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Recap / The Brady Bunch S 1 E 13 Is There A Doctor In The House

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Tropes present in this episode:

  • Chekhov's Skill: Jan's artistic talents make their first appearance in this episode, when she draws a very detailed picture of a swallow, foreshadowing her later entry into the world of architecture. Indeed, Eve Plumb drew the sparrow – Barry Williams, in his autobiography, stated that when the script called for the kids to create something, that kid did it, as Sherwood Schwartz wanted as much "realism" as possible (as opposed to a professional artist creating said prop).
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  • Double Standard: A small one. Just as Carol gets done reassuring Peter that the girls' female doctor isn't anyone to freak out over, she hears Jan screaming and immediately accuses the boys' male doctor of being a creeper. (Alice had let the doctor in and shown him to the girls' room, thinking he was there to see Jan; Mike had called the male doctor from work and — as he didn't call Carol to let her know — naturally Alice assumed that he was going to check on Peter until the doctor informed her otherwise.) Fortunately, Carol realizes her mistake and quickly apologizes and scolds Jan for still being snippy with the man. Justified in that it sets the tone for the episode with both sets of children being stubborn and refusing to give the opposite-sex doctors a chance.
  • Idiot Ball: Years later, in both her own autobiographies and in Barry Williams' retrospective of his career and the series, Susan Olsen complained about the scene in which Cindy "kepth forgething" that she loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
    • Probably of desperation, but Carol tries to convince the girls to give a male doctor a chance, asking them what they'd do if they were sick on a sinking ship with just a male doctor. The girls had their reaction to this ridiculous question.
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    • A Real Life example: Anti-vaccination activists are using this episode to claim that “measles wasn’t that big of a deal when it was a common illness,” much to the consternation of Maureen McCormick and Lloyd Schwartz.
  • Sick Episode: All six kids come down with the measles ... and by episode's end, so does Mike ... and then in the tag scene, Alice. (Carol is immune, having had them "years ago".)
  • Stock "Yuck!": Peter HATES broccoli.
  • Spoonerism and Tongue Twister: Carol explaining to Mike the mixup with the two doctors (who separately had made house calls to check on Peter and Jan), and at one point mixed up Dr. Porter's name with Peter. Watch for a clearly uncomfortable Robert Reed rolling his eyes as — in character — Mike tries to laugh at Carol's harried explanation ... and undoubtedly champing at the bit to yell at another hapless writer for writing yet another a inane scene once filming stopped. (According to separate reports by both Barry Williams and Lloyd Schwartz, Reed was already by this time sending memos criticizing the show's writing and direction to anyone who would listen.)
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  • Stay in the Kitchen: The boys don't think women ought to be doctors at all, much less want to be examined by a female doctor.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Greg's fondness for sandwiches makes its initial appearance here. Although here, he'd rather have bologna. When Mike tries to reason with Greg and explain that he loves sandwiches and the meal is fit for a king, Greg replies, "Give it back to the king and get me some bolonga," prompting Mike to snap back, "Baloney!"

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