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Comic Books

  • In Robin Series Tim compares Jason to Jan Brady. This gets a callback in Red Robin when Dick makes up some new some passwords that Damian won't understand, this time Tim refers to Dick as Marcia and Dick refers to Tim as Cindy.

Films - Animation

  • The Tigger Movie: During the "Round My Family Tree" number, we see Tigger-fied versions of the Bradys in a parody of the title grid.

Live-Action TV

  • When Florence Henderson was on The Muppet Show, Kermit introduced her song "Elusive Butterfly" by mentioning her role on the show as a mother of six, and her offstage role as a mother of four.
  • Sesame Street had three song spoofs: "Telly's Lunch"; "The Braid-y Bunch" in 1994, which featured eight different girls who love to braid their hair, and "Bad Wolf", about a family of Muppet wolves. Screenshots of all three, based on the Brady Bunch opening credits grid, can be seen on the Muppet Wiki page. In the case of "Bad Wolf", it was only the visuals that were parodied; the song itself was a spoof of Michael Jackson's "Bad".
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  • Season 6 of Full House had Joey Gladstone make a brief reference in the episode "Grand Gift Auto" to wishing he had siblings like the Brady Bunch (Joey being the only child; having also grown up with an estranged father). Also, that episode's closing credits had the cast appear in separated panels in an allusion to the Brady Bunch opening credits grid.
  • The Sister, Sister episode "Model Tia" had an Imagine Spot about life in The '70s, which begins with a song about how the girls and their parents "...became The Campbell-Landry Bunch."
  • A Roundhouse episode was a parody of Cinderella. The episode's Cinderella was simply referred to as "Cindy", with the stepsisters being named Jan and Marcia. Early on, the stepmother insists on being called Carol.
  • The Amanda Show:
    • In a "Blockblister" sketch, one of the homemade movie spoofs the Biokey family rips customers off with is called The Brady Brunch, with Biscotti in the role of Mike, Blini in the role of Carol, and Gnocchi in the role of Alice Nelson.
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    • In "When Bradys Attack", The six kids from The Brady Bunch are attacking people in this documentary hosted by Amanda. The victims include a Chinese delivery man trying to deliver food and a mom and her two sons driving home from baseball practice. In the end, the Bradys sing a parody of "Keep On", which is about them beating people up.
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon had the Avengers: Infinity War cast sing a parody of the Brady Bunch theme song, called The Marvel Bunch.
  • Saved by the Bell: Screech is seen to be a big fan of the show. In "From Nurse to Worse", he compares Kelly's decision to go steady to Zack as good news on the same the Berlin Wall coming down and the Brsdy Bumch coming back.
  • In Living Color!: One Cold Open (which is unfortunately missing from the DVD sets) has a spoof of the intro called The Jackson Bunch parodying the Jackson family.


  • The music video for "My Name Is" by Eminem features a brief parody of the nine-panel opening, titled "The Shady Bunch", with every panel having Eminem's face.

Western Animation

  • 2 Stupid Dogs: The episode "Family Values" features the dogs meeting a Brady-esque family, and includes references to some well-known episodes.
  • American Dad!
    • In "Home Wrecker", Stan and Francine split the house into their own separate halves, with Stan saying he got the idea from an episode of The Brady Bunch. Roger also dresses up as Alice and says he's going on a date with Sam the butcher.
      Roger: He's gonna bring me his big, uncut salami. (cue Laugh Track; sighs) It was so easy back then.
    • In "Garfield and Friends", Steve gets a swollen nose after getting hit with a soccer ball.
    • In "Paranoid Frandroid", the show is mentioned when Bullock checks up on a CIA conspiracy in which they watch people going to the bathroom through their phones.
      Bullock: This bank of monitors reminds me of The Brady Bunch, except all these people are taking craps. Not just Alice.
  • The Cleveland Show: At the end of the first episode, Cleveland remarks that his new family is like a black Brady Bunch, "except I'm not a gay architect, and my wife's not sleeping with my son."
  • The Fairly OddParents: In "Timmy TV", one of many changes made to Timmy's life-turned-show is replacing his mom with Carol Brady. At the end of the episode, Mrs. Turner is seen in one of the nine squares on the title grid, exclaiming, "I don't know any of you people!" before being replaced by Carol.
  • Family Guy
    • The very first joke of the series is the family watching the show; Greg is punished for smoking cigarettes with an hour in the snake pit, and Jan is sent to the chamber of fire for tattling on him.
    • In "Holy Crap", Brian tells a band to play "that fluttery thing, like when the Brady kids come down their stairs". Sure enough, that's exactly what happens.
    • In "Fifteen Minutes of Shame", during Meg's slumber party, Peter falls and gets stuck in the stairs. He apologizes to all of the girls by saying that he'll get Davy Jones to perform at their school dance to make up for it.
    • In "Let's Go to the Hop", Peter (as his high-school alter ego Lando) tells Meg that he can't come with her to the dance with the phrase "Something suddenly came up."
    • At the end of "Rhode to Rhode Island", Stewie ominously refers to the episode "My Brother's Keeper" when telling Brian what the dog can do to repay him. It turns out he just wants Brian to tape it for him.
    • In "E. Peterbus Unum", a political roundtable discussion is depicted as being in a four-panel grid with various pundits inside. A fifth panel containing Alice then appears in the center.
    • A Cutaway Gag from "Emission Impossible" parodies the Cousin Oliver trope by having having the family fawning over Oliver while abusing former youngest child Bobby.
    • At the end of "PTV", after Peter and Lois manage to get the FCC ousted from Quahog, the family watches an episode of the show where Cindy is congratulated for the poop she took, a nod to the show's notoriety for not showing the family's toilet.
    • In "Spies Reminiscent of Us", it is shown that Mike killed his first wife and intimidated Alice into keeping her mouth shut.
    • The opening to "Excellence in Broadcasting" (the first standard-length episode in HD), the family watches an HD episode of the show, which (in reference to Robert Reed's homosexuality) features Mike and Carol in bed with six black men.
    • In "Livin' on a Prayer", Peter watches the first post-Roe v. Wade episode of the show, in which Mike and Carol are living wealthy with no children, and they are replaced in the title grid by various animals and upscale items.
    • In "Family Guy Through the Years", Mike appears in a 1969 episode of Family Guy to scold Meg for tattling on Chris going to Woodstock against his father's wishes. He then tells Peter (calling back to an earlier joke involving Herbert) to ignore reports of a man named Robert Reed from three towns over.
  • Johnny Bravo: The title character's name comes from Mike's alternate persona in "Adios, Johnny Bravo".
  • The Loud House: The episode "Butterfly Effect" has Lola's nose getting swollen after getting hit with Lynn's soccer ball.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Candace's plotline in "Hawaiian Vacation" parodies Bobby's experience in Hawaii, dealing with what they originally believe is a lucky charm that brings them misfortune. They even play the same musical sting.
    • In "The Bully Code", Baljeet and Buford recreate Bobby and Peter's dynamic, where the Bobby/Baljeet saves Peter/Buford's life, who then declares himself the former's servant for life. It's even lampshaded in the song lyrics as a "seventies sitcom cliché".
    • "It's No Picnic": Isabella attempts Greg's "yawn trick" on Phineas.
  • Robot Chicken
    • The episode "Suck It" has a sketch that is a mashup of this show and Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005).
    • The episode "Secret of the Flushed Footlong" features a variation of the theme song that goes into a little too much detail as to why Mrs. Brady's first husband isn't in the picture.
  • Rocket Power: In "Island of the Menehune", Sam believes that she is under a bad luck curse due to stealing an ancient idol and says that she "pulled a Bobby Brady".
  • The Simpsons
    • The Couch Gag for "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily" and "Lisa the Iconoclast" features the Simpson family and pets in the title grid, with the center square containing the living room and couch; everyone (except a sleeping Grampa) leaves their squares and runs to the couch.
    • The third segment of "The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase" parodies The Brady Bunch Hour, and references Eve Plumb's refusal to participate by replacing Lisa with a teenage bimbo.
    • The Couch Gag for "How the Test Was Won" features the family as the casts of various classic sitcoms, this show included; Lisa gets hit with a stray football, causing her nose to swell up.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
    • In the episode, "Grandma's Dead", Elmyra is revealed to have six pet hamsters named after the Brady Kids. One of whom, Jan, dies suddenly around the same time her grandmother visits, leading everyone to believe it was Grandma who died. Also in the same episode, Elmyra sings a parody of the Brady Bunch theme song in the style of her imaginary friend, Mr. Skullhead.
    • In a sketch from the episode, "Weekday Afternoon Live", Elmyra misinterprets the issue of there being too much violence on television as there being too much violets on television. She believes there aren't enough violets on television, and asks about shows like "The Violet Bunch".
  • In the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, "Share-A-Lair", when T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M. are forced to share a headquarters after blowing up every building in Petropolis but one, a parody of the Brady Bunch theme song, entitled "T.U.F.F. And D.O.O.M." plays.

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