes need to be cleansed with fire." This is Parable News reporting that if Deboss has his way I am soooo dead.

*Offers Friendship in case world domination is realized*, Mason.

Just thought I should let you know...whenever now is, I am, in fact, eating a box of all-red Starbursts. Yes, right now, as you're reading this. ~deathjavu

NOT THE MIMES!!! Anything but the mimes! D= -Spooky Mask

Deboss provides an example of:

  • Baby Got Back
    She's got a GREAT ASS!!!! And you got your head ALL THE WAY UP IT!

Yeah seriously, is your avatar Joanna Dark? - Metalitia

  • As mentioned, it's most likely fan art of a character from Gundam00. ~Deboss

Deboss was mentioned in this blog, which took issue with his stance on literature.

  • Quite amusing. Although, they seemed to have missed some things, I've listed things I have read and decided to mention, not things I've read. I actually have a great deal of trouble remembering the titles and authors of books I've read as I don't re-read books except on very small occasions. They also seem to have missed some of the points of the rules, namely that you're not allowed to A) bash on the wiki B)make bashing threads or C) make bashing reviews or D) attack people. You can take shots at Shakespeare all you want as long as you do it in the right areas. That they're part of the "literature has objective quality and all of it should be taught to all students!" crowd means they're probably going to be at odds with me anyway. ~Deboss
    • Or you could post a response up on your own Troper page and make vaguely condescending remarks where they'll never see it, because that's totally a much better option. ~ The Malignancy
    • Why would I post a response elsewhere? ~Deboss

Your avatar being an ass makes sense in more ways than one. -Daionus the 23rd

  • I'd make an "Ain't I a stinker" quote, but that might be interpreted wierdly. ~Deboss

Until I read this page, I thought that your avatar was from Bayonetta. Now I know the truth... - BrightBlueInk

I actually agree with you a bit on the Culture Deserves No Support -stuff ~Qeise

There is NO way that your avatar is a guy. No way. Not even the most overboard stereotypically feminine Bishonens I have ever seen have an ass like that. Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?? ...I'm confused now. Darkclaw

Nipa~ - Rika


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