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Greg goes all the way with Jennifer.
  • And "Greg's Triangle" was intended as the first-ever live-action sitcom to have a plot where teenage sex takes place. The scene is at an Inspiration Point-type location, where Greg and the completely hot Jennifer Nichols (the girl who wanted a spot on the cheerleading squad, but is actually very easy) talk, and the conversation grows — by 1970s G-rated sitcom standards — more intimate. Jennifer is seen stroking Greg's leg, and he gets excited ... and then she begins removing her sweater and Greg begins taking off his ... and then it dissolves into a big-time kiss. Pan up to the moonlight ... and then the next morning, where Greg still has stars in his eyes, and then Mike has "the talk" with Greg about girls like Jennifer. The day after the big cheerleading tryouts — the one where Greg gives his vote to Pat Conway and not Jennifer — Greg does the same thing, where he tries to phone Jennifer and explain that his vote wasn't personal ... before he gets an earful of telephone slam. Greg realizes he's been duped, and when Marcia tries to ask Greg if he's OK, he tries to put up his bravado and says yes, he'll be OK ... "I just want to be alone for a little bit" before he goes to his room ... presumably to grieve and to realize that "the first time" wasn't as great as he had hoped, nor will it ever have the same meaning when he does get married someday to his future wife. Marcia wants to go comfort Greg, but then Mike tells her maybe it's best she didn't ... at least not right now, that he needs to be alone. The episode ends the way the actual episode did: With Greg starry-eyed and putting his golf hat in the refrigerator, because he met a totally hot babe at the golf course.

What happens to Mike?
  • Had the series been renewed for 1974-1975:
    • Mike is an unseen character throughout the season, referred to frequently (and several fake phone conversations between Mike and various characters take place).
    • Mike dies (off-camera), perhaps his death revealed in the Season 6 opener and the characters spending the first few episodes adjusting to and dealing with his death. Perhaps this would tie in with Alice and Sam's marriage; Sam, then, becomes seen in more episodes throughout Season 6.
    • A replacement actor — nowhere near as iconic or as good as Robert Reed — takes the role. The first episode, then, deals with why Mr. Brady has changed his appearance so suddenly.

In A Very Brady Sequel, Kitty Karry-all is charmed or haunted by Trevor's victims to protect their loved ones
.We never get an answer to how Kitty Karry-all conveniently ended up in the garage by the photo albums. Could the doll have crawled there on its own to reveal who their houseguest really was? Arguments for this:
  • Kitty Karry-all is a Creepy Doll
  • Curses are established to exist in the Brady universe, so ghosts would not be so far-fetched a possibility.
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  • Cindy is especially attached to the doll, maybe because of its association with her real biological father.
  • Yet Cindy is willing to let go of Kitty to give comfort to a man who lost his son to Trevor's betrayal. She has gotten some closure for her father, and passes off that comfort to Dr. Whiteman, who seems to appreciate the gift very much.
Jan frequently went commando.
  • An episode presented a scene with Jan, in a short single-piece dress, riding her bike when she tumbles off the bike off-screen. When Peter runs to check on her, Jan is sitting on the ground with her legs spread apart right in front of Peter and out of camera shot. If she had on shorts or panties, the camera would have fleetingly captured it. UST between the two actors, Eve Plumb and Chris Knight, must have a role in it as a girl wouldn't even let her stepbrother see her panties.

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