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Recap / The Brady Bunch S 4 E 3 The Tiki Caves

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Having now suffered from real misfortune during the trip, the Brady boys learned from an old superstitious islander, that to get rid of the taboo, they have to take Bobby's tiki idol back to the burial site of an old Hawaiian king in "The Tiki Caves". Picking up where they have gotten into the caves, the mysterious stranger who spotted them going in is now trying to scare them off. Now he also resorts to making some scary sounds, and hiding in a casket dressed as an old tribal witch, scaring them with the sound again. And the boys run off again, only that they go the wrong way. He then picks up a spear, yelling out to the boys that he has them trapped now.


The girls have now told the parents about the boys' ritual trip to get rid of the idol. Mike and Carol then head out to Hanalei's, who directs them to the cave.

The mysterious stalker has now tied the brady boys to life-size tikis, and as they tell him about coming to the caves to bring the idol back, the professor jumps to the conclusion that the boys had found the idol in there and were trying to smuggle it out. He introduced himself as professor Hubert Whitehead, who was once betrayed by his companion while looking for a pharaoh's treasure in Egypt and got lost, while his companion found the treasure. And now, he plans to find and take the treasures in the cave for himself as a compensation of the past injustices he suffered. He then coerces the boys to tell them where they "found" the treasure, while he goes to reheat his beans. However, as he had tied them up, Greg had kept some slack in his rope, and is now able to untie them all. But just as they attempt to escape, they run into the professor again, who now proceeds to tie them up again.


The professor is now angry and is threatening the boys, but Greg manages to call his attention to the beans he neglected. The boys now decide to lie about where they found the idol, to stall for time, as Greg is very confident Mike and Carol will come looking for them, as the girls surely have told them about it. Sure enough, they have just arrived at the burial ground, having now found the trail of popcorn, and are getting closer to the cave

As the boys have misled the professor a bit, he now believes that the boys didn't find the idol in the caves. Now he plans to tie them up again, scrape together his treasures and leave the cave, just when Mike and Carol arrive. The professor has to explain everything to Mike, while Carol and the boys go off to bury the idol. Mike then suggests to the professor that he could report the cave and the treasures to the State of Hawaii, and that he, Carol and the boys can be his witnesses.


Next up, the Bradys, and the professor are at a luau, and the professor is also appointed the curator of a new wing at the museum, of his own name. And now, the Bradys proceed to blow a clamshell horn.

Now, the Bradys are ready to go back home, and Bobby comes into Mike and Carol's room to tell them they're ready to go, and is sure glad not to be taking the bad luck tiki home with them. Mike then tells him that the idol actually had no bad luck, the boys just believed in the superstition themselves and that what happened are purely coincidences. Just then, as Mike shuts his suitcase, he accidentally cuts his sandal, and comments it as "bad luck", to which Bobby counters that it was "good luck that his foot wasn't in it".

Notice, thoughout the episode, the professor, having lived alone in the caves for many years, keeps talking to a life-size tiki, that he calls "Oliver". Oliver also happened to be the name of Carol's nephew, who would come to live with the Bradys in the next season, and at his first appearance, several misfortunes fell upon the Bradys in the same way, and they believed Oliver was a jinx.

Postlogue: While the Paramount Brady set was destroyed in an earthquake in 1977, Barry Williams was lucky enough to come along the original tiki idol in a Paramount prop room ca. 1999 when he was producing the TV-movie based on his book, "Growing Up Brady". And as of 2016, he still owns the tiki.

Tropes present in this episode:

  • Special Guest: Vincent Price as the professor who, thinking that they're going to "steal" his archaeological find, capture the Brady boys as they try to discard the Tiki idol at an ancient burial ground.
  • Previously On…: An off-screen announcer recounts the family's continued misfortune and decision to get rid of the tabu, ending with the professor stalking the boys in the cave.

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