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Music / Fur and Gold

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Got woken in the night
By a mystic golden light
My head soaked in river water
"Horse and I"
''We walked on and on / but I didn't feel his touch / the desire I once tried to hide / that tingling inside / was gone"

Fur and Gold is the debut album by Bat for Lashes, released in 2006. It was released to critical acclaim, and is definitely a case of First Installment Wins.

It's a dark and atmospheric record, and is inspired by genres like Folk Music, Electronic Music, and Psychedelic Rock. It also has a sort of fairy tale, fantasy theme to it, and is the start of her "mystical" sound. The singles from the album are "The Wizard", "Trophy", "Prescilla", and "What's a Girl to Do?", which was the album's biggest hit.


  1. "Horse and I" (3:04)
  2. "Trophy" (4:00)
  3. "Tahiti" (3:38)
  4. "What's a Girl to Do?" (2:58)
  5. "Sad Eyes" (4:16)
  6. "The Wizard" (4:17)
  7. "Prescilla" (3:34)
  8. "Bat's Mouth" (4:25)
  9. "Seal Jubilee" (4:44)
  10. "Sarah" (3:56)
  11. "I Saw a Light" (6:24)

US and iTunes bonus track:

"I'm on Fire" (3:31)


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