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The Brady Bunch ran on ABC from 1969 to 1974, and many of the episodes you know by heart.

Note: This page is still in progress.

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    Season 1 - 1969- 1970 
  1. "The Honeymoon": The pilot episode, where Mike Brady and Carol Martin are married (in a typically memorable wedding) and combine their formerly separate families into one.
  2. "Dear Libby": Marcia fears that a letter written to an advice columnist — the newly married writer was having trouble adjusting to their new marriage and blended family — was written by either her new stepfather or her mother. The other kids similarly have the same concerns.
  3. "Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy": Cindy is the star in the Fairy Princess play at school, but because the school's auditorium is so small (and other productions are going on the same evening), she is limited to one ticket and can invite only her mother or her father. That's a tough-enough dilemma for any 6-year-old, but for Cindy, it's simply overwhelming.
  4. "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore": With the boys now having a stepmother to turn to, Alice begins to feel unwanted and unneeded and schemes to leave the Brady household.
  5. "Katchoo": Jan is allergic to Tiger ... or is she?
  6. "A Clubhouse is Not a Home": The kids quarrel over rights to the boys' new clubhouse, with the boys and girls taking sides based on gender.
  7. "Kitty Karry-All is Missing": Cindy's beloved doll, Kitty Karry-All, is missing, and Bobby gets blamed. But is there another culprit hanging around and stashing the family's items somewhere?
  8. "A-Camping We Will Go": The boys object to their new sisters joining them on the family campout.
  9. "Sorry, Right Number": Mike's frustration with ever-rising telephone bills, the kids' needless use of the phone and their apparent lack of valuing money prompts him to install a pay telephone in their home. But is the lesson worth losing an important contract for his company?
  10. "Every Boy Does It Once": Bobby, feeling unloved his "evil step" mother and sisters, decides to run away.
  11. "Vote for Brady": Greg and Marcia vie against each other in a heated campaign for student body president.
  12. "The Voice of Christmas": Carol gets laryngitis on Christmas eve, casting a pall on the family's first Christmas together.
  13. "Is There a Doctor in the House?": All six kids come down with the measles, and then argue over whether a male or female doctor should treat them.
  14. "Father of the Year": Marcia nominates her new stepfather, Mike, as Father of the Year in a newspaper contest. But she wants it to be a surprise, and this leads to a series of misunderstandings.
  15. "54-40 and Fight": The kids wage war over the rights to decide who gets 94 trading stamp books ... and when they are unable to compromise, Mike and Carol agree to let them settle their differences by building a house of cards.
  16. "Mike's Horror-Scope": Mike deals with an impossibly fussy client, who insists on building a powder-puff shaped building for her new cosmetics plant.
  17. "The Undergraduate": Greg's recent failing grades in math are brought on by his crush on his completely hot teacher.
  18. "Tiger! Tiger!": The family dog runs away, and an all-out effort is made to find him.
  19. "The Big Sprain": While Carol is away tending to a sick aunt, Alice trips over Bobby's Chinese checkers game that he carelessly left on the floor. The kids are made to do the chores, and in the process they learn a lesson in teamwork and responsibility.
  20. "Brace Yourself": Marcia is convinced that she is "ugly, ugly, ugly" when she gets new braces ... and then her dance date dumps her.
  21. "The Hero": Peter can't stand the thought of being hero for a day, as his ego swells to mammoth proportions after saving a girl from serious injury at the toy store.
  22. "The Possible Dream": Marcia meets Desi Arnaz Jr., the TV star she has a secret crush on and writes about in her diary ... the diary that Cindy thoughtlessly gives to a book collector.
  23. "To Move or Not to Move": Mike and Carol consider selling the house, leading the kids — who had made the comment about their house being too small in jest — to go all out to convince their parents to take the house off the market.
  24. "The Grass is Always Greener": Mike and Carol switch roles to see who's role is better ... and it ends up a tie!
  25. "Lost Locket, Found Locket": A secret admirer gives Jan a locket to perk up her spirits. The identity is unknown to anyone but Jan ... and it happens to be someone very close to home.

    Season 2 - 1970- 1971 
  1. "The Dropout": A complement from Los Angeles Dodgers' pitcher Don Drysdale goes to Greg's head, leading him to believe he truly is the next big baseball star.
  2. "The Babysitters": Greg and Marcia babysit their younger siblings as Mike, Carol and Alice go out for the evening.
  3. "The Slumber Caper": Marcia hosts a sleepover with her friends ... but she has to convince her parents that she wasn't responsible for pulling a classroom prank.
  4. "The Un-Underground Movie": Greg enlists his family to help him create a movie about the First Thanksgiving.
  5. "Going, Going... Steady": Marcia's first major boyfriend is a nerdy bug collector.
  6. "Call Me Irresponsible": Greg gets ... then loses ... then gets back his first job as courier for Mike's architectural firm.
  7. "The Treasure of Sierra Avenue": The boys find a lost wallet containing $1,100 while playing football in an old lot.
  8. "A Fistful of Reasons": "Baby talk, baby talk, it's a wonder you can walk!" That cruel taunt from bully Buddy Hinton makes Cindy cry, and it's up to "chicken-hearted" Peter to defend his little sister's honor.
  9. "The Not-So-Ugly Duckling": Jan deals with her first unrequited crush, leading her to invent a boyfriend named George Glass.
  10. "The Tattletale": Cindy tattles on her brothers and sisters.
  11. "What Goes Up...": ... must come down, as Bobby falls out of the boys' new treehouse and breaks his ankle. This leads to a fear of heights.
  12. "Confessions, Confessions": Peter breaks Carol's favorite vase, and can't bring himself to confess in fear of being grounded from a much-anticipated camping trip.
  13. "The Impractical Joker": Jan's practical jokes go too far when she allows Greg's science project (a mouse) to run loose in the house.
  14. "Where There's Smoke": Greg experiments with smoking ... then finds himself in a dilemma when a coat he brings home has a pack of cigarettes in them.
  15. "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?": Jan decides that brunettes have more fun when she invests in a wig to make her stand out.
  16. "The Drummer Boy": Bobby drives everyone crazy with his untalented drumming, while Peter is driven crazy by narrow-minded teammates on his pee-wee football team because he's part of the glee club. Los Angeles Raiders' lineman Deacon Jones sets Peter's teammates straight.
  17. "Coming-Out Party": The Bradys are invited to an afternoon on Mike's boss' boat ... but the trip may be off when Cindy — and then unexpectedly, Carol — come down with tonsillitis.
  18. "Our Son, the Man": Greg, well into his freshman year in high school, tries to act more mature than he really is.
  19. "The Liberation of Marcia Brady": Marcia sets out to back up her words about women being able to do anything a man can do by joining the Frontier Scouts.
  20. "Lights Out": Cindy becomes deeply afraid of the dark when she runs out in the middle of a "disappearing lady" act. Peter tries to help his sister ... and she eventually agrees to be his assistant.
  21. "The Winner": Bobby is resolved to not be the only Brady kid without a trophy for long, but he tries too hard to win at something.
  22. "Double Parked": Family interests are at stake when Carol leads the family in a campaign against city hall to save their neighborhood park, and Mike is designing a new courthouse that may be built at the park.
  23. "Alice's September Song": Alice's old boyfriend pays a visit and encourages her to invest in what really is a fraudulent scheme.
  24. "Tell It Like It Is": Carol is invited to write a story about her family for a women's magazine. Does she exaggerate it or insist that the publishers print a version that makes her family less than perfect but at the same time, loving and caring?

    Season 3 - 1971- 1972 
  1. "Ghost Town USA": Part 1 of 3 of the family's trip to Grand Canyon. It ends with them being locked in a ghost town jail, left for dead by a mentally ill prospector who somehow concludes their out to jump his gold claim.
  2. "Grand Canyon Or Bust": Part 2 of 3 of the family's trip to Grand Canyon. This part sees them arrive in Arizona and ride mules to the bottom of the canyon to camp overnight. It ends when Bobby and Cindy become lost while chasing a Native American boy they had encountered.
  3. "The Brady Braves": The finale sees Bobby and Cindy reunited with their family, and Mike meets the Native American boy that led his youngest children away from camp. The family ends the trip by attending a Indian war dance.
  4. "The Wheeler-Dealer": It's Caveat Emptor for Greg after he buys a buddy's beaten-down 1956 Chevrolet convertible, which really is a lemon.
  5. "My Sister, Benedict Arnold": Greg and Marcia use their dates to get back at each other.
  6. "The Personality Kid": Peter is told he has no personality, and spends the rest of the episode trying to force new personas out of him. This includes the infamous "porkchops and applesauce" Humphrey Bogart impersonation.
  7. "Juliet is the Sun": Marcia's ego swells when she is cast as Juliet in her school's play on the Shakespearian play.
  8. "And Now a Word From Our Sponsor": The Bradys are hire to star in a TV commercial for Safe, the new laundry detergent.
  9. "The Private Ear": Peter is caught eavesdropping, and Greg and Marcia think he's gotten away with something when Mike simply tells him not to do it again.
  10. "Her Sister's Shadow": "Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!" That's all Jan hears at school, leading her to cast her own shadow.
  11. "Click": Greg is named to the varsity football team but is injured in a scrimmage ... leading him to become the team's media specialist.
  12. "Getting Davy Jones": Marcia hastily promises to bring ex-Monkee Davy Jones to her school's dance as the highlight act.
  13. "The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses": Jan frets when she may need to wear glasses; the kids arrange to give their parents a gift for their third anniversary.
  14. "The Teeter-Totter Caper": Bobby and Cindy set out to set the world record for teeter-tottering.
  15. "Big Little Man": Bobby bemoans his short stature, but finds that little guys have big value when he and Greg become locked in Sam's meat freezer.
  16. "Dough Re Mi": As close as it got to a Very Special Episode, when Peter's voice begins going through puberty ... just in time for Greg to have landed a recording contract featuring him and his siblings.
  17. "Jan's Aunt Jenny": Jan sees a photograph of her Aunt Jenny when she was young and wants to meet her. Unfortunately, Jenny has aged imperfectly ... but then Jenny is quite a fun-loving Auntie Mame and Jan learns that beauty isn't always skin deep. Guest: Imogene Coca
  18. "The Big Bet": Greg loses a bet with Bobby over being able to do twice as many pull-ups as his younger brother. This leads to Bobby being a cock block on Greg's big movie date with Rachel.
  19. "The Power of the Press": Peter learns that flattery will get him nowhere when he tries to write an article playing up his dull old science teacher ... the same one that gave him a "D" on his science test.
  20. "Sergeant Emma": Alice's identical cousin, Sgt. Emma Nelson (Ann B. Davis in a dual role as the former Army WAC) instills a rigid routine the family can't adapt to.
  21. "Cindy Brady, Lady": When she can't do what Marcia and Jan are already doing, Cindy begins feeling insecure about her age and wants to grow up too soon.
  22. "My Fair Opponent": Marcia tries making over an awkward teenager after she is nominated (as a joke) for hostess of Banquet Night, but it backfires when she becomes a snob.
  23. "The Fender Benders": A fortune-seeking man claims he was seriously injured in an accident he and Carol were involved in.

    Season 4 - 1972- 1973 
  1. "Hawaii Bound": Part 1 of the family's 3-part vacation to Hawaii, with Mike being allowed to bring his family and Alice with him while he oversees construction of a high-rise government building. The episode ends with Bobby finding an ancient tiki and Greg — while wearing it around his neck — crashing into the water during a surfboarding contest.
  2. "Pass the Tabu": Part 2 of the family's 3-part vacation to Hawaii. The episode ends with the boys deciding the tiki is cursed and returning it to an ancient burial ground ... unaware that an evil professor is following them.
  3. "The Tiki Caves": The conclusion of the family's 3-part vacation to Hawaii. The professor (Vincent Price) isn't really evil, but he believes that the boys are out to steal his find. Mike convinces them that such is not the case, and it isn't long before he's invited to a luau with the family.
  4. "Today, I Am a Freshman": Marcia frets about fitting in in high school, and nearly joins a snobbish clique she really wants no part of. Meanwhile, Peter builds a model volcano for science class.
  5. "Cyrano de Brady": Greg helps an awkward Peter break the ice with a pretty classmate ... only for the girl to fall for Greg.
  6. "Fright Night": The Halloween Episode, where the kids' conspiracy to scare Alice has unintended results.
  7. "The Show Must Go On??": Greg and Mike, and Marcia and Carol perform at the school's talent revue.
  8. "Jan, the Only Child": Jan, upset over privacy, personal space and courtesy issues with her siblings, wants to be an only child.
  9. "Career Fever": Greg tries to convince Mike that he's not cut out to be an architect.
  10. "Goodbye, Alice, Hello": The kids lose trust in Alice over a series of misunderstandings, and it isn't long before Alice tearfully resigns her job.
  11. "Greg's Triangle": A shapely girl tries to lure Greg into her web, just in time for cheerleading tryouts.
  12. "Everyone Can't Be George Washington": Peter schemes to get kicked out of his school's play on the American Revolution after being cast as Benedict Arnold.
  13. "Love and the Older Man": Marcia gets a crush on her dentist, who is married and a full 12 years older than she.
  14. "Law and Disorder": Bobby becomes Safety Monitor at school, and thinks that his duties are valid at home.
  15. "Greg Gets Grounded": To circumvent a severe punishment for disobeying his father's directive over no driving, Greg insists on an Exact Words agreement.
  16. "Amateur Nite": The kids form a singing group to raise funds for a silver platter they hope to buy their parents for their anniversary.
  17. "Bobby's Hero": Bobby worships outlaw Jesse James as his hero, leading his folks to set him straight.
  18. "The Subject Was Noses": Marcia cries "Ooh, my nose!" when Peter's football pass strikes her in the face ... and it leads to a ruined date with school hunk Doug Simpson.
  19. "How to Succeed in Business?": Peter gets fired from his first job as bicycle mechanic.
  20. "The Great Earring Caper": Cindy loses a pair of her mother's earrings, leading her and Peter to track them down before Carol ... and Marcia, who borrowed them in the first place with her mother's permission. (Cindy had then taken them but without permission.)
  21. "You're Never Too Old": The kids play matchmaker with Carol's grandmother, the elderly Connie Hutchins, and Mike's grandfather, the crotchety Judge Hank Brady.
  22. "You Can't Win Them All": Cindy's ego inflates when she is invited to be on a quiz show ... but then develops stage fright.
  23. "A Room at the Top": Greg and Marcia battle over who will get the attic as their own room.

    Season 5 - 1973- 1974 
  1. "Adios, Johnny Bravo": Greg is convinced by a beautiful record agent to sign a solo recording deal ... and become the newest pop star, Johnny Bravo. But how will his siblings, his parents and his own integrity take the news?
  2. "Mail Order Hero": Bobby boasts that he personally knows New York Jets' quarterback Joe Namath. When his friends call his bluff, Cindy decides to help arrange a real meeting by writing a letter to Namath, claiming Bobby is deathly ill.
  3. "Snow White and the Seven Bradys": Cindy convinces the family to star in a very Brady presentation of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."
  4. "Never Too Young": Bobby gets his first kiss, but must deal with the possibility that his girlfriend has the mumps and that Cindy has seen the whole thing and wants to blab.
  5. "Peter and the Wolf": Greg and his girlfriend, Sandy, have a hot date ... but only if its a double date involving Sandy's cousin, Linda. When nobody wants to go, Greg convinces Peter — as his friend Phil Packer — to go instead.
  6. "Getting Greg's Goat": Greg is involved in the theft of a rival high school's mascot, a goat named Raquel, which Greg agrees to keep in his room.
  7. "Marcia Gets Creamed": Marcia, Peter and Jan get jobs at the local ice cream parlor, all with varying results.
  8. "My Brother's Keeper": When Peter saves Bobby from serious injury in a backyard accident, a grateful Bobby offers to be his "slave for life." Peter agrees, but it's words he comes to regret.
  9. "Quarterback Sneak": A cheating quarterback worms his way into Marcia's heart so he can try to steal Greg's playbook.
  10. "Try, Try Again": Jan becomes convinced she has no talent, and tries too hard to find something she's good at.
  11. "The Cincinnati Kids": A half-hour long promotion for the then-new Kings Island Amusement Park in Cincinnati is framed around Mike traveling there on business and the entire family tagging along.
  12. "The Elopement": The Bradys are convinced that Alice's night off is really her secret elopement with longtime boyfriend Sam.
  13. "Miss Popularity": Jan's ego runs amok after she is named the school's "Most Popular Girl."
  14. "Kelly's Kids": A backdoor pilot for the show that 12 years later became Together We Stand. Here, the Bradys' friends adopt three boys; one is white, one is black and the third Asian. A racist neighbor causes problems and eventually the Bradys become involved.
  15. "The Driver's Seat": Marcia has Performance Anxiety when she fails miserably on her driver's test. When she succeeds, she is needled by Greg over her driving abilities.
  16. "Out of This World": Bobby and Peter think they've seen a UFO, but it's really Greg pulling a childish practical joke.
  17. "Welcome Aboard": Cousin Oliver joins the family and becomes a jinx.
  18. "Two Petes in a Pod": Peter meets his identical double at school.
  19. "Top Secret": Bobby and Oliver jump to all sorts of wild conclusions when they learn about Mike's firm being contracted by government for a construction project and Sam's plans to expand his store. Of course, the two boys don't have hardly any of the facts.
  20. "The Snooperstar": Cindy learns a tough lesson about snooping when Marcia plants fake entries into her diary about a talent scout secretly wanting to make Cindy "the new Shirley Temple."
  21. "The Hustler": Bobby thinks he's the newest pool star when the family gets a pool table.
  22. "The Hair-Brained Scheme": The infamous Season 5 finale (and series finale, as it turns out), wherein Bobby convinces Greg to buy a bottle of non-FDA approved hair gel.

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